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Jose Santos throws out the first pitch

Yankee Stadium 5/27/03

NY Yankees 11
Boston Red Sox 3


Jose Santos was in Yankee Stadium Tuesday night to throw out the ceremonial 'first-pitch'. And while he didn't actually burn one in there -- he didn't bounce it to the plate either. He's probably a better pitcher than Clemens or Petitte would be as jockeys.

Jose Santos winds up

Jose Santos pitches

Jose Santos roots for Yanks

The telecast on the YES network took a few moments to feature the pitch by Santos. During the mid-inning break in the first the pitch was replayed and the YES announcers took a few moments to talk about it and the upcoming Belmont Stakes.

Michael Kay: Well today he's wearing the Yankee colors -- the Yankee silks -- Jose Santos, the jockey for Funny Cide, and Funny Cide has won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness and right before Andy Petitte began his warm-ups, Jose Santos... Up and away, but he got the ball to home plate for the first pitch here at Yankee Stadium. And on June 7th he will try to complete the first Triple Crown since Affirmed, and that was 25 years ago.

Jim Kaat: Hope he does.

Kay: Think he will?

Bobby Murcer: What do you think, can he?

Kaat: He's got a good shot at it.

Talk then turned to the game for a few moments but as Jeter popped an 0-2 pitch foul...

Kaat: That was pretty wimpy. He is gonna win the Triple Crown -- I gotta be a little more committed than that. I think we're gonna have a Triple Crown -- I thought we were gonna have a Triple Crown winner and it would be Empire Maker, and he is the biggest threat to him -- he's training very well right now but I sure hope Santos and Funny Cide and the NY connections pull it off.

As the chit-chat went on the video cut to some shots of the Santos family enjoying the game. And Jose brought the Yanks some good luck -- they went on to defeat the Red Sox, 11-3.


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