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The links listed below make up the full archive of headlines that have been listed here on equidaily.com pertaining to the 2003 Triple Crown and the three races encompassing it (Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont) -- as well as numerous articles about Funny Cide and his connections. Additional Funny Cide related stories might be found at the Funny Cide news archive.

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2003 Belmont Archive


>> Official Belmont Stakes website
>> List of horses that have won two legs of the Triple Crown
>> ...And Triple Crown winners
>> A closer look at Triple Crown near misses
>> Official Funny Cide website

>>> Belmont Stakes chart and prices

'Funny Cide Beats Raymond'... Belmont TV ratings rank as highest program for the week beating out the likes of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' and Barbara Walters interview with Hillary Clinton

Visa upset that Belmont jocks wore advertising in event sponsored by Visa... Jock Jerry Bailey responds, "I guess I missed the chapter where Visa invented horse racing."

Price: It would be nice to see a true rivalry develop between Funny Cide and Empire Maker, but don't count on it

Comment: In the aftermath of the Belmont Stakes, I'm really proud to be a racing fan... I just wish people would stop saying they're sorry

Scribe's hour-by-hour recap of Belmont Day

Paulick: Post-Crown view... Horse racing's dream run isn't over

Belmont Winning Jockey: Classic Bailey

Winning Belmont Trainer: Making the Grade

West: [Frankel] was sure Empire Maker "couldn't get beat"? That's self-serving nonsense

Whatever strategy, Santos still classy

Steve Haskin's Belmont Story: Last Laugh

Upstate NY'er support 'hometown hero' Funny Cide with huge betting day at OTBs

The challenge for racing is to make people realize there is more to the sport than the Triple Crown... And there is plenty to look forward to this year

Kerrison: This year's Travers is going to be the mid-summer shootout

Beyer: Funny Cide is fast, versatile, gutsy and beloved, but he did not deserve a place in the pantheon of the sport's all-time greats

Rosenblatt: Empire Maker is #1 by a nose

Finley: Is Funny Cide a great horse? The answer is, no. He is merely very good

Comment: The Triple Crown itself did in Funny Cide... Plainly tired and beaten entering the stretch

NY Times: Enjoy some well-earned time off, Funny Cide, because come August when you return to the racetrack, you will have to carry us on your back once again

Finley: $50K bonus could lure Funny Cide to Haskell

Fountaine: Better than a TC winner -- an intense, even bitter rivalry, between two brilliant horses, two veteran trainers and two groups of rabid fans

USA Today: For five weeks, we all lived vicariously through this horse with the silly name

Belmont rivals could produce a 1-2 punch for racing... And if the tentative script plays out... the thing could build to a delicious conclusion

Horse racing loses another chance to boost its image

Travers shaping up to be one of the best races in years

Santos, who stalked the early leaders in the Derby and Preakness and delivered flawless rides, was intimidated by the position in which he found himself in

Frankel sees vindication, redemption: 'Villian' delights in first classic win

Tagg looks back on an opportunity lost

"He put his head down," Santos said of Funny Cide's reaction after the race. "He probably was telling me, 'I'm sorry.' "... Nothing to be sorry about, Funny Cide

Smullen: "Funny Cide was the best horse the first week in May, so he denied him the Triple Crown. (Empire Maker) wasn't good enough to run in the second leg of it and we were. And we were good enough to run in the third."

Price: Racing should make the most of Funny Cide-Empire Maker rivalry

Santos stays upbeat despite criticism of ride

Curmudgeon gives his 16 reasons why Funny Cide losing was a good thing

Brash Frankel gets to crow: 'I Told You So'

Kerrison: Workout took its toll... It was just a sweet, beautiful ride by Bailey. He's worth every dollar they pay him

Belmont: Quotes from losing jocks

Brunker: Belmont doesn’t settle which horse better

NY Post conducts 'interview' with Funny Cide: "Thank God I'll never have to run that far again."

Saratoga Equine Center (harness track) packed with fans watching Triple Crown try... "I haven't seen this many people here in 20 years."

... And more views from Belmont Day around the country:
... Albany NY OTB
...In Florida
...In Arizona
...In Poughkeepsie
... Canterbury Park
... Bay Meadows

Attendance: 101,864. Second largest. Wagering record broken.

Empire strikes back at Belmont... Bobby Frankel's colt thwarts Funny Cide's bid for first Triple Crown since 1978... In response to partisan crowd's post-race reactions Frankel quipped, "I think they were booing the mayor."

McNamara: More gained than lost

Hovdey: Tagg deserves to feel proud

Some post-race comments from the participants

Funny Cide's fade to third leaves trainer wondering what happened... "He either didn't like the mud, or he didn't like the mile and a half."

Funny Cide was floundering on the sloppy track... Santos, "I know that sounds like an excuse. But I'm telling you the truth."

West: 2 out of 3 is sad

Funny Cide in good shape post-race... Asst trainer Smullen, "He's bright and alert, beaten but not defeated. He'll live to fight another day."

Rivals should meet again in the Travers

Comment: He will not wear the Triple Crown. But in the sport of kings, Funny Cide will be the people's champ

Santos: "I've never seen anything like it, a hundred thousand people screaming for Funny Cide. I think the 864 were rooting for the other horse."

