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>>> Official Kentucky Derby website
>>> Official Preakness website
>>> Official Belmont Stakes website

Triple Crown history:
Near-misses... Winners of 2-legs

Derby Trail map 1990-2007


Official Belmont Stakes website
Free PPs: Belmont Stakes... From DRF [pdf]
Belmont weather forecast

Undercard graded stakes results:
>>> G1 $400K Manhattan Hcp: 8YO Better Talk Now gets up late
>>> G1 $250K Acorn: Cotton Blossom upsets Dream Rush
>>> G2 $250K Woody Stephens BC: Teuflesberg last-to-first
>>> G2 $300K Just a Game: Pace makes race for My Typhoon
>>> G2 $200K True North Hcp: Will He Shine benefits from traffic troubles for others

Photo galleries:
>>> Louisville Courier Journal [pic #1 is a great shot of the stumble out of the gate]
>>> LA Times [also a great pic of the stumble, from another angle]
>>> Wash Post
>>> NY Times
>>> USA Today

NY Post's 'Bettor's Guide' with comments and all pertinent stats for all entrants [and Post writers' selections]
NY Daily News: Horse-byhorse analysis [plus list of fillies who have tried]

>>> Harris: Handicapping look at the entire card
>>> Fountaine: Closer look at undercard stakes

Free PPs.... Belmont Stakes card [pdf]:
>>> G2 $200K True North Hcp
>>> G2 $300K Just A Game
>>> G2 $250K Woody Stephens BC
>>> G1 $250K Acorn
>>> G1 $400K Manhattan Hcp
>>> G1 $1mil Belmont

>>> Belmont numbers... Attendance, handle
>>> VIDEO REPLAY: 2007 -- and past Belmont Stakes
>>> Chart: Belmont Stakes

>>> G1 $1mil Belmont Stakes: Long live the Queen... Filly edges Curlin in thrilling stretch duel

Undercard graded stakes results:
>>> G1 $400K Manhattan Hcp: 8YO Better Talk Now gets up late
>>> G1 $250K Acorn: Cotton Blossom upsets Dream Rush
>>> G2 $250K Woody Stephens BC: Teuflesberg last-to-first
>>> G2 $300K Just a Game: Pace makes race for My Typhoon
>>> G2 $200K True North Hcp: Will He Shine benefits from traffic troubles for others

Thurs 6/14:

>>> Haskin's Belmont analysis: Let's not forget Curlin
>>> Jockey Gomez defends Hard Spun ride, "It was an ideal situation. I was in a great stalking position."
>>> Nafzger, Borel attend unveiling of updated Derby video at Kentucky Derby Museum... Borel admits of running 19th early in this year's edition, "You know how many times I lied to the press when they asked, 'Did it bother you?' I said, 'Heck, no. I knew right where we were.' "
>>> White: " I think you will agree that [Rags to Riches'] performance last Saturday has elevated her from stardom to superstardom."
>>> Scully: One of most exciting Triple Crown seasons in modern times
>>> Hot dam: Two straight Belmont champs... Shortly before 7pm on June 9, 2007, Better Than Honour officially became a priceless masterpiece

Wed 6/13:

>>> Haskin's Belmont Recap: Wonder Woman
>>> LA Times: Rags to Riches Belmont win, "set an example for the hundreds of selfish owners and skittish trainers who approach their sport like track-and-field competitors, ducking tough matchups with excuses and hangnails."
>>> Forrest: Belmont left me wanting more from racing's newest star and thinking about the possibilities for the sport's first summer to remember in a long time
>>> Paulick: Wherever and whenever Street Sense, Curlin, and Rags to Riches show up in the same starting gate, will be the race of the year. Letís hope for racingís benefit that it happens

Tues 6/12:

>>> Byk: The Belmont struck a third perfect chord in a five week symphony that will be replayed often in our minds
>>> Scott: These kinds of races are what the Triple Crown is supposed to be all about
>>> Balt Sun opinion: The most emotionally satisfying Triple Crown series in years
>>> Rice: Saturday in Elmont, New York, an exceptional moment occurred
>>> Mayne: What we got without a Triple Crown winner again, was the birth of a star in the Derby and then back-to-back drives to the wire in both the Preakness and the Belmont
>>> Beyer: Why do fillies appear so rarely in the US Triple Crown races?
>>> Belmont TV ratings dip
>>> DRF: Rags to Riches eyes Travers
>>> Rees: Final thoughts on the 2007 Triple Crown... "You couldn't have had three more compelling or satisfying races."
>>> Yeah, why would horse racing fans wanna watch horse races?!?... Wow, NY Times TV sports scribe gives thumbs up to ABC's Belmont coverage, "The production was noticeably better than last year's, with the new producer Jack Graham not broadcasting two extra races, as ABC did last year..."... Also liked the camera-car during the race, so much so that, "My preference would have been to avoid some of the cuts to distant angles," [ie, the traditional pan-shot]... Yeesh
>>> Zast meanwhile labels Belmont broadcast, "90 minutes of dreadful television" leading up to a good race

Mon 6/11:

>>> Belmont winner likely to race in 2008... Pletcher, "These guys are sportsmen... and they say as long as the filly's OK, she'll race next year."
>>> Matthews: The popular victory by Rags to Riches probably did more to lift the national profile of the sport than a Triple Crown winner would have
>>> Palmer: Rags to Riches gave America what money can't buy...
>>> Pricci: You wanted history? You got it.
>>> Jerardi: This Triple Crown had everything but a Triple Crown
>>> Author of Ruffian book: Boy vs girl? "Isn't it time we just entered the races we were best-suited for and let the chips fall where they may?"
>>> Finley: It was a great show. Now comes this question: Will there be any encores?
>>> The Travers Stakes at Saratoga could be the biggest horse race of the year
>>> Pletcher, "It was a great day and I think a popular victory. It was great for the sport and great for the Belmont, and it made for good TV."
>>> Pletcher basks in Belmont 'Riches', "It's kind of amazing when you look at the historical significance of it."
>>> Rags the diva: One time when Pletcher peeked in her stall and interrupted a meal, he said the filly came lunging at him 'and almost took my head off.'

Go-go under the microscope:
>>> Larry Jones [Hard Spun] still fumin': "I'm really starting to wonder whether any jockey has a clock in his head anymore... I tried to explain to Gomez to slow the pace down, but I told him that if this horse could get the 6F in 1.13 or 1.14, we'd be home free."
>>> Fountaine: Repeated viewings of the replay suggest that Gomez was 'race-riding' Curlin, holding back Hard Spun to keep the favorite pinned down inside
>>> Rees: Biggest surprise: That Hard Spun -- who had been part of the stern pace in the Derby and Preakness -- was taken behind the slowest Belmont pace since 1995
>>> Gomez, "Maybe his speed is his best asset, and maybe we took that away from him."
>>> Jerardi: "Garrett Gomez did Hard Spun no favors by wrangling the colt back off the pokey fractions."

NY Daily News NY Times Baltimore Sun
LA Times Albany [NY] Times UnionNew Orleans Times Picayune

Sun 6/10:

>>> West: Now, that was a classic... A fitting conclusion to the Triple Crown
>>> Pletcher, "As a rule, we're probably the one everyone is rooting against... We're the underdog today; that was kind of sweet. The reception was kind of unbelievable."
>>> Tough day for Gomez: Pletcher, "I told (Gomez's jockey agent, Ron Anderson) it's going to be awfully hard for me to take Johnny off if this filly wins. It's very unfortunate for Garrett."
>>> Hard Spun jock switch a dud?... Trainer, "The pace was very slow. I thought that was our game plan leaving the paddock: to have these kind of fractions but be in front doing it. Apparently, we had a miscommunication somewhere."
>>> NY Times: Pletcher halts drought in style
>>> Less than a head in front at the end, Rags to Riches didn't need any more to make thoroughbred history
>>> Asmussen, "We lose one the exact same way we won one. That's horse racing."
>>> Drape: In a stirring Belmont, the filly beats the fellas
>>> Quotes: Losing jocks
>>> Kerrison: Makes herstory... Pletcher proves himself among the elite
>>> When trainer Todd Pletcher gave John Velazquez a leg up in the crowded paddock before the post parade, the fans gave the filly the loudest cheer
>>> Asmussen, "That's what I love about horse racing... First one to the wire wins."
>>> Comment: The first thing I notice [at Belmont on Saturday] is something not here -- a buzz
>>> Buffalo scribe offers up his most unforgettable 'other' Belmonts
>>> PHOTO: Super shot of Rags to Riches stumbling out of the gate
>>> Ziegel: Stumble can't keep filly down


