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JOSE LEZCANO (Ice Box, second): The horse didnít break that good and had to check a little at the break. At the half-mile pole, he started running, but I didnít want to go wide in a 20-horse field. I had to check at the quarter-pole, but he came again and made a big run.

KENT DESORMEAUX (Paddy OíPrado, third): I got stopped cold at the quarter-pole. If I got through, I would have won. He stumbled real bad here at the sixteenth pole. He must have stepped in a hole. My horse, he ran his heart out. He just didnít have the luck.

JOEL ROSARIO (Make Music for Me, fourth): I had a good trip. My horse just broke OK, and the other horse broke a little faster. Heís such an easy horse to ride. I wanted to make sure he was clear when he made his run. He ran a good race, maybe it will help him the next time.

WILLIE MARTINEZ (Nobleís Promise, fifth): I was comfortable and moving nicely. The 10 horse (Paddy OíPrado) kind of stopped in front of me, then I gained the lead and he responded nicely for me. The rest was all (Calvin) Borel. He had the horse. Obviously distance is going to be the question with this horse. Heíll be a top 3-year-old and Iím sure (trainer) Kenny (McPeek) will spot him around correctly.

GARRETT GOMEZ (Lookin At Lucky, sixth): I thought something went amiss with him because he just stuck them in the ground. (The horse propped following a bumping incident along the rail.) When he stuck them in the ground, I sat down on him and I didnít know what was going on. By then, I started to figure out what he was doing. By then I knew I was in trouble. You canít do that. You canít give up that ground.

I felt like if I could have stayed where I was, in behind Willie (Martinez, on Nobleís Promise), I would have been in OK shape. But even then, he picked up the horses, but not real willingly. I was having trouble even picking them up going into the far turn. I didnít expect that. I figured that if I got shuffled back where I was he would start to pick them up. He wasnít helping me a whole lot. Then all of a sudden I picked most of the field up and I started splitting horses. He started putting in an OK run. I thought if I can eyeball something heíll come home. When we turned for home, at about the eighth pole, he flattened out.

There are a bunch of variables: the one post, the mud, heís never had this much stuff in his face, a mile and a quarter. Thereís all kinds of stuff. There were too many things going on today. I got bumped two or three times. Thatís what I worried about going in. He wasnít real willing to help me the first sixteenth of mile and take some of it. After the first one, he wasnít willing to take too much.

TERRY THOMPSON (Dublin, seventh): We broke out of the gate and were able to slide over. When we hit the first turn, we were in position just about three off the fence. I got around the turn clean, started picking our path up the backside. I got through. Going into the far turn, we started closing some ground and at the head of the lane we got pushed out just a tad right there. Other than that Ė for 20 horses in the slop Ė we had a dream trip. At the head of the lane we got pushed out. We ran up to fourth and got a little excited and down the lane he didnít quite have it today. All in all, it was a good, clean trip.

ALAN GARCIA (Stately Victor, eighth): My horse didnít seem to like the track. He had a good trip.

RAJIV MARAGH (Mission Impazible, ninth): There was a little bit of jostling early but in this kind of field a lot of us had to go through that. Other than that, I was pretty much where I wanted to be throughout the race. My horse made his move; he just could not sustain it from the three-eighths pole home.

JOHN VELAZQUEZ (Devil May Care, 10th): I had a picture-perfect trip. I couldnít have asked for better. At the three-eighths (pole) I asked her and she came up empty. It just wasnít there.

DAVID FLORES (American Lion, 11th): I had a great trip. No excuse. The horse didnít like the track. It looked like the surface got slower and sticky for my horse. My horse has big feet and he was having to struggle to get through the track. I tried to look for the best spot, but when the horse doesnít like it, there is nothing you can do.

The horse broke very well and got into position. He got into the bit pretty comfortably but right away on the backside I could feel it. When he spit the bit on the backside it was not comfortable, I knew I was in trouble.

MIKE SMITH (Jackson Bend, 12th): The only time I had a little trouble was when Sidneyís Candy stopped. I had to jump around him to the outside and the filly (Devil May Care) had to jump to the inside. Other than that, it just seemed a little far for him, in the mud anyway.

JAVIER CASTELLANO (Discreetly Mine, 13th): Turning for home, he started to get tired. When I asked him for run, he started to spin his wheels a little bit. My horse just didnít handle the sloppy track.

ROBBY ALBARADO (Deanís Kitten, 14th): I had a great trip, just couldnít match strides with them, you know?

MARTIN GARCIA (Conveyance, 15th): I have never ridden a good horse like him. Heís so fast. I just let him do whatever he wanted to. He took the lead easily but I donít know what happened. He ran a good race but he was facing the best horses in the country.

RAMON DOMINGUEZ (Homeboykris, 16th): Unfortunately I just had to settle for a wide trip the whole race because my post position was tough. My horse got tired the last half of a mile. If I had to guess as far as the track, he didnít like the track since he was spinning his wheels the whole way.

JOE TALAMO (Sidneyís Candy, 17th): Oh, man, we were in the right spot; just where I wanted to be. But when it came time, he couldnít do it. It just wasnít his day.

