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The Passing of Barbaro Archive

After a long battle, Ky Derby winner Barbaro succumbs
January 2007


Sunday 2/4:

>>> Letter to editor: "My tears stopped when I read how severe the injury was and that efforts were being made to save him."
>>> Barbaro's death elicits calls for change
>>> Barbaro's legacy: saving other horses
>>> VIDEO: Clips from docu 'The First Saturday in May' featuring Barbaro
>>> More info about 'The First Saturday in May' documentary

Take that, Simers!... Davidowitz and Stevens react to recent Barbaro-related column in LA Times:
>>> Simers on Sunday: Hate mail not pretty
>>> Davidowitz: If you believe the philosophy of LA Times Sports columnist Simers... then you should own no pets, or be involved with any life form other than your self
>>> Gary Stevens replies to LA Times' Simers recent Barbaro column, "I found it extremely appalling..."
>>> Flashback to Tuesday's Simers column: "I just don't get this blubbering fascination with Barbaro."

Saturday 2/3:

>>> Owner says amputation was never seriously considered for Barbaro
>>> Comment: In an era of political correctness, no athlete is called a 'thoroughbred' anymore, but it would be a compliment if he were
>>> AP: Owners, racing industry won't allow Barbaro's brave fight to be forgotten
>>> Comment: As difficult as the decision would have been to euthanize him at the racetrack... it would have been the kindest, most loving act they could have performed
>>> Comment: Maybe it's time to make the racing world a little more accountable for what happens to these athletes

Friday 2/2:

>>> Opinion: The cycle of renewal goes on... Each new season invites the appearance of another Barbaro
>>> NY Times op-ed: Why we mourn Barbaro
>>> Photos and tribute from Eclipse winning photog Cindy Pierson Dulay
>>> Comment: Making us more aware of the plight of the racehorse, will help all the other Barbaros out there, now and in the future

Thursday 2/1:

Barbaro-related political cartoons:
>>> Page 1
>>> Page 2
>>> Page 3
>>> Page 4

Comment, opinion, news:
>>> Barbaro's siblings must carry on legacy
>>> Finley: Can his kid brother follow in Barbaro's huge footsteps?
>>> Kentucky horsemen recall Barbaro's early days
>>> Massachusetts editorial: Barbaro has taught us, horse racing is not about gambling. It's about four-legged sports heroes
>>> Editorial: Barbaro shows importance of compassion for animals
>>> Opinion: He couldn't be loved back to life... But thousands wept for Barbaro, unlike a crippled filly I once tended -- she never had a chance
>>> Dean: Barbaro transcendent... Battling until the end to survive, horse was beloved beyond the rails
>>> Owners mull Barbaro resting place
>>> Website offers fans a chance to post thoughts of condolence and rememberance
>>> Photo gallery: Fans offer condolences at Derby Museum
>>> DelPark wants to pay tribute to Barbaro... Plans to rename stake for 2006 Derby winner
>>> Barbaro's birth stall stands empty... Farm pays tribute to champ
>>> White: Barbaro's death brought an outpouring of reaction from throughout the world
>>> Transcript: Monday's Barbaro teleconference

Wednesday 1/31:

Comment, opinion, news:
>>> Katie Couric's Notebook: Why Barbaro Mattered
>>> Haskin: Fairy tales are not supposed to have unhappy endings
>>> Solace for Barbaro fans: A small amount at least can be found in AE Housman's poem 'To an Athlete Dying Young'... "To-day, the road all runners come, Shoulder-high we bring you home..."
>>> Clay: Maybe Barbaro will be remembered as the horse who forced racing to finally embrace change, for the better
>>> Wing: His brief Post-Preakness life did succeed in showing the world that ours was an industry that, indeed, cared desperately about its horses
>>> Every day was like a gift. Thank you, Barbaro
>>> Kentucky sites could be Barbaro's final resting place
>>> Could Barbaro have passed on his genes through artificial insemination?... The rules say no
>>> Finley: Barbaro's legacy positive
>>> Privman: Matz soldiers on with Barbaro gone
>>> Essay: Barbaro taught her about the love of sport
>>> Comment: I'll admit I don't know the first thing about raising a horse, racing a horse or betting on a horse, but I do know that Americans love a winner. And that's what Barbaro was
>>> Seattle comment: We all loved the longshot in Barbaro
>>> Fans respond on Pa newspaper's phone-in line
>>> Prado honors Barbaro for his 'courage, will to live'
>>> Dr Richardson adjusting to life without Barbaro
>>> Baltimore Sun: Industry displayed its love for horses... Barbaro ordeal elicits compassion
>>> Gulfstream establishes scholarship to honor Barbaro
>>> Transcript: CNN's 'Larry King Live'... Barbaro coverage from Tuesday, featuring the Jacksons and Dr Richardson