>>> Merrow: Tiago, CP West, Curlin, Hard Spun
>>> Daley: My play in the Belmont Stakes is a small win and place bet on Slew's Tizzy, an exacta box of Curlin with Slew's Tizzy, and a trifecta using Curlin, Slew's Tizzy, and Rags to Riches
>>> Kling: 1) Curlin, 2) Rags to Riches, 3) C P West,4) Hard Spun
>>> Fortus: 1. Curlin. 2. Rags to Riches. 3. Tiago. 4. Hard Spun
>>> Dougherty: Curlin, CP West, Rags to Riches, Hard Spun
>>> Donaldson: I'm going to take a risk in hope of reaping larger rewards by opting for Slew's Tizzy and I'mawildandcrazyguy in $1 exacta wheels over the field, for a total wager of $12.
>>> NY Post writers
>>> Harris: Curlin, Hard Spun, Rags to Riches
>>> Fort Worth Star-Telegram writers
>>> Eng: Hard Spun, Rags to Riches, Curlin and Tiago
>>> Powell: We'll make a big win bet on Rags to Riches as well as an exacta box with Hard Spun. Beyond that...
>>> Pricci: 1. Hard Spun 2. Rags To Riches 3. Curlin 4. Tiago
>>> Starr: Rags to Riches, Tiago, Curlin
>>> Telias: Tiago, Hard Spun, Rags to Riches
>>> Brunker: I will wager $40 to win on Rags to Riches and use her in $5 exacta boxes with Curlin, Hard Spun and Tiago
>>> Wing: I am going to make a small win bet on Imawildandcrazyguy, a cold exacta punch with him underneath Curlin, and some tris and supers with...
>>> Cronley: Curlin, Hard Spun, CP West, Imawildandcrazyguy
>>> Shandler: My one and only play will be a Curlin-Rags to Riches-Tiago trifecta box
>>> Klein: Curlin will win the Belmont with relative ease. Hard Spun will battle on but Imawildandcrazyguy grabs the place with his late run and C P West may make the top four as well
>>> Agriss: Hard Spun hangs on for a close victory in a photo finish over Curlin and the rest of the field
>>> List: Top picks from various media pundits
>>> NY horsemen

Sat 6/9:

>>> Haskin's Belmont Report: The End of the Road
>>> Belmont could play big role in Eclipse Awards
>>> Kerrison: It's Curlin's to win or lose. Will he do it?
>>> NY Times: Historically the girls have not fared well against the boys in Triple Crown races
>>> Is it the year of the Cajun Triple Crown?... Cajuns have history of prominence in horse racing
>>> Tony Palm Beach area a hotbed of Triple Crown owners, "We always say, 'If we don't win, we hope you guys win.' "
>>> List: A who's who of Palm Beach horse racing
>>> Ziegel: Why not Rags to Riches? Beats me
>>> Asmussen's wild year ends at Belmont
>>> Host sites hope to make Triple Crown more alluring, "We're going to work hard to make it a much more dynamic, much more exciting event."

>>> Comment from Michigan sports scribe: "How can a horse win the first leg of the Triple Crown and then not even run in the final leg? It's a disgrace to everyone involved with that horse."
>>> Street Sense getting it done with mushrooms?

Fri 6/8:

>>> Standing the test of time... Secretariat's Belmont mark still unreal, untouchable 34 years later
>>> Shirreffs [Tiago] believes in The Belmont: "The Belmont is such a prestigious race... This is the seat of racing. This is hallowed ground, isn't it?"
>>> Track super Passero readies 'Big Sandy' for Belmont Stakes
>>> Fountaine: Curlin's task -- don't bounce... Speed figures trend against Preakness winner
>>> Rees: Story of Belmont all about Curlin
>>> White: After giving the matter much thought, I have come to the conclusion that Rags to Riches is going to become the first filly to win the Belmont Stakes in 102 years
>>> Gray: Filly offers poor value
>>> Well-rested Tiago, jockey ready to go the distance
>>> Hard-luck Hard Spun and trainer try again in Belmont
>>> Robby Albarado [Curlin] not taking anything for granted, "The Belmonts in the past have shown horses that have been shocks to us."
>>> Clean break from post could spell victory for Curlin
>>> Kerrison: Belmont minefield awaits the fave
>>> Imawildandcrazyguy: Blue-collar colt gives Belmont unpolished edge
>>> Trainer Greg Fox likes cat and mouse of Belmont... Slew's Tizzy trainer mulls pace strategy
>>> Waxman: If Curlin really grew up, then he'll run back to the form he ran in the Preakness, and there will be no stopping him
>>> Rice: Lack of attention not indicative of Curlin's talent
>>> Jerry Bailey likes Curlin, "You want a steady cruising speed and a good finisher."
>>> NY Times: Steve Asmussen finds himself uncomfortably linked to the ongoing issue of drugs and racing
>>> Wash Post: Drug issue saddles man who saddles Curlin
>>> Courier-Journal scribe wonders if Derby isn't the stumbling block to the Triple Crown, "The most intriguing near-misses to me are horses that struggled in the Derby but won the final two legs."

Thurs 6/7:

>>> Horse-by-horse analysis
>>> Telias: There are still horsemen around, like Pletcher and owners Michael Tabor and Derrick Smith, who believe you have to race against the best to see who is the best
>>> Nafzger on Wednesday, "If we'd have won the Preakness, I'd have been on my way to Belmont."
>>> Jensen: Filly sparks divided loyalty in the Belmont
>>> NYRA prez wants to encourage more horses to run in all three, "Once the dust clears after this Triple Crown, we want to sit down and talk about those kinds of things."
>>> Haskin's Belmont Report: Curlin vs Rags has Belmont abuzz
>>> NY Times: Curlin gets his chance to become a big star
>>> Jerardi: Curlin just runs, leaves legal issues to owners
>>> Will Gomez offer any hints on Rags to Riches to her new jockey, John Velazquez? "If he asks me. What goes around, comes around. We do a lot of business together (riding for Pletcher)."
>>> Moran: Lone speed can go far at Belmont
>>> Waxman: We've got the seven horses, and the question is: Who fits that bill?
>>> Asmussen [Curlin]: "I'm 41 and I don't ever plan to retire. Thank goodness there is no mandatory retirement age in this business. This is a lifelong love affair."
>>> Distance questions for Hard Spun
>>> Robby Albarado [Curlin] and wife welcome new addition to family
>>> Bill Kaplan [Imawildandcrazyguy] takes long road to come home

Wed 6/6:

>>> 'Rags' in... Times Squared, Digger out
>>> Rags to Riches is right... Filly joins Belmont cast, gives jolt to Classic, adds intrigue... Pletcher, "It should make it interesting."
>>> Pletcher: "At the end of the day, competing in the Belmont with a chance to win is more exciting than going in the Mother Goose and being 1-to-5."
>>> CP West in... Prado named
>>> Haskin's Belmont Report: Belmont gets richer with addition of 'Rags'
>>> A look at some of the distinguished fillies that have made a mark on the Belmont Stakes
>>> Kerrison: 'Rags' announcement "turned the poor old classic, limping along in search of a theme, into a blockbuster horse race."
>>> Ziegel: With Rags to Riches in the seven-horse field, this Belmont regains the drama
>>> Pletcher, "Arguably, she's got the best pedigree for this race."
>>> Cronley: Six reasons why the Belmont Stakes is always good
>>> Scully: It's just a shame that Street Sense won't be running. I didn't understand the decision; what are they saving him for?
>>> Profile: Trainer Greg Fox [Slew's Tizzy], "This is a very aggressive placement. But this colt deserves a chance."
>>> The 'musical saddle' game, Hard Spun version: Gomez' agent, "[Jones] said, 'I want you to ride this horse, and if not, we might keep Mario on.' " ...This week asked to opt out of commitment to be able to ride Rags to Riches, "I have long relationships with the filly, the trainer and the owner. I've only been with [Jones] once, with Island Sand. I doubled back." Was denied.
>>> Long, winding road leads Jones to Hard Spun

Tues 6/5:

>>> Hmmm, seems like a contract worth millions -- perhaps tens of millions -- of dollars would spell out all kinds of contingencies, and yet: Tafel didn't "have any idea" if Street Sense would race for him if the horse runs next year
>>> Owner Porter on Hard Spun deal, "Maybe the biggest thing about the deal is it gives me the money to buy more horses. You are not in this business to make money."
>>> Street Sense, Hard Spun deals both >>> Curlin gets in final drill on Monday
>>> Mike Smith looks for first Belmont win
>>> Team Giacomo seeks Belmont glory with Tiago
>>> Fortus: It should come as no surprise that a pair of smooth-riding Cajuns won the first two legs of the Triple Crown

Mon 6/4:

>>> Kerrison: Why should the public give a fig about horse racing when it keeps stripping its top merchandise from its shelves, leaving leftovers for the customers?
>>> Street Sense and Hard Spun to stand at Darley upon retirement
>>> NY Times: It might soon be up to the courts to determine just who owns Curlin
>>> Roman [Digger]: "I'm going to invite [Carl Nafzger] to my table to watch the most exciting race of the year."
>>> Pricci: Ban hopeless Digger from entering The Belmont
>>> USA Today: Imawildandcrazyguy could spell success for trainer
>>> Hard Spun meets Gomez, takes a spin around Belmont... And other notes on contenders
>>> Smith aboard Tiago for 6F breeze
>>> Time Squared added to list of probables
>>> Fountaine: Tiago has pedigree, stamina to win

