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>>> Official Kentucky Derby website
>>> Official Preakness website
>>> Official Belmont Stakes website

Triple Crown history:
Near-misses... Winners of 2-legs


>>> Official Belmont Stakes website
>>> Belmont Park weather forecast
>>> Video replays of past Belmont Stakes
>>> Free PPs [pdf format]

>>> Official Belmont Stakes website
>>> Video replays of past Belmont Stakes
>>> 2005 official results chart
>>> List of all two-of-three Triple Crown winners
>>> Video replay: 2005 Belmont
>>> Video replay: NBC's winner's circle coverage [if we can get the Lt Gov out of the way!]
>>> Transcript: Post-race press conference with Afleet Alex team
>>> Attendance: 62274, lowest since '96

Tuesday 6/14:

>>> Paulick: Winners and losers from the 2005 Triple Crown...
>>> Haskin's Belmont Story: Crescendo
>>> More Belmont photos
>>> Wilson: Is Afleet Alex as good as Point Given?
>>> Missouri scribe imagines Alex/Smarty match race: Afleet Alex wins by daylight. Three lengths, maybe more
>>> Shireffs on Giacomo: "I thought he was way too close (to the early pace). He comes from way off it."
>>> DRF: Rose gave Alex a ride - and vice versa
>>> Giacomo could try the turf... Likely will stay in SoCal

Monday 6/13:

>>> Afleet Alex owner, "I don't want it to be like Smarty Jones. I thought he was a terrific horse but his career ended prematurely. We've got some big plans for next year."
>>> ...Also, "We'll probably start entertaining offers [from breeding farms] after his 4-year-old campaign. We're pretty attached to the horse. He's one of the family right now."
>>> Habib: Afleet Alex's connections are saying all the right things, and they probably mean all the right things, but sometimes in horse racing, what's right isn't what is... That's why the sport is in the shape it's in
>>> Kerrison attempts to keep fires of NY Post feud burning: Rose admitted last night, "I hit him with the right hand whip [in the Derby] and he drifted in toward the rail and it cost me second, possibly the win." Say this for the 26-year-old jockey: He at last spoke candidly, took the fall like a man, and now he is sitting on top of the world. Too bad he didn't do it a few days earlier.
>>> Bozich: When the ecstasy subsides, they have to wonder how Afleet Alex failed to win the Triple Crown
>>> Finley: So why didn't he win the Triple Crown? The only possible answer...
>>> Ritchey downplays Ghostzapper showdown
>>> Bozich: Name another sport where you can play -- and win -- at the highest level for $75,000. Sounds like something racing should sell
>>> Kerrison: If [Ritchey] doesn't win the Eclipse Award for his skill, creativity, patience and graciousness, I'll be surprised
>>> USA Today sports-TV columnist: The only annoying stumble came after the race... [Mike] Smith said Giacomo had 'flipped his palate.' With about an hour before post time, NBC had plenty of time to explore prerace story lines. But it had no time to explain what Smith was talking about
>>> NY Post sports-TV scribe applauds blimp shot of Belmont stretch run: This shot from directly overhead, did make it appear as if the other horses were standing still
>>> AP: As for the Breeders' Cup, Ritchey said he was considering several options for Afleet Alex, the Classic, vs 2004 HOTY Ghostzapper -- the Turf or possibly the Sprint
>>> Ziegel reflects on Triple Crown/Belmont: At its best - when the sun is shining and one more jump and the exacta is yours - it's a beautiful sport
>>> Rose basks in the afterglow, "All the big (jockeys) came up and congratulated me. They all said I rode a perfect race and did exactly what you're supposed to do."
>>> Comparisons of Smarty, Alex unavoidable but impossible
>>> Handleman: If you couldn't appreciate what Afleet Alex did in the Belmont Stakes, you should look into finding a new hobby, horse racing isn't your thing

Sunday 6/12:

>>> Trend?: Afleet Alex's rise to the top probably signals the end of the gravy train for some of the most pampered athletes anywhere
>>> Day after for some Belmont runners... Alex: "His legs were ice cold, tight as could be, he walked very well, grazed for a while and everything's good."
>>> Significant dip in Belmont TV ratings
>>> Afleet Alex to point for Haskell
>>> Belmont Park posts record wagering for non-Triple Crown running of Belmont
>>> Alex answers Belmont questions: Yes, yes, and an emphatic yes
>>> Veitch: He quite possibly served a warning to reigning HOTY Ghostzapper
>>> ...Adds another chapter to his growing legend
>>> AP: Afleet alex in a class by himself
>>> Worthy of being a Triple Crown horse?
>>> Ritchey's hard work leads Afleet Alex to elite of horse racing
>>> Jeremy Rose's NY Post diary: "It's a little bittersweet for me, because I feel bad Alex couldn't win a Triple Crown. But at least now he'll be remembered for a long time."
>>> Any doubt about Afleet Alex now? Nope
>>> As duels go, Afleet Alex versus Giacomo was almost as one-sided as Aaron Burr against Alexander Hamilton
>>> USA Today: Jeremy Rose savored a victory every bit as sweet as his Preakness
>>> Zito runs second... Maiden grabs third
>>> Nolan's Cat puts on a show, places third
>>> Ross: The race for the white carnations was won by a Rose
>>> Ziegel: Jockey turns in ride of his life, but can't lose Kentucky blues
>>> Zito: He's a hell of a horse, this Afleet Alex. It's an honor to finish second to a horse like that. He's a wonderful horse and he's great for racing."
>>> Smith on Giacomo: "He was running on no air - none. It's like running on no fuel."
>>> Cronley: 10 lessons learned at the Belmont

Belmont photos:

>>> Courier-Journal gallery
>>> Washington Post photo gallery
>>> USA Today gallery
>>> LA Times gallery
>>> Rose pumps fist under the line
>>> Alex passes Giacomo
>>> Winner's circle 1
>>> Winner's circle 2
>>> Alex down the lane
>>> Margin of victory
>>> Head-on of backstretch run

Saturday 6/11:

>>> AP: Rematch replaces the Triple Crown try in the Belmont Stakes
>>> Graves: Afleet Alex-Giacomo meeting could decide 3YO title
>>> Finley: This, and not the Kentucky Derby or the Preakness, is the moment of truth for Giacomo
>>> Afleet Alex owner struck gold... S Jersey man initially balked at joining horse ownership group
>>> Jerardi: Afleet Alex team savoring every minute of ride
>>> Baffert, "I think the Belmont is basically a two-horse race that could develop into a jockey's race."
>>> Jeremy Rose's NY Post Belmont diary -- Sat: "I finally met [trainer John] Parisella at the press party Thursday night at the track."
>>> Ross: A Belmont in search of drama
>>> Belmont, without Triple Crown braces for attendance drop
>>> Ziegel: The horde picks Afleet, and dismisses Giacomo at its peril
>>> Win would be sweet for Smith... '93 Belmont left a bitter memory
>>> Triple Crown a grind for horses, humans


>>> Russ Harris: Afleet Alex, Reverberate, Giacomo, Chekov
>>> Siraco: 5-horse super box -- AP Arrow, Giacomo, Andromeda's Hero, Afleet Alex, Chekhov
>>> Bozich: Put Pinpoint and Andromeda's Hero in your exacta box with Afleet Alex
>>> Handleman: small exacta box, Afleet Alex-Reverberate, just in case, and large exacta Alex over Reverberate. In trifectas, I'll use...
>>> McNamara: Reverberate, Afleet Alex, Giacomo
>>> Graves: Afleet Alex, Nolan's Cat, Giacomo, Andromeda's Hero
>>> Bredar: Giacomo, Southern Africa, Afleet Alex
>>> Haskin: it's all about Afleet Alex and Giacomo, with Andromeda's Hero and Reverberate the value horses
>>> Layden: Afleet Alex, Pinpoint, Giacomo
>>> Brunker: I see three horses -- Andromeda’s Hero, Reverberate, and Southern Africa -- as most likely to upset the Afleet Alex applecart
>>> Fortus: Andromeda's Hero, Giacomo, Afleet Alex, Reverberate
>>> G Dougherty: Reverberate, Giacomo, Afleet Alex, Watchmon
>>> NY Post staff selections
>>> Tilton: Afleet Alex, Chekhov, Indy Storm
>>> DRF staff selections [pdf format]
>>> Chart: Various racing scribes' top picks
>>> NY Daily News trio square off against each other with picks and plays [bottom of column]
>>> Finley: Afleet Alex, Chekhov, Southern Africa
>>> O'Donnell: Reverberate, AP Arrow, Afleet Alex
>>> S Finley: For value, use Afleet Alex and Giacomo only for second and third in trifectas. Play the Zito pair on top with Reverberate, Pinpoint and the two favorites combined underneath
>>> Drape: Giacomo, Southern Africa, Afleet Alex
>>> Cherner: Pinpoint, Afleet Alex, Giacomo, Chekhov

Friday 6/10:

