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The links listed below make up the full archive of headlines that have been listed here on equidaily.com pertaining to the on-going Breeders' Cup Pick six investigation.

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10/26/02: Breeder's Cup Day
12/12/02: Last of the P6 scam trio pleads guilty
3/20/03: Scam trio sentenced

BC Pick Six investigation:

The wrap-up, from March 2003:

Beyer: BC P6 scammers punishment doesn't fit the crime

BC P6 scam draws to a close... Three scammers sentences vary from one to three years... Plans underway to distribute $$$ to rightful winners

BC P6 scam draws to a close... Three scammers sentences vary from one to three years... Plans underway to distribute $$$ to rightful winners

Mastermind of BC P6 scam gets lightest sentence

Trio sentenced in BC P6 scam, Harn draws lightest time

Arlington Park to distribute Breeders’ Cup pick six winnings

From Thurs 3/20:

BC P6 scammer trio to be sentenced Thursday

From Tues 3/18:

BC P6 scam: US attorney who prosecuted last year's BC P6 case has decided to forfeit his office's claim to the bet's disputed winnings

Autotote entreats BC P6 judge

From Thurs 2/27:

HBO planning BC P6 scam movie: Robert Wuhl to produce telepic for HBO... "I see it as a story about growing up -- the scam story is only part of it."

From Monday 1/27:

Illinois: Pick Six wagering reinstituted as of 1/25

From Wednesday 1/15:

Sentencing delay likely for BC P6 scam mastermind


P6 scam: NTRA official declares paying rightful winners is "priority No. 1 for 2003."

Finley: Real Winners of Pick Six Are Waiting

The first detailed report on a review of more than 1,000 multirace bets from around the country is expected to be released by the end of Jan

From Saturday 1/11/03:

NTRA P6 scam task force has identified a list of previous wagers in need of further scrutiny

From Tuesday 12/24:

NY regulators enact new safeguards... Four new rules aimed at preventing future parimutuel abuses

From Thursday:

Redistribution of BC P6 money on hold

From Wednesday 12/18:

Finley: Does Pick Six scandal have a silver lining?

Beyer on the hiring of Giuliani: Yes, the sport may be paying a premium to be associated with his lustrous image, but the sport currently needs all the help it can get.

Federal officials to determine fate of Ultra Pick Six payoff

Opinion: Team Valor's Barry Irwin weighs in on the fallout from the P6 scam

From Tuesday 12/17:

The Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau a private detective agency founded 56 years ago by a racetrack trade group... had urged a tightening of computer security for several years.

From Sunday:

Symposium overview: Pick Six scandal dominates the discussion

From Friday:

NTRA’s wagering technology group updates Symposium on progress

From BC P6 winner to inmate... Justice may fall heaviest on Davis

OUTRAGEOUS! Chi-town paper quotes Illinois Racing Board director in regards to releasing BC P6 money to the rightful winners, "Unless the board reaches a consensus to hold some kind of emergency hearing on the matter it probably won't be discussed again until the regular January meeting on Jan. 21."

Final P6 scammer pleads GUILTY!

From Wednesday 12/11:

NY Times: Final P6 scammer expected to plead on Thurs... Lawyer, "My client accepts full responsibility for his conduct. He was recruited by Chris Harn, who devised the scheme."

Second P6 scammer pleads GUILTY!... Lawyer, "My client's attitude is, 'What was I thinking of?' It was a stupid thing to do.''

sunspot.net: P6 scammer's lawyer, "He was misusing drugs at the time. I think that was part of the problem."

sunspot.net: Documents that are expected to be filed in connection with the [P6 scammers] plea agreements will offer new details on how the biggest scam in racing history was accomplished

Albany Times Union: Guilty pleas should "mean that people who selected five winners in the Breeders' Cup Pick Six would probably get a welcome and overdue Christmas present of better than $43,000 apiece"

Wash Post: DaSilva, Davis Set To Enter Guilty Pleas

From Tuesday 12/10:

Chicago Tribune: With a safeguard string attached, the Illinois Racing Board restored Pick 4 through Pick 9 wagers on Monday

DRF: P6 scammers likely to plead guilty this week

From Sunday 12/8:

Denver Post: Racing industry scurries to shore up system after alleged scam

From Saturday:

Crist on tote companies bailing out of racing symposium: While lawyers will always recommend that you clam up once you've been sued, that does not absolve the tote companies of their responsibility to address current issues and it does not prevent them from answering simple questions

From Thursday:

P6 class action lawsuit lawyer makes outlandish claim: "Fraudulent tickets were entered numerous times over the past eight to 10 years at dozens and dozens of racetracks."