Sun 6/3:

>>> Wall: Two out of three Crown wins ain't bad... But which combination is more impressive?
>>> List: Triple Crown near-misses... Two out of three
>>> Nafzger hires sports agent, "We're looking at building the brand of Carl into new levels."
>>> For the second year in a row the connections of a horse winning one of the legs of the Triple Crown will choose to bypass the Belmont Stakes. Of course last year it was Darley controlling the path of Bernardini, while this year Jim Tafel is--- Hey, wait a minute... Report: Darley buys breeding rights to Street Sense.
>>> Digger's owner to reach out to Borel to ride... Or Pino
>>> Closer look at the Curlin purchase earlier this year.. "We saw the horse. At 2am the following morning, we had the deal."
>>> Crist comment [published before Thur's decision]: If Nafzger and his colt have gotten over their truly stunning defeat, here's hoping they run in the Belmont

Sat 6/2:

>>> West: "To say you're skipping the final event of the Triple Crown to prepare for the fall... well, that insults the fans, not to mention the Belmont."
>>> Eng: Rather than boo trainer Carl Nafzger and owner Jim Tafel, I tip my hat to them
>>> Rosenblatt: For those who disagree with the decision to keep Street Sense out the Belmont Stakes, think again
>>> Curlin jock and wife expecting baby with due date the day before the Belmont
>>> Owner hopes to replace Street Sense excitement with Cordero... Digger entered but 64YO Cordero nixes his involvement as jock, "A mile and a half? They'd need oxygen to revive me."
>>> Pletcher faces decision on Belmont
Extraordinary occurrences have taken place in connection with Kentucky Derbies run during years ending in "7."

Fri 6/1:

>>> Street Sense team says 'no' to Belmont Stakes
>>> Tafel: "Our game plan changed from winning the Triple Crown, which we couldn't do now, to winning the championship this year, including the Travers and the Classic."
>>> Owner defends jock switch on Hard Spun, "I know the change is unpopular with a lot of people. Maybe I'm wrong, but I do own the horse."
>>> Trainers of contenders ship, plan final works
>>> Trancript: Bloodhorse online chat with Larry Jones [Hard Spun]

Thurs 5/31:

>>> Go, Street Sense, go... Equidaily comment: We add our name to the list of those hoping that Thursday morning's announcement from the connections sends Street Sense to the Belmont Stakes... It's the right thing to do
>>> COUNTERPOINT... Clay: Skipping the Belmont makes 'Sense'
>>> To go or not to go: Nafzger, "If you go to the Belmont, you've got to get to the Travers without a prep. If you do not run in the Belmont, you can use a prep for the Travers."
>>> White: Imaginary phone conference with Street Sense, Curlin, and Hard Spun
>>> Street Sense announcement slated for Thurs... Belmont Stakes 'yay' or 'nay' expected at Churchill press conference


Wed 5/30:

>>> Scully: Owner Jim Tafel and trainer Carl Nafzger will make it much easier for Curlin to gain a huge advantage over his rival if Street Sense doesn't show up at Belmont
>>> Comment: Just as when I was younger and wondered if I would ever see a Triple Crown winner, I'm now wondering if I will see another in my lifetime
>>> Baffert, "The Triple Crown, though, must do a better job of taking care of the owners and trainers, there has to be an incentive to keep going through all three races."

Tues 5/29:

>>> Finley: For the good of the game, run Street Sense
>>> Curlin works an easy 5F at Churchill
>>> Sedgefield's trainer mulls Belmont after smart drill
>>> Zast: Triple Crown rematch in the Travers? History says it's unlikely

Mon 5/28:

>>> Tiago works... Rags to Riches still being considered
>>> Any Given Saturday back from foot bruise... Dwyer possible next start

Sun 5/27:

>>> Habib: Send Street to the Belmont, "because it's best for Street Sense, best for the public, best for the sport."
>>> Great Hunter out... Gomez to replace Pino on Hard Spun
>>> Photo: Calvin Borel leaves handprints in Louisville Derby jockey display

Sat 5/26:

>>> Ky Derby change?: Churchill to consider change in graded earnings rule to encourage foreign participation
>>> Layden: Ten lingering thoughts, now that two legs of the Triple Crown are in the books...

Fri 5/25:

>>> Nafzger, "Probably around Tuesday or so we'll make up our mind... More than likely we won't go... We want to balance out what we want to try to get achieved by the end of the year."
>>> Zing!... Eng: Every once in a while you'll see a jockey give a ride so dumb it takes your breath away
>>> Haskin's Preakness Wrapup: Final Thoughts
>>> After a brisk mile workout, Curlin still a go for Belmont
>>> Tagg on Nobiz, "I'm not planning on running him in the Belmont. If it were a walkover or a two-horse race, I would run."
>>> Belmont rematch of top three would be historic
>>> Great Hunter a go
>>> Shandler: I have three reasons why I think it was jockey error that could have cost us our first Triple Crown winner in 29 years...
>>> ...And Shandler hears from readers agreeing, disagreeing
Casual fans asking for Street Sense-Curlin rematch in Belmont Stakes, "I'm sure that people just like me, who sample horse racing, feel the way I do and want both horses in the Belmont."
>Ouch! LA Times' Simers writes, "To show everyone where hockey rates in this country, NBC switched from a playoff hockey overtime to another dying sport -- horse racing, and chose to broadcast the Preakness pre-race chatter."
Note to Mr Simers: Preakness broadcast of 'dying sport' is highest rated sports TV of weekend... Tops NBA playoffs

Thurs 5/24:

>>> Moss: Some have suggested that Borel's head swivel might have cost Street Sense the race... In reality, Borel put up another sensational ride in the Preakness
>>> White: Preakness recap
>>> Scully: Rags to Riches belongs in the Belmont Stakes
>>> 'Big Three' resume routines
>>> Slew's Tizzy on target for Belmont
>>> More Preakness photos... From '04 Eclipse winning fotog Cindy Pierson Dulay

Wed 5/23:

Borel cover story
>>> Cajun country weekly paper does cover story on Calvin Borel

>>> Telias: "What's the point?"... Maybe Nafzger and Tafel should go beyond their immediate interests and do something for the sport, especially when it has done so much for them
>>> Replacement rider on Hard Spun?... Owner disappointed by Preakness ride, "Mario gave us his reasons. He wanted to get the horse off the rail, because he didn't want to get backed up by the horses in front... In my opinion, that was a mistake."
>>> Haskin's Preakness Recap: Crafty Curlin
>>> Paulick: Preakness was a race for the ages
>>> Montana likes the Preakness!... Handle up statewide

Tues 5/22:

>>> DRF: Chance of three-way rematch in Belmont
>>> Baltimore Sun op-ed: This was the best that horse racing has to offer - and it didn't require that a single slot machine be installed at Pimlico... How unfortunate that slots continue to be promoted as the golden tonic of our age
>>> Belmont: Rags to Riches possible, Sightseeing unlikely
>>> Bozich: Being great doesn't ensure a Triple Crown
>>> Profile: Curlin partner Sanan... On to the Belmont? "If he's ready, we will go for it. And if he's not ready, I think he's established himself as a great horse."
>>> Blogger: Why run for a million in June and risk not having a horse ready to run for five million in October? Sounds like a good reason to have a substantial bonus for winning the Triple Crown and a lesser bonus in place for winning two of the three legs
>>> Scott: There's one good reason why Curlin, Street Sense and Hard Spun should skip the Belmont...
>>> Asmussen picks up first trophy in a Triple Crown event, "I think from my parents' perspective -- everything they've been in racing for all their lives -- it's got to hit home with them even more so than me. It's an experience I very much enjoyed with my family and loved ones."
>>> Ike: Preakness was as good a horse race as you will see

Mon 5/21:

Yes, no, maybe?

>>> Ziegel: Carl Nafzger now sounds as if he spent the night thinking it over and Saturday's "might not" has moved a little closer to "might."
>>> Asmussen perhaps game for the challenge of the Belmont, hopes rivals are too... Sees a great three-way rivalry brewing... "You want to look back on this chart 20 years from now and say, 'Look who was in this race!' ''
>>> ...And a filly?!? Rags to Riches possible for Belmont, "Todd is going to leave the door open. But if she does go, it would be a serious matchup. That is a special filly."
>>> Robertson: It's a sign of the times that Curlin and Street Sense are unlikely to resume their rivalry in the 3rd jewel of the Triple Crown
>>> Nafzger, "I wouldn't have missed the show."... Maybe, in three weeks, racing will be blessed with another one
>>> Wash Times: A Street Sense-Hard Spun-Curlin battle royale in the Travers in August and the BC Classic would be off-the-charts intriguing
>>> Nafzger, "It would be really exciting if we all three had a rematch in the Travers."
>>> Drape: It not only would be prudent to rest Street Sense, but it could be profitable...