>>> Layden: The Belmont is, indeed, an A-list sporting event, but it is not the same without history on the line
>>> Kerrison: Alex looks tough but might not be a good bet at a cramped price
>>> Moran: Alex's race to lose
>>> Jeremy Rose's NY Post Belmont diary -- Fri: "Everybody says, 'Well, you might have a shot to go to the next level.' Maybe I do, but for the most part, Alex is the one that's put me at that level."
>>> Belmont taking last ride on NBC
>>> Moss: If not Afleet Alex, then who?
>>> Neumeier: Logic says Afleet Alex wins Belmont
>>> Afleet Alex changes barns to avoid contact with Romans runner
>>> Belmont Stakes is often described as a jockey's race...
>>> When a horse wins a Triple Crown race, the lives of everyone surrounding him or her is changed forever, especially when the party involved is of the small-time variety
>>> History is not on Rose's side... Not since '91, when Antley rode Strike the Gold at 25, has someone younger than Rose been aboard the prerace fave
>>> Rising jockey Rose credits his mother for helping him pave his path to riding success
>>> Louisville youngsters moved to open charity lemonade stand at local golf club Saturday, "I think we're just going to have like pink and yellow lemonade."
>>> Afleet Alex is more than just an acrobat... Move he made before near-fall was spectacular
>>> AP: Will it be happily ever after for Giacomo?
>>> Giacomo's jockey knows this territory, "It's like home court almost."
>>> Jockey Jon Court headed west to get to Belmont
>>> Rose grows as a jockey by leaps and bounds
>>> Belmont starters face new security protocol
>>> Trainer has high hopes for unknown Southern Africa
>>> Finley: Will we see another batch of horses in the 2006 Kentucky Derby who have been handled like the Faberge eggs coming in? Probably we will, and they will be doomed to failure
>>> Report: Jeremy Rose on NY Post daily diary assignment that sparked feud earlier this week, "A couple of things in there weren't accurate."
>>> Trainer on future for Afleet Alex, "If he is healthy and doing well, he will run as a 4-year-old."
Online chats:
>>> Transcript: DRF's Ilman's chat, "I like Indy Storm the best of the Zito horses, and will be using him on the bottom of my exotic wagers."
>>> Transcript: Bloodhorse's Steve Haskin's chat, "I would box Afleet Alex, Andromeda's Hero and Reverberate. If I wasn't getting killed on the day, I'd add Giacomo."

Thursday 6/9:

>>> Best of the Belmont Stakes... Five classics from the last leg of the Triple Crown
>>> Nice narrated slideshow of Belmont, from Newsday -- features many historical photos of the track and previous Belmont Stakes [Flash format]

>>> Bring it on!... Trainer Parisella issues Jeremy Rose an invite after Rose's comments in NY Post... Parisella, "This kid is talking like a thug. He's going to come looking for me? Who does he think he is?"
>>> Rose: "It sounds like this New York trainer John Parisella guy needs a hug... I'm not gonna waste my time with him now."
>>> Flashback to Wednesday: Jeremy Rose responds to comments made by trainer John Parisella, "I'll introduce myself to Parisella this morning at Belmont, and we'll have a little chat... If he just wants to be a wise apple, then we have a problem."
>>> Flashback to Monday: Parisella, "[Afleet Alex's] rider is a very nice kid, but if Bailey or Velasquez or Prado had been riding him all along, we could be looking at a Triple Crown winner today."

>>> Jerardi: Ritchey's training methods to be put to test again
>>> Giacomo still gets little respect
>>> USA Today: Giacomo, while not nearly as spectacular as his chief rival, brings a record that is long on consistency if short on victories
>>> Ziegel: No way the distance will trip up favorite
>>> Fountaine: Looking back at past Belmonts, a number of scenarios could play themselves out this year...
>>> First-timers get jump on third jewel... Alex, Giacomo battle fresh faces
>>> Zito both chasing, ducking history... Closing in on a record for starters -- and losses
>>> Lots of jokers to throw out immediately
>>> Giacomo gives Shirreffs confidence in hunt for second classic
>>> Improving Indy Storm packs plenty of pedigree

Wednesday 6/8:

>>> Mike Smith: "I know Belmont as well as anybody. I think the racetrack is going to suit Giacomo, I really do. He can run around those turns so much better than he could at Pimlico. Where before, I think the track favored Afleet Alex over me, I think this time it favors me over him."
>>> Lukas defends entrants in this year's Triple Crown and denies incentives from Youbet
>>> Kerrison: These two sleepers might open some eyes
>>> The trainer is sick and his horse is tired, yet Sal Russo says he'll have Reverberate ready to run
>>> Like father, like son: Belmont winners who sired Belmont winners
>>> Jockey Castellano goes from Derby favorite to Belmont long shot
>>> Jeremy Rose's NY Post Belmont diary: "I don't know trainer John Parisella, but I hear he likes to take shots at me..."
>>> Belmont Stakes is filled with intrigue and a lot of it revolves around whether or not the horses can get the distance
>>> USA Today: Confident trainers jockey for Belmont prize
>>> Moran: Many colts who skipped Derby, Preakness will try for another Belmont upset
>>> Graves: Even without Crown race, Belmont lively
>>> Afleet Alex's success aids children's cancer charity
>>> Watchmon, AP Arrow breeze on Tuesday
>>> Zito offered to buy Afleet Alex after debut victory

Tuesday 6/7:

>>> Haskin's Belmont preview: Afleet Alex vs. Giacomo vs. the rest of them
>>> Afleet Alex logs final big workout
>>> Zito: "Afleet Alex has a great reputation, and Giacomo is a Derby winner, but they can get beat because of that mile-and-a-half."
>>> USA Today: Jockey Rose has a lot riding on Belmont
>>> Jeremy Rose's NY Post diary -- Tues: "Every time I watch the Preakness, I think about what might have been if Alex hadn't stayed on his feet."
>>> Zito speaks up, detention policy changed... Shippers were to stay in their own stalls, now will go to detention with 'hometown' runners
>>> Scribe presents imaginary Q&A with Afleet Alex and Giacomo
>>> For 'unbelievable' horse, everything seems possible
>>> Monday Belmont Stakes notes

Monday 6/6:

>>> Neumeier: Rose faces big pressure at Belmont... Following up Preakness heroics will be tough for young jockey
>>> Kerrison: Afleet week begins... Can he take the town by storm? Can he pick up where Smarty Jones left off and light a fire under NY?
>>> Jeremy Rose's NY Post Belmont diary -- Mon: "When I saw the lemonade stands right before I went in the gate at the Preakness, I remember thinking to myself: 'There's bigger things than racing.' "
>>> Whereas Funny Cide and Smarty Jones both 'bounced' in the Belmont, Afleet Alex owns a quality they did not, according to Tim Ritchey, "My horse relaxes extremely well."
>>> Q&A with Jeremy Rose... Q: Could you ride for George Steinbrenner? A: I have. He fired me because I didn't - I forget what happened, I didn't really care
>>> Giacomo has final workout
>>> Rees: New shooters line up for Belmont Stakes
>>> Southern Africa works bullet at Arlington
>>> Jeremy Rose's NY Post Belmont diary -- Sun: "Now it's time to settle it."

Sunday 6/5:

>>> Afleet Alex arrives at Belmont
>>> No Triple Crown try this time, but it's Derby winner vs Preakness winner

Saturday 6/4:

>>> Scrappy T out
>>> Extra med security for Belmont Stakes
>>> Afleet Alex will arrive at Belmont Sat pm... Bailey to ride AP Arrow
>>> Transcript: NTRA Belmont teleconference... Shireffs [Giacomo], Ritchey [Afleet Alex], Bales [Scrappy T]
>>> Zito to enter three in Belmont after addition of Indy Storm

Friday 6/3:

>>> Zito's Pinpoint, plus maiden from Ramsey both likely
>>> AP: No Triple Crown try this time, but it's Derby winner vs. Preakness winner
>>> Scrappy T still possible after Thurs work, "We'll probably make a decision [tomorrow] or Sunday."
>>> Saratogian: There might not be a Triple Crown on the line, but that doesn't mean Belmont Stakes is lacking in suspense and excitement

Thursday 6/2 and prior:

>>> Afleet Alex works at Pimlico on Wed, "I think he did everything very well."
>>> Paulick: America's oldest classic, scheduled for its 137th running, has come a long way in the last 10 years
>>> Haskin: Nine possible for Belmont Stakes
>>> SA Derby winner Buzzard's Bay not going
>>> Giacomo on schedule after Hollywood breeze


2005 Preakness:

>>> Official Preakness website
>>> Preakness contenders PPs [pdf format]
>>> Preakness winners 93-03 PPs [pdf format]
>>> ... And Smart Jones PPs

>>> Preakness chart
>>> Video replay: Preakness
>>> Transcript post-race press conference with winning connections -- and quotes from losing connections

>>> Trainer Tim Ritchey bio and stats
>>> Jockey Jeremy Rose bio and stats

Wednesday 5/25:

>>> Paulick: Afleet Alex is the real deal. He's an old-fashioned horse, one who wasn't babied as a 2-year-old when he showed championship form
>>> Haskin's Preakness Story: Bump and Run
>>> Mike Smith, "You grow up, you get older and learn that you have to let it go. You can't drag it to the next one."
>>> Graves: Let's face it, was anybody really ready to put Giacomo in the same breath with Citation, Whirlaway, Secretariat or Seattle Slew?
>>> Alex's 'two-a-days' the difference Saturday?... Trainer, "Fitness makes a big difference. I think it helped out."
>>> Giacomo feeling good Tuesday
>>> Wilko to undergo surgery

Tuesday's 5/24:

>>> Neumeier: What if Preakness disaster hadn't been averted?... 'Giacomoed' could have become new verb for backing into history
>>> Triple Crown 'winners and losers' so far
>>> Siraco: There is no Smarty party. There is no Funny Cide school bus. There is no War Emblem entourage. There is, however, theater
>>> Rose has sight set on winning Belmont
>>> Newsday's sports media scribe gives 'A' to Durkin's Preakness call
>>> Stewards blame no one for Preakness contact, "[Dominguez] was trying to win a race and did nothing against the rules. He didn’t know the horse would react like that."