Barbaro's legacy:
>>> No prevention or cure for laminitis... Barbaro's ailment frustrates scientists
>>> Barbaro case raises host of hard questions
>>> "Now Barbaro is at the cutting edge of what we can do -- what's being made available. Twenty years from now, an injury like Barbaro's will be regularly treated."
>>> AP: Barbaro's legacy: Veterinary learning, public education, research funding

NY Daily News backpage, 1/30/07 Daily Times frontpage 1/30/07 NY Post frontpage, 1/30/07
NY Times web frontpage 1/29/07 USA Today, web frontpage, 1/29/07 LA Times, web frontpage, 1/29/07
International Herald Tribune web frontpage 1/29/07 BBC, web frontpage, 1/29/07
Beyer: "Even for the most hardened racetrackers, the death of Barbaro yesterday was a painful and depressing loss."

The basics:
>>> Barbaro obit
>>> AUDIO: 'At the Races & Beyond' coverage of early portion of Monday's press conference with Jacksons and Richardson
>>> Why the decision was made: "Bottom line - he was a completely different horse. You could see he was upset."
>>> A chronology of Barbaro's life
>>> Lifetime PPs
>>> VIDEO REPLAY: 2006 Ky Derby [click on "Kentucky Derby 132" to play]... "It is all Barbaro! In a sublime performance!"

The limits of treament:
>>> Horses not built for recuperation
>>> Graphic: How Barbaro's condition deteriorated [pdf]
>>> Barbaro's injury highlighted problems, medical advances

Barbaro's legacy:
The bad:
>>> Comment: For the sport as a whole, this is a sobering reminder that its greatest problems -- skittish, profit-protecting owners -- just had their bottom-line beliefs reinforced
The good:
>>> Bozich: Nothing should be off limits in discussing how to make the game safer
>>> Pricci: A longer Triple Crown series is in the best interests of the horse and, by extension, the sport
>>> Courier-Journal: Barbaro's fate reveals grim reality in racing... Plight could result in more research
>>> Barbaro's greatest impact might be the future well-being of thoroughbreds... "There have been an awful lot of positives."
>>> "A lot has been learned from this case that will help other horses in the future."
>>> Comment: Even though Barbaro will have no descendants, his impact on his breed may live on for a long, long time
>>> Opinion: If Barbaro's death prompts an investigation that examines long-accepted breeding, training and racing procedures in 'the sport of kings,' it could usher in improvements that might spare future swift, graceful horses like Barbaro
>>> Markon: Thanks to Barbaro and the Jacksons, however, more top-echelon horses will enter and, eventually, walk out of equine clinics

