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by Seth Merrow

Saratoga Race Course
Monday, August 13, 2012
Meet Total ... 61-218

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Mid-season Handicappers Scorecard

Through the season's mid-point, Saturday 8/11/12

The list below includes virtually all of the public handicappers available in newspapers in the Saratoga region as well as the NYC tabloids which are available upstate.

Shake-up at the top! the NY Daily News' sulky guy, Dave Little, has the mid-point lead, and has even opened up a little bit of a margin. Leading the pack of stalkers is Gaile Fitzgerald of the Saratoga Special - that's notable because the Special doesn't publish on most Mondays during the meet so their handicappers have had a couple less cards to take a swing at.

Equidaily is sitting a respectable third at this point.

It's certainly a bit a change-up at the top as compared to last year's mid-season scorecard.

You can view the entire 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004 mid-season scorecards for a more complete comparison of previous years.

And to see what kind of numbers everyone is chasing, final meet totals for the past few seasons can be found here: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003.

Note: Discrepancies in total number of races played is due to some handicappers losing races due to scratches. And note that the Saratoga Special doesn't publish on Mondays - hence the significantly lower races-played total for their handicappers.

Numbers below are per what is printed in the appropriate editions of the newspapers or are provided by the handicappers themselves. We do not independently audit the figures.

These numbers are through the end of the card on Sat, 8/11/11 - the halfway mark.

Dave Little
NY Daily News
65-205 ... $419.20
Gaile Fitzgerald
Saratoga Special
Seth Merrow
Best Bets - equidaily.com
Bill Taylor
Matt Graves
Albany Times Union
56-206 ... $301.10
John Shapazian
Saratoga Special
Dave Litfin
Daily Racing Form
55-205 ... $330.00
John DaSilva
NY Post
54-206 ... $350.80
Bill Heller
Daily [Schenectady] Gazette
Tim Wilkin
Albany Times Union
53-207 ... $322.10
Tom Law
Liam Durbin
Kyle Brownell
Post-Star [Glens Fall, NY]
51-206 ... $365.40
Erin Finley
Saratoga Special
Debbie L
NY Post
50-204 ... $293.60
Jerry Bossert
NY Daily News
50-204 .... $288.20
Mike Jarboe
Albany Times Union
50-207 ... $315.10
Nick Kling
Troy Record/Saratogian
Daniel Feiss
Mike Lipack
NY Daily News
46-207 ... $318.70
NY Post
44-204 ... $330.20
Joe Lods
NY Daily News
44-207 ... $284.20
Ed Fountaine
NY Post
43-205 ... $290.30
Vic C
NY Post
43-205 ... $345.10
Dean Keppler
Saratoga Special
Charles Bedard
Saratoga Special
NY Daily News
33-205 ... $265.70


4-11. Winners in the 2nd [$7.80], 6th [$3.10], 7th [$14.40] and 10th [$2.80]. Some fun could have been had with the selections on Sunday... B-D-A in the 1st [with "A" the top pick, "B" the second selection and so on] for a nice little 'start the day' exacta [$90.00/$2] and tri [$213.00]. In R2 it was A-C-D for the exacta [$89.50] and tri [$319.50]. A reverse exacta in the5th [$17.40]. in the 6th A-C for a small $7.00 exacta. That same A-C combo in the 7th was far more lucrative - a $129.00 exacta. And a cold exacta in th 10th [$10.40].

Attendance was reported at 52,251 - but, of course, that number was inflated by 'spinners' hoarding their picnic mat giveaway. However, there was legitimately a very good crowd - it eyeballed as being bigger than Saturday's. The weather was partly sunny, warm - with the humidity continuing to hang on.


Basalt...A solid, improved effort in first start here. Horse for course?
Devoted Wilcat...Probably better than latest - at least at this level
Buckeye Heart...PID to dirt.
A Boy Named Em.

Agilion....Nicely bred for early success.
La Java...Sib to the nice Saratoga maiden-breaker for a few years back, Cribnote. Could be dangerous.
Riptherubberoff...Got some got education last time.
Grand Lely Drive.

Good Karma...Has some back numbers that are encouraging - but needs to rebound off of last couple. Tepid nod in a tough race.
Saxophone...Seems in good form.
Good Law...Could be the one to catch.
Pure Attitude.

Next Question...Lightly-raced 4YO has shown promise.
Petey Cramer...Ran OK here last year and now goes first for Rudy.
Hooligan's Delight...Capable on best.
Carson Bandit.

King David...Ships in in good form for trainer doing well with limited starts here.
Reserve Currency...Better than last time.
Adios Nardo...Did the light bulb turn on?
Committment Letter.

Primal Baby...Might be primed in third start back.
Roman Renegade...Gets a piece more often than not.
Mess in a Dress...Won an open $20K here earlier in the meet.
Natalie Victoria.

Coconut Shrimp...Pletcher/Repole. Good win-early sire. Nice 8/5 work.
Sunset Time...Experience counts and this one seems on the improve.
Dancing for Glory...Has some win-early breeding and connections. Worked 10.4 before 2YO sale.
Tie Dye.

Two mile marathon!
Bridge Loan...Might benefit from the start over the track.
Ea...Won on off-turfer here on 8/6.
Veiled Prophet...Could be interesting moving from the turf.

NINTH RACE $100K Coronation Cup
Sweet Cat...Typically in the hunt and mostly turf sprinting.
Sensible Lady...Has won three of last four.
Pearl in the Sand...Expect her to run better than those 20-1 ML odds.
Heaven Know What.

Winter Now...First time for a tag for Repole/Pletcher.
Magical Season...Should fit here.
Late Starter...Seems improved for Dutrow.
Back Away.

If we are interested in both halves of an entry -- in event of a scratch -- it is noted that way [in other words, both halves are named]. If only one-half of the entry is named, then we prefer that half and will move to our next pick listed [rather than the other half of the entry] in event of a scratch.

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