P6 bettor suing Autotote: "For years, I have said I believe somebody is getting into the computers and I believe somebody is past-posting us."

From Wednesday:

Beyer: Onerous IRS rules finally have a silver lining for legit BC P6 winners

Albany (NY) Times Union: Within a week, investigators are expected to have most of their case solidified against Breeders' Cup Pick Six wire fraud suspects

Aututote installing new system aimed at detecting fraudulent activity

From Tuesday 12/3:

Pro gambler set to file class action against Autotote over P6 mess

From Friday:

NYS Racing and Wagering Board put in long hours in cracking Pick Six case

From Thursday:

Turfway plans to follow others and close race betting early

Paul Moran on early wager closing: There is no reason for this other than the misguided perception that people - "they" - are entering bets well after the start

Gate scratch at CD Tues emphasizes flaws in early-close plan

From Wednesday:

Bill Christine: As racing faces one of its darkest hours... the industry is where it frequently is: badly, sadly polarized.

Pricci: Short-term fixes emerge, but greed and cluelessness still way out in front

Maryland tracks taking patient approach with wagering reforms... "If you have a flat tire, don't change the oil," said Louis Raffetto, chief operating officer for Laurel Park and Pimlico Race Course."

From Tuesday:

Gary West: "The sport's quick response to the Breeders' Cup Pick Six scandal should be so encouraging. Should be, but isn't."

NYRA closes another loophole... No more "cancel delay"

Delaware racing authorities examine '99 tix scam... "Unfortunately, we didn't know about this until last week."

From Monday 11/25:

DRF's Crist looks at current 'solutions' being put into place... "All of these responses, however well-meaning, ultimately amount to one thing: further restrictions and inconvenience to the customers, rather than a solution to the inadequate technology and security that caused this whole mess."

San Diego Union Tribune: Just like on "Law & Order"

From Sunday:

Delaware News Journal: Opinion, Racing regulators have it backwards

Sacramento Bee: CHRB: Past-posting not a factor in state

From Saturday:

Sacramento Bee: Autotote president Brooks Pierce told the California Horse Racing Board at its Thursday meeting that new software had been completed and will be online within 14 days

LA Times: Delaware confirms '99 tix scam

DRF: Earlier counterfeit scam foiled... "We had mechanisms in place to pick it up. He confessed to what he did, and restitution was made."

Bloodhorse: Federal Freeze May Delay Pick Six Payout

LA Daily News: CHRB denies Hollywood request to close wagering early... Track prez, "The complacency is shocking to me. I think we'll look back and see how disastrous the impact of the pick-six scandal has been and wish we'd taken more aggressive steps to address the confidence of the players."

From Friday:

Wash Post: Autotote fired employee for similar uncashed tix scam in '99

NY Times: Late-Changing Odds Next Headache

LA Times: CHRB turns down Hollypark's request to close betting early

NY Daily News: Paranoia is available at all times. And because of the Pick Six mess, that paranoia becomes heightened

Chi Sun-Times: Federal sources reported Thursday that multiple government agencies are considering new explorations of more possible links between Illinois racetracks and admitted Breeders' Cup bet fixer Chris Harn

Bloodhorse: Executives within NYRA were said, according to sources, to be upset the NTRA turned to Giuliani

DRF: Harn likely revealed the bogus-ticket scheme to prosecutors because plea agreements usually require defendants to give a full accounting of any criminal activity

TTimes: Illinois Racing Board will meet 12/9 to discuss distribution of BC P6 pool

From Thursday:

Beyer: It is doubtful that the sport has learned all the necessary lessons arising from this jolt to its public image

Recent late odds drops at Aqueduct accountable to one off-shore bettor

Newly revealed scam by BC P6 trio recalls Illinois investigation from 2000... Chicago Sun-Times: The same sort of scam was alleged to be going on behind the mutuel lines at Arlington Park 22 months ago

waymoresports.com: What already has been determined is that horse racing is a leaderless industry that shows no outward signs of mending the damage done by strong (at this point) suggestions that the Pick Six bet under investigation was past-posted.

sunspot.net: "This morning, by pleading guilty, Chris has accepted fully the responsibility for the crimes he has committed," Harn's attorney, Daniel Conti, said after the hearing, according to the Associated Press. "He has asked me to express his deepest apologies to everyone who's been affected adversely by his actions."

