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2009 International Simulcast Conference
Saratoga Springs, NY ... Oct 12 -14, 2009

DAY ONE: Monday

TRA website

Conference info

Bloodhorse recap of Day One: Perception, not integrity, called major issue

2009 International Simulcast Conference, Saratoga Hilton and Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY

2009 International Simulcast Conference, registration desk

This year's International Simulcast Conference is taking place this week in Saratoga Springs, NY -- at the Saratoga Hilton located right on the city's main street, Broadway.

There was a full-house for Monday's opening sessions and TRA Veep Chris Scherf got the proceedings rolling with some good-natured kidding about the location -- reminding conference attendees that they were getting bargain rates in the hotel compared to the prices paid just a few short weeks ago during the racing season.

2009 International Simulcast Conference, panel, from left, Scherf, at podium, and sitting, True, Dobbins, Hill and Linnell, 10/12/09

Day One Panels... A few quick hits on some of the comments made Monday afternoon

Again, these are just some "quick hit" impressions from presentations that took up the better part of Monday afternoon...


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