The Daily Bankroll Challenge

by Seth Merrow
Matching wits--and a mythical bankroll--with the top handicappers

2012 Racing Season

Saratoga Race Course
Monday, August 27, 2012
Total for the meet... $786.30

We kicked our mythical bankroll up to $1200 to start the 2011 Saratoga thoroughbred race meet - and we'll hold there this season. In past years we've started with $1000, but with the 40-day meet a $1200 bankroll gives us a reasonable $30/day average. Each day we'll use this space to record our mythical best bets and calculate the accumulated wins and losses.


OK - gotta take the blame for missing the scores in R2 and R3 with a late posting [can't take credit for wins that came before the page went up] - but c'mon gods of work with us... Our posting went up in time for R4 - and in the ensuing eight races our mix combined for exactas in five of those. Somehow we managed to pick the only three races in that sequence that didn't pan out. Yeesh.

RACE TWO...$1 exacta box... Sign/Apologize/Honor Bright/Marcellina d'Oro/Lenderoflastresort.
...$1 exacta box... Sign/Apologize/Marcellina d'Oro/

RACE THREE... $3 WP on Talmadge Hill.
...$1 exacta box... Talmadge Hill/Thecscreenisred/Princess Jenny/Sharpandwitty/AP Hutchy.
...$1 exacta box... Talmadge Hill/Thecscreenisred/Sharpandwitty

Ouch - the late posting yesterday cost us a $70.75/$1 exacta in R2 and $15.30 on the R3 WP, as well as the $50.50/$2 exacta in that race. That certainly would have taken the edge off of an otherwise underwhelming day on the page.

RACE FIVE... $1 exacta box... Status of Forces/Mr Cowboy/Breathaway/Search Engine/Big Guy.
Ran WON-3-5-8-11.

... $2 exacta box... Mr Cowboy/Breathaway/Search Engine/Big Guy.
Ran WON-5-8-11.

RACE SIX... $2 exacts box... Heidi's Holiday/Daisygonnamakeit/With Honorandgrace/Stone Broke.
Ran WON-3-5-6.

... $2 exacts box... Daisygonnamakeit with Heidi's Holiday/With Honorandgrace/Stone Broke.
Ran 3/WON-5-6.

RACE EIGHT... $2 exacta box... Screenplay/Pleasant Run/Ronin Dax.
Ran WON-5-8.

RACES 8-11... $.50 P4.. R8/Screenplay/Pleasant Run... R9/Barocci/Mahubo/... R10/Royal Delta/Tiz Miz Sue... R11/Spondulix/Shy Humor/Fair Trade/Owen Rico/Verde Mont.
Ran R8/WON-8... R9/2-7... R10/2-3... R11/WON-2-4-5-late scr.

LOSS for the day... $108.00


Die by the sword - live by the sword. The late posting cost us yesterday - saved us some today. We're posting well prior to R4 on Monday - but we missed our R1 play - which wouldn't have cashed. Let's hope the remainder of the card is more generous to us than it was on Sunday.

RACE ONE...$4 WPS on Roses for Romney.
... $1 exacta box... Uncaged Heart/Bit Bustin/Roses for Romney/Carla Sweetrevenge/Mononoke.
... $1 exacta box... Uncaged Heart/Bit Bustin/Roses for Romney

RACE FIVE... $1 exacta box... O'Frederica/Let's Have Us One/Candy Raider/One More Cat/Go Get the Basil.
... $1 exacta box... O'Frederica/Let's Have Us One/Candy Raider/One More Cat.
... $1 exacta box... O'Frederica/Let's Have Us One/One More Cat.

RACE SIX...$3 exacta boxc... Parachute Coney/English Major.

RACE TEN... $5 WPS on Filberto.
...$1 exacta box... Stellabymoonlight/Filberto/Miss Suwanee/Loud Pipes.
...$2 exacta box ...Filberto with Stellabymoonlight/Miss Suwanee/Loud Pipes.
...$1 exacta box... Filberto with ALL.

Total bet... $99

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