LA Times: BC P6 brings up memories of racetrack scams from the past

msnbc: Giuliani firm to oversee re-examination of data on Pick 6, other multi-race bets

Other P6 scammer's lawyer commets... NY Daily News: DaSilva's attorney insisted that Harn - who worked for the bet-processing firm Autotote - set up the whole deal. "I assume the government wants him because he can lay out all the flaws in the computer system," attorney Ed Hayes said.

Sacremento Bee: Can it happen here in California? Beginning this morning at a meeting in El Segundo, the California Horse Racing Board will begin to find out.

Albany times Union: Guiliani onboard, "In making certain that you use a situation like this -- which is obviously one of great concern as criminal ramifications are playing out -- they use a situation like this, not to fall back, but to improve."

DRF: Bet review will cover entire year

TTimes: Accused trio allegedly cashed fraudulent bets for 12 months

NY Times: Accused Pleads Guilty in Betting Fraud and Implicates 2 Others

From Wednesday:

Transcript of Wed's NTRA press conference
Harn pleads GUILTY!... Admits to P6 scam, prior 'dry run', and another scam to duplicate uncashed tickets

Guilty Plea Expected in Betting Fraud

Bloodhorse: NY legislator taking action... Proposing legislation requiring wagering records, making tampering with wagers a felony, and he'll also ask the industry to pay the BC P6 conso tix holders

sunspot.net: NTRA task force still considering review of past wagers

DRF: Guiliani firm gets call to consult in P6 review... Industry official, "This will make sure we're getting the kind of tough-minded analysis that we need, from an outside source."

Bloodhorse: Autotote continues to enhance security

From Tuesday:

TTImes: NTRA group set to look at more than 1000 'pick' wagers from the last year

Delaware News Journal: In the world of scams, Pick Six fixers are just pikers

DRF: BC P6 conso tix holders will be paid interest

TTimes: Arizona symposium adds panel on integrity of technology

From Monday 11/18:

NY Daily News: Late odds drop Sun at AQU raises writer's concern

From Sunday:

NY Times: NTRA's Tim Smith, "Many of horse racing's most avid fans and best customers are justifiably concerned about overall system integrity."

Delaware News Journal: In a business where honesty is the product, it was a case of product tampering

sunspot.net: Profiles of the P6 three

NY Daily News: Cheats often give themselves away by winning against astronomical odds, guaranteeing that whoever has to pay off will thoroughly investigate

From Saturday:

Autotote parent instituting stricter security measures in wake of P6 scam

Superfectas return to Canada... Pick 4/6 wagers still prohibited

LA Daily News: Is there anything in the Breeders' Cup pick-six scandal to make a horseplayer feel good about himself and his sport?

NYRA eliminates alternate runner option from P6 wagers

Dallas Morning News: Two area track players wonder how much tickets may yield after scandal

Lowell Sun: New betting rules don't fix problem

From Friday:

waymoresports.com: Woodbine puts $100 million price tag on banned wagers

Chicago Sun Times: Ill Racing Board still scrambling after banning 'pick' wagers

espn.com/Cronley: The possibility of being cheated every so often is like a surcharge gamblers have to be willing to pay... People victimized by the more traditional stock market scandals probably wish they were as lucky as horse players at the moment

From Thursday:

msnbc: Task force to review pick bets history... Jim Quinn, task force member, "The task force has recognized that this is a legitimate question and is trying to get consensus with the major racetrack operators and with the tote companies to do some kind of back-checking, maybe one year, maybe two years to try to identify suspicious tickets."

Louisville Courier Journal: Day One of Churchill's early closing plan goes smoothly... Spokesperson, "While walking through the stands today, I got very few complaints."

NY Post: NYRA announces plan on early close of wagering

Newsday: The attempted and still alleged theft of more than $3 million from America's horseplayers on Breeders' Cup Day is being called the biggest scandal in racing history. We beg to differ.

NY Times: Calls for improved technology widespread -- well almost... Catskill OTB prez Groth, "There are costs. I don't know that every idea can be afforded."

waymoresports.com: Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency places restrictions on some types of wagers... Woodbine exec, "This bureaucratic knee-jerk reaction to the Pick Six investigation in the United States is, in my opinion, not a reasonable or progressive response to this serious issue."

