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Thru Monday, September 6, 2004

Saratoga Race Meet 2004


The scorecard of winners picked by the twenty-five public handicappers covering the Saratoga race meet for the local dailies and the New York tabs. Below is the final tally for the 2004 season.

You can compare the standings at the halfway point at this link. And you can see the scorecard through the end of Week Five at this link.

The final scorecard for 2003 is here.

Note: Discrepancies in total number of races played is due to some handicappers losing races due to scratches or adding races with simulcast plays.


A more detailed recap of the equidaily.com Best Bets page results can be found at the Best Bets page.

Kudos to Tom Cunningham of the Times-Union for repeating as the top man on the totem pole. Last season he topped Russ Harris of the NY Daily News 128-121. This year however it was more of a battle to the wire. Bill Taylor of The Saratogian gave Mr Cunningham all he could ask for with Taylor only one-win behind heading into the last day of racing. Both competitors were up to the challenge -- and both had exceptional afternoons, each scoring five times on the card. Great job on top.

The next pack -- in the 107-113 range -- also had a spirited battle over the last few days. Those positions, #3 through #10, were juggling back and forth among the players all weekend long and the final order was undecided well into Monday's card. Eventually the show spot was grabbed by the Troy Record's Nick Kling who had three straight winners on top to end the meet.


2004 Saratoga Meet Leader: Money won per $2 wager on each top selection: $731.90 after 343 races.

We beat the meet... Again!

Our claim to fame -- for the second year in a row -- is that equidaily.com's Seth Merrow topped all of the public handicappers we follow who keep a running tally of their win-bet scores. Of those keeping such totals only four, Merrow, Kyle Brownell of the Post-Star, Nick Kling, and the NY Daily News' Mike Lipack, were able to show a profit after 36 days of racing. Kling and Merrow were the only two to accomplish the feat in 2003.

Last year Merrow's win-bets returned $702.90 after 343 races. This year, after the same 343 races, a $2 win bet on each Merrow top pick would have returned $731.90.

It's worth noting that a mere $1.20 behind Merrow was the Post-Star's Brownell. Since the beginning of 2004 Merrow and Brownell have been the Saturday afternoon handicapping team on Capital OTB's 'Prime Time Live' television program. In fact, upstate NY viewers of Capital OTB's television network can watch the programming with a certain degree of confidence as five of the top ten handicappers on the list below are regulars on the weekly TV schedule: Merrow, Brownell and Kling, as well as Mark Cusano of the Daily [Schenectady] Gazette and John Pricci of The Saratogian.

Tom Cunningham
Albany Times Union
Bill Taylor
Nick Kling
Troy Record/Saratogian
113-345 ... $708.90
Mark Cusano
Daily [Schenectady] Gazette
Mike Jarboe
Albany Times Union
Debbie L
NY Post
111-342 ... 635.70
Seth Merrow
Best Bets - equidaily.com
110-343 ... $731.90
Kyle Brownell
Post-Star [Glens Fall NY]
108-343 ... $730.70
Dave Little
NY Daily News
108-344 ... $594.40
John Pricci
Eric DeGrechie
104-346 ... $591.30
Russ Harris
NY Daily News
104-344 ... $561.00
Tom Law
Tim Wilkin
Albany times Union
Matt Graves
Albany Times Union
Bill Heller
Daily [Schenectady] Gazette
Bev Swimm
Albany Times Union
Mark Hoffman
The Recorder [Amsterdam NY]
96-345 ... $642.60
Sherry Ross
NY Daily News
96-341 ... $580.30
Ed Fountaine
NY Post
95-343 ... $658.30
Mike Lipack
NY Daily News
88-342 ... 696.20
Jerry Bossert
NY Daily News
84-343 ... $484.20
John DaSilva
NY Post
83-343 .. $561.00
Vic C
NY Post
82-342 ... $619.40
Tom V
NY Post
65-276 ... $466.50


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