Preakness raves:

>>> Beyer: "A stunning, brilliant performance."
>>> Pricci: "One of the gamest and most memorable performances seen in a racing classic of the modern era."
>>> Eisenberg: "A classic, the best Preakness in a decade."
>>> Kerrison: "One of the most thrilling finishes in the 132-year history of the Preakness Stakes."
>>> Izenberg: "At the half-mile they were running parallel to each other... What followed flew in the face of all that could logically have been expected off their earlier track records."
>>> TV ratings for Preakness telecast drop 5.2%
>>> ... But does substantially better than hockey... USA Today: The horse racing coverage ended up with a 5.4 overnight rating, translating to 5.4% of households in urban markets, while [the hockey game] got a 1.2 overnight
>>> Clay: 'Black clouds' hover over Curlin's connections... It's hard to love Preakness winner who runs with this crowd
>>> Veitch: If this trio of colts stays together, the Belmont Stakes could be a terrific conclusion to the Triple Crown season

>>> VIDEO REPLAY: From NBC Sports... Preakness replay and other video features
>>> Undercard stakes results
>>> Baltimore Sun: Complete Preakness coverage

Preakness results: Curlin pips Street Sense at the wire

Sun 5/20:

>>> Post-race trainer/jockey quotes and news conference transcript
>>> Larry Jones' NY Post Preakness diary: He probably moved a bit earlier than I would have loved to...
>>> Pino forced to go too fast, too soon
>>> Second-guessing of losing jockeys begins... One false decision in brief second may have meant victory or defeat
>>> Gray: "Churchill Downs-based Street Sense demonstrated that he is a totally different horse at his home track."
>>> Nafzger on going to the Belmont, "What's the point?"
>>> And more from Nafzger on Belmont try, "I'll talk to (owner/breeder James) Tafel, but if I was a betting man I'd take some bets against it."
>>> Asmussen on going to the Belmont, "This the stage of racing this horse was meant for."
>>> Street Sense team is even-keeled... Trainer, jock are composed after heartbreaking loss
>>> Forde: The Cajun invasion of jockeydom is on in full now
>>> Social: At Preakness, dilettantes and debutantes rub shoulders with diehard fans
>>> Baltimore Sun scribe reviews NBC's Preakness broadcast
>>> Finally -- the 'sports TV shoe' is on the other foot! NHL fans disappointed as playoff overtime is dumped in favor of Preakness coverage!
>>> Preakness infield a wild, bawdy scene... What horse race? Revelers revel in party atmosphere

Photo galleries:

>>> Yahoo
>>> LA Times
>>> USA Today


>>> Merrow [Equidaily.com]: Street Sense, Hard Spun, Circular Quay, CP West
>>> West [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]: 1. Hard Spun 2. Street Sense 3. Curlin 4. Circular Quay
>>> White [HRTV]: Hard Spun, Street Sense, Curlin
>>> Byk [At the Races & Beyond]: Street Sense, Circular Quay, Hard Spun, Curlin
>>> Kling [Troy Record]: 1. Hard Spun 2. Street Sense 3. Circular Quay 4. Curlin
>>> Greene: [Orlando Sentinel]: (1) Hard Spun; (2) Curlin; (3) Circular Quay; (4) King of the Roxy
>>> Matthews [Rochester Democrat & Chronicle]: Curlin, Street Sense, Hard Spun
>>> Kaplan [Sun Herald]: A win bet on Hard Spun, and an exacta wheel with Hard Spun on top of Street Sense, Curlin and Circular Quay
>>> Dougherty [Seattle Times]: Street Sense, Hard Spun, King of the Roxy, Curlin
>>> Nahill [North Country Times]: Curlin, Hard Spun, Street Sense, Circular Quay
>>> Brownell [Stablepass.com]: Curlin, with Hard Spun holding off Street Sense to complete exacta
>>> Baltimore Sun: Curlin
>>> Fortus [New Orleans Times Picayune]: 1. Street Sense. 2. Curlin. 3. Circular Quay. 4. Hard Spun
>>> Robertson [Houston Chronicle]: 1. Hard Spun 2. Curlin 3. Street Sense 4. C P West
>>> Daley [Lowell Sun]: Circular Quay, Flying First Class, Street Sense
>>> Powell [Brisnet]: Betting strategy -- big win bet on Circular Quay, exacta box with Hard Spun and then those two over the other seven in tri wheels
>>> Wood [Capital OTB]: Curlin, Street Sense, Circular Quay
>>> Pricci [Horseraceinsider.com]: Most Probable Winner: Street Sense... Best Value: Circular Quay
>>> Brunker [MSNBC]: $2 tri -- Curlin, Street Sense/Circular Quay, Curlin, Hard Spun, Street Sense/Circular Quay, Hard Spun, King of the Roxy
>>> Beyer [Wash Post]: Hard Spun can turn the tables
>>> Finley [USA Today]: Play Hard Spun on top of Curlin and Street Sense in exactas, then combine the three in a tri box
>>> Eng [Las Vegas Review Journal]: Hard Spun, Curlin, Street Sense and Circular Quay
>>> NY Post staff selections Little [cold tri] [lower right]
>>> O'Donnell [Chicago Sun Times]: Curlin, Hard Spun, Xchanger, Street Sense
>>> Moran [Newsday]: Street Sense, Circular Quay, Hard Spun, Curlin
>>> Starr [Equibase.com]: Street Sense, Hard Spun, Flying First Class
>>> Shandler [NTRA blog]: My main bet will be a 8,4,2 tri box
>>> Arnold [NTRA blog]: Black-Eyed/Preakness double... The play here is to use Panty Raid with Hard Spun
>>> Various writers' top picks [see sidebar] [three used Curlin on top]
>>> New Haven Register staff and Autotote employees [three exacta, one winner]
>>> Klein [Foxsports]: My money will be on Circular Quay's nose
>>> Cronley [ESPN.com]: 1. Circular Quay. 2. Street Sense. 3. Hard Spun. 4. Curlin

Sat 5/19:

>>> Chart: Borel and Pino -- career, at Churchill, and Pimlico
>>> Borel wins with first Pimlico mount on Friday
>>> Borel [Street Sense]: "If he don't fall, there's no way he'll be getting beat."
>>> Jones on anticipated rider instructions, "I'm not going to tell Mario anything, because there is nothing to tell him. The only thing I'll say is 'Good luck.' "
>>> Haskin's Preakness Report: Looking for a hot toddy
>>> Palmer's cautionary tale: Will a Triple Crown winner 'save' horse racing?
>>> Preakness enjoying a great run... Attendance, betting have soared
>>> Triple Crown: The hardest feat in sports
>>> AP: Never underestimate Nick Zito in Triple Crown races
>>> Behind the scenes: Corey York enjoys ride as Hard Spun's groom... Louisville native had time of his life at Derby, accompanies horse to Preakness
>>> Challenging his hero... Jones saddles up Hard Spun against horse of longtime idol, Hall of Fame trainer Lukas
>>> Drape: Street Sense favored in Preakness by odds, less so by history
>>> Rees: Preakness a one-way Street?... Street Sense is the horse to beat
>>> Hometrack advantage for Pino? Not according to DW Lukas, "He'd have the advantage if you took those guys who ride here every Wednesday and Thursday but not if you put Edgar Prado and John Velazquez and Garrett Gomez out there. It's a little bit intimidating. In fact, he might be at a disadvantage."
>>> NPR profiles Calvin Borel
>>> Clay: Borel and Pino aren't just hometown heroes anymore
>>> Will Preakness move? Analyst says 'neigh'
>>> White: Rating the near-misses... Spectacular Bid, Man O' War, or Native Dancer -- which ranked as #1 winner of 2/3 of Triple Crown?
>>> Q&A with Calvin Borel

>>> Fri results: Pletcher's Panty Raid wins G2 $250K Black-Eyed Susan

Fri 5/18:

>>> NY Post's 'Bettor's Guide' with comments and all pertinent stats
>>> NY Daily News Preakness Guide
>>> Street Sense walks, will visit track Fri
>>> Curlin camp expects big improvement
>>> Larry Jones' NY Post Preakness diary: From me galloping Hard Spun and being around him, I've got to think he's still sitting on a very good race
>>> Ohio breeder of King of the Roxy excited to get invite to Preakness, "If I live to be 100, this probably will be the first and the last horse that I'll have in a Triple Crown race."
>>> Bozich: Despite five wins, Lukas still a misfit at the Preakness
>>> Pletcher has a rare double in Preakness... Trainer usually skips 2nd leg
>>> Jones and Pino, "After about the second or third horse he sat on for me, I knew I'd found my jock."
>>> Drape: Lukas, still active, could play the spoiler
>>> Borel's school room was on the racetrack
>>> As best they can, Roy and Gretchen Jackson avoid their memories of Preakness Day 2006
>>> Alibi Breakfast highlighted by jokes, light moments
>>> Larry Jones enjoying his time in limelight
>>> Baltimore Sun: Second jewel remains imperfect gem of Triple Crown... It's an event with perhaps almost as many infamous days as record-breaking ones
>>> NBC Preakness director, "We've already had a production meeting to see how much we're going to handle any references to last year. Some things need to be revisited, but the whole thing? No... there comes a time when you have to say, 'Enough already.' "
>>> For Pino, it's all about contentment, confidence
>>> Hard Spun was 'something special' at Ocala farm where he was broken