Even the bevy of A-list celebs was let down... "We're not doing interviews," huffed the party-pooped Sarah Jessica Parker, who was wiping tears from her eyes as she was visibly shaken by the outcome

Various notes... For instance, when the railbirds meet the stars, "Isn't that what's-her-name? The one from 'Ghostbusters'?"

NY'ers disappointed... "It's worse than losing the Subway Series."

Veitch: The Travers is going to be something else

Crowd festive at track: "Us being here for the Belmont Stakes is like the people who only go to church on Christmas and Easter. But it's worth it."

A HREF="http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/othersports/125545_larry07.html">The script is written, the winner preordained... Funny Cide will prevail in a horse race for the ages

William Nack: Why sweeping Triple Crown is harder for breed made weaker by stressing speed over endurance
Finley conducts an interview with one of the mythical Triple Crown gods: "We must protect the sanctity of the Triple Crown."

Tagg won't rest on Belmont eve

Ten Most Wanted was hyped, now overlooked

Ten Most Wanted schools in gate, paddock

If Funny Cide's sizzling, 5F breeze Tues took anything out of him, then he's hiding it well

Finley: Belmont Stakes might be the last great bargain in sports... NYRA chair, "We have a discussion about our pricing every year. I think it's great that we keep it where it is."

Frankel knows how to be upsetting... Here in New York we like them bold, maybe even a little bit cocky

Kerrison: It's a race to savor... And, with luck, one to remember for the rest of our lives

Steve Haskin's Belmont Report: Empire Maker turns in powerhouse gallop Thurs

Belmont: A closer look at each of the entrants

Has Tom Durkin been preparing what he'll utter if Funny Cide succeeds? "Oh, probably no more than 200 or 300 times."

Columnist: The Triple Crown races - the Derby, the Preakness, the Belmont - are all we know of racing and all we need to know

Opinion: The so-called experts, say the Belmont Stakes is a "jockey's race."... Yeah, right.

Funny Cide's connections will carry good luck charm from Secretariat

Beyer: Besides the David vs. Goliath aspect of this showdown, the Funny Cide saga has other engrossing elements

Visa exec on the Triple Crown bonus, "I want to give the $5 million to these guys."

Belmont post positions and morning line odds
1 - Empire Maker 6-5
2 - Supervisor 50-1
3 - Scrimshaw 20-1
4 - Funny Cide 1-1
5 - Dynever 5-1
6 - Ten Most Wanted 10-1

Some picks and analysis for the Belmont Stakes:

>> equidaily.com: Funny Cide, Dynever, Empire Maker
>> Veitch: Empire Maker, Funny Cide, Ten Most Wanted
>> Bredar: Funny Cide, Empire Maker, Ten Most Wanted
>> Rochester NY scribe: Empire Maker, Funny Cide, Ten Most Wanted
>> NYRA program analysis: Dynever, Funny Cide, Empire Maker
>> NY Post scribes give their picks
>> NY Daily News staff picks
>> NY Times Joe Drape: Funny Cide, Empire Maker, Ten Most Wanted
>> Fountaine: Funny Cide, prepare to meet your "Maker."
>> DRF staff picks
>> Finley: Empire Maker, Funny Cide, Dynever
>> Brunker: Funny Cide has killer instinct to nip Empire Maker, win Triple Crown
>> O'Donnell: Funny Cide, Scrimshaw, Empire Maker
>> Beyer picks Dynever, partly "because many readers have pleaded with me not to pick Funny Cide and thus put the kiss of death on his bid to make racing history."
>> Neumeier: I don’t like Empire Maker in Saturday’s Belmont Stakes... I love him
>> Miami-Herald: Funny Cide, Empire Maker, Ten Most Wanted
>> Davidowitz: Funny Cide, Empire Maker, Ten Most Wanted

Funny Cide's bid for the Triple Crown might draw the best TV ratings for the Belmont in more than two decades

DW Lukas on opponent Funny Cide, "That sucker is ready."

Connections of horses who have stopped previous Triple Crown bids answer the question: Is there such a thing as 'Triple Crown-denial' guilt?

Funny Cide's bid for the Triple Crown could be a shot in the arm for horse racing... Or maybe not

As Empire Maker's trainer, Frankel is recast as the nemesis in the wonderful story that has grown up around Funny Cide

NY horsemen 'cide' with Funny

Baffert on Funny Cide: "I think he's going to do it."

Jack Van Berg can relate to Tagg... "I think he's set with a pretty good hand."

Bailey's game plan vs. Funny Cide

Lukas most dangerous when he's overlooked

There's still room on the Funny Cide bandwagon!... equidaily.com says 'jump on' to one of the best racing stories in years

Crist sees little value in Belmont wagering

Previous Triple Crown winners: How many each faced in their Belmont win

Six years ago owner Bob Lewis twisted Visa's corporate arm to assure that the $5 mil TC bonus meant $5 mil

Belmont for Dummies: Some facts to know about Funny Cide and the Triple Crown

NYRA tightens security... Force of between 700-800 to be on hand Sat

Official Belmont Stakes drink: Belmont Breeze... It's got a nice whisky taste... And it'll give you a nice hangover after about five of them."

Kerrison: Bailey ready for anything Sat... "My philosophy is that I'm never scared to pull the trigger in this game. That's how a lot of races are won or lost."

