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Triple Crown history:
Near-misses... Winners of 2-legs

Belmont Stakes video replays

Belmont Stakes 2004

From Thurs 6/10:

>>> Trainer Nick Zito bio/quick facts
>>> Scribe: A $20 exacta box takes some of the sting out of failed Triple bid... "All of a sudden, $1,390 sounded pretty good to me and my bank account."
>>> More evidence of Smarty 'crossing over' into the mainstream: Somehow this opinion writer finds a political angle... "But this is not a Philadelphia Story, not by a long shot. No, this is an American story, an Israeli story."
>>> Here's a REAL horse fancier's thoughts on the Belmont
>>> Sports editor at Minnesota paper: "I never thought I would actually sit down and write a column about horse racing."
>>> Arkansas scribe critical of Belmont TV coverage... Claims "the Triple Crown is about all the horse racing I follow," then adds, "[The TV coverage] also failed to mention that [Birdstone] had done very well on this track, and had won a lot of races there." ...Well, he was 1-1. (Sigh) I guess we should be happy they're writing abut racing...
>>> Rice: The Test of a Champion quickly changed to The Testament of Sportsmanship
>>> Former NBA'er Rick Barry, "I then realized that Smarty's loss can teach us some of life's valuable lessons."
>>> Peers offered Stewart Elliott a bit of solace, "You made the right decisions."
>>> Haskin's Triple Crown retrospective
>>> The business end of missing a Triple Crown, "If the horse doesn't win, it takes the air out of it."

From Tues 6/08:

>>> Nack: The stretch drive turned out to be as poignant as any in memory
>>> Paulick: Those new to the sport could only walk away knowing how much intrigue, excitement, and integrity Thoroughbred racing offers
>>> King: Blaming Stewart Elliott for Smarty Jones' loss in the Belmont is off base
>>> Birdstone returns to Saratoga
>>> Triple Crown requires skill, luck and timing
>>> Roeper: What's wrong with celebrating, donating a slice to charity and then celebrating some more if you were lucky enough to place a wager on Birdstone?
>>> Comment: Birdstone sure to be a star of Saratoga meet
>>> Curtain call isn't final for 'people's horse' Smarty
>>> Brunker: Smarty Jones was too aggressive
>>> Smarty Jones is going on vacation
>>> It will take a couple of months before the impact of Smartymania will be fully determined. But that impact will likely be somewhat less than it would have been had Birdstone not had so much left down the stretch
>>> Motley Fool: Say it ain't so, Smarty
>>> Price: Don't tarnish Triple Crown... Leave it alone
>>> Servis: 'Proud of what we did'

From Mon 6/07:

>>> Belmont follow-up: Where the other horses are going
>>> Finley: What else could Elliott have done?
>>> Frankel: If Smarty Jones ran against Birdstone two months from now, it would be no contest."... Zito: "That's the quote of the year. Frankel needed Allen Jerkens to train his horse yesterday."
>>> Aussie scribe: Thereís something totally unique and transcendent about champion racehorses that can capture not only the sporting publicís imagination, but take grip on the psyche of a whole nation
>>> TV: Belmont earns highest ratings in 27 years
>>> Servis points to riders on Eddington and 'Rock': "Those guys had nothing to lose so they sacrificed their horses to push Smarty along."
>>> Smarty's return to Philly is low-key
>>> Servis: "We said all along that our goal was to get to the [Kentucky] Derby. We did that. This [the three races] is a tough road. I'm disappointed we didn't get it done, but I'm glad it's over."
>>> Servis: "We're going to start by giving him three to four weeks off and then we'll map out a plan for the Breeders' Cup."
>>> Dougherty: Thanks for the memories, Smarty
>>> Lopresti: So horse racing still waits... Like baseball waits for the next .400 hitter. Like chess waits for the next Bobby Fischer. Like boxing waits for the next Ali
>>> Sad? A little. But what a race he ran.
>>> For Zito, no longer a frustrating year
>>> Lettter FROM the editor of Philly-area paper: "It was a thrilling ride. I still love Smarty Jones. And I donít feel like a loser."
>>> Comment: So itís back to the backburner for thoroughbred racing, to be dusted off next May in anticipation of the 2005 Kentucky Derby. Thank you for an exciting five weeks
>>> Sometimes the other guy just wins. Remember, the use of the word "upset" in sport comes from horse racing when a horse named Upset defeated Man of War
>>> Smarty Jones still Philly's champ
>>> Fortus: No rain, tougher than expected foes hurt Smarty Jones' chances
>>> Wesch: Fans' long wait continues... Smarty targets Breeders' Cup
>>> Comment: Run the Triple Crown sequence in this order: Belmont, Preakness, Kentucky Derby... Then the finish becomes a celebration, not a memorial for lost hope
>>> Smarty returns to Philly
>>> Day after, Elliott back to work
>>> Drape: Smarty Jones lost his chance of winning as he fought off Rock Hard Ten and Eddington in the early stages
>>> Izenberg: A mile and a half that can break the best
>>> NY Times scribe: Belmont was racing's finest hour
>>> Finley: Smarty, Birdstone -- it is unlikely a rematch will occur before the Breeders' Cup Classic
>>> Fountaine: Five reasons for Smarty's failure at Belmont
>>> Newsday Belmont photo gallery
>>> Rees: Zito still feels tinge of guilt for beating Smarty
>>> Forde: Still depressed? Me too
>>> Prado quietly played the role of spoiler
>>> Another 'Bird' leaves Whitney Stables flying
>>> Belmont photo gallery
>>> Another photo gallery
>>> Finally, fortune's wheel swings back to Birdstone
>>> O'Donnell: A little slop might have put Smarty on top
>>> Zito says Belmont is biggest win of career

2004 Belmont post positions and morning line odds
1--MASTER DAVID--Bobby Frankel--Jose Santos, 20-1
2--PURGE--Todd Pletcher--John Velazquez, 5-1
3--CAIMAN--Angel Medina--Ramon Dominguez, 50-1
4--BIRDSTONE--Nick Zito--Edgar Prado, 15-1
5--ROCK HARD TEN--Jason Orman--Alex Solis, 8-1
6--ROYAL ASSAULT--Nick Zito--Pat Day, 20-1
7--TAP DANCER--Edward Allard--Javier Castellano, 50-1
8--EDDINGTON--Mark Hennig--Jerry Bailey, 10-1
9--SMARTY JONES--John Servis--Stewart Elliott, 2-5
Picks and plays

>>> NY Post "Bettor's Guide to the Belmont" with staff selection and plenty of pertinent info

>>> DRF staff selections
>>> Russ Harris: Smarty Jones, Rock Hard Ten, Purge
>>> Drape: Smarty Jones, Purge, Rock Hard Ten

+++ Brunker: "It looks like Smarty Jones by four lengths over a late-running Eddington, with Master David, Purge and Rock Hard Ten."
+++ NY Daily News staff picks
+++ An even better idea might be to put a winning $2 ticket on Smarty Jones in a safe deposit box
+++ Belmont bettable, if you're creative
+++ Cronley: Smarty Jones, Rock Hard Ten, Master David
+++ McNamara: Smarty Jones, Eddington, Master David (with horse-by-horse analysis)
+++ O'Donnell: Smarty Jones, Master David, Birdstone

>>> Bozich: Will Smarty Jones answer history's call?
>>> Modesti: The guess here is that a Triple Crown will swell the sport's spirit more than its stock prices
>>> Test your knowledge of the Triple Crown
>>> Even those who don't know horses want to keep up with Smarty
>>> Smarty: He will tote the hopes not only of a sporting public that has fallen for him, but those of a sport aching for a breakout star
From Sun 6/06:

>>> Newsweek: Smarty breaks America's heart
>>> Stewart Elliott's post-Belmont diary, "When we turned for home, I knew we were in trouble."
>>> Forde: Feel-good story of year has a feel-bad ending
>>> Bozich: Zito's emotions soar like a bird and sink like a stone
>>> Belmont photo gallery
>>> Belmont: Winners show mixed emotions
>>> Record crowd of 120,139
>>> Video replay 2004 Belmont [Windows Media Player]
>>> Vecsey: You can curse Marylou Whitney and her solid Birdstone or you can say it's a good thing that Smarty Jones helped make us eager to see who shows up at the finish line in Kentucky, Maryland and New York next spring
>>> Keyser: Again, no perfect ending
>>> Roberts: The deciding race of the Tri ple Crown is the purest at traction in sports
>>> NBC comes out ahead in Belmont
>>> Beyer: If anybody's failing cost Smarty Jones the Triple Crown, it was not Elliott and Servis, but the beloved horse himself
>>> Servis, "I think Stew did a fine job."
>>> Belmont Stakes chart and results
>>> Buffalo scribe: Stewart might have made his biggest - and maybe first - mistake in Smarty Jones' nine-race career. He moved too soon
>>> Gannett news: Triple Crown eludes Smarty
>>> Winning owner ambivalent, "I'm sorry that Smarty couldn't win. We told Edgar to go for second."
>>> Scribe: Thank you for your humility, Camp Birdstone, but please know you have nothing to apologize for
>>> Lopresti: Failed Triple Crown shows how hard task is
>>> Veitch: If all goes well with Birdstone in the coming weeks, we can look forward to his participation in the Jim Dandy Stakes, on Aug. 8, and the Travers, on Aug. 28, at Saratoga
>>> Smith: Birdstone gets Smarty
>>> Smarty Jones' bid for a Triple Crown is shattered when Birdstone's charge wins the Belmont Stakes
>>> Other trainers who came close feel the pain of Smarty's defeat... Baffert, "We know what that feels like."
>>> Servis, "He will get the break he deserves. He's going to rest. He really deserves it."
>>> Purge: "He got pretty wound up in the paddock, and he got excited in the post parade. He kind of unraveled with the crowd, so it kind of defeated the idea of a good race."
>>> Trainer/jockey post-race quotes
>>> O'Connor: Belmont upset denies horse racing fans a comeback story
>>> Two out of three ainít bad: Letís not forget all that Smarty has done for horse racing
>>> He's now just another Jones
>>> Disappointed Servis: This hurts ... but we shouldnít be upset
>>> Fortus: Smarty Jones' bid for a Triple Crown falls short by a length
>>> Finney: After what happened Saturday, remembering we're talking about a city that once booed Santa at an Eagles game, that might not be a good idea
>>> Roberts: Big upset is big money for Birdstone bettors
>>> Wesch: In his Triple Crown test, this Smarty flunks history
>>> Smarty Jones's trainer John Servis says he sensed trouble even when his horse was half a mile from winning the elusive Triple Crown
>>> The party was over 12 strides from the wire
For Philly fans, crown still doesn't fit
>>> Reveling in result, winners also wistful
>>> List of the horses -- and their prices -- who upset Triple bids
>>> Prado apologetic after upsetting Smarty Jones
>>> O'Donnell: Under the gray, a streaking bay ended another American dream
>>> Next up: Breeders' and breeding
>>> Same setting, a year later
>>> Trainer talked of scratching Birdstone
>>> Fountaine: No Crown for Jones
>>> This time, they couldn't summon the energy to boo, or to jeer, or to do anything other than swallow their voices along with their disappointment
>>> Kerrison: Fifty yards shy of a legend
>>> Finley: This one was supposed to be different
>>> Turcotte fired up, let down
>>> Reaction: Disappointment for some at Saratoga 'racino'
>>> Festive afternoon turns sour... At Philadelphia Park, fans watched a Triple Crown dream die
>>> Oregon sports bar: Within seconds Saturday, a Triple Crown disappeared, thousands of dollars were lost and cheers faded to silence

From Sat 6/05:

>>> Nuns visit Smarty Friday... "If you want to stay right with God for tomorrow's race, you might want to make room for the sisters here."
>>> Finley: Seven things that could go wrong for Smarty
>>> ... And, '10 reasons no one will stop Triple Crown favorite'
'Rock,' Eddington, Purge not without upset chances, but likely running for 2nd
>>> Comment: Why pull for Smarty Jones to lose?... I'm not rooting against the horse as much as I have an issue with a generation of incredibly spoiled sports fans
>>> Race spawns Smarty parties
>>> Smarty inspires young and old
>>> A nation-wide Smarty party
>>> Horse's run for Triple Crown a nationwide `feel-good story'
>>> Santos recalls Funny Cide's failed Triple
Keyser: Undefeated colt can join the sport's most elite company today - and do his bit for national morale
>>> Servis feeling pressure today, not Smarty
>>> Triple is test of greatness
>>> Super Bowl QB rooting for Smarty, "''I'm pulling for him so bad, you don't understand."
>>> Rosenblatt: Smarty Jones at the head of the class
>>> Anticipation is high for Smartyís run at glory
>>> Smarty Jones should win Belmont but don't bet on it
>>> Fortus: Purge enters the Belmont with his handlers hoping recent improvement and a change in strategy can deliver an upset
>>> Fortus: As the rest of the field for the Belmont tries to find a way to beat Smarty Jones, jockeys take on added importance in adjusting the pace of the race
>>> Smarty fever grips NoCal, "I'll be rooting for him, because it's great for racing."
>>> Hopes of the masses are riding on sleek colt Smarty Jones
>>> Wesch: Triple Crown favorite unimposing, till he runs
>>> Who really cares about a mere bet when there's history at stake, by a Pennsylvania-bred colt, no less?
>>> Roberts: Smarty's camp ready for run at greatness
>>> Arrington: Smarty Jones chases history
>>> Thereís a sense of anticipation in New York
>>> Mania for Smarty
>>> Adaptability is Smarty Jones' biggest edge
>>> Itís not very Smart to think this is a lock
>>> Favored Smarty looks to be a lock
>>> $2 bets to win, souvenirs to show
>>> Officials prepare for race-day rain
>>> Smarty's story is real winner
>>> Kerrison: Servis -- His biggest fear in the Belmont Stakes today is not the weather but that the other horses and jockeys will gang up on Smarty Jones
>>> Fountaine: Smarty only knows how to win... He's a perfect eight-for-eight, and a horse of destiny
>>> Stewart Elliott's 6/5 Belmont diary, "Now all the talking and assuming and predicting can stop and Smarty and I can go do what we've gotta do and win this thing."
>>> To trained eyes, Smarty looks good
>>> Servis: "I think my horse will pretty much run on anything. I don't think [mud] is an advantage."
>>> Brunker: Smarty Jones' rivals waiting for horse to make a mistake
>>> Does Frankel have another spoiler?
>>> Smarty? 'He's got the right name'

From Fri 6/04:

+++ Fair Hill, Md resident cared for young Smarty Jones, "He was ornery, in your face and he'd follow you around everywhere. He was in your pockets all the time. He was very friendly. He'd jump on you if you let him."
+++ Oregon scribe on approaching TC try: "I'm like you. Can't wait."
+++ Team Smarty adapts quickly to new home
+++ Comment: Smarty Jones. That's not a Triple Crown name. That's a horse running in the third race at Aqueduct
+++ 'Sheets guys' think Smarty is special -- but offer some opinions on potential upsetters
+++ Charles Town to honor trainer Servis
+++ Louisiana tracks hit by Smarty fever, "I'm going on my 18th year at Louisiana Downs, and I haven't ever seen more excitement over one race or one horse than I've seen about Smarty Jones."
+++ The horse you couldn't pick out of a lineup is a mile-and-a-half from immortality
+++ Ziegel: Rock Hard Ten may be the one
+++ Triple Crown drought proves feat's difficulty
+++ Upset of Smarty? Purge that idea
+++ Wet track expected for Smarty Jones' attempt at history
+++ Forde: Smarty Jones is taking New York -- and the nation -- by storm
+++ Rees: It's not looks, it's heart that makes Smarty go
+++ Great Lakes Downs expects a big day, "We're expecting another large crowd. It should be an exciting day."
+++ Christine: Belmont history has its share of Triple Crown spoilers. There have been nine since 1978
+++ Stewart Elliott takes a race-by-race look at Smarty's career
+++ Layden: Even for Smarty, Belmont no sure thing... Course will pose exacting test -- but not if you listen to opposing trainers
+++ Finley: If Smarty is first, who takes second?
+++ Litke: It's about time Servis got nervous
+++ Audio preview: Gary West scopes out the Belmont (Real Player)
+++ Daley: It's Smarty Jones' race to win or lose
+++ Aussies like Samrty too! "I'm sure if Coolmore or Darley happened to purchase Smarty Jones, then we would see the horse at stud in Australia. There is little doubt that Smarty Jones would be extremely popular with local breeders."
+++ Smarty's owners regulars at Florida church... Priest, "If Smarty becomes the Triple Crown winner, we may be able to cut out second collections."
+++ Rock Hard Ten needs to improve to win Belmont, Orman says
+++ Wet track could preclude Master David from starting
+++ Haskin: Who can beat Smarty?
>>> Stewart Elliott's 6/4 Belmont diary... "I'm starting to under stand how amazing and historical this whole scene with Smarty is."
>>> Kerrison: Which is it to be for Smarty Jones -- glory or failure? The question is so engrossing, it will spur the biggest racetrack crowd in NY history
>>> Smartyís party key to racingís resurgence
>>> Smarty Jones' unlikely story has a made-for-TV feel
>>> Keeping Smarty Jones best deal of all... Owners' gamble pays off smartly
>>> Chapmans go from car dealerships to ride of their lives
>>> The Philly regulars are behind Smarty... "To me Smarty ainít about money in my pocket. Itís about this ..." and he takes off his hat and points to the words, "Phillyís Champion."
>>> Rock Hard Ten schools Thurs... "I think that I should've taken him to the gate at Pimlico. We did at Kentucky and he looked very good back there."
>>> Opinion: Smarty Jones winning the Crown will be bad for horse racing
>>> Smarty has NBC galloping (plus a look at Belmont telecast ratings since '93)
>>> Smarty Jones trainer: Average guy, wild ride
>>> Smarty Jones' trainer learns to love spotlight
>>> Calif scribe says homelife has changed since Derby... Wife, "I have a crush on Smarty."
>>> Steve Cauthen outlines the keys to winning the Belmont
>>> Smarty Jones' bloodline suggests a 1 1/2 -mile race could be a problem, but a horse's pedigree doesn't always accurately predict success or failure
>>> Already 'a bona fide star,' Smarty could buoy industry
>>> Cauthen: "If the horse then wins [the Derby and] the Preakness , the phone won't stop ringing the next three weeks. It's a burden I'm happy to deal with as best I can. The game has given me a lot, and anything I can give back to the game, I feel I owe."
>>> Some of the NBC team remember where they were for the last Triple Crown coronation... Host Tom Hammond: "I was standing behind Chick Anderson at Belmont as he called the race."
Wesch: Smarty Jones jockey Stewart Elliott has gone through some hard times. But like Smarty, Elliott has a date with history
>>> Jerardi: Smarty's too good not to win the Triple Crown
>>> Modesti: Smarty showing his cool
Modesti: Another "if" on which hangs Stewart Elliott's future
>>> Like Slew, Smarty is 'the people's horse'
>>> Izenberg: Zito is torn about playing the spoiler's role... "Last year, when Frankel's colt knocked Funny Cide out of the Triple Crown, somebody threw a can of beer at him. If I win, at least they'll empty it first."
>>> Fountaine: Reading the tea leaves points to one thing: Smarty Jones will win the Belmont Stakes

From Thurs 6/03:

>>> Smarty's camp pleased at the draw
>>> Transcript of DRF internet Q&A with Andy Beyer
Q: I plan on betting a 5 horse triple box, sans Smarty Jones. I want to throw in one of the Zito horses. Which one has a better shot of hitting the board?
A: Can I book this?

