The Daily Bankroll Challenge

by Seth Merrow
Matching wits--and a mythical bankroll--with the top handicappers

2006 Racing Season

Saratoga Race Course
Saturday, September 2, 2006
Total for the meet... $441.45

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It was a very good day -- if we had just a little more in the kitty we could have made it a very good day. The meet's Sheppard Special was only our fourth selection on the Picks Page -- but we weren't going to let it get away at a price. So we dipped in with some WPS money and also scored the exacta. But if we had some more fire-power we would have played and hit the tri as well [$521.00/$2]. And after 9-1 Fernando Po won the 8th we were alive to three $5 late doubles. One of those was with 11-1 Small Potatoes -- the eventual second-place finisher. Doh! With a will pay of $193.00/$2 the win there would have put another $482.50 in our bank. So close...

RACE 1/2... $5 DD... R1/Caiman... R2/A Wonder She Is/Bare Dancer.
Ran R1/2nd... R2/2-3.

RACE SIX... $5 WP on Quick Humor.
Ran 3rd at 5-2.

RACE SEVEN... $5 WP on Hunting Hillbilly.
Ran 8th at 6-1.

...$3 WP on Dr Bloomer.
Collected $61.20 on the WP [$30.00, 10.80].

...$1 exacta box... Hunting Hillbilly/Seeking Answers/Forget the Judge/Hunting Hillbilly.
Collected $76.50 on the ex box [$153.00/$2].

RACE 6-9... $1 P3... R6/Quick Humor/Freudian Smile... R7/Hunting Hillbilly... R8/Fernando Po/Admiral Bird... R9/Sarah Sunshine/Bella Attrice/Small Potatoes.
Ran R6/3-7... R7/8th... R9/WON-2... R10/2-6-7.

RACE EIGHT... $5 WP on Fernando Po.
Collected $72.25 on the WP [$21.20, 7.70].

RACE 8/9... $5 DD... R8/Fernando Po... R9/Sarah Sunshine/Bella Attrice/Small Potatoes.
Ran 2-6-7.

Profit for the day... $124.95


We're moving in the right direction -- let's see if we can keep it going. As noted above, yesterday was good -- it could have been better, but it gives us enough ammo to have some fun through the last three days.

RACE ONE... $5 WP on Res Ipsa.
...$2 exacta box... Res Ipsa/Critical Decision/King Hoss.

RACE 1/2... $5 DD... R1/Res Ipsa/Critical Decision/King Hoss... R2/Timber Reserve.

RACE TWO... $5 WP on Timber Reserve.
...$4 exacta box Timber Reserve/Gasconade.
...$2 quinella box... Timber Reserve/Gasconade/Zanjero/Zito entry.

RACE FOUR... $5 WP on Simply Speed.

RACE SIX... $5 WP on Diamond Fever.
...$3 exacta box... Diamond Fever/Southernconference/Tater Tutt.

RACE EIGHT... $5 WP on Nightmare Affair.
...$2 exacta box... Nightmare Affair/Pomeroy/Mass Media.

RACE 8-11... $1 P4... R8/Nightmare Affair/Pomeroy/Mass Media/Silver Wagon... R9/Flower Alley... R10/Back Bay Baron/Ocean Forest... R11/My Interpretation/Fairytale Story.

All turf wagers are turf only

Total bet...$124.00

If we are interested in both halves of an entry -- in event of a scratch -- it is noted that way [in other words, both halve are named]. If only one-half of the entry is named, then we prefer that half and will move to our next pick listed [rather than the other half of the entry] in event of a scratch.
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