Thurs 5/17:

>>> Jerardi: Draw gives all a decent shot to win
>>> Pino likes chances in home stretch... Hard Spun jockey is a Pimlico expert
>>> 2002 loss leads to 2007 Derby winner for owner Tafel
>>> Rootin' for Borel: Instantly, there was a face attached to this year's run at a Triple Crown, and for once, it wasn't a horse's
>>> List: Street Sense only the 10th 2YO champ since 1936 to win the Ky Derby
>>> Pino: "Going into Churchill, I didn't know the track well... At Pimlico, I know pretty much every turn and when to go and when not to go. It's somewhat of an edge."
>>> Borel: "He knows the track better than I do, just like I knew Churchill better than he did."
>>> Irwin [King of the Roxy], "The only way Street Sense gets beat is bad racing luck."
>>> At 71, DW Lukas looks for sixth Preakness win
>>> Baltimore Sun 'Life' section: The Freakness Stakes... The one where 115,000 people go to Pimlico and never see a horserace
>>> Eisenberg: Curlin stands as roadblock to Street Sense repeat
>>> Kerrison: Lukas on Flying First Class, "He can dictate the pace. We're dangerous."
>>> Larry Jones' NY Post Preakness diary: We love the way our horse is doing. We really do
>>> Layden: The high cost of fame... Borel forced to balance stardom with Preakness prep
>>> Rice: What if? ...Imagines a Barbaro-Bernardini Preakness duel

Wed 5/16:

>>> Jerardi: Why not adjust the Triple Crown to reflect the changing conditions of the game?
>>> Klein: Triple Crown tinkering -- "If the major sports can see the value of tweaking their games to provide a better product, why can't horse racing add one measly week between these premier events?"
>>> Harris: The best reform would be to spread the three races over a much longer period
>>> Comment: What does horse racing need?... Horse racing needs another Alydar vs Affirmed
>>> Street Sense works 'perfect' 5F
>>> Scully: Street Sense is a candidate to take a step back following his superb showing in the Derby
>>> Haskin's Preakness Report: Late Quay decision a smart one
>>> Pletcher's Triple Crown record missing a win, "I think he can be the greatest trainer of all time, but in order to do that he needs to win a few classics and Breeders' Cups, and he would tell you that."
>>> Hard Spun isn't for sale... Rick Porter denied the rumor that Ky Derby runner-up had been bought
>>> Out-running his early days... Ocala Stud mgr remembers Derby winner as a green 2YO, "Street Sense did not stand out."
>>> Street Sense, Borel set for first trip to Pimlico, "I'll get the feel of the track before the race. That's not a problem."
>>> Nack: Forget fresh. Think tough
>>> Porter [Hard Spun]: "The only thing that worries me is everyone's too high on the horse... because I like to be the underdog."
>>> Kerrison: Beware 'X' factor... Shuman's local hero adds 'fresh face'
>>> Larry Jones' NY Post Preakness diary: A trainer is only as good as his crew... I'm just blessed right now
>>> Street Sense owner hunch player with business smarts
>>> Larry Jones, "Wayne Lukas has always been my idol, my hero."
>>> AP: Pletcher likely to have to in the starting gate
>>> Fresh foes await Derby winner... "If he runs his race and he sees daylight at the top of the stretch, then I'm very confident of our ability to win the [Preakness]."

Tues 5/15:

>>> Circular Quay possible
>>> Larry Jones' NY Post Preakness diary: For [Hard Spun] to do this well is like a dream. I'm used to having to worry about everything, but he's not giving me anything to worry about... This is just too good to be true."
>>> Kerrison: Larry Jones on speedy Flying First Class, "Bring him on."
>>> Pimlico to honor Barbaro during Preakness week
>>> Rice: Next Triple Crown winner more likely in racing than baseball... "I'll hold on to the potential for a three race win streak over six weeks as opposed to a power and average display over seven months with 500-plus attempts."
>>> 'Experienced' Curlin ready for Preakness
>>> CP West works at Belmont... Hard Spun gallops at Delaware
>>> Baltimore Sun blogger: "We might love the Preakness and worship it as Baltimore's biggest party, but where are we the rest of the year?"
>>> Curlin works easy half-mile
>>> Behind the scenes: That guy giving Derby winner Street Sense his bath? Practicing attorney Paul Rutherford, "Working with horses is my golf... Some guys like to run or watch baseball. I love being around horses."
>>> Eisenberg: A Derby winner skipping Baltimore?... Preakness now relies more on its history than its money outlay, and, make no mistake, that could eventually lead to the unthinkable
>>> DRF: Any Given Saturday came out of Derby with bruised foot

Mon 5/14:

>>> Pimlico no longer has lead in Md horse racing
>>> Larry Jones' Preakness diary: "If you read between the lines, when I talk about the trip Street Sense got in the Derby, I'm not looking back at the last race so much as sending a message about the next one."
>>> Chelokee's trainer, "Personally, right now, I'm leaning toward the Barbaro. But if [the owners] want to try the other race and he comes out of the [work] good, I'm not opposed to it."
>>> USA Today: Two long shots to try and surprise in Preakness
>>> Out of luck in Ky Derby, Todd Pletcher undaunted
>>> Borel's family and friends in Louisiana enjoyed Derby triumph
>>> Faith in Xchanger runs high... From owner's first glance to Preakness chance, colt generates smiles
>>> DRF: 'Roxy' solid in work
>>> Kling: "I am ready to rip hair out of my head and go shrieking from the room if I hear one more person say Street Sense is going to win Thoroughbred racing's Triple Crown."
>>> Veitch: Don't tinker with the Triple Crown series

Sun 5/13:

>>> Street Sense has questions to answer in Preakness
>>> Rosenblatt: Barbaro's ghost haunts Preakness
>>> Jim Tafel [Street Sense], "I kind of got dragged into the horse business. Kicking."
>>> Teuflesberg out
>>> Drape: Borel -- A hard race from backstretch to White House
>>> Guilliams: Preakness shapes up as rematch
Sat 5/12:

>>> Street Sense looking tough for Preakness... Owner: 'If Street Sense runs his race, I donít think anybody can beat him'
>>> Pino receives home-turf advantage in Preakness
>>> Ireland: Hard Spun poised for another big race in Preakness
>>> Porter finds success with cars, horses... Owner of Hard Spun maintains a down-to-earth approach for each business
>>> Haskin's Preakness Report: Curlin's Derby better than it looks
>>> Transcript: NTRA's 'Road to the Triple Crown' teleconference... Jones [Hard Spun], Asmussen [Curlin], Tafel [Street Sense]

Fri 5/11:

>>> Rees: Final thoughts on Derby 133... In a word: Wow!
>>> Pricci: This was a Derby to savor...a Throwback Derby
>>> Byk: Overwhelming satisfaction delivered by the 133rd Run for the Roses
>>> Moran: If Street Sense fails to win the Triple Crown, his bid will more likely be thwarted by a quirk of racing luck or loss of form than by a superior horse
>>> Curlin, Street Sense both are definite for Preakness
>>> Layden: Calvin Borel's winning Derby ride -- Three things stand out...
>>> Now comes the hard part... The Preakness is the first gut check for thoroughbreds, who are not used to running in two-week cycles
>>> Trainer hopes Teuflesberg has long-shot magic
>>> Nafzger misses his bullriding days... But horse racing is ideal substitute for admitted 'adrenaline junkie'
>>> Rice: Derby-winning jockey Borel stays close to his Cajun roots
>>> VIDEO: ESPN interview with Calvin Borel
>>> Telias: Street Sense proves experience pays

Thurs 5/10:

>>> Clay: Often lost in the wilderness of the vast sports landscape, thoroughbred racing appears to be experiencing a mini-revival... What gives?
>>> Hard Spun trainer optimistic about Preakness
>>> Street Sense could face ten at Preakness
>>> Privman: Nafzger on his way out, and loving it
>>> Haskin's Derby Recap: No Nonsense
>>> White: Ky Derby recap... Triple Crown? "I am concerned that Street Sense has never even won three in a row up to this point."
>>> Borel: "The president gave me a hug and asked me where I stole my tux. I said I found it on the side of the road. Then I mellowed out real good."
>>> Mr. Borel goes to Washington... Derby jockey wins over White House crowd at queen's dinner
>>> Borel gets hero's welcome at Churchill


>>> Complete Derby coverage from Louisville Courier-Journal... Articles and photos from the race, the track, and the social scene

>>> Chart and payouts: Kentucky Derby
>>> VIDEO replay: Ky Derby
>>> Results: Derby undercard stakes

