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Coast-to-coast November 2002 Review


Coast-to-coast is an exclusive, weekly feature of equidaily.com offering picks and plays for the major Saturday stakes races from across the country.

A solid 82% ROI for the month (40 races in total)

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11/02 11/09 11/16 11/23 11/30 TOTAL
WAGERED $ 496.00 $ 159.00 $ 481.00 $ 263.00 $ 444.00 $ 1843.00
COLLECTED $ 1457.15 $ 196.30 $ 156.70 $ 589.60 $ 952.15 $ 3351.90
PROFIT/LOSS $ 961.15 $ 37.30 $ 324.30 $ 326.60 $ 508.15 $ 1508.90

Well of course we all know the tide can turn at any moment in this game but so far the fall season has been quite productive for coast-to-coast readers. And November has been especially good.

Let's take a closer look at the past month...

Races played... There were 40 races played over the five week period.
Winners on top... We selected 12 winners on top over the 40 races. The total return for a $2 wager on each top selection was $78.20.
Exactas using our top two selections... Our top two selections combined for 7 exactas. Total cost of a $2 box in each of the forty races would have been $160. Total return was $372.40.
Exacta using our top three selections... Our top three selections accounted for 13 exactas in the forty races. A $2 box of our top three in all events would have cost $480. The total return on the 13 winning gimmicks was $651.50.
Triples, cold... We called 3 tri's on the button, 1-2-3 in exact order. Playing our top three picks in order in a $2 triple for forty races would have cost $80 (actually less since some of the races didn't offer tri's) and the return was $568.80.
Triples, top three boxed... Our top three selections rounded out the tri in 9 of the 40 races. A $2 tri box using our top three in each race would have cost $480 (again, actually less since all races didn't offer triple wagering) and would have returned $1667.90.
Triples, top four boxed... Our top four selections accounted for an amazing 16 tri's in the 40 races. A money-saving $1 tri box in each of the 40 races would have cost $960 and would have garnered a return of $1858.40.

It really has been a great month. Stay tuned as we try to keep things rolling through December!

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