Monday 5/23:

>>> DRF: Except for a minor scrape on the back of his left front ankle, Afleet Alex on Sunday appeared to have emerged unscathed
>>> Preakness finish 2 million years in the making?... Internet racing fan [aka Lowell-Sun's Paul Daley] thinks instinct -- both human and horse -- played a role in Saturday's dramatic stretch run
>>> Trainer Ritchey, a lifelong Steelers fan, dubs race win 'The Immaculate Recovery'
>>> Mike Smith's NY Post Preakness diary -- Mon: "We can't win a Triple Crown now, but I like Giacomo in the Belmont a lot."
>>> Afleet Alex a star after remarkable Preakness win... Zito, "This Alex is so incredibly bright for American horse racing."
>>> Lincicome: To beat this the Belmont winner will have to wander onto the track after pulling a milk wagon that morning, finish backward reared up on two legs smoking a victory cigar while the jockey uses his tail for a toupee
>>> Alex, Giacomo expected to go in Belmont
>>> Rose: "I planned on hitting the ground, I really did. I had a spot picked out."
>>> USA Today's sports TV man give NBC's Preakness coverage a thumb's up
>>> Pedulla: Describing Afleet Alex as Preakness champion does not do him justice. He is a life-affirming force
>>> Bozich: Belmont still will have its share of drama
>>> Post-race check: Galloping Grocer, lung infection; Noble Causeway, flipped palate... Bellamy Road pointing to Saratoga
>>> Kerrison: The Beyer speed figs collapsed in disaster at the Derby... So they were on trial at the Preakness. Well, they came through with a bang
>>> Fountaine: It took Afleet Alex just 1:55 to transform the June 11 'Test of the Champion' into little more than the feature race that Saturday at Belmont
>>> Joseph: At a time when some trainers seem to 'baby' their better horses -- racing them lightly leading up to the Triple Crown -- Afleet Alex has thrived on training and racing
>>> Izenberg: There's a lot of 3-year-old racing left. And George's horse waits
>>> Clay: Triple Crown trainers now a new breed
>>> West: From this perspective, of the three Triple Crown races, the Belmont Stakes could prove the most difficult for Afleet Alex to win
>>> Overnight TV rating for Preakness takes dip

Sunday 5/22:

>>> What a trip!... Afleet Alex wiped out at top of stretch, gets up, dusts self off, wins Preakness

>>> Beyer: Rose, rising to the occasion, turned in back-to-back performances in the Derby and Preakness that put him in a new class: He is now a major leaguer
>>> Mike Smith's NY Post Preakness diary -- Sun: "At least Giacomo, by finishing third, proved that the Derby was no fluke."
>>> Kling: Afleet Alex is poised to fill a void that racing fans have felt for a long time
>>> Kerrison: Do you believe in miracles? Horse and jockey Jeremy Rose had no chance. They were in the dust, dead ducks. But somehow...
>>> Giacomo owner on potential TC try if Afleet Alex had gone down, "I wouldn't have wanted to win the race that way. We would have become another Roger Maris."
>>> Ross: Ramon Dominguez was saved from becoming one of the most infamous names in Triple Crown history
>>> Brunker: Afleet Alex enters the annals of greatness... Winner's feat belongs in same echelon as Alysheba, Secretariat
>>> Herskowitz: If there is a Triple Crown for drama and stories that uplift the spirit, Afleet Alex is a front-runner
>>> Clay: Victory highlights the cause behind the horse... Maybe it was little Alex Scott, looking down from above
>>> Habib: Years from now, decades from now, they'll talk about the horse who was nearly brought to his knees, then sprang up and brought everyone else down instead
>>> I went to the fights Saturday and the Preakness broke out... Scrappy T slugs to second in Preakness
>>> Pohla Smith: Horse, jockey recover from stumble in Preakness
>>> Bozich: Two new stars... Racing got that yesterday
>>> AP: Rose earns his money atop winner Afleet Alex
>>> Ziegel: Quite a scary run for Rose
>>> Zillgitt: It was Afleet Alex's heart and character that guided the bay colt through one of the scariest, tensest moments in Preakness history
>>> Giacomo: No Triple Crown for Giacomo. Nothing to be embarrassed about, either
>>> DRF: Breaks didn't come for Giacomo
>>> AP: Despite loss, Giacomo proves worthy
>>> Kane: This time the doors shut on Giacomo... Can't find running room until too late
>>> Finley: The ride of his life
>>> McNamara: Near disaster avoided in Preakness
>>> His past as wrestler helps Rose on track, "I'm sure it was a plus."
>>> Frankel on High Limit: "If Lukas' horse wasn't with him, he would have won -- and where did his (Lukas) horse finish?"

Preakness photos:

>>> Baltimore Sun photo gallery
>>> Wash Post gallery
>>> Courier-Journal gallery
>>> Bloodhorse gallery

2005 Preakness post positions and morning line odds
Post.. Horse... ML
1 - Malibu Monshine ... 20-1
2 - High Fly 9-2
3 - Noble Causeway 10-1
4 - Greeley's Galaxy - 15-1
5 - Scrappy T 20-1
6 - Hal's Image 50-1
7 - Closing Argument 5-1
Post.. Horse... Jock... ML
8 - Galloping Grocer 30-1
9 - Wilko 10-1
10 - Sun King 15-1
11 - High Limit 12-1
12 - Afleet Alex 5-2
13 - Giacomo 6-1
14 - Going Wild 30-1
Saturday 5/21:

>>> Rees: Can Giacomo repeat?... Derby champ is only the fourth betting choice today
>>> Mike Smith's NY Post Preakness diary -- Sat: "I know he's gonna fire. I know he's gonna fire big."
>>> Fortus: Giacomo needs fast pace... Ky Derby winner enjoys charging home with stretch run
>>> Kerrison: If Closing Argument has the last say in the Preakness, it's going to be a kid's dream come true...
>>> NY Times: Today, [Giacomo] becomes America's unlikely superhorse. You heard it here first.
>>> Ziegel: Looking to pick winner? Here's strong Argument
>>> Brunker: Rose only a rookie in starts, not skill... Afleet Alex jockey, 26, surprising some by riding Preakness fave

>>> equidaily.com's Seth Merrow: Giacomo, Afleet Alex, High Fly, Noble Causeway
>>> Top pick of various racing writers around the country
>>> Kling: 1. High Fly, 2. Closing Argument, 3. Afleet Alex, 4. Noble Causeway
>>> Summers: High Fly, Noble Causeway and Sun King... Trio to trifecta and exacta box selections
>>> G Dougherty: Closing Argument, Afleet Alex, Scrappy T, Wilko
>>> Arrington: Afleet Alex, Giacomo, Wilko, Closing Argument
>>> Modesti: Afleet Alex, Giacomo, High Fly
>>> Siraco: $1 Superfecta Box: High Fly, Noble Causeway, Wilko, Afleet Alex, Giacomo
>>> Steve Haskin's final Preakness wagers
>>> DRF staff
>>> Beyer: Throw out Giacomo... 1. Greeley's Galaxy. 2. Closing Argument. 3. Afleet Alex
>>> Pricci: We prefer High Fly, Greeley’s Galaxy and Giacomo
>>> NY horsemen's selections
>>> Three NY Daily News scribes battle for bragging rights with Preakness plays
>>> Brunker: Assuming odds of 9-2 or higher, I'll bet $40 to win on Closing Argument. I'll also...
>>> McNamara: 1. Noble Causeway, 2. High Fly, 3. Closing Argument, 4. Giacomo
>>> O'Donnell: Greeley's Galaxy, Scrappy T, Afleet Alex, Wilko
>>> A couple of the big ticket Derby winners give out their Preakness plays
>>> Haskin: I like Greeley's Galaxy at a big price, and will concentrate on him to win
>>> Daley: Greeley's Galaxy, Afleet Alex, Noble Causeway
>>> Modesti: Afleet Alex, Giacomo, High Fly... Longshot: Malibu Moonshine
>>> S Finley: Place a healthy win bet on Afleet Alex -- he's excellent value at 5-2
>>> Finley: High Fly, Afleet Alex, Closing Argument
>>> Cronley: Afleet Alex, Noble Causeway, Scrappy T
>>> Cherner: High Fly, Afleet Alex and Wilko
>>> 15YO handicapper... My pick: High Fly
>>> McNamara: Preakness analysis

Friday 5/20:

>>> NY Post's 'Bettor's Guide' with comments and all pertinent stats
>>> Mike Smith's NY Post Preakness diary, "I've started picturing in my mind how we can win the Preakness."
>>> Giacomo's owner likes his chances
>>> Kerrison: Greeley's Galaxy, he's the vehicle for me
>>> Is it mere coincidence that Louis Quatorze, the horse, was named for the 17th century French monarch Louis XIV, otherwise known as 'the Sun King?'
>>> Lukas: There's a lot of parity. It could be a solid group. Or we just may have mediocre ones we only thought could run."
>>> Neumeier on Giacomo: "I would bet just as strongly that he wouldn't hit the board."
>>> Trainer believes Afleet Alex already is a horse of destiny
>>> Bozich: Not even MS has slowed McLaughlin
>>> Keyser: Derby winner tends to have an edge in the Preakness
>>> Ritchey wonders: Who will rate?
>>> Shirreffs discusses weather, pace for Preakness
>>> Haskin's analysis
>>> NBC will give Giacomo star treatment at Preakness... Producer, "I've always felt you can never err in telling too much about the Derby winner."
>>> Lukas not happy with post... Hoping for a break, the trainer's horse, Going Wild, gets the tough 14th post
>>> Zito perseveres through adversity
>>> USA Today: Horse-by-horse notes
>>> Brisnet speed and power ratings for the field

>>> Online Preakness chats:
>>> Transcript: Wash Post/Scheinman's Thurs chat, "This race is inscrutable and I'm not sure who will win.."
>>> Transcript: DRFIllman's Thurs chat, "[Giacomo] must prove that the Derby wasn't a fluke. I wasn't there for the wedding at 50-1. I'm not sure if I want to be around if there's a funeral at 6-1. I'm against him."
>>> Transcript: DRF/Crist's Wed chat, "You know, I DID give out the $9814 Derby exacta. Unfortunately, it was in answer to the question, 'Give me five throwouts.' "
>>> Transcript: Bloodhorse/Haskin's Wed chat, "It is way too early to judge a crop of 3-year-olds. Come back in October and you'll have a better idea."

Thursday 5/19:

>>> Derby winner 'very relaxed' in first visit to track at Pimlico
>>> Outside posts put into context: In the first 129 Preakness runnings, there have been 13 or more horses only 13 times
>>> Debunking a handful of popular Preakness myths
>>> Kerrison: 'Greeley' might be the best-looking longshot in the Preakness
>>> Mike Smith's NY Post Preakness diary: "The 13 post was not what I wanted, but you can win from there."
>>> Closer look at the 'newcomers'
>>> Byk: Preakness trends to consider
>>> Jerardi: In the last four Triple Crown races, Philadelphia-owned horses have two wins, two seconds and a third
>>> Finley: I want to be nice to Giacomo. I want to praise this horse... I just can't do it
>>> Shireffs reluctant in spotlight, "Obviously, I'd like to be sitting on the tack truck drinking a coke rather than speaking to all of you guys."
>>> Giacomo's owner on morning line, "So what? The horse doesn't know what his odds are."
>>> Recounting Giacomo's arrival at Pimlico... There were splatters of applause amid the excitement
>>> For Shirreffs, it's about the horses... Giacomo's trainer likes tack over yack
>>> In recent decades, the Preakness has been kinder to favorites than the Ky Derby. Afleet Alex will test that trend
>>> USA Today: This unpredictable field presents some interesting wagering possibilities
>>> Rosenblatt: Derby runner-up Closing Argument looking to step up in Preakness
>>> Brief history of Preakness results of some Derby longshot winners
>>> All systems are go for Scrappy T
>>> Trainers pass word: It's the horse... Trends of little account, they say, whereas timing is everything in big races

Wednesday 5/18:

>>> Transcript: NTRA Preakness teleconference... Guests: Ritchey [Afleet Alex], McLaughlin [Closing Argument], Moss [Giacomo]
>>> Graves responds to fans: "While I stand by most of my observations of Derby 131, calling Giacomo 'unworthy' poured more gas than water on the fire. OK, let's substitute 'improbable' for unworthy."
>>> Flashback to Graves' 5/11 column... "...this is one of the most unworthy Derby winners since -- well, maybe Donerail."
>>> Kerrison: Question of the hour -- Will the Beyers [figures] make a comeback in the Preakness?
>>> Mike Smith's NY Post Preakness diary -- Wed: "Believe it or not, I still don't think you saw the best of [Giacomo] in the Derby."
>>> Rees: Giacomo -- One-hit wonder or star?
>>> Tues: Giacomo goes 4F in 51 4/5 seconds/A>
>>> DRF: Giacomo works like he's ready
>>> Field looks full... First time since '92
>>> USA Today: Horse-by-horse update
>>> Scheinman: Derby winner getting no respect
>>> Afleet Alex: Cancer-stricken breeder lives for horse's potential
>>> Mike Smith: "I always thought I was going to win the Triple Crown, so let's keep it going."
>>> Giacomo brings back memories of Charismatic... Like '99 Derby winner, current champ has plenty to prove
>>> Fountaine: Could Scrappy T be the upsetter?
>>> Trainer not shy on Giacomo... Keeps focus on quest for second jewel
>>> Holy Bull: The trainer of Giacomo's father says his horse was drugged before the '94 Ky Derby
>>> Imaginary Q&A with Holy Bull
>>> Belmont Stakes still possible for Bellamy Road?
>>> Unlikely road to Preakness mount for jock Steve Hamilton... Quit riding in 2001 and ballooned to 150 pounds, "It was a decision that, at the time, was the right thing to do."
>>> Jeremy Rose took a unique path to becoming a jockey... He weighted too LITTLE to continue wrestling
>>> Bloodhorse Preakness notes -- Tues

Tuesday 5/17:

>>> Tribune Company's Triple Crown panel give Preakness predictions
>>> Unorthodox training regimen continues for Alex... Trainer, "If you saw him today, with his ears up, you could see he was enjoying the three miles of his second work."
>>> Mike Smith's NY Post Preakness diary: Recounts weekend trip to owner's birthday party, "A black limo was waiting to pick us up close to the airport when we landed at around 5:30 p.m. I felt like a rock star."
>>> Drape: "Is it Giacomo's turn to become the first Triple Crown champion since Affirmed in 1978?"
>>> Bloodhorse Preakness notes -- Mon
>>> Scott: Giacomo earned his victory
>>> Wash Post: Legendary trainer King Leatherbury, with 6,078 races on his resume, will send Moonshine into the Preakness
>>> Owner of Scrappy T guessing he might have winner
>>> Zito plans to send two, maybe three, to Preakness, "The Derby is the Derby. I saluted the winner (Giacomo). He brought his race. Now, it's another race."
>>> Afleet Alex works in solitude at Pimlico
>>> Siraco: Like Rodney Dangerfield, Giacomo gets no respect
>>> Neumeier: Who will win Preakness? It's a crapshoot
>>> Murray: Odds are Pimlico won't see upset win
>>> Dad Holy Bull finally smells roses, but no glory for Giacomo
>>> Closing Argument pleases trainer with fast work
>>> Going Wild has 'a good morning' in Preakness workout
>>> Brunker: Is this generation of 3YOs simply a slow bunch or were there extenuating circumstances in the [Derby] that could account for the speed-figure deficit?
>>> Beyer: Triple Crown races tamper with a winning formula in changing TV deals and losing Visa bonus
>>> Md racing: Despite boost from Preakness, these are troubled -- and unprofitable -- times for the industry in the state
>>> Scrappy T second Preakness hopeful to arrive at Pimlico

Monday 5/16:

>>> USA Today: Somewhat lost in the aftershock of 50-1 Giacomo's upset in the Kentucky Derby was the performance of runner-up Closing Argument
>>> High Limit could be the one to catch... Frankel, "He's going to make the lead."
>>> Mike Smith's NY Post Preakness diary: "It's been one wild, exhilarating ride since we crossed that finish line together at Churchill Downs."
>>> Giacomo appears ready for Preakness... While Zito remains noncommittal on which of his horses will run
>>> Byk: Comment on Beyer's 2005 post-Derby column, "...he displayed a jaundiced and cynical side."
>>> Chad: We're here today to tell you which horse is going to win the Preakness. But first, let's review what we learned from the Ky Derby

Sunday 5/15:

>>> NY Post archives: From 1977 -- It's worth examining the performances of the three jockeys who finished in the money in the Preakness
>>> Houston scribe appreciates Derby result: "I don't keep up with horse racing... [But] that race was run more than a week ago and I'm still enjoying the result."
>>> Derby superfecta winner gives $25,000 reward to helpful mutuel clerk
>>> West: Kentucky Derbies such as the one eight days ago are the reason God created the Preakness
>>> Rose seeks to rebound from Kentucky Derby loss, "That's my yard now. I went to their backyard and now they're in my backyard. They don't ride here too often."
>>> Giacomo was born, raised at Mill Ridge, "it's because of three things: the people who work here and raise these horses -- the clients we have -- and the land, which I've always believed is second to none."
>>> Daley: Preakness not kind to newcomers... Other than Red Bullet's tally in '00, in 18 of the last 19 years a horse who raced in the Derby won the Preakness
>>> Wall: No one's talking Triple Crown with this horse. Crowds don't follow his every move. A few have even speculated that Giacomo will never win another major race
>>> Saturday maiden-breaker AP Arrow could be Preakness-bound
>>> Hal's Image, Greeley's Galaxy, Malibu Moonshine workout
>>> Virginia paper hails Scrappy T as something of a hometown rooting interest

Saturday 5/14:

>>> High Limit, Greeley's Galaxy slated to have new riders
>>> Neighboring bluegrass farms are homes to Derby winner's dam and sire, "We’ll have to rename the road between us 'The Avenue of Champions.' "
>>> More lucky Derby winners: Group of Nebraska factory workers chip in -- collect $66K on Derby tri, "People were laughing at us for picking the horses."
>>> Rosenblatt: Stage is set for what could be the most improbable run in Triple Crown history

Friday 5/13:

>>> Full field of fourteen taking shape
>>> Pricci to Derby critics, "What race were you watching?"... "What were you expecting, Bellamy Road as the second coming of Seattle Slew?"
>>> Galloping Grocer added to list of possibles
>>> Giacomo saddled with beatable image
>>> Online travel columnist recounts trip to Derby [click on links in article for photos]
>>> Moss' Derby recap: It unraveled like a cheap sweater, with a final half-mile in 53.16 seconds. Standardbreds run almost that fast pulling a buggy
>>> Derby's national TV ratings: 3rd highest since '96
>>> SoCal trainer Roger Stein laments missing Ky Derby with Santa Anita Derby runnerup, "The way the race shaped up, he had to be there at the finish probably at odds of 75-1."