Cauthen: If [Funny Cide] wins he'll be a legitimate, deserving Triple Crown winner

Belmont: Capsule comments on each entrant

Upsetters? Count in Ten Most Wanted

"People ask if you feel bad spoiling a Triple Crown," said Walden, who trained Victory Gallop five years ago. "My answer has always been there are no easy Triple Crowns... That's what gives it meaning."

>>> Best Minister out... Lung infection leads to defection

Damn Yankees!... Bozich: Sunday's baseball errors could cost Belmont some publicity Saturday

Crunching the numbers: Stats say Triple Crown not so hard

Drape: Frankel primed and ready, "I only care about a Triple Crown if it's my horse going for it."

Comments on Tuesday morning's blazing workout by the Derby/Preakness winner:

Funny Cide workout raises eyebrows... :57 4/5, too fast or is he that good?

Trainer Barclay Tagg's little schedule change with Triple Crown hopeful Funny Cide yesterday morning proves there is nothing new in the racing game

>> Haskins: There is no doubt this horse's energy level right now is through the roof
>> Frankel: "Unless he's a super, super horse, he's [expletive]."
>> Finley: This should be seen for what it is: A very positive sign
>> Owner Jack Knowlton: "I was told that he worked very well. Assistant trainer Robin Smullen said he was just super, like he came into the Derby and into the Preakness. You can't ask for anything more than that."
>> Trainer , "It was a little faster than I wanted but he came out of it well," said Tagg, who at one point waved to Smullen to slow down
>> Kerrison: "Did he go so fast that it will knock the starch out of him and leave him empty for his epic showdown in three days?"
>> Fountaine: Reaction to the blazing work was mixed, with several racetrackers calling it much too quick
>> Trainer Kiaran McLaughin, "Obviously that was a very fast work. Probably not too many trainers would be pleased with that preparation Tuesday before the race Saturday. It might be too fast. But that's him. He looks like the real deal."
>> West: It was as if a champion miler had rolled out of bed at first sparrow chirp and sprinted 100 meters in less than 10 seconds, and did it effortlessly
>> Price: Tagg and Smullen have three more days to wonder if Funny Cide has enough left in the tank for the longest race in the Triple Crown series

Celebs expected at Sat's Belmont

Completing the Triple: The unexpected is most unwelcome, for the knowns are daunting enough

Former jock great Jorge Velasquez predicts: Funny Cide, "If I had a chance to pick a horse out for the Belmont, I would choose to ride him."

Latest barn notes

Velasquez named on Supervisor

Over 1000 media credentials issued for Sat

Barring a late surprise it looks like a field of seven for the Belmont

Funny Cide blazes through Tues am workout

Latest barn notes on the contenders

Finley: Is Empire Maker the better horse?

Kerrison: Dynever can do the deed... Trainer, "It would be a big mistake not to start him in the Belmont."

Beyer: Funny Cide will have to earn it... If a committee of experts tried to design a definitive test of American racehorses, it could not have devised one more effective than the Triple Crown series

In the Sport of Kings, Belmont is the palace... Course is a reminder of when racing ruled

Forde: I'm sending matching teal tongue ties to Jerry Bailey and Bobby Frankel. Do your talking on the track Saturday, guys

Kerrison: Frankel will attempt to win the Belmont with a campaign so unorthodox it would have past masters of the trade shaking their heads in disbelief

Randy Moss: The Triple Crown remains the single most difficult accomplishment within a sport that is no easy game to begin with

McPeek horse could play spoiler again... Owner, "It would be great for racing to have a Triple Crown winner, but I have to root for my horse."

Belmont prediction: Tom Durkin, "I've seen that determination in this horse."

Jocks Cauthen and Velasquez remember Affirmed-Alydar TC rivalry... Cauthen, "I was being interviewed by Australian TV via satellite and Japanese people were following me around into the bathroom. It was an unusual time."

Broadcaster Jack Whitaker remembers a career's worth of Triple Crowns

Hall of Famer Allen Jerkens gives his Triple Crown opinion: "I think he'll do it."

Prior to '57 this Triple Crown run wouldn't have been possible -- no geldings allowed

Bar shoe no hindrance to Dynever

Weather still playing havoc with training schedule of Belmont horses

Best Minister workout postponed

Funny Cide and the Belmont distance... Dr Steve Roman, "Unless he bounces sky high [off his big speed figure in the Preakness], I can't see anybody getting close to him."

Experts debate why there's been no Triple Crown winner in 25 years

Kerrison: If McPeek pulls it off again [winning the Belmont with an upsetter], he's going to become known from here to eternity as The Spoiler

Funny Cide's impact on the game is being felt in an entirely unexpected way - he's attracting people interested in becoming racehorse owners for the first time

Crist: Does racing need a Triple Crown 'savior'?... "Racing is not a dying sport, it needs no savior and there's no evidence that a Triple Crown winner provides any boost to the sport's health."

Belmont: McPeek has chance to be spoiler again

Nice long gallop for Funny Cide Sat am... "My back was killing me by the time we got done going three miles."