LA Times: Hollywood plan to close wagering early put on hold pending approval

Chicago Tribune: Stan Bergstein, VP of Harness Tracks of America, "There's nothing to indicate in any way, shape or form that there was a fixed race involved in this. [Past scandals] are completely different in scope and intent."

CBS sportsline.com: NY State concerned about OTB security before bet scandal

Seattle Post Intelligencer: "Larceny of epic proportion apparently has been propagated in the horse racing world, and the story has legs more provocative than Drew Barrymore's and hairier than King Kong's."

Drexel campus takes note of P6 scandal... Student, "I know what they did wasn't right, but in a twisted sort of way, it shows our high standards. It shows the quality of the education you can get here."

Chicago Sun-Times: Hawthorne responds to 'pick 4/6' ban by adding more gimmicks

Lexington Leader Herald: It's a great story, just not great for thoroughbred racing

Wash Post: Industry working on new security measures

DRF: Is the pick six going the way of the dinosaur?

DRF: Criminal law experts said Wednesday they expected a grand jury to hand down an indictment in the next 30 days

NYCOTB will hire firm to audit computer security

From Wednesday:

Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois ban of 'pick' bets a mess
O'Donnell: "In a stunningly shallow decision hinting at modern parimutuel naivete and chillingly knee-jerk administrative thinking, the IRB suddenly announced it was banning all Pick 4 through Pick 9 wagering of any origin at all Illinois tracks and OTBs until further notice."

NY Post: If convicted on the current charge, each man faces a five-year prison stretch and a $250,000 fine

DRF: Illinois bans 'pick' bets

NY Times: Asked if the Breeders' Cup case was worthy of a Hollywood treatment, [US attorney] Mr. Comey replied: "The movie was already made, but with much better-looking people."

OTB regulars interested but unfazed... One fan, "I come here every other day to talk to my friends, I'm just a $2 bettor."

Miami Herald: Attorneys for all three defendants say their clients have done nothing wrong

TTimes: NYSRWB chairman, "This was an inside job, and the fact that just two weeks after the bets were placed, three individuals are in custody and will appear before a federal judge should send a message to those who would try to cheat the system."

Wash Post: Two of P6 three fail drug tests... Judge, "We're not going to have you out there high on drugs."

Bloodhorse: Early bet closing times at Hollywood on hold until CHRB meeting 11/21

NY Daily News: Case could be hard to prove... "We've never seen anything like this," said David Steingold, a Detroit-based expert in horse racing law

Photo of the 'Three million dollar man' in cuffs Tues morning

Text of the complaint against the P6 three

P6 three charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud... The defendants "bet that law enforcement would not catch them but that's a bet they could not fix," U.S. Attorney James Comey said at a news conference

Text of the complaint

From Tuesday:

Beyer: How many times?... "If the Belmont larceny could have escaped everybody's notice, then how many other Pick Sixes have been tainted?"

DRF: Tues 'surrender' is the first step... Legal source, "This is where you see a schedule getting established."

DRF: BC P6 math explained

DRF: Other tracks will be watching Churchill Wed as new closing time policy takes effect

Wash Post: Autotote has turned over log files to police that include Harn's electronic computer footprints on the day of the race, said a source with knowledge of the evidence.

Illinois Racing Board starts own investigation

Houston Chronicle: "...a scandal that could rival baseball's infamous 'Black Sox' of 1919."

Houston Chronicle: Anatomy of a betting coup

Palm Beach Post: Calder will close betting earlier

From Monday 11/11:

NY Daily News: P6 three set to surrender to authorities

Magna's Golden Gate will await for CHRB decision before changing policies regarding pool closing times

From Sunday:

NY Times: Profiles the three under investigation, recaps the P6 story

NY Post: For ordinary horseplayers, eliminating the phony-odds problem is as important as convicting the Pick Six felons

TTimes: FBI agent, "We’re always attentive that the investigation may grow and cast a wider net than is indicated right now."

DRF: Brief explanation of the nation's tote system

Palm Beach Post: Betting scandal puts horse racing's credibility at stake

Dallas Morning News: Horse racing has responded, no small accomplishment when you consider how difficult it must be to muster an intelligent response when your pants are pulled down around your ankles

Boston Herald: The ongoing investigation... is only strengthening a wide public perception that horse racing is fixed

From Saturday:

Churchill Downs Inc responds: Wagering will close early... CDI CEO, "The objective there is to attempt to get final odds posted on the board prior to the time the horses leave the gate."