Thursday 5/12:

>>> Jeremy Rose recalls rough Derby ride, I knew it was going to be a rough race, but ... it was brutal."
>>> Transcript: Wednesday's Bloodhorse internet chat with Mike Smith and Steve Haskin
>>> Kinsman Farm rep Sexton declares, "The horse that was supposed to win the Derby didn't win. If the horse (Bellamy Road) was 100 percent, there would have been the right winner."
>>> Recent $60K claim Golden Man added to Preakness field... Trainer, "He hasn't missed one step since we got him, Prado likes him, and they wanted to put up the money."
>>> NY Post: No bar shoes on Giacomo in Derby... Trainer John Shirreffs, who laughed when asked about the bar shoes, said the Derby winner had thrown a shoe earlier in the week. As a precaution on the walk over to the paddock, Shirreffs taped up the colt's feet, which the identifier mistook for bar shoes
>>> Giacomo sharp in Wed gallop
>>> Louisville mayor declares Wed 'Mike Smith Day': Jock, "It's an honor, more than an honor. Right now I'm just the happiest man in the world... I feel like I'm home."
>>> Mike Smith's father -- an exercise rider at Philly Park -- happy for Derby-winning jock, "Mike called me about eight o’clock the night of the Derby. He was on cloud nine, and so was I."
>>> 15YO racing scribe recaps Derby and states, "I for one am ready for crab cakes, pretty Maryland girls and fast horses!"
>>> Pimlico fits Ritchey like well-worn saddle... Afleet Alex's trainer feels history at track gives him home edge for Preakness
>>> Bandini to undergo surgery for bone chip in ankle
>>> Rumor: Actor Cuba Gooding Jr scores big at Derby

Kentucky Derby

>>> Official Kentucky Derby website
>>> Past Derby charts... Includes video replay when available
>>> Free PPs 2005 Derby contenders

2005 Kentucky Derby:

>> 2005 Kentucky Derby chart
>>> Video replay
>>> Official Kentucky Derby website
>>> Past Derby charts... Includes video replay when available
>>> Quick list of past Ky Derby winners
>>> Fastest winning Derby times
>>> 2005 Dual Qualifiers
>>> John Shireffs bio/stats
>>> Mike Smith bio/stats

Wednesday 5/11:
>>> Shockomo: Steve Haskin's Kentucky Derby Story
>>> Afleet Alex expected at Pimlico Wednesday
>>> Pleased Mullins says Buzzards Bay to skip Preakness
>>> TTimes comment: Giacomo’s victory underscores the hazards of evaluating -- and betting on -- lightly raced 3YOs
>>> Zito on Bellamy Road's injury, "It's not an excuse -- I don't like to make excuses -- but the poor horse had an explanation."
>>> Rees: Final Derby thoughts... I feel good about Giacomo's $102.60 triumph
>>> Bellamy Road injured, "The bad news is he popped a splint. The good news is the X-rays are clean. Otherwise, there are no fractures, so he'll be back for the big races this summer."
>>> McGrath: Giacomo feels super to me

Tuesday 5/10:

>>> BOFFO DERBY!... This Derby not one a wise guy could love... But the average fan got a big kick out of it
>>> Preakness taking shape with addition of Greeley's Galaxy
>>> Giacomo to rest, then ship for Preakness
>>> At least four jocks in Sat's Ky Derby wore advertising that was not approved by Churchill, sparking a review by state racing regulators
>>> NY Post scribe had Giacomo on top! Gives her reasons for the selection
>>> Neumeier tabs this year's Derby winners and losers
>>> Saturday was highest one-day handle in the 33-year history of upstate NY OTB system, "We have worked hard to increase the handle by making our operations more customer-friendly, while at the same time running the corporation more efficiently and effectively."
>>> McCaffery: Regardless of finish, Rose has blossomed
>>> Giacomo is a story of redemption
>>> Kindred: Giacomo proves Derby is where dreams can soar
>>> Connecticut scribe recounts his once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Derby, "I recommend jumping at any chance you get to purchase tickets for the Kentucky Derby."
>>> Derby on Letterman Recap of Monday night's Derby-related fun on 'Late Show with David Letterman' -- featuring Mike Smith and the top Ten

The winners:
>>> Upstate NY couple hits Derby tri... Almost change ticket, "I told her, 'That's bad luck.' You have to go with your best hunch."
>>> More on the father-daughter-boyfriend trio from Jersey that hit the super [photo of them wearing hats with winning horses' names]
>>> Baltimore-area woman explains to scribe that she picked top two -- but only played WPS, not exacta, "I'm not complaining. I was so excited when they came in, but also I kind of wanted to throw up."
>>> Actor from Hoboken spends $360, wins $864K Derby payoff... Shared ticket with two others, "We agreed on three favorites and then all picked a long-shot."
>>> ... And pair of friends chip in $100 each, win Derby superfecta, "When I called him up, he was coming out of a stupor and he didn't know what he did with the tickets. I wanted to reach through the phone and get him."

Monday 5/9 news:

Beyer: 2005 edition "will rank among the worst Derbies of recent decades"... Beyer Speed Figure of 100, the worst for the race in at least 20 years

>>> DW Lukas: "You can chisel this in stone, there won't be a Triple Crown winner this year, either."
>>> Zito's NY Post Derby Diary -- Mon: "Just remember, sports are one thing, life is another. So that's how I regroup."
>>> USA Today TV scribe looks at NBC's Derby broadcast, "...wasn't much to complain about"
>>> NY Post TV scribe: NBC should have stuck it out until it gave the prices, which already were guaranteed to be a huge kicker to the story. It's the Kentucky Derby. It's live television. Among those who cared, NBC's audience should not have been the last to know
>>> West: Most of all, this Derby meant the Preakness will be even more meaningful than usual
>>> Likely's and possible's for Preakness
>>> Another list of Preakness probables and possibles
>>> Zito, the day after, "It's been a rough night obviously, but that's OK. We'll get through it."
>>> Derby, once appeared to be a mountain only bluebloods could scale, no longer seems as formidable
>>> Reluctant Shirreffs shares spotlight... Bewildered trainers trying to sort out Giacomo's upset, McLaughlin jokes, "I don't know what the guy was thinking running a 50-1 shot in the Derby."
>>> Smith and Zito both know highs and lows
>>> Trainer considering Scrappy T for Preakness, "[The owner is] from Virginia and he'd like to see Scrappy T run in the Virginia Derby (at Colonial Downs which opens in June)."
>>> Zito, "The owners have all been great. They were very gracious. I didn't have one person say anything other than, 'You did your best.' "
>>> Bozich: Racing world shaking its head... Daffy Derby really defies logic
>>> Giacomo is feeling frisky... Smith visits Derby champ, who attempts to bite jockey
>>> Finley: Big name trainers go down... It's still about the horse
>>> Owner Moss not in it for the money: "You know, I've been rich and poor and rich is better. But it's the emotion and it's that rush you get - I'm going to watch this race 400 times."
>>> Courier-Journal's coverage of Derby fun, parties, celebs, etc

>>> Bandini: There's something going on with his right front ankle and he was sent to a vet in Lexington
>>> High Limit: Grabbed both hind quarters and was bleeding a lot
>>> Keyser: Giacomo not perceived as a threat to win Triple Crown
>>> NYC bettor uses unique method to hit $62K/$1 Derby tri: "The method to this is to empty your mind of all greed, as if you are praying to the Buddha, and, without looking at the odds, go for the horse and the jockey you like. Don't be greedy about the odds."
>>> Derby TV ratings slightly down
>>> Turf Paradise bettor loses -- then finds winning Ky Derby $800K+ superfecta ticket
>>> Photo: Happy holder of winning Ky Derby super ticket, sold at Turf Paradise
>>> Derby super: N American record $864,253.50 superfecta payout for the seven $1 tickets... Churchill reports seven tickets were sold in Maine, at Philadelphia Park, at Turf Paradise in Arizona, in Nevada, in New England and two in New Jersey

Sunday 5/8 news:

>>> Gee-shock-a-mo!!!... 50-1 outsider springs second-biggest upset in Derby history
>>> Zito's NY Post Derby diary: I guess the karma went south
>>> Top three expected for Preakness
>>> Afleet Alex pointing towards Preakness
>>> Veitch: Time to raise a question about the quality of this crop of 3YOs
>>> Zast: Giacomo's Preakness run will be easier than Derby
>>> Cronley: Twenty 'highlights' from Derby Day TV coverage
>>> Comment: Few in the business will admit it, but thoroughbred racing would have been better served if Bellamy Road or Afleet Alex, not Giacomo, won the sport's showcase race Saturday
>>> Kerrison: What a bust!
>>> Kentucky Derby 131 shatters wagering records... Sets N American standard, attendance 2nd highest ever
>>> Post-race comments: Winning owners, trainer, jock
>>> Post-race quotes from Derby connections
>>> More post-race comments
>>> Trainer: Shirreffs coaxed horse in little steps
>>> Owners: Victory music to Mosses' ears
>>> Breeding: Second Bluegrass pairing of mare, Holy Bull a real winner
>>> Smith keeps Giacomo off the pace, then gambles on a trip through the traffic
>>> California horses defy oddsmakers
>>> Wesch: All in all, it was a pretty good day for the three California-based riders
>>> Gildea: Giacomo did not come out of nowhere, it only seems as if he did
>>> Zito's oh-fer since '94 continues
>>> A rosy reversal... Mike Smith's near-misses make this victory all the sweeter
>>> Top of the charts in a new field... Record company mogul Moss branches out
>>> Giacomo a chip off old block-a-mo
>>> Ziegel: George, Road go nowhere... But as least his Yankees can't finish 7th
>>> Ross: Zito handles 0-5 in stride, "It looked pretty good turning for home with High Fly and Bellamy Road, but it didn't happen for us today."
>>> Churchill seeks to restore Derby's 'rich and classy sport' image
>>> A different kind of hit for record producer who owns Derby winner
>>> Eisenberg: Who bet Giacomo to win? Hello? Anyone out there?
>>> Jockey, trainer believed in Giacomo
>>> Brunker: There's silver lining to Steinbrenner's cloud... Bellamy Road showed signs he'll contend in Preakness, Belmont
>>> Bozich: Jacq-A-Who wins, but question is how?
>>> Finley: Relax George, you still have a very good horse
>>> After the upset, Giacomo's barn fills with smiles
>>> McNamara: Gia-who?
>>> Other jockeys tasted lead but fell short... Race was tight down the stretch
>>> Zito has to endure 'just one of those days'
>>> Pletcher makes no excuses
>>> McLaughlin makes Closing Argument a convincing one
>>> Derby: Celebrity watch
>>> Infield report
>>> ... More infield

Other venues on Derby Day:
>>> Large crowd enjoys Derby Day at Tampa Bay Downs
>>> Fans have fun at Idaho OTB
>>> Derby fans file into Penn National, "I like a good horse race, whether you win or lose. The Kentucky Derby, this is quality."
>>> Connecticut OTB packed with Derby fans Saturday

>>> Previous Derby articles now in the 2005 Triple Crown archive

Derby photo galleries:

>>> Infield
>>> Race
>>> Celebs
>>> Race, celebrities, more
>>> Bloodhorse photos
>>> Derby photo gallery
>>> Photo gallery
>>> Fashions
>>> Gallery
>>> Parties


>>> equidaily.com's Merrow: Afleet Alex, Bandini, Giacomo, Coin Silver

>>> ESPN:
>>> Mayne: 1.Bellamy Road 2. Bandini 3. Wilko
>>> Moss: 1. Bellamy Road 2. Afleet Alex 3. Greeley's Galaxy
>>> Goldberg 1. Bellamy Road 2. Bandini 3. Noble Causeway
>>> Finley 1. Afleet Alex 2. Noble Causeway 3. Sun King
>>> Cronley 1. Afleet Alex 2. Bellamy Road 3. Sun King
>>> McNamara 1. Bandini 2. Noble Causeway 3. High Fly

>>> Kling: 1. Bellamy Road; 2. Afleet Alex; 3. Noble Causeway; 4. High Limit
>>> Fortus: 1. Noble Causeway. 2. Afleet Alex. 3. Wilko. 4. Bellamy Road
>>> Finney even comes up with imaginary chart... Bandini wins
>>> Ohio scribe uses 'Let It Ride' contrarion method: High Fly, Afleet Alex, Sun King
>>> Nahill: Sun King, Bandini, Bellamy Road, Greeley's Galaxy
>>> Cushing's imaginary chart: Bellamy Road wins
>>> Courier-Journal and other various media picks
>>> R Smith: Wilko, Afleet Alex, Don't Get Mad, Sun King
>>> Siraco: Bandini, Afleet Alex
>>> Layden: Afleet Alex, Bandini, Don't Get Mad

>>> Expert analysis from Courier-Journal:
>>> Gary West
>>> Steve Moody
>>> John Asher
>>> Stan Starks
>>> Jill Byrne
>>> Tom Amoss

>>> Haskin's Derby Analysis
>>> DRF staff selections
>>> NY Post's 'Bettor's Guide' with comments and all pertinent stats
>>> NY Post's handicappers selections
>>> Beyer: It's Bellamy Road
>>> NY Daily News staff picks [scroll down]
>>> Mississippi scribe: So here's how I'll play the race: I'll make two win bets on Afleet Alex and Wilko, though I'll play...
>>> USA Today: High Fly is the preferred selection to win, with Afleet Alex a major danger
>>> Predictions from Belmont Park racetrackers
>>> Hollywood backstretch picks
>>> Ziegel: High Limit. Don't thank me. But don't bet the house
>>> Neumeier: Bellamy Road
>>> Jerardi: I'm looking for some longshots to run third or fourth in my superfectas. All my tickets will have Bellamy Road or Afleet Alex on top
>>> Cronley: Afleet Alex, Bellamy Road, Sun King, Greeley's Galaxy
>>> McNamara: Bandini, Noble Causeway, High Fly, Bellamy Road
>>> West: Afleet Alex, Wilko, Noble Causeway, Sun King
>>> O'Donnell: High Fly, Afleet Alex, Noble Causeway, Bellamy Road
>>> Matthews: Afleet Alex, Bellamy Road, Bandini, Noble Causeway
>>> Cauthen: Overall, I feel that Bandini might step up to the plate and show that he is an above-average horse
>>> Finley: 1. Afleet Alex 2. Noble Causeway 3. Sun King
>>> USA Today scribe: Derby is never run like you draw it up but let's pencil in Sun King, Wilko and Afleet Alex
>>> Starr: High Fly, Noble Causeway, Afleet Alex

Online Derby chat transcripts:

>>> Transcript: DRF/Stitch online Derby chat from Thurs, "It's hardly a secret that I love Andromeda's Hero."
>>> Transcript: Wash Post Scheinman's Wednesday online Derby chat, "I think Bellamy Road will finish 10th or worse."
>>> Transcript: Bloodhorse/Haskin online Derby chat from Wed, "I think [Coin Silver] will be totally ignored, with many thinking he won because he has excellent slop breeding. But this horse is improving dramatically at the right time."
>>> Transcript: DRF/Crist online Derby chat from Wed, "I think it's disgraceful that Spanish Chestnut is running. He has zero chance of winning and the Kentucky derby does not need rabbits."
>>> Transcript: DRF/Beyer online Derby chat from Tues, "I think there are a lot of horses who are badly overmatched -- figurewise at least. Half of the field hasn't recorded a triple-digit Beyer Speed Figure. Those horses almost never win."

Saturday news 5/7:

>>> Afleet Alex favored in Fri's early-bird betting
>>> Fri's early-bird wagering complete odds
>>> Handy betting strategies
>>> Rees: Look for late speed in potential winner
>>> West: Can Bellamy Road do it again? If he does, ring the bells and send up the smoke to announce the arrival of a new superstar
>>> Thorograph's Jerry Brown on Bellamy Road, "I'd be surprised if Secretariat could stick with this horse."
>>> Zito's NY Post Derby Diary -- Sat: "I told the kid (Javier Castellano, his jockey) not to worry about the rabbit [Spanish Chestnut] and just ride his race, in the clear from post 16. I'm interested to see just how good Bellamy Road really is."
>>> Profile: Jock Castellano [Bellamy Road], "'My father always told me that I've got to love it and work hard."
>>> Take a trip through goose-bump alley to Derby paddock... Trainers, others say it's unforgettable
>>> Predicting how the race will be run... Trainers make plans counting on fast pace
>>> Race might hinge on how Bellamy Road handles hot pace
>>> How they came home in prep races
>>> Trainer-to-jock instructions: How important?... Baffert, "If he comes back and says 'I went with my instincts' and changed the plans, what are you really going to do?"
>>> Derby pot doubled... $2 mil for grabs this year
>>> Fountaine: They'll all gun for Bellamy, and fail
>>> Palmer: Derby's pageantry still resonates across America
>>> Ziegel: It's America's day at the races
>>> Derby pick easy for Yank haters
>>> New era blooms in Run for the Roses... American dream still can come true
>>> Bozich: Fate dealt Zito a Derby hand that is 'beyond belief'
>>> There are some very good reasons why the nation's eyes will be on Louisville this Saturday
>>> Scribe: Why is the Kentucky Derby so significant?... After some lengthy research, I decided a brief crash course in the Kentucky Derby was in order
>>> Tribune scribe: Here's a suggestion to keep the horses around longer and add spice to the entire racing season: Open the Triple Crown races to horses of all ages
>>> Modesti: Perhaps never before has Calif been so desperately in need of a Ky Derby victory to polish the state's image in the eyes of the t-bred world
>>> Audio: NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Wall Street Journal sportswriter Stefan Fatsis about Sat's Ky Derby
>>> Boston Globe editorial: Many things are needed for a revival of this grand old sport, but nothing could do more immediate good than for Bellamy Road to come roaring through the Louisville stretch like a reincarnation of Citation
>>> Derby affects NY Mercantile Exchange energy prices as traders abandon the floor to head to Louisville
>>> Scribe thinks sport's health tied to Derby winner: "The best horse in the field doesn't always win. What may matter more is that the horse with the best story wins."
>>> Derby trivia challenge