Empire Maker and Dynever turn in their final works Sat am... Dynever works in bar shoes

Triple Crown trivia quiz

Confused about this gelding thing? A veterinarian explains

Empire Maker, Dynever to work Sat... 7 to 10 expected for Belmont

Opinion: Funny Cide vs Azeri... Give those "save the sport" types something to really hang their marketing hats on: a good, old fashion match race

Finley: Dynever has become a threat for the Belmont

Can Funny Cide snap Belmont Triple Crown jinx?... Like the equine version of 'Groundhog Day', we've gotten to this point five times recently

Bailey still confident, "I'm frustrated in the sense that I think that had Empire Maker been on his game, it could have been a different story."

Belmont latest: Atswhatimtalknbout out... "We are going to fold up tent and bring him back to California and fix that foot up."

...Colita also out

Neumeier: Empire Maker might challenge Funny Cide for Belmont favoritism

Trainer not happy with Atswhatimtalknbout Wed am work... Belmont plans in doubt

Funny Cide sharp in Wed am work

Funny Cide partner slated for Sat appearance at CT OTB

What you missed... It's a week and a half late but we've got the vidcaps showing the Preakness finish NBC cut away from

Scrimshaw, Midway Road work at Churchill

Recovered Ten Most Wanted works toward Belmont

The Jose Santos internet Q&A

Knowlton has been a steady guiding force through magnificient Triple Crown run

USA Today: Sackets Harbor going horse crazy

McPeek's very lightly raced Wild and Wicked might join Bel field after Churchill win Sun

Outta Here has big work... Others firm up plans

...More notes on Belmont probables

Atswhatimtalknbout improving... Trainer, "He jogged 110 percent. He looked great. Right now we're on schedule."

Fickle Frankel's latest: Empire Maker works Sun am, out of Jersey Derby

Belmont field of eight taking shape

History of the Belmont Stakes

NBC announces June 7th Belmont telecast will run from 5:30-7pm... Belmont Stakes post time is 6:38pm ET

Atswhatimtalknbout gets new shoes

Bruised foot puts Atswhatimtalknbout's Belmont status at 'questionable'

Home court advantage?... Neumeier thinks Funny Cide might have an edge that many lacked when pursuing third leg of Triple Crown

"Absolutely not," NYRA VP puts kibosh on idea of using infield for Belmont Stakes Day... "It's logistically impossible. It's too expensive to do it right and to do it for only one day."

Belmont Stakes latest: Sir Barton winner Best Minister is in

Outta Here may join Belmont field

Belmont latest: Colita in, Ten Cents a Shine, Most Feared out

2003 Preakness Archive


Official Preakness website

2003 Preakness:

What you missed... It's a week and a half late but we've got the vidcaps showing the Preakness finish NBC cut away from

Bettor's info: Picks and notes

>> Daily Gazette writer (Sch'dy, NY) makes his picks
>> Finley: Funny Cide should handle wet track
>> Kerrison: Cherokee's Boy has a shot
>> Fountaine runs race on paper -- Funny Cide is his pick
>> Saratogian scribe puts Peace Rules on top
>> A closer look and analysis of the undercard stakes
>> DRF staff selections
>> Steve Haskin's Preakness Analysis: Looking for an upsetter
>> NY Post: Bettor's info -- Notes and stats on each runner
>> NY Daily News writer gives notes
>> NY Post writers give their selections
>> This scribe is looking for longshots
>> Brunker: Scrimshaw will capture Preakness
>> Kerrison: 2003 Preakness may be the easiest classic race in an age to handicap
>> Chi-town writer makes his picks: Beyer numbers don't lie -- Funny Cide Preakness pick

Preakness program numbers/post positions and morning lines odds
(Scrimshaw and Senor Swinger are coupled in the wagering)
Prg - Post
2 - 1 - Cherokee's Boy 15-1
1 - 2- Scrimshaw 5-1
3 - 3 - Foufa's Warrior 20-1
4 - 4 - Kissin Saint 20-1
5 - 5 - Ten Cents a Shine 15-1
Prg - Post
6 - 6 - Midway Road 20-1
7 - 7 - Peace Rules 8-5
8 - 8 - New York Hero 20-1
9 - 9 - Funny Cide 7-5
1A - 10 - Senor Swinger 5-1
Official Preakness website

Complete Preakness chart

Online video replay of 2003 Preakness

List of horses that have won two legs of the Triple Crown

...And Triple Crown winners

Preakness Day photo gallery

Preakness Postscript: From 1st to 10th, where they're headed

Results of Preakness card head-to-head wagers

Preakness quotes from losing jocks

Transcript of post-Preakness press conference

Preakness 2003 attendance: 100,268 -- fourth largest

Preakness overnight TV ratings drop 14%

Midway Road looks to Belmont...

In the Pimlico infield, the action on the track is a distant concern... Infield 'fan', "I know the horse that won the Kentucky Derby is here. It's Funny ... something."

Preakness infield: The white picket 'Berlin Wall' separates the elite partiers from the great unwashed

Sat preview: Strong slate of undercard stakes support Preakness card

Fri results: Mineshaft scores easily in muddy G1 $600K Pim Special

Fri: Crowd gathers in rain to see re-enactment of Seabiscuit win

Fri results: 3-1 Roar Emotion tops Fircroft and Santa Catarina in G2 $200K Black-Eyed Susan

Fri results: Mandy's Gold wins G3 $150K Pim BC Distaff
Two Preakness starters trained by females... "You don't see a lot of women in head positions. Maybe if there were more women owners then we'd have a better chance."

