The Daily Bankroll Challenge

by Seth Merrow
Matching wits--and a mythical bankroll--with the top handicappers

2013 Racing Season

Saratoga Race Course
Friday, August 16, 2013
Total for the meet... $603.45


Took a BIG swing with over $200 on the line yesterday - and we sweated out the early results and worried about a whiff. Happily the last half of the card played out more to our liking and we recouped the vast majority of our investment. There were a couple of plays we would like to have a do-over on -- things perhaps should have been a little better considering the decent results with the Thursday picks overall. And, in fact, if Sheppard's 8-1 Tapit Express had maybe a nose about half and inch longer, well, we would have at least managed a profit.

But, we took a big swing and managed to do OK - certainly we live to fight on...

RACE 1-2... $2 doubles... R1/Easy Reach/Total Command/Call Me Sonny... R2/Sacred Soul/Powerofone/Barnstorming.
Ran R1/8-9-10 [all three left the course]... R2/WON-2-9[fell].

RACE THREE... $2 exacta box... Pure Sensation/Divine Energy/Pecorino.
Ran 2-3-4.

RACES 3-6... $.50 P4 ... R3/Pure Sensation/Divine Energy/Pecorino... R4/Sneaky Blowout/All That/Brabbham... R5/Flowing Mane/Smoke Town/Mr Algebra, sub Saved the Best if scratch... R6/The Truth and KG/Much Stronger/Two Ts At Two B/Where's Dominic.
Ran R3/2-3-4... R4/WON-4-5... R5/2-3-6... R6/WON-2-scr-scr.

RACE FOUR... $3 exacta box... Sneaky Blowout/All That/Brabbham.
Ran WON-4-5.

RACE SEVEN... $3 WP on Hot Squeeze.
Collected $25.65 on the WP [14.40, 7.50].

...$1 exacta box... Aspree/May Shares/Hot Squeeze/Sassy Salsa, sub Talk to Me if scratch.
Collected $38.75 on the ex box [$77.50/$2].

...$2 exacta box... May Shares/Hot Squeeze/Sassy Salsa, sub Aspree if scratch.
Collected $38.75 on the ex box [$77.50/$2].

RACES 8-10... $1 P3... R8/Mr Vegas/Lubash/Kharafa... R9/Roadhog/Slumber/Teaks North... R10/Tiz Gianni/Nine O Wonderful/Tapit Express/Beer Garden.
Ran R8/3-4-7... R9/WON-4-6... R10/2-5-9.

RACE NINE... $1 exacta box... Roadhog/Slumber/Sky Blazer/Teaks North.
Collected $14.50 on the ex box [$29.00/$2].

... $1 exacta box... Roadhog/Slumber/Teaks North.
Ran WON-4-6.

RACE TEN... $5 WP on Tapit Express.
Collected $19.75 on the WP [xxx, 7.90].

...$1 exacta box... Tiz Gianni/Nine O Wonderful/Monument Hill/Tapit Express/Beer Garden/Farhaan.
Collected $38.00 on the ex box [$76.00/$2].

...$1 exacta box... Tiz Gianni/Nine O Wonderful/Tapit Express/Beer Garden.
Ran WON-5-9-scr.

RACE ELEVEN... $1 exacta box... Freight/Dapper Draper/Jacob Black/Show Some Lovin/Southern Safari/Hoboken Joe.
Collected $25.00 on the ex box [$50.00/$2].

Loss for the day... $20.10


RACE SEVEN... $4 exacta box... Coriander/Mavoureen/Coralita/Love Is Key Kaz.

All turf wagers are turf only [unless other wise noted]

Total bet... $48

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