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AOL (like webtv) uses "proxy caching". What that means is that AOL will cache web pages on their own computers. So when you're out "surfing" the 'net you are actually surfing through pages cached by AOL. This saves AOL bandwidth. But it means you're not necessarily getting the most up-to-date information -- particularly from sites like ours which update frequently.

The Q&A below comes from AOL itself (more info here) and seems to indicate that you can "force" a refresh of their cache by cleaning your cache:

Q: I am still getting old pages and I am certain that the site has been updated, how do I clear my BROWSER CACHE?

A: Even though AOL's Proxy cache is updated every 24 hours, a member can clear their Browser Cache and force the reload of a page. This is done by either reducing the browser History to "0" and manually clearing all pages in history by deleting the files in the temporaty internet files tolder located in the Windows Directory or PC users can force a refresh by holding down the CONTROL key on their keyboard and mouse clicking on the AOL browser reload icon. The latter will completely clear all items in history. is aware of this problem and we are working to rectify things -- however, you should be aware that our picks and plays pages are updated daily between 5am-10am ET. If you haven't received updated pages by that time, the problem is with AOL and how they access information on the internet and not with our updating procedures.


During the first week of the Saratoga meet we received a number of emails from Webtv users stating that they weren't getting the latest page updates.

After doing some research we've conclulded that the problem is a function of the webtv technology and you should try to solve the problem by clearing the cache on your webtv browser.

So to all our webtv users: Try some of the solutions listed below and let us know if your experience on our site improves.


A "cache" (pronounced like "cash") temporarily stores on your computer the information from web pages you have visited. We suggest users "clear" their cache occasionally, especially if a page is stuck with outdated material or information has not been refreshed. It seems that, unlike many other browsers, the webtv browser does not automatically look for the latest version of a webpage. Therefore you will often see an older version of a page you have visited that the browser has simply stored for easy and quick access.


Some quick research on our part has turned up varying answers for webtv users...

Click here to visit a site titled "Browser tips". They say webtv users must have Advanced Options enabled on your Web TV unit, to have the RELOAD function on your Options Menu. Goto Setup, then Advanced Options, then click it on! Then when you press the Option button, RELOAD will be one of the available selections.Here is how to use it. Click on the link you want to see. If it is already on your computer, you will quickly get a display of the page. If it is yesterday's page, then use your RELOAD command to refresh the page. Your browser will then go out over the net and get it.

Click here to visit "MSN Internet Info Help"...Their advice to webtv users: To clear your cache memory, simply power off your Internet receiver and turn it on again.

Click here to visit a site called "Clearing Your Cache"...Their suggestion: Here is how to really clear your cache fast and completely. WebTv recommends that you turn your box off then back on. This is time consuming because you have to wait to get reconnected and logged back on. I have found that this is not neccessary and a much faster method is available. All you really need to do is go to your WebTv Web Home page and click on "SWITCH USER". If your cache is really full you may not be able to navagate to your homepage or anywhere else. The globe may continue spinning forever or you get a message saying "the page is too big to load". In this event, hit your back button several times. I usually do this about 10 times at one second intervals. In this way you should be able to load a previous page. Then use your HOME button to get to your WEB HOME page and click SWITCH USER. When at the "Choose User Name" page it is not necessary to change users, just click the User Name you were using before. Your account will load back up and your cache will be cleared and you don't have to disconnect from the net to do it. The whole process takes less than a minute.

If further information is needed about clearing the webtv cache you might want to try The WebTV help line at 1-800-GO-WEBTV.

We are continuing to monitor this situation and will post any more helpful information we discover on this page. In the meantime we'd appreciate your input telling us if the solution proposed do or do not make a difference... Best Bets Homepage Today's picks The Challenge Calendar Track Info Weather

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