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Sunday Morning Front Page Montage

A sampling of front pages from across the country on Sunday, May 18, 2008 -- the day after the Preakness


Two weeks ago the furor surrounding Eight Belles unfortunate fatality in the Kentucky Derby had some sounding the death-knell for horse-racing.

That attitude seems to have been proven premature however after looking at the front pages of many American newspapers on Sunday.

Big Brown's Preakness victory and the potential for a Triple Crown was featured on the cover of newspapers across the nation -- very often in the coveted "above the fold" position.

Think about this for a moment: What other American sports event garners similar coast-to-coast front page coverage? The Super Bowl is a likely candidate. Perhaps the last game of the World Series. Maybe the final game of the NBA Championship. Probably not the NHL. Or the PGA. Or professional tennis.

No -- it's horse-racing that's among this small handful of noteworthy events, despite some recent proclamations that it's an anachronism on the American sports scene...

Below is a sampling of some the front pages of US newspapers from this past Sunday.

Press Register/Alabama, front page, 5/18/08
Press Register/Alabama

Arkansas Democrat Gazette, front page, 5/18/08
Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Casa Grande Dispatch/Arizona, front page, 5/18/08
Casa Grande Dispatch/Arizona

LA Daily News, front page, 5/18/08
Los Angeles Daily News

San Diego Union-Tribune, front page, 5/18/08
San Diego Union-Tribune

San Francisco Chronicle, front page, 5/18/08
San Francisco Chronicle

The Tribune/California, front page, 5/18/08
The Tribune/California

The Gazette/Colorado, front page, 5/18/08
The Gazette/Colorado

The Washington [DC] Times, front page, 5/18/08
The Washington [DC] Times

Miami Herald, front page, 5/18/08
Miami Herald

Tampa Tribune, front page, 5/18/08
Tampa Tribune

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, front page, 5/18/08
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Indianapolis Star, front page, 5/18/08
Indianapolis Star

Louisville Courier-Journal, front page, 5/18/08
Louisville Courier-Journal

Boston Globe, front page, 5/18/08
Boston Globe

Baltimore Sun, front page, 5/18/08
Baltimore Sun

Lincoln [Neb] Journal Star, front page, 5/18/08
Lincoln [Neb] Journal Star

The Press of Atlantic City, front page, 5/18/08
The Press of Atlantic City

The Sunday Journal/New Mexico, front page, 5/18/08
The Sunday Journal/New Mexico

Las Vegas Review-Journal, front page, 5/18/08
Las Vegas Review-Journal

NY Daily News, front page, 5/18/08
NY Daily News

Newsday [NY], front page, 5/18/08
Newsday [NY]

NY Times, front page, 5/18/08
The New York Times

The Blade/Ohio, front page, 5/18/08
The Blade/Ohio

The Sunday Oregonian, front page, 5/18/08
The Sunday Oregonian

Philadelphia Inquirer, front page, 5/18/08
Philadelphia Inquirer

San Antonio Express-News, front page, 5/18/08
San Antonio Express-News

Salt Lake Tribune, front page, 5/18/08
Salt Lake Tribune


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