Drape: Dowdy image overshadows role of Pimlico

A coupla Teamsters own hometown entrant Cherokee's Boy: "You never know. This is the closest we'll ever get to running in this race. We've dreamed about this since we were kids."

He didn't venture into the Triple Crown drama intending to be the anti-Baffert or anti-Lukas. The role just seems to fit naturally for Barclay Tagg

Santos is the sentimental rooting choice after last weekend's fiasco

If 2003 Crown form holds, expect plot twists when horses turn for home

Foufa's Warrior: Popular Md owners need some luck with first Crown entry since '86

Funny Cide arrives at Pimlico around 2PM on Fri

Beyer: Besides Funny Cide and Peace Rules, the other eight entrants appear so outclassed that the Preakness might as well be a match race

Jack Knowlton's (Funny Cide) 5/16 Preakness diary... Rubbing elbows with Baffert, Lukas is new experience

Only two horses to get excited about

Cherokee's Boy looks to make most of 'hometown hero' moniker

History: Bill Boniface and Deputed Testamony -- Together, they fashioned the greatest single moment in Maryland horse racing

Baffert on Senor Swinger, "You’ve got two horses that ran very well in the Derby in Funny Cide and Peace Rules. They should definitely be the first two choices. The rest of us are just trying to see where we are."

...Former owners eligible for bonus if 'Senor' wins

Funny Cide spent the winter at Palm Meadows... Tagg, a track "so soft and quiet you never heard the horse gallop."

Jose Santos, the 'Chilean Flash,' on a Preakness mission

Funny Cide: His progression this spring suggests he's got another bullet to fire

Trainer Barclay Tagg remembers the days of bad horses and worse luck... "Every day you get up you find something wrong. It numbs you after awhile."

Lukas introduces new stand-up routine at alibi breakfast
Barclay Tagg, "Not to demean any of the other horses, but I think Peace Rules is the one to beat."

Preakness notes on the probables

Hard-knocks life takes 'Funny' turn for Tagg... Success long time coming for ex-Maryland trainer

Tagg team a motley crew... "I've got a very, very good crew."

Decision to geld Funny Cide was logical, farm owner says

Champali: Another Preakness starter owned by a syndicate of high-school buddies

History not on 'fresh' entries' side... Odds don't favor any of 6 who didn't run in Derby

Funny Cide scheduled for Fri trip to Pimlico

Funny Cide gets post 9

Jack Knowlton's Preakness diary 5/15

Funny Cide is prepping much like he did before Derby win

Beyer: Tagg's trip to the top was decades in the making

Racing elite ponders what might have been... Some fear for Preakness after defeat of slots bill

Best of the 'new shooters' might be Kissin Saint... Taking a similar path to the race as '00 winner Red Bullet

Field for Sat's Preakness has been battered like a piñata for its mediocrity

Neumeier: Best chance for money is Preakness exacta

'Little guys' crash deep-pockets party... Owners of Funny Cide are far from candidates for Fortune 500 list

Eager Md trainers join weak field in bid for slice of Preakness

DW Lukas tabs Funny Cide the one to beat, "When they're solid like this and have good energy and soundness - and Funny Cide tipped his hand yesterday with a good work in NY - they're hard to beat."

This time, Lukas, Baffert in shadow... None of their 3 entries figures to add to laurels

P Val dumped in favor of Bailey on Ten Cents A Shine... Owner, "When the greatest jockey in the world, in my opinion, is suddenly and unexpectedly available, you've got to get him there (in the saddle)."

Funny Cide owner relishes favorite's role

Decision to geld Funny Cide was likely costly, but owners say they have no regrets

Colics KO's Champali from Preakness

Funny Cide looks more ready than ever... Tues Belmont workout leaves handlers smiling

Funny Cide blazes in Belmont workout

Intrigue abounds in Black-Eyed Susan

Alysweep pulls out of Preakness after irregular blood test

Preakness buzz is starting a bit slower than usual this year

State officials say that Saturday's Preakness Stakes - and the surrounding hoopla - are a safe bet to pump $60 mil into Baltimore's economy

Tagg responds to Frankel's "can't handle the pressure" comment, "I would have thought Bobby would have too much class."

A tough teacher... Tagg asst Smullen's work with Funny cide played a big part in horse's success, "He's still very hard to gallop, extremely hard."

Funny Cide honored by New York state Legislature

'Cide' story also has Md angle... Derby winner's dam lived on farm in Darlington until her death in March

DW Lukas adds 'Shine' to Preakness... Field swells to a dozen

Baffert says During is being considered for Preakness

As Preakness approaches, Barclay Tagg gets testier day by day... Frankel, "He can't handle the pressure. That's why he's not going to win the Preakness."

Dept of Bus & Econ Dev estimates that the Preakness generates $29.5 mil in revenues, while another $30 mil is spent by roughly 125K who attend other Preakness Celebration events

Opinion: Next Saturday's Preakness is a perfect example of racing's problems with unsoundness, medication abuse, and a lack of distance racing.