>>> Smarty's family of hard workers
>>> Police escort brings Smarty to Belmont Wednesday
>>> Rosenblatt: Smarty Jones odds-on favorite to take Belmont, sweep Triple Crown
>>> Servis: "Ideally, I was thinking that if they let us go to the lead, that's OK, but I don't want to go to the lead and get hooked up in a speed duel."
>>> Giant-killer by proxy?... Frankel: "It's a long story, but (jock agent) Mike Sellitto told me that Allen Jerkens was disappointed with the Belmont because the horse he thought could win it wasn't entered -- and that was Master David. Everything else fell into place, so we decided to run."
>>> Hmmm, the mainstream latches onto the 'Smarty Party' and struggles to churn out cute copy...
>>> Smarty Jones exceeds pedigree
>>> NBC TV producer, "When regular old sports fans are talking about horseracing, something extraordinary is happening."
>>> Some quotes from the post-position draw
>>> Bozich: If Gone West couldn't give Stephens his sixth straight Belmont victory, maybe his grandson, Smarty Jones, can give horse racing its first Triple Crown winner in 26 years. Funny how this pedigree stuff plays out
>>> NYRA: "We expect records in attendance, on-track wagering and total handle."
>>> Shug McGaughey: "At the (Kentucky) Derby, they were trying to win the Derby. Now, they're all trying to beat Smarty Jones."
>>> Naysayer: "Two strides past the wire, I'll happily join the cheers of the rest of the 125,000 Belmont customers if Smarty Jones has succeeded. Until that time, however, there's good reason to be skeptical and bet against him."
>>> Maybe this little horse from Philly named Smarty Jones will go out Saturday and show the world who he is, not only the Horse of the Year but arguably the Athlete of the Year
>>> Advertisers hope to ride success of Smarty Jones
>>> Servis finally earns acclaim as Smarty Jones prepares to stake his claim to the Triple Crown
>>> Jerardi: Win three races in 5 weeks. Really, how tough can it be? So tough that some of America's greatest horses could not do it
>>> Vecsey: If Smarty Jones has a good Saturday afternoon, some lives may never be quite the same
>>> With Wimbledon on the sidelines McIngvale roots for Smarty, "He's great for the game. He's given horse racing a shot in the arm."
>>> Kerrison: Watch out for Purge
>>> The Triple Crown... and some of sports other hard-to-achieve records
>>> Stewart Elliott's 6/3 Belmont diary, "I can honestly say I couldn't be happier with our post position."
>>> NJ editor: "I'll be openly rooting for Smarty Jones. Not because he's from Philly. Not because of a bet. Simply because I'd like to see history
>>> Ziegel: Pletcher and Purge are taking a shot at Smarty Jones and good for them
>>> Jenkins: Working class heroes on verge of royalty... For Smarty Jones, trainer, humble roots can become great Saturday
>>> Neumeier: Belmont wagering... No logical player would dream of risking increments of $2 to make a 20-cent or 30-cent profit. Itís the quickest way to the poorhouse
>>> Forde: Elliott outruns troubled times... After alcohol, scrapes with law, Smarty Jones' jockey tastes praise and success
>>> Finley's minute-by-minute account of following Smarty up the turnpike... "Hovdey was the only guy not smart enough to bring along an EZ Pass... Heading off the Jersey Pike on the way to the GW Bridge, Hovdey runs his 8th toll of the trip."
>>> The current drought of Triple Crown winners speaks to the daunting task
>>> Blue-collar horse 'telephones' scribe, "All you ever hear about these days is Smarty Jones, and nothing about us.The rest of us nags that make up the game of horse racing," the horse said. "If it wasn't for us, there wouldn't be a Smarty Jones."
>>> Keeping 'Smarty' in line is Bill Foster's ride of lifetime

From Wed 6/02:

>>> Smarty Jones to keep running after Belmont
>>> Finley: Is Smarty Jones saving horse racing?
>>> Smarty Jones' other jockey enjoying the ride...Oaklawn Park jocks rode workouts, "I'm just thrilled to be part of this history."
>>> Wesch: Who brotherly loves ya, Smarty Jones?... "It's a Philadelphia phenomenon, it really is."
>>> Rosenblatt: It's a tale as remarkable as any soap opera: murder, a star who almost dies, bit players who become celebrities
>>> Friends remember Robert Camac, "This thing with Smarty Jones is a get-even type thing. Bobby is finally getting his recognition. Just a hell of a nice man."
>>> Camac gave Smarty Jones his start
>>> Dare to compare: Before there was a Smarty Jones, there was a Seattle Slew
>>> Chapman enjoying quite a ride... Elderly owner taking it all in stride during Smarty Jones' run
>>> Modesti: Grappling with the aftermath of war. The White House under fire. Gas-pump consumers anxious... Looks like the national stage is set once again for a great racehorse
>>> Troopers to escort Smarty to Belmont Wednesday
>>> Smarty is similar to horses of legend
>>> Vecsey: It takes a control freak to win the Crown
>>> Smarty Jones has ties to Wheeling, WV
>>> Kerrison: Zito is not yet ready to jump aboard the Smarty-is-great bandwagon
>>> American ex-pat extols the exploits of Smarty in Japanese newspaper, "The tale of Smarty Jones is a feel-good story."
>>> Potential Triple Crown bonus "a drop in the bucket compared to the $30 million or more [Smarty]'ll command as a stallion prospect."
>>> Servis: Pace will be the key
>>> Solis to ride Rock Hard Ten
>>> Stewart Elliott's 6/2 Belmont diary, "Belmont is obviously different because once around is a mile-and-a-half."
>>> Secretariat still the standard
>>> Brunker: An aura of invincibility that has all but the most iconoclastic handicappers predicting a Triple Crown sweep
>>> Likely Belmont spoilers have talent - and flaws
>>> Servis no Johnny come lately: A trainer since training wheels
>>> Forde: Servises are now the toasts of racing
>>> No sure thing in the Belmont
>>> Servis learned from Turner's Triple trip... Smarty's trainer saw Seattle Slew being readied for Belmont
>>> Opinion: Even if only for two-and-a-half minutes, what a distraction this will be
>>> Finley: Smarty is good, but is he great?
>>> Plonk to Finley: Bill, Bill, Bill. Perhaps it's that Boston Red Sox fan in you?
>>> Roberts: At Belmont, it's a race against history
>>> By the numbers: Comparing Smarty to previous Triple Crown winners
>>> Graves: Nick Zito is the poster boy for persistence when it comes to the Belmont, a race that is nearly as important to him as the Ky Derby
Comparing Smarty to Secretariat
>>> Keyser: Physically, Smarty has it all; with his schooling complete, he's become the total package
>>> Good filly got Servis past a career low-point: "He asked God to give him a sign." The answer to that prayer was a filly named Jostle
>>> Is Smarty a genetic freak?
>>> Jock Elliott skips several appearances Tuesday due to the illness of his fiancee
>>> Purge confirmed... Nine-horse field possible
>>> Small farm where it all began for Smarty Jones

From Tues 6/01:

>>> Comment: Would a Smarty Jones Triple Crown revive horse racing?
>>> 'Blue-collar' operations rooting for Smarty: "The media loves to sensationalize the Wayne Lukases and the Bob Bafferts and those people. But everyday, thereís a race card filled with racehorses raised by people that have small operations. Thatís the backbone of the racing industry."
>>> Jerardi: Smarty has joined the Lasix crowd, and why not? It's legal and might have helped
>>> Smarty Jones has Minnesota relatives
>>> Affirmed's team pulling for Smarty Jones
>>> 101YO racing fan from Cleveland remembers the first Triple Crown winner... She's rooting for Smarty this year
>>> Rees: Rock Hard Ten looks to play spoiler
>>> Oaklawn Park set for a Smarty party
>>> Capturing the Triple Crown would thrust Smarty Jones into horse racing's elite
>>> Smarty Jones: The People's Horse
>>> Drape: Breeding a champion
>>> Kerrison: Rock ready to roll
>>> Stewart Elliott's 6/1 Belmont diary: "The main reason Smarty Jones has been able to accomplish what he has is because of the team around him, and no one deserves more credit than John Servis."
>>> Purge now likely... Trainers, "I'm pretty sure we are going to enter. God forbid anything happens to Smarty Jones, you'd hate not to be in the race."
>>> Voice of America: Triple Crown hopeful becomes hometown icon
>>> DW Lukas rooting for Smarty, "I have no reason not to. I'm like Joe Fan out there. I'd like to see the Hollywood script run its course."
>>> Fan mail pouring in for Smarty... "I can't believe how rich you are for a horse."
>>> Comment: Can anyone beat Smarty Jones?
>>> Before Smarty Pennsylvania had Lil E Tee
>>> Rock Hard Ten worked Sunday, "I've never seen him work as good as he did today."
>>> O'Donnell: Many would consider Rock Hard Ten the most formidable foe to the Jones bandwagon
>>> Belmont Stakes facts and info
>>> Belmont tix: For online shoppers, it's buyer beware
>>> Master David still possible, "but itís a slim chance."
>>> Hollywood Park will offer free $2 win tix on Smarty to first 10,000 patrons Saturday

