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We always appreciate a good handicapping accomplishment...

1/2/04... The Troy-Record (Troy, NY) announced this week that its featured daily handicapper, Nick Kling, completed an exceptional twelve months by finishing with a positive ROI through 2,315 races in calendar year 2003.

Kling does daily, full-card handicapping of all three tracks on the NYRA circuit, Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga. His top pick won 782 of the 2,315 races, a solid 33.8%. But more remarkable is that Kling managed a net profit for the year. A $2 win wager on each of his top picks would have cost $4630.00 and would have returned $4695.00. A flat-bet profit such as that at a single race meeting is outstanding, to accomplish it over the course of twelve months and many meets is truly noteworthy.

"I use race watching, pace handicapping, and trainer angles as my key handicapping tools," said Kling. "I downplay final time speed figures -- not because they are inaccurate, but because they are generally overbet. In addition, my newspaper, The Record of Troy, NY, allows me the freedom to make value selections, not push for the highest number of top winners."

The 1.5% profit margin Kling attained is notable in light of a recent article written by Andy Beyer of the Washington Post. Beyer -- in a closer look at rebate shops -- noted that some professional gamblers will push seven- and eight-figure sums through the windows in an attempt to finish 2% ahead. And many of these players will only reach that goal after generous rebates are figured into their equations. Of course these players have the luxury of cherry-picking which races they want to play and which they want to pass from a menu of many different tracks. And some also use sophisticated computer programs that shop for favorable odds.

Maybe they should think about moving to Troy, plunking down fifty cents at the coffee shop every morning for The Record, and simply listening to the mantra of Kling!

As Nick says, "I've got the best job in the world a racing fan could want."


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