Indian Express to miss race due to foot ailment... Baffert decides to pull colt; prospective field now 11

Champali added to Preakness field

From 5/5-5/11:

A half dozen fence-sitters join the five probables for next week's Preakness

Gary Stevens named to ride Scrimshaw in Preakness, DW Lukas, "I think experience is important there and we just thought we'd try something a little different."

Stringent security promised at Preakness... Officers are authorized to make more arrests after incident last year

Five confirmed for Preakness... Field expected to gain some by next week

Expect another late arrival by Funny Cide... Trainer, "We're not trying to be snobs, or hiding from the people or anything, but he just can't be disturbed all the time."

Cherokee's Boy now listed as probable

Empire Maker out of Preakness... Frankel tells NY Post Wednesday, "Empire Maker is definitely not running."

Five confirmed for Preakness... Field expected to gain some by next week

Expect another late arrival by Funny Cide... Trainer, "We're not trying to be snobs, or hiding from the people or anything, but he just can't be disturbed all the time."

Cherokee's Boy now listed as probable

Empire Maker out of Preakness... Frankel tells NY Post Wednesday, "Empire Maker is definitely not running."

Solid field taking shape for 5/16 G1 Pimlico Special

Baffert, Lukas look toward Preakness

Equidaily Racing Journal

Derby Week 2003 Archive


The links listed below make up the full archive of headlines that have been listed here on equidaily.com pertaining to the 2003 Kentucky Derby -- in the week leading up to the 5/3/03 running of the classic.

Please understand that as time goes on some links might become inactive. We have no control over that.

They are listed in chronological order by day/date as they appeared in their various publications with the latest being at the top of the list.

Derby Week 2003:

Official KY Derby website

Official KY Derby 'contenders' page


Link to online video replay of 2003 Derby

Official 2003 Derby chart

Comment: General sports columnists try their best to cover the Kentucky Derby (gr. I), but they often fall short

Trainer revels in one that got away... Kentucky Derby champion Funny Cide belonged to Ocala stable one year ago

Old pals breed a Derby champion

Raise a Native continues rosy run... Funny Cide is 10th Ky Derby winner out of this line since '80

Watertown NY proud of its own member of the Funny Cide team... Partner/owner, "We can't believe that a couple of guys from upstate [NY] could be sitting in the winner's circle at Churchill Downs."

Eng: Derby comments and a note on late-odds drop on Funny Cide

Derby winner's owners just wanna have fun, "We have the opportunity to have an awful lot of fun with this horse... We're getting the sense that he may become the people's horse."

Churchill's $5 mil Derby contest draws thousands, but has no winner

Derby, a big win for the little guys... "It was the thrill of a lifetime. I had chills. I said to the other guys, 'Remember this when you're really in a rut in life and things aren't going good. Let your mind come back here. This is our happy spot.' "

Derby aftermath: Who's up, who's down

Rees: Final thoughts on Derby 129

Racing fans will benefit if Funny Cide follows career path of great geldings of the past

2003 Derby proved that good things do come to those who wait... Patient 2YO season pays off for Funny Cide

Tagg a local hero now... But remains modest, "I didn't write the script. He happens to be a New York-bred. He happens to be a gelding. He happened to be able to run. If they can win it, you're a genius."

Steve Haskin's Derby Story: Cide Show

Catholic priest knows his ponies... From Sunday mass, "You see Christ too had a 'Funny Cide' and he was the original 'Empire Maker' preaching that 'Peace Rules' -- 'Atswhatimtalknbout'!"

As long as there is a Kentucky Derby, people from the neighborhood will chase impossible dreams, and on those rare occasions when they catch one, the rest of us will be filled with the sheer wonderment of it all.

Derby entrants sort themselves out for Preakness... Frankel says maybe for 'Empire', "I change my mind every five minutes. Don't hold me to that."

Group of high school friends own Derby winner... "This is for everyone who dreams of owning a horse."

I'm not bilingual; but I know the Spanish word for upset: It's spelled S-A-N-T-O-S... Chilean jock, from humble beginnings, achieves dream

The infield: Debauchery rules... "Who wouldn't want a tattoo from a whole bunch of guys licking on you?"

Funny Cide defies history... First NY-bred ever, and first gelding since '29 to win the Derby... Owner, "We're just the little guys in the game. We're a three-horse stable. But this is so rewarding..."

Derby winning owner receives happy homecoming, "It's just a total Saratoga connection. Being able to do it for Saratoga, that's one of the thrills."

Notes honoring super gelding Funny Cide, hero of Castration Nation...

Derby: Quotes from losing riders

Derby: Quotes from losing trainers... Frankel, "I still think he (Empire Maker) is a better horse than that other horse (Funny Cide)."

Neumeier: 2003 Derby will once and for all put an end to all of the silly, asinine, over-hyped, ridiculous historical Derby trends that we have been inundated with by the chroniclers of the sport

Empire Maker likely to skip Preakness

Opinion: Funny Cide is no Triple threat... Derby winner benefited from rivals' poor runs at Churchill

Finley: Before I die, I want to see a Kentucky Derby that actually makes sense. I'm growing increasingly pessimistic

Derby celebrity photo gallery

Derby infield photo gallery

Derby notes: Betting window No. 2401, in the Turf Club, had only one bettor the entire day -- horse owner and high-roller Daniel Borislow

Derby: Celeb comments... "My daughter's hat was so expensive, so I'm not sure I have money left."