Finley: Post-break odds changes are the bigger problem

NY Post: Yesterday, the NTRA announced three immediate steps "to improve electronic wagering security and increase customer confidence."

P6 probe turned over to US Attorney General

Daily Gazette: VP of Capital District Regional (NY) Off-Track Betting Corp., said Friday that his company does not have the recording devices either

LA Times: Though Harn has not been charged, the source said: "He had studied the system and, with extensive knowledge, had figured a weakness. We believe he took that opportunity."

DRF: Recaps latest developements... Churchill CEO on security plan, "I don't want to call [these measures] temporary, and I don't want to call them permanent. They're the best we could come up with right now."

NY Post: Photo of one of the three alledged P6 scammers

Newsday: Closer look at the earlier P6 ticket under investigation

Wash Post: Attorney for latest named participant says, "A couple of people made some speculative bets and won. A couple of friends made some bets. Friends bet all the time. So what?"

Beyer: Story of one of the 5/6 consolation 'winners'

Las Vegas Review Journal: If anything, the Breeders Cup Pick 6 case has the appearance of stock fraud or bank embezzlement. Inside information is at the heart of the matter

LA Daily News: Industry "should go ahead and pay off the bettors who were innocent victims of the apparent scam, as expensive as such a goodwill gesture might be."

msnbc: Authorities investigating... have uncovered evidence that a fired Autotote employee exchanged email with both of the men who placed the bets in the weeks before the big race,

Chicago Sun-Times: Hawthorne exec on Churchill's security plans, "I have yet to see a shred of evidence that a maneuver like that in any way enhances tote security. I think it only annoys the public."

TTimes: Illinois Racing board member: "If we have another incident similar to this, I don't know whether we'll have pick six or pick four betting and what not because I don't believe people will trust it."

From Friday:

NY Post: Catskill OTB touch-tone system impounded

NY Times: Seeking a pattern, officials are examining wagers made prior to the disputed pick six Breeders' Cup bets last month

NY Daily News: P6 probe 'near an arrest'... Catskill OTB prez Groth again leads the quote parade: "The New York State Police are near an arrest."

sunspot.net: A national task force on thoroughbred racing plans to announce measures to boost security - including changes in the way bets are processed in computers - as early as today

DRF: Third suspect won two of three bets made using Catskill OTB account

Daily Gazette: A betting scam that brings the integrity of the tote system into question is a blow that the racing industry simply cannot afford.

NY Daily News: Jock's eye view... Richard Migliore, "I sure hope whoever's guilty goes to jail. Not just for cheating, but for diminishing the public's perception of a beautiful sport."

Pricci: Stop throwing words at the problem. Fix it. Now.

Newsday: If an attempt to victimize people accustomed to being victims should be expected, then the ease with which it was accomplished is incomprehensible.

From Thursday:

NY Post: Nassau County (NY) OTB has stopped accepting Pick Six wagers... Larry Aaronson, president of Nassau OTB, "While no allegations of wrongdoing involve Nassau OTB, management decided to take this action in the interest of our customers."

NY Times: The investigation into the six pick six bets that led to a payoff of $3 million in the Breeders' Cup now includes two similar payoffs at Belmont Park and an Illinois harness track

sunspot.net: IBM review in 2000 warned of tote system computer flaws: "As an industry, you are as far behind in the use of technology to improve your business as any I have ever seen."

Bergstein: Illegal medication looms on the horizon. Despite protestations to the contrary, similar to the bland tote assurances before last week, it hangs like another Pick Six cloud in racing's darkening sky.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Maybe we're too busy looking for a winner - the honest way - to take the time to save ourselves.

Wash Post: Third person named... Other P6 tickets probed

LA Times: High-tech security experts hired to assess tote system

Louisville Courier Journal: Two previous wagers of similar configuration being investigated

DRF: Probe continues... Previously investigated Spa tix "were legitimate and were not connected to the suspects in the disputed Breeders' Cup pick six ticket"

From Wednesday:

DRF: Racing officials are becoming increasingly concerned with Autotote

Third suspect involved in P6 probe... Catskill OTB prez, "The other name is an account holder we had been studying prior to Breeders’ Cup day."