Friday news 5/6:

>>> Aussie scribe takes a look at Ky Derby: "The Kentucky Derby is described as the most thrilling two minutes in sports. The Americans do have a knack of talking things up but this is one race the Yanks care about."
>>> DRF Clocker Report summary
>>> The Zito team and regimen... Asst, "The routine around here never changes. He's had success. Why change?"
>>> More on 83YO trainer Statue [Greeley's Galaxy]... Son, "He's a product of the Great Depression, had to fight for everything he has; a survivor still around after three strokes. What are the odds on that?"
>>> Ouch! SA Derby horses get no respect... Frankel, "That race was like everything else in California racing, subpar."
>>> Kerrison: I'll use both [Bellamy and Afleet] on top in some exotics, but, as a contrarian, I'll bet others to beat them at the wire
>>> Zito's NY Post Derby diary -- Thurs: "It's the horse that does it. Great coaches and manag ers will tell you, it's the player."
>>> Trainer McLaughlin diagnosed with MS in '98... Happy to be here, "I consider myself very lucky because I am able to carry on a normal life."
>>> Ziegel: Critics wonder if Bellamy Road's Wood was for real, "Here it is, not quite four weeks later, and that 17-1/2 is still XXXL but 80% polyester."
>>> Brunker: Alfeet Alex = Smarty Jones, Seabiscuit rolled into one
>>> There's not a lot of buzz (yet) around Buzzards Bay
>>> Bozich: My worst nightmare. If Bellamy Road finishes first while the Yankees crash, I can imagine the Boss trying to make this the annual Greatest Two Minutes of George
>>> My final selections will come from six... The rest are nice animals that just happen to be in the wrong place, in the wrong race, at the wrong time
>>> 12 years, another 2nd chance... P Val puts drug abuse behind him
>>> Derby's bad boy... Bandini, son of 2000 winner, known for foul temper
>>> Bloodhorse Derby notes -- Thurs

Thursday 5/5:

>>> Derby draw: Rules changes could make draw strategy moot... This year, if there are any scratches, all of the horses will be moved from post 20 in toward the rail
>>> Finley: Historical trends
>>> Wesch: Derby ride all about the trip, man... Large fields can present jockeys with obstacles
>>> Zito's NY Post Derby diary - Thurs: "A lot of people ask if it's difficult 'juggling' five owners..."
>>> Frankel on new $2 mil Derby purse: "They increased it a million, they took away from other races and they jacked up the entry and starting fees. It didn't cost them anything. They ought to be ashamed of themselves."
>>> Stonerside ying and yang this weekend: Sort It Out in Derby, Sis City in Oaks
>>> Owner of '98 Derby entrant Indian Charlie remembers a fun experince... Hopes to get back but is realistic, "I never really caught Derby fever. I try to control myself. I just don't compete with those (top spenders) on a monetary basis. I don't want to get in that game."
>>> High Limit may be horse to watch
>>> Bellamy Road 'going to be challenged,' Zito says
>>> Profile: 83YO trainer Warren Stute... Saw Seabiscuit run. He saw Citation run. And he has seen his horses win a hell of a lot of races
>>> Hometown paper profiles owner John Fort [Coin Silver], "I decided I would get out there and take the knowledge I had and see if I could just use my own instincts from my life and love of horses."
>>> USA Today: Afleet Alex faced adversity right out of gate
>>> Steinbrenner silent on Bellamy Road in order to avoid Derby jinx
>>> Syndicate owners of Sort It Out excited to make it to Derby, "'We wanted to have horses race in Saratoga, because we live here. We thought it would be fun to go to the races in Saratoga as owners."
>>> Todd Pletcher, "I don't take it for granted that [winning a Derby is] going to happen, but we have the kind of clients that are buying the right kind of horses."
>>> Frankel confident High Limit belongs with other top contenders, "The sheets show that they all jumped four points in their last races. They may already have run their best races. What happens if they slip a bit and the other horses jump four points on Saturday?"
>>> A real-life party of five... Afleet Alex's success 'Cinderella story' for newbie owners
>>> Bob Holthus finally finding the spotlight... Has Derby starter 2nd year in row
>>> Derby Buzz: OJ makes an appearance, "I was here last year and had so much fun, I wanted to come back."
>>> Jock Mark Guidry concentrates on Derby after ejection from Churchill last fall, "I'd rather leave the past in the past."
>>> McNamara: 'Alex' this year's Smarty Jones?
>>> Bloodhorse Derby notes -- Wed
>>> John Ed Anthony remembers Loblolly's trips to the Derby, "It's very true. The best horse only occasionally wins the Derby."
>>> Mini Derby drama Wednesday as Frankel debates dumping Dominguez for P Val... "Maybe [Ramon]'ll learn a lesson: don't talk to the press."
>>> Audio from NPR: Commentator Frank Deford muses on horse racing and the fact that Sat's Ky Derby provides the sport with attention it often lacks, "The Ky Derby has become the Brigadoon of sport."
>>> Super fan! Tennesee man a collector of Derby memorabilia, "I call it a museum. It was a two-car garage. I had it in a room upstairs but it got too big."
>>> Sportswriter describes her experience as a neophyte at 2004 Derby, "The Kentucky Derby is an experience - one that every sports fan should be so lucky to be a part of some day."
>>> ...Mississippi columnist agrees, "When post time arrives Saturday, fix yourself a mint julep, join in the chorus ("Weep no more, my lady"), and enjoy a true American tradition."
>>> DRF clocker's report - Wed

Wednesday 5/4:

>>> Dates of birth vary for Derby contenders
>>> Chart: How Derby favorites have fared since 1980
>>> Bob Holthus on Afleet Alex, "He's not in as good a physical condition as he was when he won the Arkansas Derby. The hair on his coat isn't as good. He looks like he's dehydrated."
>>> Beyer: "My record is not good [in the Derby] in part because it took me many years to realize this -- the Derby is a unique race."
>>> Thumb's down on these preps?: Lukas, "The Blue Grass is a very prestigious race and it used to produce a lot of Derby winners. I just don't put a lot of credence in it now"... Frankel, "The Santa Anita Derby hasn't been a real strong race the last few years."
>>> Jerry Bailey on words of encouragement to Derby 1st-timer Jeremy Rose, "I will give him encouragement, but as far as laying the race out for him, that's highly unlikely."
>>> Frankel on Bellamy Road, "It's like a runner who can set his own pace. He can run all day. But with pressure, he might not run as good."
>>> Of the horses likely to make the Derby on Saturday, 11 were sired by stallions that stood for $20K or less in 2001
>>> Profile: Mike Battaglia, Churchill Downs oddsmaker, "I'm trying to get into the people's -- the bettors' -- heads."
>>> Zito's NY Post Derby Diary - Wed: "I'm not going to tell you what post positions I'd like. I'd rather not jinx myself."
>>> Frankel relishes role of underdog, "When I watch the race, I won't have butterflies in my stomach. It'll be nice. I'm going in very relaxed."
>>> Keyser: Wilko looks like horse of earlier era with 14 starts, 12 as a 2YO
>>> Afleet Alex helps raise money to fight cancer
>>> USA Today: Pletcher chase Derby dream, "I'm 37 years old. I'm going to hopefully get another crack at this. But I'd like to get it done, the sooner the better."
>>> Ky Derby field creates stir in Florida's heartland... Never before has Ocala had such a strong crop of 3YOs for opening leg of the Triple Crown
>>> Baffert's best bet long shot for Derby... Sort It Out has shown improvement since La Derby
>>> Zast: Derby road is littered with high-priced flops
>>> Modesti profiles Jeff Mullins: It's hard to keep this guy down
>>> Kerrison: No horse goes into Derby with better credentials of speed, seasoning, durability and consistency than Afleet Alex
>>> Fountaine: High Fly-ing under the radar
>>> Tyler Baze to ride Don't Get Mad
>>> Michael Jordan slated for Derby appearance
>>> Izenberg: Outsiders again taking Kentucky by storm
>>> Pletcher: "I wouldn't say the Derby is the driving force of my career."
>>> For Ritchey, the horse comes first... Afleet Alex's trainer hopes his way pays off with Derby win
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Afleet beat goes on
>>> Privman: Wilko will try to win when it counts
>>> Bloodhorse Derby notes
>>> DRF Tues clocker's report
>>> TV: Wed, 5pm ET, ESPN... Derby post position draw
>>> NBC renews deal to televise Kentucky Derby, Preakness
>>> Chicago area harness tracks offering Derby Day patrons a chance to participate in a group $5000 wager on Bellamy Road
>>> Woo-hoo: Recipes for the libations dedicated to each Triple Crown race

