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2011 Season

At The Track

New York Racing Association
Link to the NYRA website for official information
Telephone: 518-584-6200

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22 Opening Day... Schuylerville
G3 $100K
6F 2YO F
23 Coaching Club American Oaks
G1 $250K
1 1/8M 3YO F

24 Sanford
G2 $150K
6F 2YO

25 Evan Shipman
NYB $75K
1 1/8M 3YO+

26 Dark 27 Lake George
G2 $150K
1 /16M T 3YO F
28 Quick Call
5.5F T 3YO
29 Curlin
1 1/8M 3YO

Post time
2:30pm ET

30 DIANA G1 $500K
1 1/8M T F/M 3YO+

Jim Dandy
G2 $500K
1 1/8M 3YO

31 Ruffian Hcp
G1 $250K
1 1/8M F/M 3YO+

Fourstardave Hcp
G2 $150K
1 1/16M T 3YO+


AUG 1 Amsterdam
G2 $150K
6 1/2F 3YO
2 Dark 3 John Morrissey
NYB $75K
6 1/2F 3YO+
4 AP Smithwick Mem
G2 $75K
2 1/16M 'Chase 4YO+

5 John's Call
1 5/8M T 3YO+
1 1/8M 3YO+

G1 $250K
7F 3YO F

De La Rose
1M T 3YO+ F/M

7 Vanderbilt Hcp
G1 $250K
6F 3YO+

Honorable Miss Hcp
G2 $150K
6F 3YO+ F/M

8 Waya
1 1/2M T 3YO+ F/M
9 Dark 10 NYSS Cab Calloway Div
3YO 1M T
11 NYSS Statue of Liberty Div
3YO F 1M T
12 Museum of Racing
G2 $150K
1 1/16M T 3YO
13 Sword Dancer Invy
G1 $500K
1 1/2M T 3YO+

14 Adirondack
G2 $150K
6 1/2F 2YO F


15 Saratoga Special G2 $150K
6 1/2F 2YO

16 Dark 17 Troy
5.5F T 3YO+
18 West Point
NYB $100K
1 1/16M T 3YO+
19 Yaddo
NYB $100K
1 1/16M T 3YO+ F/M
20 Alabama
G1 $500K
1 1/4M 3YO F
21 Lake Placid
G2 $150K
1 1/8M T 3YO F

Sports bag

22 Union Ave
NYB $75K
6F 3YO+ F/M
23 Dark 24 Albany
NYB $100K
1 1/8M 3YO
25 Turf Writers Cup H 'Chase
G1 $100K
2 3/8M T 4YO+
26 Baruch Hcp
G2 $200K
1 1/8M T 3YO+

*King's Bishop
*Ballsont Spa H
* Victory Ride
Post time: 11:35am ET
28 Personal Ensign
G1 $300K
1 1/4M 3YO+ F/M
29 Saratoga Dew
NYB $75K
1 1/8M 3YO+ F/M
30 Dark 31 PG Johnson
NYB $75K
1 1/16M T 2YO F
Sept 1 With Anticipation
G2 $150K
1 1/16M T 2YO
2 Riskaverse
NYB $75K
1M T 3YO F
3 Woodward
G1 $750K
1 1/8M 3YO+

G1 $250K
7F 3YO+

4 Spinaway
G1 $250K
7F 2YO F

G3 $100K
1 1/8M T 3YO

Long sleeve T-shirt

5 Closing Day...
G1 $250K
7F 2YO
Glens Falls
G3 $100K
1 3/8 T 3YO+ F/M

* Saturday August 27:
Travers, G1 $1 mil, 3YO 1 1/4M
King's Bishop, G1 $250K. 3YO 7F
Ballerina, G1 $250K 3YO+ F/M 7F
Ballston Spa, G2 $200K 3YO+ F/M 1 1/16 T
Victory Ride, G3 $100K 3YOF 6F


Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Box Office Phone: 518-587-3330
Check the official SPAC website for info on ballet and orchestra dates and additional Special Event info, plus schedule updates and changes.

Special Events

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