RAFAEL BEJARANO (Line of David, 18th): He didnít like the track, but he was trying. When we went into the far turn, he started to tire. Then he got really tired.

JULIEN LEPAROUX (Awesome Act, 19th): I was where I wanted to be and he was relaxed. He just didnít fire. Thatís it.

MIGUEL MENA (Backtalk, 20th): I had a great trip and everything went good. Good break, no problems at all. My horse is a really nice horse, a very good horse, but I donít think he wanted to go this distance. He made it all the way to the Derby and proved heís a great horse.


NICK ZITO (Ice Box (second), Jackson Bend (12th): I couldnít get lucky enough to beat Calvin (Borel), but my horse (Ice Box) did get me second. He ran a great race. I have to be happy with the way he ran today. He put in a great run.

Jackson Bend had a little problem, but he ran OK.

DALE ROMANS (Paddy OíPrado, third): He ran so big for us. I thought we were going to win. Iím very proud of him, he ran just super. You couldnít ask any more from the horse.

ALEXIS BARBA (Make Music for Me, fourth): Iím quite happy with him. He had me a little worried he was so far back, but I saw him making up ground on the backstretch, even though itís so hard to see the race. Iím delighted with his effort. Weíll sit down with the owner tonight and talk about the Preakness.

KEN McPEEK (Nobleís Promise, fifth): We talked a lot about waiting with this horse and not passing horses until the eighth-pole. Willie (Martinez) said he felt he was cruising, so he let him take the lead at the quarter-pole. We passed the 10 horse (Paddy OíPrado) and then he came back and passed us, so maybe we just need to admit heís a miler. But a darned good one.

BOB BAFFERT (Lookin At Lucky (sixth), Conveyance (15th): I lost all chance at the post position draw when I drew the 1 (post with Lookin At Lucky). Since then I havenít been able to really enjoy. Everything had been going so smooth and great and then boom, right in the 1 hole. I had a bad feeling about it.

ĎLucky,í I quit watching him after the first bump. He was done. I wish (Garrett Gomez) would have pulled him up. Thatís horse racing. You have good luck and bad luck and Iíve been lucky to win this race and other guys have had bad luck.

The other horse (Conveyance) is a good horse but I was just hoping Sidneyís Candy would leave us alone but he just kept pressing us. They were going too fast.

(On if he will go on to the Preakness): I donít know. I am going to look at them over the next couple of days and think about it. I am not going to make any promises over the next few days.

(On Calvin Borel): He is fearless. He rides with so much confidence and he knows what he is going to do. He just gets on top of that rail but he needs a good horse.

D. WAYNE LUKAS (Dublin, seventh): We had a shot at it. We were up to third or fourth at the top of the stretch. We probably had to use him a lot more in the mud than weíd like to to get there. I think we were closer to 13th or 14th over on the kitchen side over there. He flattened out a little on us.

MIKE MAKER (Stately Victor (eighth), Deanís Kitten (14th): It looked like Stately Victor got stuck down on the inside, which I wasnít happy with but thereís nothing you could do. Looked like he had a clear run and had every chance and then turning for home he just didnít have it. What might be next? Maybe the Belmont for Stately Victor.

It didnít look like there were any excuses for Deanís Kitten. We were just outrun. What might be next? The first thought that comes is maybe Colonial Downs, maybe Arlington.

EOIN HARTY (American Lion, 11th): The race went fantastic up until the last part of it. I thought David (Flores) gave him a pretty ride. He did everything I told him to do. I told him to just come away from there and try to stay out of trouble, which is what he did. He got him to the outside and kept him in the clear. He was in a great spot the whole way. I had Super Saver down on the inside of me and when push came to shove, he just wasnít good enough.

Surface: Thatís what David said, that he was never really travelling well on it, that it was very sticky for him. You know what? There were 20 of them in the race and everyone of them had to run on the same surface.

Hats off to the winner: He (Super Saver) ran a fantastic race. There were some other horses in the race that were very unlucky. Ice Box was very unlucky. (Bob) Baffertís horse was very unlucky. In the Derby you have to have a good horse and you also have to be lucky.

RICK DUTROW (Homeboykris, 16th): Ramon (Dominguez) said that he just didnít care for the track too much. He came out of the race OK but he just didnít seem comfortable out there. We will look for either a seven-eighths race or maybe a turf race for him back at Belmont.

JOHN SADLER (Sidneyís Candy (17th), Line of David (18th): He (Sidneyís Candy) just wouldnít relax. The pace was fast and he wouldnít relax off that horse (leader Conveyance). He used up all his energy.

Line of David was caught up in a bad place. He was down on the inside and he didnít like all the mud hitting him in the face. He didnít like it at all.

Not good overall; just not our day.

JEREMY NOSEDA (Awesome Act, 19th): I had a hard time seeing the race, so I donít know what happened. He certainly didnít run his race.

TOM AMOSS (Backtalk, 20th): We had a clean trip. He just, I donít know, he canít go that far. No excuses. Just outrun.


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