P6 probe: Third person also a frat brother

Beyer: P6 scam brings back memories of similar larceny a quarter century ago

Wash Post: The betting scandal has led to questions about the quality of the industry's tote system

northjersey.com: Racing will face serious trouble if bettors lose faith that every wager offers a safe, secure, and fair transaction

LA Times: Late odds changes among concerns needing to be addressed

NY Post: Fired Autotote employees' lawyer still maintains innoncence despite latest report... "Nothing has changed since Thursday."

Paulick/TTimes: The confidence of horseplayers has been shaken, and that is a very serious matter for racetracks, owners, breeders, and anyone else with a financial stake in this business.

msnbc: Third figure in probe suspected of cashing two fraudulent P6 tix

From Tuesday:

Wash Post: NTRA announced plans yesterday to hire an independent technical audit firm that specializes in securing information technology systems.

P6 probe proceeds at deliberate pace

From Monday 11/4:

NY Post: Industry working to allay suspicions... NTRA commish, "I don't know of any other situation. We have heard every rumor out there. That's why we want to establish facts."

From Sunday:

Task force formed but tracks owners take action in the meantime... NYRA's Schwartz, "We are going over our vendors' onsite tote operations with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that strict security controls are maintained and the reliability of our wagering systems is unquestioned."

Kerrison: But if the sting itself was a shock, an even bigger surprise might await the betting public - don't bet the alleged perpetrators will be convicted.

Kentucky.com: Read the bettors' lips, please: Updated software is needed in this sport.

Albany Times Union: A lot of bettors already are wondering how many times this show has been replayed and how much of the $14.5 billion wagered annually on thoroughbred racing is affected

DRF: Focus is on restoring confidence... Barry Schwartz, the chairman of NYRA, said that the audits would look at "everything and anything," including past pick 6 wagers

P6 scam continues to get reaction... Del Mar mgr of mutuels, "Whenever we have a solo [Pick Six] ticket at Del Mar, we take a look."

From Saturday:

Beyer: "I doubt that the Autotote company would have detected any wrongdoing unless the crooked Pick Six play had already become a national scandal."

NTRA forms task force to examine computer security issues

P6 'winner's' attorney still defiant, "When all of this ends, it will be shown that this was a legitimate ticket and that nothing irregular occurred."

NTRA commish on response by task force, "...getting it right . . . is critically important."

sunspot.net: Integrity of sport in question... Fan, "Me and my friends have suspected there has been manipulation for years. It just seems that the odds are doing funny things."

Washington Post: Laurel/Pimlico COO, "There's nothing a track can do if somebody's on the inside with a scam. It's up to the parimutuel companies."

Illinois Racing Board halts P6 payouts... "We all have to be very cautious and methodical with what we do."

P6 scammers were frat brothers

TTimes: Already, racing organizations are compiling lists of tote security standards that currently are in place and others that should be added

NY Times: NTRA commish said a full computer security audit of the three racing totalizing companies Autotote, AmTote and United Tote would be requested as the association's new working group proceeded in its study.

NY Times: Security analyst says, "Scientific Games should be able to put this behind them pretty quickly."

Louisville Courier Journal: Tracks act to boost computer security... Churchill spokesman, "Given the facts as we know today, it appears as if it was human malfeasance, which would suggest you go back and check all of your systems and your access."

Crist: "This story is only going to get worse. While each day brings new information that makes it increasingly unlikely that the winning ticket was legitimate, the most incriminating fact is that this may well have happened before under very similar circumstances."

From Friday:

NY Times: Link between 'winner' and fired tote employee... The [Autotote] employee attended Drexel University in Philadelphia with the winner of the bet, racing officials and a state investigator said.

Complete audio replay: Lorne Weil, chairman and chief executive officer of 10/31/02 5PM ET Scientific Games/AutoTote Investor & Analyst Conference Call pertaining to P6 probe

TTimes: Fired tote employee "apparently altered the betting ticket of a Baltimore man so that it would be a winner."

Scientific Games press release: Weil said that no hacker or professional operating from home could [alter the bet].. However, he said, procedures and warning signals built into the system pointed to an employee.

Washington Post: Don Groth, president of the Catskill OTB, said he was "shaken by the news."

Saratoga P6 tix under investigation bear no resemblance to BC tix

Daily Gazette: Industry sources said that Davis and the fired software engineer are believed to be longtime acquaintances who were classmates at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

BC P6 not connected to Spa tix under investigation... NYRA official, "We just wanted to be sure because they're two huge payoffs," Nader said from Arizona. "There wasn't a connection, but we have to do all we can to protect our bettors."