>>> Official Kentucky Derby website
>>> Past Derby charts... Includes video replay when available
>>> Quick list of past Ky Derby winners
>>> Fastest winning Derby times
>>> Video replays: Derby trail preps [click on race name to get to video link for each]

Wed 5/9:

>>> Veitch: Let's take a look at some of the other stories that played out at the Ky Derby...
>>> Paulick: Derby notes... Goodbye jinx; 'dumbfecta'; TVG denied; bravo Butch Lehr
>>> Excitement continues as Hard Spun returns to DelPark
>>> Preakness: Teuflesberg in... DW Lukas deciding between a pair, "We are leaning toward Flying First Class."
>>> Photo gallery: Jockey Calvin Borel returns to Louisville
>>> Photo: Borel in formal attire for State Dinner

Tues 5/8:

>>> Racing's day to shine... Derby gets front page coverage in newspapers across the country
>>> Borel at White house dinner with the Queen
>>> Derby allure hard to explain... Comment: Most nonracing fans go out of their way to watch... The fascination, near as I can figure, is just that it's the Kentucky Derby
>>> Scott: A few reflections on this year's Derby
>>> Photo: Calvin Borel attends dinner at the White House

Mon 5/7:

>>> Beyer: "Rarely has a Derby winner benefited from such a favorable scenario... Even so, it would be unfair to demean the performance with the adjective 'lucky'."
>>> Derby rematch could fuel Preakness interest... Larry Jones [Hard Spun], "If I have my say about it, there won't be a Triple Crown winner this year, either."
>>> Pedulla: Light schedule helps Street Sense's Triple Crown bid
>>> Triple Crown, Carl?... Nafzger, "I realized last night that I'd focused so hard on the Derby that I hadn't looked past it."
>>> Fountaine: Derby trend that held, "Each of the first five Derby finishers had their final workouts over the Churchill strip."
>>> Bozich: Street Sense could be the star racing's been waiting for
>>> How Not to Play the Game 101: Rochester scribe tells of local man who walked into OTB and purchased an ALL-ALL-ALL Derby trifecta ticket for $13,680... Tri paid $440
>>> TV ratings for Derby on NBC up 12% from last year
>>> USA Today's TV sports critic: "NBC has a pretty good Kentucky Derby formula..."
>>> Thumbs down to the red-carpet pre-game show?... "NBC filled Saturday's Kentucky Derby pre-race with A, B and C-list celebrities who may have single-handedly sounded horse racing's death knell."
>>> St Pete's TV sports critic on NBC's red-carpet show, "What happened, Joyce DeWitt and Tony Orlando couldn't make it?"
>>> Celebs gush over Derby experience... And hey handicappers, Star Jones is better than you, "I picked the winner this year and I picked the winner last year."
>>> More Derby photos
>>> Kerrison: "Most of the jockeys who rode [in the Derby] could do with a refresher course in the art of race riding."
>>> Ziegel: "I'm thinking Triple Crown for Street Sense."
>>> Borel to attend state dinner at White House
>>> Street Sense team: This tribute is to three men and a horse
>>> Trainer says Hard Spun ready for more... Jones reports no problems after Derby, makes plans to prepare for Preakness
>>> Record handle of $27.7 mil on Derby day at Hollywood Park
>>> DRF: Pletcher, 0 for 5, says, 'We'll try again next year'

Sun 5/6:

>>> WHAT JINX?!?... Eclipse and BC Juvie champ Street Sense claims the G1 Kentucky Derby
>>> Street Sense to face new challengers in Preakness
>>> Post-race jock quotes
>>> Trainer, jock post-race quotes
>>> Calvin Borel is horse racing's new face
>>> Derby wagering just a tick off 2006 record totals
>>> Attendance: 156,635 is Derby's 3rd-largest
>>> Pletcher, "I'm not going to tell you I'm not disappointed; I am."
>>> Rookie sire and dam produce Derby winner
>>> List: 2YO champs that won the Derby [scroll down for list]
>>> 'Bo-rail' takes inside route to victory... Plus, sidebar of six winning horses since '80 that came from 15 lengths behind or more at the start to win the Derby
>>> Borel, "Like (my brother) told me, this one's for Daddy. This is the chance of a lifetime, and he got me here."
>>> Trainer Larry Jones, "If there hadn't been a tornado I wouldn't have had Hard Spun. I'd still be working Ellis Park."
>>> Owner/trainer - The Sunshine Boys II... Nafzger, "Tafel says we both know our place. I create the bills. He pays them."
>>> Borel: Blue-collar jockey rides to the roses, "He's so shy and quiet, but he was such a gentleman."
>>> Ziegel: The media called it a jinx because that's what we love to do
>>> 'Todd squad' flops... "Without seeing a replay, I donít think I could see any major excuses for my horses."
>>> Street Sense receives a hero's welcome back at the stall
>>> Zast: Triple Crown?... Against middling competition, a horse such as Street Sense can be a dangerous force
>>> Kentucky Derby: Photo montage of horse positions throughout the race [pdf]
>>> Derby trifecta runners considering Preakness... Pletcher quintet will pass
>>> The Day After: Street Sense jogs a mile, "I just think it's good for him and keeps him healthy."
>>> Second Derby win puts Nafzger in exclusive company... DW Lukas, "Welcome to The Club."
>>> Derby celebrities... Tom Brady - check... Kid Rock - yeesh... Larry Birkhead - Oh, c'mon!!!
>>> Will duelling sports affect the Derby TV ratings?... Scribe wonders -- How much of NBC's Kentucky Derby audience was diverted by Yank pitcher's perfect-game attempt on Fox?
>>> Derby A-list?!?... Gee, that Kid Rock sure knows how to tell a fascinating Derby tale, doesn't he? Yeesh.
>>> Thankfully there was no hockey overtime... According to this article, NBC's "contingency plan was to show both the Wings and the Kentucky Derby on split-screen."
>>> Like Elvis, James Dean and Anna Nicole Smith, Barbaro in premature death is much bigger than he ever could have been in life

>>> Eisenberg: Street Sense does his best to put jinxes, history to rest
>>> All 20 entrants cleared in pre-race EPO testing

Photo galleries:

>>> Lexington Herald-Leader
>>> The paddock
>>> The race
>>> The winning team
>>> Bloodhorse 1
>>> Bloodhorse 2
>>> Video: Courier-Journal
>>> Washington Post
>>> The queen
>>> NY Times
>>> MSNBC.com
>>> ESPN
>>> LA Times
>>> Celebrities
>>> Barnstable Brown Party
>>> Barnstable Brown Party 2
>>> Barnstable Brown Party 3
>>> VIDEO: Barnstable Brown Party

Derby at other venues:

>>> Crowd enjoys Derby simulcast at Idaho's Les Bois Park, "It is packed."
>>> Delaware Park fans, "It was an interesting day."
>>> Meanwhile, Derby fans feel slighted at Philly Park, "It's crowded. We can't bet. It's tense up here and people are aggravated."

Social scene:
>>> Courier-Journal 'Derby Fun' [ie, the parties, etc] coverage

Sat 5/5:

>>> Free PPs: From DRF [pdf]

>>> Fri's early bird betting Derby odds -- and rundown of all Future Pool odds on Derby entrants... Also, Oaks-Derby double 'will pays'

>>> Royal visit: Her Majesty's visit has just about everyone plotting how they'll handle their inevitable interaction with her ... be it in the betting line or the beer stand
>>> For jockeys, Derby starts with choice of mount
>>> New policy: Second ambulance ready for catastrophe, if needed
>>> Pedigree crucial in 1 1/4-mile race
>>> Hard Spun breeders knew colt would be great

Fri 5/4:

>>> Peb's DRF Derby cover artwork
>>> Pricci: Not in two decades has Ky Derby been been this replete with talent
>>> Scribe adjusts Derby morning line... Battaglia's was "intriguing and a bit questionable."
>>> DRF workout watcher: Here are my impressions on how all 20 starters are doing...
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Crunch time
>>> Cordero believes Circular Quay best of Pletcherís five
>>> Eisenberg: Derby is overrun this year with 'voodoo,' a perfect name for the many statistical and historical trends that seemingly eliminate certain horses from contention
>>> Wesch: No horsing around for fast-rising Curlin
>>> At 45, Pino hardly considers himself Derby 'rookie'
>>> Fountaine: Nobiz fits time-tested criteria
>>> Chance of sloppy track doesn't concern Hard Spun's owner
>>> Wash Post: As trainer, Pletcher is standing alone... Lessons from Lukas lead to dominance
>>> AUDIO: Jennie Rees previews Derby for USA Today
>>> "My name is Todd Pletcher and I've never won the Kentucky Derby."
>>> Usually reserved Tagg gushes over Nobiz
>>> Kerrison: The one horse who seems to fit the general criteria of a Derby winner is Street Sense
>>> Ziegel: Easier to win the Derby?... Rookies on a roll
>>> When picking a winner, it's all about the pace
>>> Trainers look for the right tweak... Equipment changes not always obvious
>>> David Letterman's 'Top Ten Signs Your Horse Will Not Win The Kentucky Derby': #9, Instead of 'Win, place or show,' he's favored to 'Wheeze'
>>> Entire Derby field tested for blood-doping... Steward, "I'm not going to say that we're going to do it for every major race in Kentucky, but we will do it on a regular basis to ensure the integrity."
>>> Ah, refreshing!... NBC's Derby director, no new bells and whistles, "We and different networks have tried a lot of things, everything from cameras on jockeys to tracking cameras on cars. And there's really nothing that's better than the traditional."
>>> Churchill: Greatest backside in sports... This is the locker room at Augusta, the clubhouse at Yankee Stadium, the backstage at Carnegie Hall. All that, and more
>>> Sense of a winner... Nose loss in Blue Grass unlikely to stir horse's confidence
>>> List: The Derby's greatest losers


