The Daily Bankroll Challenge

by Seth Merrow
Matching wits--and a mythical bankroll--with the top handicappers

2011 Racing Season

Saratoga Race Course
Saturday, September 3, 2011
Total for the meet... $1287.60

We're kickin' our mythical bankroll up to $1200 to start the 2011 Saratoga thoroughbred race meet. In past years we've started with $1000, but with the 40-day meet a $1200 bankroll gives us a reasonable $30/day average. Each day we'll use this space to record our mythical best bets and calculate the accumulated wins and losses.


For whatever reason, as in years past, the last week of the meet has been good to us. We've added almost $700 to the bankroll over the past two days - thanks in large part to the two Sheppard Specials: 14-1 Piquant on Thursday and 25-1 Quantock on Friday.

Had either or both won we would be in the stratosphere - both here on the bankroll and in real-life wagering dollars - but the second-place finishes also provided some decent payoff firepower.

RACES 2-5... $.50 P4... R2/Jaw Crusher/Bay Park Boy... R3/Wine Police/Chipsshot... R4/Stock Fund/Joy Rising/Ladywell Court/Landlubber... R5/Raconteur/Our Midnight Run/Politicallycorrect/Speightscity.
Ran R2/4-scr... R3/WON-5... R4/3-5-10-11... R5/WON-2-3-scr.

RACE FOUR... $2 exacta box... Stock Fund/Joy Rising/Ladywell Court/Landlubber.
Ran 3-5-10-11.

... $2 exacta box... Joy Rising/Ladywell Court/Landlubber.

RACES 4/5... $1 doubles... R4/Joy Rising/Landlubber... R5/ALL.
Ran R4/10-11.

RACE FIVE... $2 exacta box... Raconteur/Our Midnight Run/Politicallycorrect/Speightscity.
Collected $23.00 on the ex box [$23.00/$2]. Our Midnight Run scratched.

... $2 exacta box... Our Midnight Run/Politicallycorrect/Speightscity.
Ran WON-3-scr.

RACE SIX... $2 exacta box... River Fancy/Ms Stilleto/Australis Princess.
Collected $41.60 on the ex box [$41.60/$2].

... $5 exacta box... Ms Stilleto/Australis Princess.
Ran 2-5.

RACE NINE... $10 WPS on Quantock.
Collected $177.00 on the WPS [xxx, 22.00, 13.40].

...$1 exacta box ... Quantock/ALL.
Collected $401.00 on the ex box [$802.00/$2].

...$2 exacta box... Virtuously/Storm Palm/An Absolute Ten/Quantock.
Ran 2-4-8-9.

...$2 exacta box... Virtuously/An Absolute Ten/Quantock.
Ran 2-4-8.

...$2 exacta box... Virtuously/Quantock.
Ran 2-8.

Profit for the day... $420.60


We returned to positive territory with the bankroll on Friday and we could certainly play it safe and guarantee a profit for the season - but c'mon, what fun is that? We'll continue to play with the same gusto we've shown through the first 36 days.

RACE ONE... $3 WP on Sugar Again.
...$2 exacta box... Deluxe/Sugar Again/Evading Tempete/It's Tea Time.
...$2 exacta box... Sugar Again/Evading Tempete/It's Tea Time.

RACES 1/2... $2 doubles... R1/Sugar Again/Evading Tempete/It's Tea Time.... R2/Super Saturday/Da Vinci/Punctual Jeff.

RACE TWO... $2 exacta box... Super Saturday/Da Vinci/Punctual Jeff/Todd Cole.

RACE FOUR... $5 WPS on Bluegrass Summer.
...$1 exacta box... Bluegrass Summer/ALL.

RACE FIVE... $3 exacta box... Earnings Release/Going Green/Dancing Tiz.

RACE TWELVE... $2 exacta box... Tax Return/Coalition/Parachute Coney/Saratoga Sancks.

All turf wagers are turf only [unless otherwise noted]

Total bet... $163.00

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