From Mon 5/31:

>>> That '70s showcase... Not-so distant decade still wears the Triple Crown crown
>>> Beyer: Smarty Jones epitomizes the modern American thoroughbred, one with a pedigree filled with speed and short on stamina. His brilliant performances this spring suggest that the classic ideas about breeding are nearly defunct
>>> Stewart Elliott's 5/20 Belmont diary, "To be honest with you, I was always happy being a 'big fish in a small pond.' "
>>> Smarty Jones could arrive Wednesday at Belmont
>>> Smarty on-track Sun morning, "We stayed light today, just jogged him a mile with the pony and probably plan on stretching that to a mile and a half tomorrow."
>>> Smarty's stable manager, "This horse has done more for all of us than all of us could do for each other."
>>> Servis, with a smile... Trainer gracious in glare of Triple Crown run
>>> Rosenblatt: When it comes to tackling the Belmont, just about anything can happen - from fatigue to injury to poor racing luck to the almost unbelievable
>>> Eddington works Sunday, "He was real sharp."... Master David, Purge still undecided
>>> John Servis was raised in a world of horse racing and parental support
>>> Rees: Derby-Preakness double becoming a fad... Reasons include improved nutrition, vet care, transport
>>> Snider: Smarty Jones might be a heavy favorite in Saturday's 136th Belmont Stakes, but historically he remains a long shot
>>> Closer look at careers after a Triple Crown 'near-miss'
>>> Drape: Belmont's dwindling field includes the good, the bad and the unlikely
>>> Belmont: Caiman added to field

From Sun 5/30:

>>> A closer look at the members of the Smarty Jones team
>>> Izenberg: Racing world out to cash in with Smarty
>>> The prospect that Smarty Jones could win the coveted Triple Crown next week has caused breeding-rights prices to soar
>>> Dr Dosage sees Smarty blowout
>>> Crowning moments... 26 things you didn't know about racing's 3 Jewels
>>> A Smarty victory party Saturday won't prove to be the panacea for the sport
>>> Keyser: The lost gems of Triple Crown... MRLS: A plague that prevented 516 Kentucky foals from being born in 2001 has taken some starch out of Smarty Jones' field
>>> Scheinman: There is only one way to win horse racing's Triple Crown but many ways to lose it
>>> It's easy to say that a small piece of Ocala will be tucked away in Smarty Jones's saddlecloth when the colt breaks from the starting gate at Belmont Park, "We were blessed to be the custodian for him while he was in Ocala."
>>> Smarty mailbag filled with notes from kids, "You have inspired me to run like a racehorse when I'm walking with my physical therapist."
>>> Smarty Jones: a hero in hard times... Americans cheer thoroughbred's rise from rags to Triple Crown bid
>>> Fortus: Smarty Jones has thrust John Servis, an anonymous trainer who started at the bottom, into the sport's national spotlight
>>> Sports scribe has a Q&A with Smarty: "I had a serious head injury? Why doesn't anybody tell me these things? But seriously, folks..."
>>> Thoughts from, and about, Philly Park... "We have come into our own this year."
>>> Smarty Jones: In the shadows, however, stands a family for whom this is more than a feel-good story about an undefeated horse, a rejuvenated owner or a selfless trainer
>>> Kerrison: The coronation is due at dusk, Saturday, and if he makes it, you can be sure of one thing: He will deserve it
>>> With 26 years since a horse has won the Triple Crown, the rich-textured story of Smarty Jones and his jockey, trainer and owners, has just about everyone associated with racing giddy
Stewart Elliott's 5/30 Belmont diary, "With just seven days to go before the Belmont, I can honestly say I've never been more excited in my life."
>>> Rees: Smarty fever is catching
>>> Smarty, who's already a bonus baby, could be doubly so
>>> Belmont: Six considered definite
>>> What's next for Team Smarty?
>>> Rosenblatt: Somewhere in the racing machine that is Smarty Jones, there has to be an Achilles' heel. It may be exposed in the Belmont Stakes next Saturday - or it may not
>>> Price: With the public delighting in his charge at the Triple Crown, it's not much of a stretch to compare Smarty Jones to another overachiever who became America's favorite: Seabiscuit
>>> Graves: Belmont distance has undone some of the best
>>> ...And another Smarty Q&A, "Dude, I'm 3 years old. I don't know anything about Secretariat."
>>> Comparing Smarty to Slew
>>> Elliott enjoying new friends, new life, big horse
>>> Smarty impresses Scottish scribe: Another Seabiscuit in the making
>>> Rock Hard Ten schools at gate, gallops strong at Belmont

From Sat 5/29:

>>> Secretariat jock Turcotte on Smarty: "I'll be very disappointed if there is no coronation. He really looks the part to me."
>>> Triple Crown: It could come down to a figurative flip of the coin. And the celestial arbiters of racing are a fickle lot
>>> Trainer Servis visits local elementary school, "Smarty knows you guys love him."
>>> Servis on Smarty's Fri workout, "It was just what I wanted."
>>> Servis's rise mirrors Charles Town's
>>> Local TV report on Smarty mania [Windows Media Player]
>>> Local TV report on Fri morning workout (includes some footage of the work)
>>> Servis: "It's a mile-and-a-half, and I don't want him to get rank. I want him to do what he's done the last couple of races, settle and be comfortable."
>>> Don't forget about Tapit... Trainer, jock want to spoil Smarty's big party
>>> Finley: Could Smarty Jones have done it without John Servis? Maybe not
>>> Arkansas neighbors remember Servis' time in the state, fishing and pitching batting practice

From Fri 5/28:

>>> Smarty Jones gives a kick-start to horse racing
>>> P Val goes to court on Tues in another attempt to thwart suspension... Wants delay of latest penalty in order to ride in Belmont Stakes
>>> Connections of previous Triple Crown winners think Smarty has what it takes... Penny Chenery, "If he wins the Belmont and wins the Triple Crown, I think he deserves to be named with any horse we've had."
>>> ...And more from that teleconference... Slew owner, "Slew, I'm sure, is looking down from horse heaven, saying, 'Good luck, Smarty.' "
>>> Many who've climbed on the Smarty Jones bandwagon don't know the difference between lasix and latex, breaking for lunch and breaking for the finish line or post time and Post Toasties
>>> Rock Hard Ten trainer plotting the upset, "If it's a galloping kind of race, that's where we can make up ground on Smarty Jones."
>>> Triple Crown run catapults trainer Servis, "I dreamed about it, but I can't honestly say I envisioned it."
>>> Another Philly Park invader is added to the Belmont field
>>> Servis: "I don't know, but if they ever do an autopsy on Smarty Jones, I think they'll find he has a huge heart, or a huge vascular system. There's something very special about this horse."
>>> Oaklawn planning Smarty party for Belmont Stakes Day
>>> Friends Lake undergoes bone chip surgery, sidelined for rest of year

From Thurs 5/27:

>>> Thoroughbred Connection audio interview with Thorograph rep, "This is the fastest 3YO we've ever seen." [Macromedia Flash]
>>> Smarty Jones for president
>>> Smarty Jones Philly Park 5/26 press conference [Windows Media Player]
>>> Foot bruise nearly kept Smarty Jones out of Ky Derby
>>> Local minister blesses Smarty, "I asked the Lord to give Smarty Jones good health, I asked Him to protect Smarty during the Belmont Stakes, and I asked Him to give Smarty the special gift of the Triple Crown."
>>> Rosenblatt: Trainer made all the right moves with Smarty Jones
>>> Which Pa community can make claim to Smarty -- Philly, Chester or Bucks?
>>> 'Blue-collar' colleagues rooting for Smarty... Journeyman jock at Fort Erie, "It sweetens the pie to see a jockey you don't hear about every day... That gives us all hope. A good horse can come from anywhere."
>>> Jock Bailey hopes for Belmont upset with Eddington, "I want to get a good look at [Smarty's] face. Because all I've seen is his backside. He looked like a tiny dot in the Preakness."
>>> Eddington yet to bloom
>>> Tapit breezes 6F on turf
>>> President Bush hopes to meet Smarty Jones if he wins Triple Crown
>>> Zito: 'Cliff' needs a miracle to make Belmont
Mullins works Castledale, race not in sight

From Wed 5/26:

>>> Smarty Jones wear is racing off the shelves... Sales of clothes emblazoned with champion horse's name soar as Belmont nears
>>> Bidding heats up to land Smarty Jones as stallion prospect
>>> Rock Hard Ten reluctant in Tues morning workout, "He balked a couple of times and didn't really get into the work."
>>> Scheinman: Is Lasix use an obstacle to Triple Crown?
>>> Smarty to Haskell?