Kentucky Derby/Funny Cide Future Pool $2 payouts:
Pool One..... Closed 2/16: $ 188.00
Pool Two..... Closed 3/16: $ 120.80
Pool Three..... Closed 4/6: $ 107.40
Kentucky Derby 5/3: $27.60
Derby wagering, attendance figures up

More Derby photos

Sat: A VERY big day for Frankel despite the Derby loss

Derby undercard results:
CD H'CP: Aldebaran, Pass Rush, Cappuchino
THREE CHIMNEYS JUV: Limehouse, El Sysco Kid, East Bay
DISTAFF TURF MILE: Heat Haze, Quick Tip, Sentimental Value
HUMANA DISTAFF: Sightseek, Gold Mover, Miss Lodi
WOODFORED RESERVE: Honor in War, Requete, Patrol

Derby day infield map


Thoughts, tips, stats and picks to help with your Derby decision-making

>>> Oscar's Green Sheet: Oscar takes a comprehensive look at historical trends in order to eliminate contenders
>>> Bettor's Guide to the Derby: Notes and thoughts on the each member of the field
>>> Only two in this year's field have the proper dosage
>>> NY Post experts analyze the Derby
>>> NY Daily News staff squares off with Derby plays
>>> Chi-town team comes up with 'odage' Derby qualifiers... Another use of historical stats to qualify contenders
>>> Lexington newspaper's 'rating system' weeds out the 'pretenders'
>>> Strategies to stretch your betting buck
>>> DRF handicappers Derby selections
>>> It's finally time to write about and discard the frauds and fakers in Sat's Derby. I hope I have enough space
>>> Reviewing the field's pre-Derby AM workouts

Most handicappers agree -- picking the winner of Kentucky Derby more difficult than other races

Derby no sissy game for horse or jockey

Derby announcer Tom Durkin 'previews' the running of this year's race

Frankel: "I believe the script is already written. I think he is meant to win."

Sir Cherokee is scratched

There are plenty of precedents for a Peace Rules triumph

Jeff Mullins [Buddy Gil] 5/3 Derby diary

Owning Funny Cide is a seriously good time for the Sackatoga Stable partners... "To have an opportunity to participate in big races that we have watched on television is something we never, never, thought would happen."

Atswhatimtalknbout looks to thwart history and win despite missingf 2YO seasoning

Often overlooked and underbet, Buddy Gil could pull off a stunner

Factor trainers into the wager... Baffert, Lukas merit attention of bettors in handicapping race

From Friday:

Jeff Mullins [Buddy Gil] 5/2 Derby diary

Frankel emphatic on health of 'Empire'... Favorite is '100 percent,' according to trainer

Kerrison: In 22 Derbies, I've never seen a trainer - not Charlie Whittingham, not Laz Barrera, not Woody Stephens, not Wayne Lukas, not Bob Baffert - exude the kind of unwavering confidence Frankel has displayed here. It's eerie

If not Empire Maker, then who?... The pick is Atswhatimtalknbout

Neumeier: Take Empire Maker, if you truly dare

The Derby can be a tough place for the 'pretenders'... DW Lukas, "I think a lot of them think they are handling it because of the way it is here in the mornings earlier in the week... But when they finally look the truth in the eye, it's too late."

... And the newcomers do get awestruck... "It's my first Derby and I'm overwhelmed by it all," said Amoss, trainer of Lone Star Sky

Derby betting key: Locate the value plays that have a chance to get you the best possible return

Pat Day hurts back taking out the trash, "It was just an incredibly stupid move on my part."

Funny Cide: Trainer Barclay Tagg isn't one to put too much emphasis on statistics or historical trends

Reminded of last year's 1-2 finish by War Emblem and Proud Citizen, Baffert laughed and said: "The Baffert-Lukas exacta would pay a lot more this year."

Supah Blitz: Owner will be watching in his North Palm Beach, FL living room... "I'd like to win the race, but they pay five places at the Derby from the purse money so if you can pick up a check, that gives you a little hope."

Most Vegas future books in good shape as few hopefuls from early in the year have even made it this far

Fans, retailers gear up for Derby... Billed as ‘greatest two minutes in sports,’ race one of state’s biggest cultural events

Derby Mount caps Sellers' comeback

Empire Maker will wear three-quarter shoe in the race on Sat

From Thursday:

Sarava entered Thurs at Churchill

Take Charge Lady vs. You on Oaks' undercard

Jeff Mullins [Buddy Gil] 5/1 Derby diary

The juicy prospect is that Sir Cherokee will be at least 20-1, if not longer, on Sat

Derby Notebook: 'Wise guys' chasing Ten Most Wanted

Luke Kruytbosch: Voice of Turf Paradise enters 5th year as Derby's caller

Frankel gives props to Peace Rules: "Everybody's talking about everybody else, but nobody mentions his name. He's 2 for 2 this year, won easy both times, and he's game as can be."