Comment, opinion, news:
>>> Eisenberg: Barbaro's owners driven by love
>>> AP: Why all the fuss about Barbaro? He was only a horse. Or was he?
>>> Ross: How do you explain the almost mystical hold that Barbaro had on the public?
>>> Veitch: In my career as a turf writer since 1979 for The Saratogian, I can't recall an injured thoroughbred followed by the public as closely as Barbaro
>>> Haskin: Reflections on Barbaro and his fight for life
>>> Zast: Barbaro's death will have a resounding effect that over the years will only grow larger and more phenomenal than it is already
>>> Palmer: When your hero is a horse and the horse dies there's nothing much to say, but I have a grandson named Liam and he'll ask me questions
>>> Jerardi: Heartbreak... The valiant fight of the people's horse and his caretakers touched many
>>> West: Barbaro's death only adds to his legacy
>>> Wall: Barbaro's courage, poise captured our imagination
>>> Kerrison: There was something about Barbaro that horsemen and the public recognized early. For want of a better word, I call it magic
>>> Jane Smiley: "There is something extra large about the death of a horse."
>>> Habib: You're not supposed to feel this awful. He's just a horse, you remind yourself
>>> Cronley: Barbaro's death transcends sports
>>> Moran: Barbaro won races and hearts
>>> Plonk: We'll always remember Barbaro's battle
>>> Maese: Barbaro runs to legendary status
>>> Harry Aleo, "I really feel badly for those people (Gretchen and Roy Jackson). They are very good people, and they sent me hand-written notes every week after Lost in the Fog was diagnosed with cancer."
>>> Trainer's asst, "He can rest now. He's been fighting long enough."
>>> Jenkins: "Bottomless," was how they described his heart
>>> Arnold: It's amazing how many non-racing people have called or emailed me today wanting to talk about this sad ending to such a heroic fight
>>> Jones: Many horses, I believe, would have quit a long time ago. They would not have fought so hard to live
>>> Barbaro remembered fondly at Fair Grounds
>>> Gretchen Jackson: "Certainly, grief is the price we all pay for love."
>>> Maine horsemen mourn champion
>>> Modesti: Horse racing, and horses, give and take away
>>> DelPark debut gave local fans early look
>>> Finley: Vet says goodbye to a patient
>>> Drape: After eight months, setback ends Barbaro's battle
>>> Texas horsemen remember Barbaro
>>> Donnellon: Barbaro's story was our story
>>> Gretchen Jackson: "One fan of Barbaro said to me this afternoon that she thought Barbaro's thoughts were, 'Please finish these unfinished tasks of mine, and therefore I will comfort you.' "
>>> Ziegel: This was a very special horse
>>> Special bond makes final decision tough
>>> For Barbaro's owners, it's a matter of love
>>> Comment: Uncorrupted Barbaro is our new hero
>>> Dr Richardson, "It's not the first horse I've cried over."
>>> Patton: Derby winner was champ to the end

Fan reaction:
>>> Fan comments on Tim Wooley site
>>> NY Times: Fans comment
>>> MSNBC.com: Fans comment
>>> Thoroughbredchampions.com
>>> Del Mar fan forum
>>> Finalturn.com
>>> Barntowire.com
>>> about.com: Horse Racing
>>> Trackchampion.com

The other side:
>>> Crass: MSNBC.com poll asks, "Should Barbaro have been euthanized when he was injured at the Preakness Stakes?"
>>> Simers: "I just don't get this blubbering fascination with Barbaro."
>>> TIME magazine: Barbaro watchers are left to wonder if the last eight months of pain and hope were really worth it
>>> Jersey scribe puts forth the PETA position

From Monday, Jan 29:

Barbaro euthanized

>>> Haskin... Remembering Barbaro: "Guts carried his feet to victory, but it carried his heart a lot farther"
>>> Sports Illustrated's Layden: His passing, upon further review, is immeasurable
>>> Philly sports blogger: Barbaro was sports' best friend
>>> Owner to fans, "I would say thank you for everything, and all your thoughts and prayers over the last eight months or so."
>>> Forde: Barbaro's death: Equine beauty meets harsh reality
>>> Privman: Barbaro euthanized after long ordeal
>>> Jerardi: A nightmare, right from the start
>>> AUDIO: NPR covers Barbaro death
>>> Maryland Jockey Club expresses sympathy for Barbaro
>>> Condolences to Barbaro team from NTRA CEO, "On behalf of the Thoroughbred racing industry..."
>>> Arkansas scribe: Trying to salvage a horse after a massive break is next to impossible, and that's why they put the horses down almost immediately. It's the humane thing to do
>>> Reprise... Barbaro: Salute to a champion


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