From Tues 5/25:

>>> Kling: The horse most likely to end Smarty Jones' bid for the Triple Crown, if there is such an animal, needs one of three characteristics...
>>> Smarty's final work set, "I think Iím going to work him on Friday (May 28) and weíre going to ship to New York on the following Wednesday (June 2)."
>>> Collectors bullish on Smarty Jones tickets... $2 win tickets for Belmont Stakes already up for sale on eBay
>>> Siraco: By now I'm sure you realize it's a Smarty Jones world and we just live in it
>>> Profile: Milton Hendry, the guy who broke Smarty in Ocala, "He loves to train. He would run off every time you took him to the track if he could."
>>> This 'Philly Flyer' sets hearts racing... Title-hungry fans praying Smarty Jones takes crown
>>> Spoiler's role? Not this year... With no entry, trainer Frankel can't stop Smarty in Belmont
>>> Smarty replaces Mustang as 'The Big Hoss' at Chapman Ford

From Mon 5/24:

>>> Latest on Belmont prospects: Five definites, five possibles
>>> Product endorsements possible for Smarty... "(Horses) would not be used as endorsers. They might be used as image enhancement."
>>> Baffert: 'The next one will be the toughest'
>>> McNamara takes a closer look at the Triple Crown winners
>>> Buffalo scribe: Triple Crown revives passion for racing
>>> Finley: Smarty Jones ready to join company with Seattle Slew
>>> The woman behind the man: For Mrs, it's Servis with smile
>>> Forde: Philadelphia is becoming the city of Smarty love
>>> Servis has 2 worries for Belmont
>>> Graves: Smarty Jones has potential to stand among the greats
>>> Frankel: Switch to turf likely for Master David

From Sun 5/23:

>>> Rarely have so many turned out to watch so few do so little - and appreciated it so much
>>> The doors are flung open and they come streaming in... It looks like the Oklahoma Land Rush
>>> Even at the height of his popularity, Secretariat never raised the roof like Smarty Jones did Saturday at Philadelphia Park
>>> Sat morning gallop: 8500 fans came to Philadelphia Park to see Smarty Jones, the budding legend who now stands on the brink of racing immortality
>>> Fan, "I came to be part of history. I get so excited when I watch him. It gives me an adrenaline rush."
>>> "I had the oddest dream yesterday. I dreamed 8500 people woke up at an ungodly weekend hour to watch one horse gallop solitarily at 8:30 AM."
>>> Many fans showed up before 5 AM, but the doors to the track didnít open until 8 AM. Traffic on Street Road was backed up for nearly a mile in both directions
>>> Self-appointed Smarty-party pooper says, "Can we stop the platitudes about wondrous beasts blazing down the backstretch for a moment and just admit that much of our sentimental attachment to this animal is rooted in money?"
>>> A Smarty funny
>>> Ride of his life... Smarty Jones owner saves best for last
>>> After Peter Pan, Purge possible for Belmont... Others unlikely, Frankel on Master David, "I don't think so."
>>> A little history on each of the last nine Triple Crown "near-misses"
>>> They say Smarty can't win the Triple Crown because... The reasons "against"
>>> A car salesman-turned-owner, a jockey battling his own demons, and a small, spunky horse that captures America's soul? The only thing missing is Tobey Maguire in the saddle
>>> Drape: From rock bottom, Stewart Elliott's unlikely ride to top
>>> Tapit breezes for Belmont
>>> Rock Hard Ten goes to gate school
>>> Birdstone breezes... Zito considers prospects

From Sat 5/22:

>>> It's official! Smarty will win the Triple Crown... So says the Drexel student newspaper -- and we all know those guys at Drexel have a particular genius when it comes to horse racing!
>>> Smarty thriving at Philly... Servis reconsiders Belmont ship date, "Heís doing really good, heís happy, and as long as heís doing the way heís doing Iím going to wait until we get closer to the race and make a decision."
>>> Former car dealership partner remembers how Smarty Jones owner entered the sport... Dealership comptroller said, "Chappy, you should be in horse racing. Then you can win money instead of ribbons like they do in fox hunting."
>>> Smarty gallops 1.5M on Fri, "He was full of himself."
>>> No Belmont track workout for Smarty, "I'd like to get a workout over that track, but by the same token, I want my horse where he is right now."
>>> Servis says Smarty gets fan letters from prison, marriage proposal
>>> Layden: As Triple Crown mania grows, Smarty Jones & Co are staying in Philly
>>> Sullivan: If racing is to rebuild its customer base, it could sure use a Secretariat-sized boost
>>> Do we really want to add the name Smarty Jones to the list of Triple Crown winners? It doesn't really stack up. Smarty Jones is a name that sounds like he should be running high-priced claiming races or allowance races, but not the name of a Triple Crown winner
>>> Lion Heart pointed to summer campaign

From Fri 5/21:

>>> Christine: If Smarty Jones wins the last race in the series, it will be because the Belmont Stakes owes us one. How sadistic can a race be?
>>> NTRA inks deal to sell Smarty merchandise
>>> Fountaine presents interesting fact: Before winning the Belmont Stakes each of the 11 Triple Crown winners previously raced over Belmont's main track
>>> Aussies excited about Smarty's success as sire Elusive Quality is a shuttle stallion down Under
>>> Kling: smarty and connections didn't just fall off a Pennsyl vania Dutch milk wagon
>>> Finley: Smarty Jones follows in hoof prints of Seattle Slew
>>> Smarty puts in another strong gallop Thurs AM
>>> Modesti: Let's compare Smarty to the five horses in the past seven seasons who won the Ky Derby and Preakness...
>>> Smarty brings out new fans (gotta love the pic of winners Ed and Al!)
>>> Privman: Can Tapit be the spoiler?
>>> Debate rages in Pa: Is Smarty from Philly or Bensalem? (Plus a little poke at a local newspaper that has featured Smarty on the front cover numerous times since the Derby, even though it dropped Philadelphia Park entries and results several years ago)
>>> Brennan: Smarty Jones revives a sport, if only briefly
>>> Kristufek: In my mind, none of [the recent near-misses] were special enough to be 'the one.' This year is different
>>> McNamara pens 'The Ballad of Smarty Jones'
>>> Price: There's not a bigger mystery in life than genetics, even considering how much science has been able to decipher in the past decade. So don't even go there to explain this deal. Wherever Smarty Jones got his mental state, that's the whole key to what's going on right now
>>> Frankel puts Smarty in elite company
>>> Relaxed Gesture to skip Belmont for Italian Derby

Preakness 2004

Preakness 2004:

>>> Official Preakness website

From Thurs 5/20:

>>> Count the officials at Lone Star Park among the legions pulling for Smarty Jones to win horse racing's elusive Triple Crown
>>> Smarty's holding his form, "Itís unbelievable how well he came out of the Preakness."
>>> AP: Smarty Jones returned to the track Wednesday for the first time since his record-setting victory in the Preakness
>>> Without Lion Heart, will Smarty set the Belmont pace?... "That's up to [jockey Stewart Elliott]. If he breaks as sharply as he did in the Preakness, Stewart might not have a choice. But the way [Smarty] is settling now, he can put him anywhere on the race track."
>>> Neumeier: Smarty's critics are full of baloney
>>> Transcript of John Servis press conference 5/19
>>> High time to bash Triple Crown hex... We're overdue. Way over due
>>> Rock Hard Ten settles in at Belmont Park
>>> Mustanfar doubtful for Belmont
>>> Bensalem, Pa planning to name street after Smarty
>>> Smarty Jones fever is spreading quickly as fans buy up anything and everything with the Triple Crown contender's name on it

From Wed 5/19:

>>> Quick facts/bio on trainer John Servis
>>> Quick facts/bio on jockey Stewart Elliott
>>> Closer look at Smarty Jones' pedigree

>>> Smarty Jones' sire in spotlight... Elusive Quality stud fee may rise following colt's victories
>>> Secretariat jock Turcotte: "I think Smarty Jones will win the Belmont by at least 25 lengths."
>>> Arkansas scribe: "Born too late, horses such as Secretariat, War Admiral and Citation are only stars of history documentaries to me... My time has passed, and until this year, I'd given up on the possibility of it ever returning."
>>> Smarty Jones in running for racing's best story in decades
>>> Philly Park trainers agree: Smartyís the one
>>> McNulty: Maybe Smarty can help breathe new life into a dying sport... But, please, DON'T try to compare him to Secretariat
>>> Funny Cide's Knowlton says, "Smarty Jones is going to do it."
>>> Brunker: Smarty Jones has shown he's worthy of Triple Crown
>>> Pimlico fines Elliott $25 over application
>>> Smarty merchandise selling fast
>>> 26 things you may or may not know about Smarty Jones

From Tues 5/18:

>>> Haskin: Smarty may be early arrival at Belmont
>>> Kornheiser: When Damon Runyon was writing these kinds of stories that would lead to 'Guys And Dolls,' horse racing was just about the biggest sport in America
>>> Siraco: Smarty Jones' victory in the middle jewel of racing's Triple Crown was awesome, brilliant, commanding, dazzling, exciting, fantastic, great, huge, incredible, jolting, knockout, legitimate, masterful, numbing, overwhelming, perfect...
>>> Forde: Team Smarty Jones, welcome to the longest three weeks of your lives
>>> Privman: Smarty bandwagon swelling... This year's Belmont has the makings of one of the greatest events in racing history
>>> Izenberg: The way he won these two races, well, I have yet to see another 3YO who looked every bit as though he were auditioning for the role of Triple Crown champ
>>> Success finds Elliott unfazed... Jockey stays busy before Belmont
>>> Wilson: Why I think Smarty will succeed where Funny Cide and War Emblem failed the past two years... Simple. Smarty Jones is a special colt, the type that comes along only once every 20 years or so
>>> Calif scribe: Smarty Jones is the favorite to be 2004's best athlete
>>> Billy Turner, Steve Cauthen agree that Smarty has the goods
>>> Smarty fans flock to Philly Park... When [Stewart Elliott] finally emerged [from the jocks room], a roar of applause went up, with chants of "Smarty, Smarty" echoing through the paddock

2004 Preakness post positions and morning lines odds
1 -- LION HEART, Mike Smith, 3-1
2 -- BORREGO, Victor Espinoza, 15-1
3 -- LITTLE MATTH MAN, Richard Migliore, 50-1
4 -- THE CLIFFíS EDGE, Shane Sellers, 8-1
5 -- SONG OF THE SWORD, Jorge Chavez, 30-1
6 -- SIR SHACKLETON, Rafael Bejarano, 30-1
7 --SMARTY JONES, Stewart Elliott, 8-5
8 -- IMPERIALISM, Kent Desormeaux, 5-1
9 -- EDDINGTON, Jerry Bailey, 8-1
10 -- ROCK HARD TEN, Gary Stevens, 6-1
11 -- WATER CANNON, Ryan Fogelsonger, 30-1

Latest Preakness news:

>>> Official Preakness results, payoffs and chart

>>> Preakness 2004 attendance: 112,668... Record crowd, previous record was 104,454 in 2001
>>> Preakness 2004 handle: $58,791,407... Previous record was $47,695,192, set in 2002
>>> Preakness card 2004 total handle: $85,120,667... Previous record was $71,468,223

>>> Smarty bankroll update: $7,383,155... 4th all-time

>>> Preakness jockey quotes
>>> Transcript of post-race press conference with Smarty's team
>>> Preakness aftermath: How the runners-up fared

From Mon 5/17:

>>> How the Belmont field is shaping up

>>> Beyer: It was difficult to assess Smarty Jones after his triumph at Churchill Downs... There were no such ambiguities at Pimlico
>>> Zillgitt: America loves a folk hero. Even if it's temporary. Even if it's a horse. Especially if it's a horse
>>> Dougherty: Triple Crown winner Smarty Jones. It rolls right off the tongue, doesnít it?
>>> Palmer: We've got the horse right here, folks -- a horse tailor-made for legend. Believe. Smarty Jones has been sent down from the racing gods with good news
>>> Rosenblatt: Can Smarty Jones win the Triple Crown? Absolutely
>>> Kerrison: Is Smarty Jones the superhorse of the new millennium or is it that the spear carriers behind him are so utterly lacking in speed and stamina they're making him look good?
>>> Fountaine: Yes, Virginia, there is a Smarty Jones
>>> Steve Cauthen -- rider of last TC winner Affirmed -- convinced, "These horses are a gift from above. You don't know when they're going to come around, or how long they're going to last."
>>> Plenty of hoopla surrounds Smarty... When the state of Pa held a recent Smarty Jones Day, Servis said, "They wanted to know if we could ship him to Harrisburg for the proclamation. I thought they were kidding."
>>> Bobby Frankel on Master David: "We'll see what happens in the Peter Pan, but I'm not looking forward to running against Smarty Jones."
>>> More from Frankel (and others): "[Smarty Jones] looks like a superstar. He looks like a cinch in the Belmont unless something goes wrong. Look at him. He likes off tracks. He likes fast tracks. He goes along in a race and doesn't need anyone to set the pace for him. He's a complete horse."
>>> Molinaro: Comparisons to Secretariat are a real stretch, but with a Belmont victory, Smarty Jones could be transformed into a horse of the people. Sort of like Mr. Ed, only without the back talk
>>> Ziegel: Dear Smarty Jones, You started out as a horse, but you're not a horse any more, Smarty. You're THE HORSE
>>> Bozich: This is no Big Tease. This is a Big Horse
Racehorse owner Mike Pegram, "Awesome. It's been 31 years since anyone has seen a horse do what Smarty Jones did at Pimlico."
>>> Triple Crown - why should we care?... First, it's the perfect reality series for a nation with a short attention span. The three races take a total of 6 minutes to complete -- but with 5 weeks of buildup that 'American Idol' and 'The Bachelor' can't match
>>> Smarty Jones is laying low, "I'm sure he'll enjoy the extra week going into the Belmont."
>>> Belmont Park area gets ready for record crowd... The Stage Deli has already made plans for the influx. Two people will handle the cash registers rather than one, and three people will make sandwiches instead of one
>>> Owner Chapman sticks by his team, "I think somebody stuck him with the name 'Stew Who,' You just saw and heard his description of the race. If that's a novice rider, I'll kiss your you-know-what."
>>> Finney quote trainer Tom Amoss: "This horse walked past me and, before I realized who it was, I had a feeling he was telling the other horses in the race, 'just don't mess with me.' "
>>> Phillies ballclub roots for Smarty and latches on to the sport, "I've never seen a race horse up close, so it would be neat if I could go over [to Philly Park] sometime."
>>> Servis: "The Derby, I thought it would take a lot out of him, but it didn't. And he came out of it even better this time."
>>> Rees: Smarty full of himself... Triple Crown candidate is playful and feeling good
>>> Keyser: Smarty proving to be a real gem
>>> NBC'er Tom Hammond: "You'll remember Secretariat was sort of a tonic for America during troubling times of the Vietnam war. At one point, he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Time and Newsweek. I see sort of a parallel here."
>>> For Smarty Jones, much brotherly love... Derby, Preakness champ embraced at home in Philadelphia

From Sun 5/16:

>>> Triple Crown?: What sets Smarty Jones apart from the other five recent 'no-cigars' are his unbeaten status, his ability to handle any track condition, his demeanor, and his athleticism
>>> Finley: There probably is some reason why Smarty Jones can lose the Belmont. I just can't think of one
>>> Kerrison: Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for the real American Idol, Smarty Jones
>>> Vecsey: It's all about the horse now. What a horse
>>> Florida scribe suggests Triple Crown should be for 4YOs: "Horse racing might be suffering because it clings to tradition instead of adapting for the sport's betterment."
>>> O'Donnell: The 'S' word is back in prime time thoroughbred racing -- "He could be the next Secretariat."
>>> Unbeaten, unchallenged and unbelievable
>>> DeGrechie: May have been the most dominant performance in the history of the Preakness Stakes
>>> The horse racing world, which has longed for a Triple Crown winner to adorn and advertise its sport for the last 26 years, seems finally to have found its glorious standard-bearer
>>> Brunker: Belmont will be crowning achievement... Smarty Jones has shown he's worthy of Triple Crown
>>> Bozich: Smarty's for real
>>> Spencer: There may be no match for Smarty Jones based on Saturday's stunning victory
>>> Gary Stevens: "Smarty really reminded me of Secretariat the way he pulled away."
>>> Smarty Jones taking the role of America's horse
>>> Servis: "As long as he tells us he's ready, we're on to the Belmont."
>>> Veitch: If Smarty Jones can pull this off, he will deserve a ranking with the greatest thoroughbreds in American history
>>> Ross: This was supposed to be the tough one?
>>> Arlington prez thinks Smarty is good for racing in general, "For Arlington, leading up to and on Belmont day, some people will come out here that otherwise wouldn't."
>>> Preakness margin of victory is record-breaker
>>> Smarty owner: "I sure hope this victory helps horse racing, I truly do."
Smarty captures hearts across America
>>> Philly Park crowd goes wild, "It was awesome. Philadelphia's a sports town and Smarty's making history."
>>> Fountaine: Party hearty, 'Smarty' fans, and get ready for a road trip to NY. Smarty Jones, the 'Philly Flash,' is gunning for the Triple Crown
>>> Stewart Elliott's 5/16 post-Preakness diary: "Now it's on to the Belmont Stakes, and I think Smarty Jones will go the distance."
>>> Migliore comes back from Fri injury to win two stakes on Preakness undercard
>>> Ziegel: Jones has what it takes to go distance
>>> Litke: Smarty Jones a safe haven for Elliott
>>> Review of Preakness day TV coverage
>>> It's been a wild ride for Chapmans
>>> Preakness fans cope with heat, but few tempers flare
>>> Lively Smarty Jones returns to Philly... "He cleaned up his feed tub last night and was looking for more."
>>> Comment from one of the infielders: "I'm not here for the races, I'm here to drink and party. It's probably not worth $42."

