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Handicappers who called it correctly


Not necessarily a comprehensive list -- but listed below are the Derby handicappers we linked to on Equidaily.com who managed to correctly scope out the winner this year.

To make the list a handicapper either had to have the winner on top, or list the exacta combo somewhere in their mix...

TRIFECTA [$2337.40/$2]:

>>> Satish Sanan [Padua Stable]: "I like Ice Box. I like Super Saver. I like Paddy O'Prado." [Audio, halfway into Hour 3]

EXACTA/BOX [$152.40/$2]:

>>> Powell [BRIS.com]: "I will focus most of my bankroll on a win/place bet on Super Saver. In the gimmicks, I'll use..." Awesome Act, Ice Box, American Lion, and Homeboykris
>>> NY Post staff selections: Kerrison - Super Saver, Lookin at Lucky, Ice Box
>>> Eng [Las Vegas Review Journal: Devil May Care, Lookin At Lucky, Ice Box, Super Saver
>>> Courier-Journal staff [and other media]: Paul Rolfes [C-J, exacta flip-flopped]. Wilkin [Times Union, winner], Wincze, [Lexington Herald-Leader, exacta listed 2-3], Graves [AP - exacta cold]
>>> Although no link is available [DRF subscription wall] credit is also given to DRF's Marcus Hersch who had the top two Derby finishers as his top two selections - in reverse order

WINNER ON TOP [$18.00, 8.80. 6.00]:

>>> Fortus [Times Picayune]: 1. Super Saver, 2. Mission Impazible, 3. Awesome Act, 4. Lookin At Lucky
>>> West [Star Telegram]: Super Saver, Lookin At Lucky, Devil May Care, Dublin
>>> Various [NY Times' The Rail]: Goetz, Hoppert
>>> O'Donnell [Chicago Sun Times]: Super Saver, Devil May Care, Lookin At Lucky, Line of David
>>> Horvath [Patriot News]: The investment plan is to key Super Saver top and bottom in exactas with...
>>> Menez [Sports Illustrated]: Super Saver, Devil May Care, Paddy O'Prado, Awesome Act
>>> Pricci [Horseraceinsider.com]: 1. Super Saver 2. Awesome Act 3. Lookin At Lucky 4. American Lion
>>> Roedemeier [WHAS]: I'm going to go with Calvin Borel to win his second Derby. Lookin at Lucky will give him a fight. Sidney's Candy hangs on for third
>>> USA Today- top picks from various media-types: Harris AP


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