Tuesday 5/3:
>>> Beyer: For bettors trying to pick the winner, the key handicapping question may be a philosophical one: Does history matter?
>>> Consolidator is out, "I decided to have an X-ray taken and it showed he had fractured his sesamoid."
>>> Sons also could rise this Saturday... Past champs have little success siring winners
>>> Chart: Derby winners who have sired Derby winners
>>> Brunker: Does Steinbrenner have a Secretariat?
>>> Byk: When it comes to the Derby, all hoping, many groping... A closer look at the pluses and minuses for the contenders
>>> McNamara: Bellamy Road -- Even if he wins by five in record time, with everything he has to overcome, he won't be a smart bet
>>> TTimes: Bellamy Road is the horse to beat
>>> Zito's NY Post Derby Diary -- Tues: "We were able to get Rafael Bejarano to ride Andromeda's Hero. I'm very happy about that."
>>> High Limit's toughest task ahead... Frankel says loss in Blue Grass beneficial
>>> Profile: Afleet Alex part-owner Jen Reeves tells of being introduced to racing by grandfather, "Every Friday and Saturday night, we would go [to the races] and he would give me money to bet every race. He would go to the window and he would bet for me and my grandmom. We loved it. We just loved it."
>>> Ross: Submitted for your misty-eyed approval: Afleet Alex
>>> NoCal scribe gets his buddy, 'The Dawg' to predict Derby winner
>>> Zito's key to success: Training the owner... In preparation for Derby, he reins in the powerful
>>> Fate leads owner to Sun King... That politics would bring Farmer his first Derby horse doesn't exactly surprise him
>>> Kerrison: The Z-Factor simply blankets this Derby... Nick deserves it
>>> Zito hopeful '5' is his lucky number... Trainer's deep lineup also a formidable one
>>> Finley: Pletcher's day will come ... someday
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Bandini in the dark
>>> Bloodhorse Derby notes
>>> Gary Stevens, "Any time I can ride against other horse I've ridden before, I definitely see that as an advantage."
>>> Jock Ramon Dominguez gets second shot at Derby after dud with Tapit in 2004, "I just had to go back out after the Derby, do my best each day and hope I would get to ride in that race again."
>>> Youth movement saddles up... New wave of up-and-coming jocks will ride in Saturday's Ky Derby
>>> Hopes run high this week in Florida t-bred country, which has produced six Derby winners. Could Bellamy Road become the 7th?
>>> Guest House: Kentucky Derby Endure as Horse Racing's Most Glorious spectacle

Monday 5/2:
>>> Tribune racing writers share opinions
>>> Zito's Derby Diary, Mon: "I'll give you the best quote I ever heard, from an owner who said: 'In this game, you're one step away from nothing.' How's that?"
>>> Kerrison: Spanish Chestnut as 'rabbit' -- It's a controversial tactic, used more often in Europe than here
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Road Rage... Sunday works
>>> Derby Buzz: It was mass confusion yesterday at Churchill
>>> Derby increasing drug checks... Trying to avoid 'juiced' animals, horses tested before, after race
>>> Will Wilko break BC Juvie jinx?
>>> Afleet Alex co-owners head to Louisville, "We’re going as horse-racing fans. That’s what we are."
>>> Political fundraisers scheduled around Derby festivities
>>> Impact of the 2001 outbreak of a mysterious illness that killed hundreds of foals and caused pregnant mares to abort seems to be minimal
>>> Austin: "I'm taking Alfeet Alex, who's bloodlines suggest he might just be a good sprinter or a good distance horse."
>>> Crusty Warren Stute enjoys Derby spotlight... 83YO trainer here with Greeley's Galaxy
>>> Don't Get Mad might miss Derby... Trainer, "Some people say he's just a one-turn horse, but I don't believe that."
>>> Moss: Bellamy Road the real deal?
>>> Plonk: Zito's Party Of Five
>>> Five Derby horses, one humble guy... Zito is 'honored just being here' after spending three of the last five Derbys just watching
>>> Jeff Mullins: Trainer brings baggage as well as Buzzard
>>> Bloodhorse Derby notes -- Sunday
>>> Joe Bravo named on Spanish Chestnut
>>> DRF clocker's report from Sunday
>>> Valdivia named to ride Going Wild

Sunday 5/1 work photos:
>>> Bellamy Road
>>> Bandini
>>> High Fly

Sunday 5/1:
>>> Courier-Journal's May 1 Derby Media poll
>>> Brief comments about each horse in prospective Derby field
>>> Profile: Gregg Anderson, co-owner of Afleet Alex's sire... Plans to be at Derby, "I think, it's almost as exciting as owning the horse yourself."
>>> Profile: Jock Jeremy Rose... "I think [Afleet Alex] has the confidence in me; I'm the only one he knows, so he's confident to run under me."
>>> In the past 30 years, only one horse has topped sales at Keeneland and won the Derby... Think it takes a big-money horse to win the Ky Derby? In fact, the opposite is more often true
>>> 'The horse has kept me going'... Based on John Silvertand's cancer diagnosis, he should have died two years ago. But the man who bred Afleet Alex has something to live for: Saturday's Ky Derby
>>> Bellamy Road's owner: Steinbrenner is no Georgie-come-lately to the game, which is why, instead of crowing, the family has retreated to a bunker mentality as the Derby draws closer
>>> Rees: 3 horses emerging stand out in crowded Derby field
>>> Derby Buzz: 'The Great Wall of Zito'
>>> Mr. Media arrives... Zito might be the flavor of the week, but 3-time Derby-winning trainer Bob Baffert is still the media darling with his one-liners
>>> Profile: Diane and Julian Cotter... Their Snooty Fox Farm produced Bellamy Road, "When you are as small as we are, it's not easy coming up with a horse like Bellamy Road."
>>> Delaware in the Derby... Field for Ky Derby has an unmistakenly hometown feel
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: California dreamin'
>>> Derby notes - Saturday
>>> Pletcher discusses his Derby trio's tactics
>>> Baffert sorting out Derby picture
>>> Frankel kinda misses media horde
>>> P Val to ride Coin Silver
>>> Contenders activity reports for Saturday
>>> Flower Alley will wear blinkers
>>> Don't Get Mad's Derby Trial win leaves owner with a dilemma

Saturday 4/30:
>>> Pat Day plans to be a Derby spectator... Will miss race 1st time in 22 years
>>> General John B out
>>> Rosenblatt: Zito, Pletcher approach the Derby differently
>>> Union-Trib's latest Derby Top Ten
>>> 2005 Derby contenders -- That they've made it this far is already a remarkable achievement considering the adversity surrounding their generation three years ago
>>> Solid group of B-list celebs (c'mon, Rick Dees?) set for Derby Eve party

Friday 4/29:
>>> High Limit works in company with Ghostzapper
>>> Photo: High Limit and Ghostzapper working together Thursday
>>> Pricci: Derby bettors need to tally 'knocks'... History can show the way to profits in this year's Run for the Roses
>>> USA Today Derby Top Ten: Bandini #1
>>> Jerardi: Ritchey has put Afleet Alex on fast track
>>> Afleet Alex owner throws 'pep rally' with friends, family, co-workers... "I don't think anyone expected this to come out of Collegeville - maybe a Revolutionary War story or something, but not a Kentucky Derby horse."
>>> Derby preparations for Greeley's Galaxy turned old school Thurs at Churchill
>>> Story of Greater Good: Breeder holds on to him -- even after offers... Wife, "We have some friends, three couples, that each own a few hairs and a tail. They're enjoying this. Our kids are enjoying this. It's a dream come true just to get this far."
>>> In horse racing, Steinbrenner depends on his farm system
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Strange morning at the track
>>> Derby notes - Thurs
>>> Zito pleased with works by Sun King, Andromeda's Hero

Thursday 4/28:
>>> Transcript: NTRA's 4/26 'Road to the Triple Crown' teleconference... Guests: Pletcher [Bandini, Coin Silver, Flower Alley], Ritchey [Afleet Alex], Bailey [High Fly]
>>> Neumeier narrows Derby down to a 'quality six-pack' of possibles
>>> Jerardi: How, in 2005, do you explain Afleet Alex? Really, you can't explain it. You can recount it. You can marvel at it. You can't explain it
>>> Steinbrenner to attend Derby, "I'm going to go up for it."
>>> Wed's Derby notes
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Who can slay the Goliaths?
>>> Lukas undaunted by recent results
>>> DRF: Clocker report for Wednesday

Wednesday 4/27:
>>> Sort It Out might be in
>>> Lex Herald: No room to spare... 20 likely for Derby field
>>> Zast: Ky Derby, A to Z
>>> Veitch: The season of prep races was marked by several interesting developments
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Afleet heat
>>> 'Alex' impresses in morning workout
>>> Derby trends to keep in mind when trying to ferret out a winner
>>> Pletcher prepares for quick turnaround with Derby starters
>>> Bailey preparing for Derby start aboard High Fly

Kentucky Derby Future Book

>>> Lifetime PPs for Derby winners 1993-2003
>>> ... And lifetime PPs for Smarty Jones

Kentucky Derby/Oaks Future Pool 3:
>>> Ky Derby Future Pool 3: Final odds... Bellamy Road 3-1 fave
>>> Ky Oaks Future Pool 3: Final odds... Sis City 5-2 fave

Ky Derby/Oaks Future Pool Two:
>>> KY Derby... Field is favored
>>> Ky Oaks... Sweet Catomine is the choice

Ky Derby/Oaks Future Pool One:
>>> Derby Future Pool One... Field favored
>>> Oaks Future Pool One... Sweet Catomine favored

>>> Vegas Ky Derby Future Book odds [pdf format]

Prep race schedule


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