>>> Baltimore Sun photo gallery
>>> CBSNews.com Preakness photo gallery
>>> Sportsline photo gallery

>>> Preakness undercard stakes results

Sat 5/15:

More picks and plays:

>>> Kling: Smarty Jones, Lion Heart, Rock Hard Ten
>>> Izenberg: Eddington to win
>>> Video analysis from TTimes staffers [Media Player]
>>> Cronley: Rock Hard Ten, Smarty Jones, Imperialism
>>> McNamara: Eddington, Smarty Jones, Lion Heart
>>> More picks from various racing writers from around the country
>>> Bredar: Smarty Jones, Lion Heart, Borrego
>>> Davidowitz: I will use Smarty Jones as a win key in a handful of trifecta spreads
>>> Haskin: Derby tri looks strong, but big payoffs still possible
>>> DRF staff selections


>>> Transcript of internet chat about Preakness with DRF's Brad Free
>>> Transcript of DRF internet chat about Preakness with Steve Davidowitz
>>> Transcript DRF internet chat about Preakness with Steven Crist

>>> Smarty tries to make it 8-for-8... If colt can add Preakness to triumph in Derby, stage set for prime-time drama
>>> Smarty team riding out furor over jock's past
>>> Smarty has all the right ingredients
>>> Smarty Jones primed for 'toughest race'
>>> Watch out, Smarty Jones: Rock Hard Ten looms
>>> Baffert: "I read where John (Servis, Smarty Jones' trainer) said this would be the horse's hardest race, but I told him this would be his easiest."
>>> Baffert: "They won't beat him."
>>> Stewart Elliott's 5/15 Preakness diary, "What do I think of all the media attention and controversy since the Derby? 'Time-consuming' is the best way to describe it."
>>> Rees: Elliott says alcohol abuse caused problems but is in the past
>>> Finley: Could Imperialism have won the Derby?
>>> Smarty shoots to stay undefeated in Saturday's G1 $1 mil Preakness
>>> Keyser: Racing's center stage was foreign territory to trainer John Servis and jockey Stewart Elliott until Smarty Jones came along
>>> Smarty Jones better watch out for Preakness spoilers

Fri 5/14:

2004 Preakness picks and plays

>>> NY Post's 'Bettors guide to the Preakness'... With staff selections
>>> Finley: Imperialism, Smarty Jones, Lion Heart
>>> O'Donnell: Smarty Jones, Borrego, Imperialism
>>> NY Daily News staff selections
>>> NY Daily News 'Battle' writers' Preakness plays
>>> Top pick of various racing writers
>>> Beyer: Imperialism is capable of beating the Derby winner... I'll bet him
>>> USA Today: Watch and cheer for Smarty Jones, worry just a little about Lion Heart holding on
>>> Cherner: Imperialism, Smarty Jones, Lion Heart
>>> Kerrison: As a contrarian, I'll defy logic, history and common sense and bet some longshots to win
>>> Horsemen picks
>>> Brunker: Rock Hard Ten
>>> Neumeier: Rather than simply play Smarty over Borrego and Smarty over Rock Hard Ten in the exacta pool, my plan is to box both pairs in case of an upset

>>> The Cliff's Edge is out
>>> Servis: "I think this will be the toughest race he's had to date. He's going to have to bring his best race to win."
>>> Stewart Elliott's 5/14 Preakness diary, "For me, the pressure's off."
>>> Servis settling in to Triple Crown hoopla, "'Watching all those races as a kid, I thought I could imagine what it would be like to be there as a trainer. I was wrong."
>>> Jock Elliott fined $1000 over Ky application snafu
>>> TV comment: As the Preakness goes for NBC, so goes the Belmont Stakes
>>> Ziegel: [Eddington and Rock Hard Ten are] probably the best reasons to think the Preakness might be more than another chance to gush over Smarty Jones
>>> Rees: Two Preakness newbies offer twist... Rock Hard Ten, Eddington good enough but couldn't get into Derby
>>> Is Smarty Jones another Seattle Slew?
>>> Bozich: Lion Heart looking for winning strategy
>>> Longshot Borrego a quick closer

Thurs 5/13

>>> Smarty rolls a seven... Preakness post position draw
>>> The Cliff's Edge fights sore front foot... Zito, "If he's not 100%, I'll scratch him."
>>> Imperialism: Trainer Mulhall, "I like to stick to my plans pretty much and our original plan was to freshen him up." However, "I had no problem coming [to the Preakness]."
>>> Imperialism owner on entering Preakness, "[Kristin Mulhall] didn't decide. The horse decided."
>>> Smarty Jones vet after last year's gate accident, "He actually trotted into the barn, dragging the guy that had unloaded him off the van... He just looked around, like the only one that didn't know he was injured was him."
>>> Kerrison: Rock Hard Ten, California thunderbolt, or Hollywood fake?
>>> Stewart Elliott's 5/13 Preakness diary: "I live right on the Delaware River, and we go fishing there when the shad run in the spring. That might be us you see sitting in one of those boats when you drive over the bridge."
>>> The Cliff's Edge owner aware of the fickle fate of horse racing, "I just hope we got all of the bad luck out of us in the Derby."
>>> Trainer Mulhall readies for Preakness, "'Right now, I'm treating this as a once-in-a-lifetime experience."
>>> Smarty owners, the Chapmans ride wave of success
>>> Smarty Jones receives a king's welcome at Pimlico
>>> Herskowitz: Nothing about horse racing can surprise us anymore. Nowhere else can a team compete in the minors and then win the Super Bowl
>>> For Rock Hard Ten, this is one big stage
>>> Rosenblatt: Smarty Jones looks tough to beat in Preakness
>>> Smarty Jones' owner a self-made man
>>> West: Smarty Jones staking his claim as superstar... Derby winner has become horse racing's biggest celebrity
>>> Officials in Md reaffirmed that Stewart Elliott could ride in the Preakness despite pleading guilty to a 2nd offense in NJ

Wednesday 5/12

>>> Servis putting clamps on Smarty's morning gallops... Free-running horse agitiated, "I want him mad, I want him really aggravated."
>>> Pa-breds have history of Pimlico success
>>> Smarty Jones two races away from becoming richest N American racehorse in history
>>> Zito hoping for Preakness win, "It's been eight years. It would nice to put that on my resume again."
>>> Kerrison: If there is one horse who can beat Smarty Jones in the Preakness, it might be the hard-luck horse of the Ky Derby, The Cliff's Edge
>>> Fountaine: Could Eddington repeat Preakness success of fellow Derby-skipper Red Bullet?... Jerry Bailey, "There are a lot of similarities."
>>> Stewart Elliott's 5/12 Preakness diary: "I didn't find out until yesterday morning, when my agent called to tell me, that I was going to get a 10 percent share of the $5 million bonus."
>>> Brunker: A year after the movie 'Seabiscuit' reminded the nation that a racehorse can stir powerful emotions, Smarty Jones is writing a modern-day sequel
>>> Rees: Philadelphia's new love... Add Smarty Jones to the list that includes Rocky, others
>>> Rock Hard Ten is tall, dark and handsome. And he is poised to break America's heart in the Preakness
>>> McNamara: Preakness horse-by-horse
>>> Keyser: Roy and Patricia Chapman were ready to get out of the sport, but Smarty Jones convinced them otherwise and justified the owners' decision

Tuesday 5/11

>>> Neumeier: Smarty Jones appears unstoppable... Only Rock Hard Ten, Lion Heart offer Preakness challenges
>>> Smarty bonus payout is largest in N American horse racing history
>>> Thumbnail sketches of the 10 probable Preakness starters
>>> Stewart Elliott's 5/11 Preakness diary: "A lot of times, with horses that are nervous and kind of speedy, Lasix takes the edge off. I would say that really settled [Smarty Jones] even more, and made him even more controllable."
>>> Small stable looks forward to chance to upset at Preakness with Water Cannon, "When you've got a horse doing this good, and the race is coming to your home track, you've got to take a shot."
>>> Preakness might be the right fit for Eddington
>>> Siraco: Smarty Jones gets red-carpet treatment in Philly
>>> Kerrison: Oliver's Twist won the Tesio and Magic Weisner ran second in the Tesio before their Preakness stunners, so Water Cannon's prospects may not be as forlorn as his betting price suggests
>>> Borrego sharp at Churchill
>>> Smarty Jones provides his own diary leading up to the Preakness, "Iím running in the Preakness on Saturday and I intend to win. Got it?"
>>> Stewart Elliott still the same after riding Smarty Jones to Derby win... "A class act all the way."
>>> Five 'new shooters' eye Preakness
>>> Three turn in sharp Preakness workouts
>>> Moran: Underrated trainer-jockey combination beat long odds by guiding Pa-bred Smarty Jones to win America's greatest race
>>> Behind the scenes at the 'Jones' barn: "We've got eight grooms and they all know: feed Smarty first."