Trentonian: Another reason to kiss the racetrack goodbye, forever, and say hello to other forms of gambling that can offer them, at the very least, a fair shake.

LA Times: All of racing's innovative marketing efforts -- off-track betting, betting by phone and the Internet, betting from home, getting rich quickly with a single bet -- have been sabotaged

sunspot.net: Bennett M. Liebman, coordinator of the Racing and Wagering Law Program at Albany Law School of Union University, "In the old days you had a steward at the track who threw a switch and the betting was shut down. Now you have more and more electronic types of betting. It certainly has made it more complicated."

Chicago Sun-Times: But some of [those holding consolation tickets] also undoubtedly availed themselves of '10 percenters.' Said one veteran Chicago railsider: "What will be dandy is if one of the old fellows signed for the four grand [the BC Pick Six consolation] and now becomes the owner of record of the extra $35,000."

NY Daily News: '10 percenters' could be in for an unexpected windfall

From Thursday:

Tote company stock trading halted after employee firing is disclosed

Beyer: "There is scarcely a serious bettor left in America who trusts the parimutuel system."

P6 'winner' defiant... "I'm innocent ... If they got proof that I did something wrong, then show it to me. If not, give me my money."

Globe and Mail: Steve Crist of DRF on P6 probe, "It strikes me as a very complicated investigation. I'd be disappointed if, in a few days, someone looked into it and said nothing happened."

Capital District OTB prez more skeptical than Catskill chief... "The circumstances seem highly unlikely. Somebody might be able to hack into the system, you don't know."... Investigation includes: An individual bettor had the only winning ticket on a [Saratoga] $421,998 Pick Four on Aug. 14 and a $330,389 Pick Six two days later.

Newsday: P6 win defies credulity

NY Times: P6 probe raises questions about sport's integrity... TRA official, "This could have very serious repercussions for this industry, at least in the short term."

From Wednesday:

Jersey columnist: "By the time my grandchildren are ready to go to the racetrack, there won't be any racetracks."

Philadelphia Daily News: Now, the officials might find out what bettors suspected all along, that nothing is impossible if there is enough money involved.

NY Times: Article names P6 'winner'

DRF: If someone wanted to manipulate the parimutuel pools in Thoroughbred racing, the bet of choice would be the pick six...

sunspot.net: Possibly complicating the matter is that [the] telephone bet from Maryland was apparently illegal, even though that law is not widely known.

NTRA: Breeders' Cup Ultra Pick 6 Rules

From Tuesday:

Thoroughbred Times has learned that the New York State Racing and Wagering Board is investigating two pick six payoffs during the July 24 through September 3 Saratoga meeting that were placed with New York City OTB to see if there is any connection to the Breeders’ Cup pick six.

Beyer: Knowledgeable racing fans who understand Pick Six betting believe this wager could not have been successfully completed without foreknowledge of the results.

NY Post: "I was going to play four Pick 6 tickets," Derrick said. "After I put the second ticket in, which turned out to be the winner, the system told me I didn't have enough money left for the third ticket."

NY Times: [An Autotote official] said the bettor made a pick-six wager on a $2 ticket that did not win using a similar strategy — he bet the entire field in the first two legs and then picked one horse in the remaining four. He said he had not yet been asked for the data by state investigators, but he intended to provide it.

Miami Herald: "Is it possible?" said Mark Hopkins, a horse owner, handicapper and former math teacher who splits his time between New York's Saratoga and South Florida's Gulfstream parks. "Yes, it's possible. But it's also possible the world is going to stop spinning tomorrow."

Chicago Sun-Times: Individuals familiar with national simulcasting mutuel software and the Breeders' Cup said the primary concern of event organizers was that the Catskills OTB system could have been ''hacked'' into and that the bets could have been made after the running of the first four races. There is no evidence at this time to support that speculation.

From Monday 10/28:

BC Pick Six win being investigated... DRF update: At issue is whether the bettor, acting alone or in a group, made the winning bets after one or more races in the Breeders' Cup pick six sequence were run.

More on the BC Pick Six probe

...and yet another look at the investigation

The Day After:

BC wagering record broken... Six winning Pick Six tix ($428,392) all sold at Catskill OTB in NY

BC Future Bets final odds


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