Atswhatimtalknbout, partly owned by famed director Steven Spielberg and friends, could be a smash hit on Sat at Churchill

Running the Derby is a dream come true for owners and trainers

Baffert back under the radar once more

Sir Cherokee 'very laid-back individual'... That's a good thing, because connections are Derby rookies

For Frankel, only the horses matter... No-nonsense trainer would just as soon avoid glitz surrounding Derby

Zito back at Churchill - for Oaks this time

No biz like chapeau biz...At Derby, hat makers' work takes spotlight

Buddy Gil will try to become the first gelding to win Derby since '29

For the next few days, Rosemary Homeister is America's Most Famous Woman Jockey... "I hope this opens the door for more women to be in the Kentucky Derby."

Riding in a man's world doesn't deter Homeister Jr

A woman in the Derby, whether riding or training, is just as much a curiosity and aberration as it was 20 years ago

From Wednesday:

Empire Maker: Derby fave has bruised foot but expected to run Sat... Frankel, "I've got plenty of time, and he won't miss a day's training."

Pincay retires... All-time winningest jock will heed doc's advice and quit... "I really wanted to go out in a different way. But I'm very fortunate that I'm in one piece."

Interesting wagering tales from Derby's past

The Derby's his day... Anyone who knows horse racing well, knows about Mike Battaglia, handicapper extraordinaire

Elloluv 5-2 favorite in Ky Oaks

Sir Cherokee hopes to spring Derby surprise

Injury takes Baffert's Kafwain out of Derby picture

Curse of the Derby favorite... Only two winning faves since '79

Jeff Mullins [Buddy Gil] 4/30 Derby diary

Hollendorfer confirms, Eye of the Tiger is in... "Our goal was originally the Preakness, but we considered the facts, and they balanced out in favor of running."

No broodmare stands taller than Toussaud, whose colt, Empire Maker, is expected to burnish his mom's reputation in the Derby

Even pros feel magic of Derby

Trainer Tomlinson [Sir Cherokee] a first-time charmer

Lone Star Sky in Derby

Derby Day wagering is normalized... Improved security set to prevent any scams

Derby for sale: At any given time, there are more than 1,700 Derby items up for bid on eBay

...And some info on Derby memorabilia you might want to keep an eye out for... Ex, A 1939 Derby glass, value $6,100

From Tuesday:

Fillies work toward Ky Oaks; My Trusty Cat out

'Gentlemen's agreement' could keep one runner in barn... Report: Owners Juddmonte and Gann have agreed to forego Preakness and Belmont with Empire Maker or Peace Rules if other wins Derby and has shot at Triple Crown

Feel good Derby tale: Dam of Peace Rules helps owner get out of debt... And then some!

For owners the Derby experience is priceless... Bob Lewis, "There's no reward or satisfaction in the world that exceeds that of seeing your colors in the Kentucky Derby."

Derby works are a rich part of race's lore, but what do they really tell us?

Gary Stevens plays a supporting role in the upcoming movie 'Seabiscuit.' Sat, he hopes to be the leading man in the Derby

Beyer: The Chess Hit List: Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters -- and Indian Express

Derby hopeful Buddy Gil making his papa, Marylanders proud... Three Cal victories transform castoff's son into Derby contender

Christine: As usual, odds are against Lukas

Derby works

Jeff Mullins [Buddy Gil] 4/29 Derby diary

Siraco: Some fun Derby history

Ky Derby: Just the facts

KY artist doing a scrimshaw of Scrimshaw

Win bet on Empire Maker not a good investment

Indian Express: A tale that begins in Utah, gallops through Panama, gathers momentum in cyberspace and has now landed here in the bluegrass

Trainer hoping Atswhatimtalknbout has put problems behind... "Secretariat got beat just before the Derby. I hope we can follow in his footsteps."

Absence of pals bothers Baffert... "The prince [late Saudi Prince Ahmed bin Salman] would have been here, and we'd be having a great time ... And Laffit [Pincay] would be here riding Indian Express. But you just have to go with what you've got."

Pat Day high on 'Ten Most'... "I'm more excited about this horse than any other in years."

Another Lukas/Baffert exacta?

Steve Haskin's Kentucky Derby Report: Arresting work by Ten Most Wanted

From Monday:

Empire Maker puts in a sharp work Sunday... Frankel, "This was a good work by a good horse. It was what I wanted."

DW Lukas has virtually guaranteed the owner that Ten Cents A Shine will hit the board, if not win the Derby outright

Contenders put in Sun works

Some Derby candidates auction bargains, others were expensive

Regardless of where he finishes in Derby, Brancusi is a winner. Some believe it's a miracle that the colt survived at birth

Sir Cherokee avoiding pre-Derby hype at Trackside
Dollase family is going for Oaks-Derby sweep

When it comes to "now" horses for Sat's Derby, a lot of people are talking about Atswhatimtalknbout

'Ats' trainer has something to prove after his horse's poor showing

Louisville's McGee clan pulling for Atswhatimtalknbout... "You've got to pinch me, all of us."

AP's Rosenblatt: Ins and outs of 2003 Kentucky Derby

Jeff Mullins (Buddy Gil) Derby diary 4/28

Idaho ‘miracle’ Buddy Gil to go up against bluebloods

The 'Buddy Gil timeline'

Lukas gives assignments to jocks Borel and C Velasquez

Derby notes 4/28

Top trainers double up their Derby chances... Frankel, Lukas, Baffert saddle two each

Steve Haskin's Kentucky Derby Report: Talknbout 'Dem Works


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