>>> Merrow/Equidaily: Any Given Saturday, Street Sense, Cowtown Cat, Zanjero

>>> Daley: 1. Circular Quay 2. Hard Spun 3. Street Sense 4. Any Given Saturday
>>> Kling: 1) Street Sense, 2) Any Given Saturday, 3) HardSpun, 4) Cowtown Cat
>>> Fortus: 1. Curlin. 2. Circular Quay. 3. Zanjero. 4. Street Sense
>>> Coach Pitino: My trifecta is Street Sense, Hard Spun, Tiago
>>> Selections from scribes: Barnes, Gann, West, Mulvihill
>>> Dougherty: Street Sense, Hard Spun, Nobiz Like Shobiz, Scat Daddy
>>> Veitch: . Nobiz Like Shobiz 2. Great Hunter 3. Street Sense 4. Circular Quay
>>> Brownell: Any Given Saturday, Hard Spun, Curlin, Street Sense
>>> Amoss: Any Given Saturday, Street Sense, Dominican
>>> Guilliams: 1. Nobiz Like Shobiz 2. Street Sense 3. Great Hunter
>>> Powell: The betting strategy will be a win/place bet on Circular Quay. I'll play an exacta box with him and Street Sense
>>> Eng: Any Given Saturday, Nobiz Like Shobiz, Hard Spun, Tiago
>>> Beyer: Street Sense
>>> S Finley: Bet Hard Spun across the board and key this one in exactas and trifectas with Street Sense, Nobiz Like Shobiz, Curlin and Cowtown Cat
>>> Various: Top picks from writers across the country
>>> Jerardi: Circular Quay, Street Sense, Tiago and Great Hunter
>>> Selections from NY horsemen
>>> SoCal horsemen offer selections
>>> Brunker: I'll bet $20 to win on Great Hunter, then use him in four different $1 tri boxes...
>>> Computer predictions
>>> Blogger: Dominican, Any Given Saturday and Scat Daddy are the only horses I'll use for the top spot
>>> West: Curlin and Street Sense are clearly the two best horses in this year's Derby
>>> O'Donnell: Tiago, Curlin, Circular Quay, Cowtown Cat
>>> Ellison: Tiago
>>> Cronley: 1. Nobiz Like Showbiz 2. Scat Daddy 3. Circular Quay 4. Street Sense
>>> Klein: Street Sense, Nobiz and Scat Daddy will be on my exacta box ticket and Stormello and Tiago will be used in wider exotics
>>> Miller: I'm choosing Circular Quay to win, Scat Daddy to place and Curlin to show

Derby chats:

>>> Transcript, DRF online chat with Dan Illman
>>> Transcript: DRF online chat with Andy Beyer, "I think [Curlin will] be a false favorite."
>>> Transcript: Bloodhorse online chat with Steve Haskin, "Street Sense is a machine. and a horse cannot train up to a race any better than he has."
>>> Trancript: DRF online chatwith Steven Crist

Kentucky Oaks results:

>>> Fri results: Rags to Riches scores in G1 $500K Ky Oaks
>>> Fri results: Oaks undercard stakes
>>> 100K still have fun despite wet weather

Photo galleries:
>>> Ky Oaks
>>> Oaks infield
>>> Oaks fans
>>> Oaks fans 2
>>> Oaks fans 3

Thurs 5/3:

>>> DRF: Derby 'rules' were made to be broken
>>> White: Here is my final Derby Top 10 list, with analysis...
>>> Beyer: The odds favor Curlin, but history doesn't, "He'll be lucky to finish in the top 10."
>>> Crist: "He will be only making his fourth career start on Saturday and I feel uncomfortable with [Curlin] as 7-2 favourite."
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Post Trauma
>>> Q&A with Gary Stevens, "I'd say Street Sense is still the leader of the pack."
>>> Q&A with Bob Baffert, "I like Curlin and Nobiz Like Shobiz."
>>> Trainer Bill Kaplan: With a horse blind in one eye and another that barely made the field, Kaplan finally lands on horse racing's biggest stage
>>> Wash Post: Tiago bringing back memories for trainer
>>> USA Today: Pletcher, "I don't think I have to apologize for my Derby record. It's not that bad."
>>> Pletcher is betting that with Circular Quay fresher is better
>>> Brunker: 'Young lions' have taken over... Pletcher, Asmussen, O'Neill are hot, while Lukas, Baffert, Zito are absent
>>> Curlin connections happy with 2-post
>>> Kerrison: Pletcher horses coming in fresh, "It's an adjustment we've made trying to improve on our Derby results."
>>> Sam P owners back in after having Keyed Entry last year, "You could say it was the fault of Harlan's Holiday because if he hadn't done so well, we never could have afforded this."
>>> Blaudschun: This year's race is intriguing mystery
>>> Homebred runners have tradition in Derby
>>> Derby sires: It's anyone's game
>>> Foaling dates of contenders

Derby chats:

>>> Transcript, DRF online chat with Dan Illman
>>> Transcript: DRF online chat with Andy Beyer, "I think [Curlin will] be a false favorite."
>>> Transcript: Bloodhorse online chat with Steve Haskin, "Street Sense is a machine. and a horse cannot train up to a race any better than he has."
>>> Trancript: DRF online chatwith Steven Crist

Wed 5/2:

>>> Dosage: 2007 Dual Qualifiers
>>> Street Sense works in 1:01 on Tues
>>> Cobalt Blue, Xchanger out of Derby
>>> West: History is against Curlin, but he doesn't know that
>>> Tagg prefers to keep a low Derby profile, "I have a lot to do here [in NY] and nothing to do there."
>>> Dominican's making the cut now... Gelding him made all the difference
>>> Owner Tabor seeking unique same-day US/UK double
>>> Why is the Derby great? We offer the following five reasons...
>>> Paulick: Betting on Street Sense makes sense to me
>>> Two minutes of the Derby represent a fleeting chance at celebrity for the jockeys
>>> Scully: I'll take the contrarian approach and point out drawbacks of all 20 horses...
>>> Kristufek: Before devising your Kentucky Derby investment strategy, you must first decide how much money you are willing to sink into one single race
>>> Arnold: For those that care about Pace/Speed figures, hereís my own blend of objective and subjective analysis
>>> Team Street Sense not tense
>>> USA Today: Trainer Tagg, Nobiz Like Showbiz try to beat odds
>>> Jock Robby Albarado [Curlin], "I'm not nervous. I'm so confident in this horse this weekend."
>>> Brunker vs Zast: Debating the merits of Curlin
>>> Stormello: Trainer's choices on Derby Trail builds up criticism
>>> Pletcher seeks remedy for jinx
>>> Kerrison: If there is one horse pointed, primed, polished and perfected to win it is the local idol, Street Sense
>>> Fountaine: Stormello is brewing
>>> VIDEO: JJ Pletcher [Todd's Dad] talks about Scat Daddy's early days of training
>>> Larry Jones [Hard Spun]: "If we was in the hog business, I'd be about ready to top out."
>>> Ziegel: Nafzger says bull to history
>>> Bozich: Prado looking to join another winning team
>>> Trainer Darrin Miller [Dominican]: From Eureka to EUREKA!
>>> There's no calling Bwana Bull a long shot

Yumfecta backlash?:
>>> Layden: Yumfecta bonus "is an ill-conceived miss that stands a better chance of damaging the sport of racing than enhancing it, and racing's margin for error is much too small."
>>> Clancy: Forget the bonus, the race should be worth more than $2 million -- whether it's a nose or 6 1/2-lengths
>>> Yum! Brands bonus receives mixed responses

Tues 5/1:

>>> Factoid: Hard Spun's workout was the fastest pre-Derby workout since 1973 - a :57 turned in by Forego
>>> Jerardi: Hard Spun too fast?... Blazing workout might be too close to Derby
>>> Kerrison: The old Kentucky Derby is dead. Long live the new Kentucky Derby
>>> Rees: Curlin has history to outrun at Derby
>>> Zanjero might be a good bet
>>> Owner J Paul Reddam [Liquidity, Great Hunter], a former college philosophy professor turned dot.com millionaire, he isn't afraid to gamble
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Spunrise at the Downs
>>> Cobalt Blue possibly out, Teuflesberg possibly in
>>> Scott: Go with the horse (or horses) one actually WANTS to win the race. For this writer, that means Nobiz Like Shobiz and Tiago
>>> Street Sense prepares for Derby at own pace
>>> Arnold: I want to divide the likely Derby field into four categories: Contenders, Borderline, Suspect, Non-Contenders
>>> At home in the saddle... Hard Spun trainer stays close to the barn
>>> NY Times: Like no other horseman in the world, Sheik Mohammed has learned that it is easier to build the worldís tallest building or create artificial islands... than it is to win a Ky Derby
>>> Kerrison: History is no foe of Curlin
>>> Herald-Leader's Derby notes
>>> Telias: This field tries to buck history
>>> Churchill backside finally heating up
>>> Layden: Curlin's rise as Derby favorite has come with a price
>>> Sedgefield a satisfying 'project' for trainer Miller
>>> Photos: Derby contenders workout
>>> Interesting history: 1882 last time Derby winner was unraced at 2... Apollo's victory challenged six years later with accusations of a 'fix'
>>> The biggest gamble of them all?: Of the 35 most expensive colts from this year's 3YO crop purchased at public auction, only the $1.5 mil Cowtown Cat is still on track for the quest. This means the other $88.5 mil spent on 34 others may be hard to recover
>>> Hmmm... Planes to blame for lightly raced Derby contenders?... "With air travel, horses can be picked up at the drop of the hat and sent across the country to compete in a prep race. So each race is a little more taxing than what it was when horses moved by rail car."
>>> Hmm, Derby sponsor Yum! offering $1 mil bonus if this year's winner surpasses Barbaro's margin of victory... CD prez, "What's really cool is it will force us to remember Barbaro."... Yum! rep, "We anticipate it being a hit." [Equidaily comment: Imagine this scenario... Horse X wins the bonus, comes up lame before the Preakness. Fans wonder if horse was pushed too hard to attain the bonus. Fun idea at first blush perhaps not so wonderful on closer examination.]
>>> Todd Pletcher, who are you wearing?!?... NBC Derby telecast to feature red-carpet pre-show

>>> Blogger's Derby 20-20 system has 20 statistical factors that he believes are keys to Derby success
>>> Chart indicates 20-20 system pegged nine of last eleven Derby winners
>>> Part 2 of blogger's '20-20' system

Mon 4/30:

>>> Racing less before Derby is catching on
>>> Drape: Pletcher breaking some rules of thumb that for decades have dictated how trainers prepare their horses for the Derby
>>> Larry Jones [Hard Spun], 25 years in, finally home at Kentucky Derby
>>> Asmussen lucky, but prepared
>>> USA Today: Unorthodox practices abound in Derby training
>>> Pletcher is 0-14 at the Derby - and hoping that the 15th is charm
>>> VIDEO: Todd Pletcher has won a lot of races, but never the Kentucky Derby. Will this be his year?
>>> NY Times: Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum offered $17 mil for Nobiz after maiden win last year... Owner, "Nobiz is like a member of the family. I cannot sell one of them off."
>>> Triple Crown drought: No thoroughbred has claimed racing's most prestigious title in 29 years. It's the longest drought since 1948-73, with no reign in sight
>>> Who knew? Triple Crown... It's all about the spleen
>>> Busy Sunday morning for Derby works

Sun 4/29:

>>> Rees: Horse-by-horse... Why they'll win, why they won't
>>> Daley: Let's look PPs from past 17 years with an eye towards whether any of the parameters can help sort the contenders from the pretenders this year
>>> Pricci: So, does "pace make the race?"
>>> Moss: Graded earning, synthetic surfaces, and more...
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Pletcher bids farewell to Keeneland
>>> Pletcher pleased with final drills for Scat Daddy, Circular Quay, Any Given Saturday
>>> Derby field w/o Lukas, Baffert, Zito starters for first time since '80
>>> Friendly rivals Borel [Street Sense], Albarado [Curlin] will ride favorites, "It would be a dream come true, either me or him."
>>> Teuflesberg has Kentucky native near her dream
>>> Kentucky Derby winner could be horse that bucks tradition
>>> Bwana Bull headed for Derby
>>> O'Donnell: One weekend away from the running of the Ky Derby, the password is: ''Curious"
>>> Dominican drills 5F in :59 3/5
>>> Chelokee headed back to Fair Hill, will miss Derby
>>> Final Courier-Journal Derby Poll: Street Sense, Nobiz, Curlin 1-2-3... Chelokee out, Tiago in
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Sam P trying to get over the hump
Sat 4/28:

>>> Layden: Hard Spun turns heads of most experienced trainers
>>> Kling: If you believe Nobiz Like Shobiz will perform better than he has this year, he could be your Derby horse

Fri 4/27:

>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Trio's works ideal for O'Neill
>>> Powell on handicapping the Derby: Here are some questions that I ask myself as the race nears...
>>> Trainer Doug O'Neill still expects three in Derby, "It was a strong group of horses."
>>> Rice: Beginner's luck becoming a trend at Ky Derby... Derby debut trainers have captured the last four Runs for the Roses
>>> USA Today: Unraced as 2YO, Curlin likely Derby favorite
>>> Kristufek: History be damned, "Curlin it is."
>>> Kling: With less than two weeks before the Derby, I have a baker's dozen 3YOs left on my radar as potential winners
>>> Wing: It seems like time to try to narrow the field of 20 down to five or six contenders
>>> Late arrival now fashionable for Derby contenders
>>> Leparoux's first Derby mount will be Sedgefield
>>> Closer look at the names of this year's Derby contenders
>>> Slew's Tizzy doubtful
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Won't you stay, just a little bit farther

Thurs 4/26:

>>> Agriss: This year's Kentucky Derby is shaping up as an all-time best
>>> Privman: A year later, long layoffs are common
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: History be damned
>>> Scully: I'm starting to really like Street Sense
>>> Wood's Derby Dozen: These are supposed to be the top of the generation and it appears that springtime seems to have brought this select group to peak fitness
>>> NY Times: Curlin emerges as a favorite

Wed 4/25:

>>> Street Sense a real pro in workout... Nafzger's Derby contender does flawless five furlongs in 59 seconds
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Starting to make perfect Sense
>>> Street Sense in solid Tues work over Churchill strip
>>> Top ten Derby contenders by BRIS 'Prime Power' numbers
>>> Bozich: Forget nearly everything you've heard about what it takes to win this race
>>> Paulick: Eventually, all the so-called rules trainers must follow to win the Derby will be broken
>>> Photo gallery: Derby contenders train at Keeneland
>>> Keeneland work done for Curlin
>>> Fever strikes: Slew's Tizzy trainer reverses course... Closer to Derby run

Tues 4/24:

>>> Seven sitting on the Derby bubble
>>> Pletcher's low-down on his Derby contenders recent works
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Greetings from... Keeneland?
>>> Chelokee has Matz scratching his head... Trainer unsure about Derby try
>>> Daley on narrowing down Derby contenders: Two important factors... the ability to finish strongly and an affinity for the racing surface
>>> Brownell: Reading the tea leaves of Pletcher's Derby jockey decisions?... Don't ignore his recent success with Gomez
>>> Nobiz zips 5F at Belmont on Monday
>>> Curlin, Hard Spun work
>>> Fountaine's Derby Dozen... Nobiz holds top spot
>>> Rice's Derby Dozen: Scat Daddy #1
>>> Haskin's Derby Dozen: Any Given Saturday, "Why not?"

Mon 4/23:

>>> Latest Courier-Journal Derby Poll: Street Sense, Nobiz 1-2
>>> Latest Derby contenders graded earnings list
>>> AP's latest Derby Ten: Nobiz hangs at #1
>>> Cowtown Cat has lively workout
>>> ...Closer look at Cowtown Cat
>>> Scat Daddy, Any Given Saturday, Circular Quay breeze in Derby preps
>>> Barbaro's trainer steering Chelokee
>>> Kling: Zeroing in on Derby contenders

DRF Future Pool info

TTimes Triple Crown coverage

Future Pool 3... Final odds:
>>> KY Derby: Curlin leaps to 7-2 favoritism
>>> KY Oaks: Rags to Riches overwhelming fave at 3-2

KY Derby Future Pool 2:
>>> Final odds: 'All others' favored at 6-1, three others at 8-1
KY Oaks Future Pool 2:
>>> Final odds: Rags to Riches on top at 4-1

Ky Derby Future Pool 1:
>>> Final odds: 'All others' 5-2, Nobiz 8-1

Ky Oaks Future Pool 1:
>>> Final odds: 'All others' barely edges Rags to Riches

>>> Courier-Journal's unique Derby Data Track searchable database
>>> Triple Crown noms list
>>> 2007 Triple Crown nom searchable database
>>> Free PPs: Early Ky Derby contenders
>>> Ky Derby Future Book odds
>>> 2007 Kentucky Derby preps


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