Monday 5/10

>>> NY Post's Stewart Elliott Preakness diary: "I'm ready for the Preakness. We're still trying to figure out who else is going to be in there, and naturally we're really thinking about it and looking forward to it."
>>> Smarty connections get their bonus... Oaklawn's Cella presents the $5 mil
>>> Field of ten shaping up for Preakness (List of probables at end of article)
>>> Camac's legacy alive in Smarty
>>> Sir Shackleton is in
>>> After an unheralded start, Md-bred gelding Water Cannon looks to make a national splash
>>> Keyser: Pimlico gets gussied up for guests, equine and human
>>> Smarty Jones, "In the barn, he just looks like a horse. But by the time he gets to the paddock, he's gorgeous. You've got to stand back and really look at him."
>>> Plethora of Preakness festivities scheduled for Baltimore area
>>> Smarty Jones is an athletic phenomenon

Sunday 5/09

4000 fans watch Smarty Jones gallop
>>> Pic of fans watching Smarty workout Saturday

>>> Smarty Jones the 'big horse' in Philly
>>> Rock Hard Ten ready for Preakness
>>> Eddington razor sharp
>>> Keyser: The Smarty story
>>> 4000 show up at Philly Park Sat morning for Smarty Jones gallop... Trainer, "We're so thankful for all of the support."
>>> Funny Cide and Smarty Jones: Give hope to racing's little people -- those many jockeys, trainers, owners and breeders who plug away without much notice, waiting for the Derby spotlight some day to shine on them
>>> Attention focuses on Smarty crew... Jock's fiancee, "I think he is a little tired of the press. He is a laid-back guy who never really had to deal with people in the media. He is very well-spoken, and he tries to do all he can. Really, he hasn't had five minutes of peace since he got home from Louisville."
>>> Jockey Elliott gets green light to ride 'Smarty' in Preakness

Saturday 5/08

>>> Smarty Jones $5 mil bonus ceremony set for Monday
>>> Layden: 'Can he win the Triple Crown?' The question is entirely unfair, and it too quickly dismisses winning the Derby as simply a part of the some greater achievement
>>> Fountaine: The probable field for next Sat's 129th Preakness grew to 10 Friday
>>> Predicting the Preakness field
>>> Is Smarty Jones headed for greatness?
>>> Imperialism likely to join Preakness field... 'Edge' also in line for shot... Tapit, two others are out
Finley: His Ky Derby victory came under some very unusual circumstances and that Smarty Jones has a little something more to prove

>>> Smarty Jones lets loose during Thurs gallop at Philly

Friday 5/07

>>> Let the second-guessing begin... Trainer John Servis affirmed Thursday that Smarty Jones will not have a workout prior to the May 15 Preakness
>>> Modesti: Derby was formful... A lot of proven good horses ran well in the 130th Ky Derby, but Smarty Jones simply ran better

>>> Moran: Smarty Jones: Underdog or freak?... Whatever he is, this horse has Philly hoping for a Triple Crown
>>> Servis talks to press Thurs: "You want to write about something? It's how bad we need the slots. They put on a good show here, there are some very good trainers back there, we just need better horses."
>>> Water Cannon turns corner with blinkers on
>>> Rosenblatt: Derby winner picks up the training pace at Philly Park
>>> Little Matth Man may join Preakness field
>>> Cheiron out

Thursday 5/06

>>> Beyer: Imperialism, the 3rd-place finisher at Churchill, is capable of defeating Smarty Jones in the May 15 Preakness if he gets the chance
>>> Neumeier: I ask you one basic question -- who in that Ky Derby field is going to turn the tables and beat [Smarty] in the Preakness? The answer is -- no one.
>>> Smarty Jones set for public workout Sat morning
>>> Haskin covers Smarty's return to Philly: "With his van escorted by two Bensalem police cars, their sirens blaring, and a pair of TV helicopters that had followed him all the way from Baltimore hovering overhead, Smarty Jones' arrival was announced well in advance."
>>> Smarty expected at Pimlico in a week... Imperialism possible
>>> Comment: At the Preakness and then the Belmont, Smarty Jones can become an American hero
>>> Smarty returns: Like a scene from a Fellini movie, the low-rent, hardscrabble barn area at Philadelphia Park came alive with magic [Wednesday] morning
>>> Rees: Final thoughts on Derby 130

Kentucky Derby 2004

Kentucky Derby 2004:

Kentucky Derby/Smarty Jones Future Pool $2 payouts:
Pool One..... Closed 2/15: $ 5.60/field
Pool Two..... Closed 3/14: $ 10.80/field
Pool Three..... Closed 4/4: $ 23.60
Kentucky Derby 5/1: $10.20

>>> Ky Derby video replay [go here then use link under the Derby logo]
>>> Kentucky Derby chart and payouts

Wednesday 5/05

>>> Smarty Jones is Sports Illustrated coverboy... '83 winner Sunny's Halo was last Derby cover subject
>>> OTB in Philly suburb runs out of cash to pay Smarty backers, "We had to start giving out checks to the big winners. Itís not that we didnít have the money, we just didnít have the cash."
>>> ...Same scenario at Oaklawn Saturday. Track had to pay out $1.9 mil more than it collected, "No simulcast-only track even thinks it needs to have that much money. People were being paid by check."
>>> Post-Derby who's up, who's down list... One from the 'Down' column: "How is it that everyone but NBC knows it is past time to put Charlsie Canty out to pasture?"
>>> Derby photo finish picture (mini-sized)

>>> Smarty Jones return to Philly and a paparazzi welcome
>>> Latest from Servis: "[Smarty]'s doing great. I see no reason why we wouldn't be heading to the Preakness. This story is great for our industry."
>>> Upstate NY columnist provides some final Derby thoughts
>>> Preakness field still a far cry from firm... Weighing their chances, trainers hedging bets
>>> Rock Hard Ten will get his chance in the Preakness
>>> Haskin: Can't keep up with this Jones
>>> Zito considers two or three for Preakness

Tuesday 5/04

>>> Elliott in triumphant return to Philly... "When I walked down the steps out of the jocks' room it all felt different. There are always people at the bottom of the steps, but there were a lot more than usual. They were cheering and applauding."
>>> Oaklawn Park owner gets insurance back up to Smarty Jones bonus package just days before Ky Derby... "We huddled up that Monday and called our broker and said, 'We've got to cover this horse because he's going to win this race.' "
>>> Ohio woman takes $25K conso prize in $5 mil Ky Derby contest by picking top five finishers correctly... Husband notes, "We should have bet the superfecta [which paid $41,380]."
>>> Forde: Among those joining me as big, fat losers after the run for the roses are...
>>> Moran: Smarty Jones made it perfectly clear on Sat that the current crop of 3YOs has an undisputed leader
>>> SoCal scribe: OK, I'm convinced. Smarty Jones is the real deal
>>> Siraco: Horse racing found its sequel to Seabiscuit on Saturday in Louisville. Take note, Hollywood. It's Smarty Jones
>>> Brunker: Smarty Jones will have to prove himself all over again in the Preakness Stakes. Given his track record, do you want to bet against him?
>>> Philly Park on a 'Smarty' high... Minor-league track home of major league star
>>> So convincing was Smarty Jones's victory in Derby that only a handful of beaten rivals and a few newcomers are expected to face him at Pimlico
>>> List of the 10 slowest Derbies in the last 50 years
>>> Preakness account wagering limited to XpressBet
>>> 2004 Kentucky Derby day handle in Montana broke the state simulcast record
>>> Total wagering on Kentucky Derby, Churchill's Derby Day races establish North American records

Monday 5/03

>>> Beyer: Smarty Jones -- before his name can be mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Seattle Slew, he needs to duplicate his Derby performance on a fast track, where all his rivals have a fair chance to run their best races
>>> Brunker: Don't fit Smarty Jones for Triple Crown yet... Derby winner benefited from favorable track
>>> Bozich: The smart alecks are primed to say they want to see the colt do it again at the Preakness on May 15
>>> Fountaine: Before Saturday, it was sacrilege to mention Smarty Jones in the same breath as Spectacular Bid and Seattle Slew. Not anymore
>>> Houston scribe makes bold prediction: I am here to tell you that this is the horse that captures the Holy Grail. Smarty Jones will go on to win the Triple Crown
>>> Cronley: The best and worst of Derby TV
>>> NBC's Kentucky Derby overnight rating ties as best since '92
>>> USA Today's TV sports guy gives NBC on B+ on Derby telecast

>>> Possibles for the Preakness
>>> Servis: "We're certainly leaning toward the Preakness. We'll let him tell us. I haven't been able to get him tired yet. If he gets tired, we're not going to the Preakness."
>>> When all is said and done, and horse racing pundits look back on Ky Derby winner Smarty Jones, they will undoubtedly point to the brilliance of trainer John Servis in using Oaklawn Park for the prep season
>>> Rochester scribe: Smarty Jones made the nationís racing fans look smart and many professional horse racing handicappers look dumb
>>> Comments and next-race plans for Derby runners
>>> Another feel-good Derby story... Smarty owner, "I wanted to win this race, but I'll be so glad to get back to Florida, where I can just sit down, relax, disconnect all the phones, and watch replays of the race."
>>> Woodbine racetrackers were rooting for Smarty
>>> Servis party's late after the win and truly enjoys the moment... "I got a [phone] message from my neighbor. I had to play it three times. I didn't even know who it was. She was hysterical. It was just, 'OHMYGOD!' "
>>> Horses being lined up to race Derby winner at Preakness
>>> Rosenblatt: Derby win not about to change Servis
>>> Indrisano: If they can write a book about Funny Cide, who won last year's Kentucky Derby and Preakness, then got drubbed in his next three races, the Smarty Jones story should go straight to film
>>> Servis anxious to get home after season-long ride on the Derby Trail
>>> Smarty's Derby evening: "He cooled out in 15 minutes. Then he drank half a bucket of water and ate his dinner, bran mash and some supplements. He emptied his feed tub."
>>> Wesch: Looks as if thoroughbred racing has another Funny Cide on its hands, only better... Better story. And, possibly, a better horse
>>> Izenberg: 'Smart' Elliott rider knows no other way
>>> Kentucky Derby Postscript: From 1st to 18th, here's a rundown
>>> A Philly dilly: Smarty Jones soon will join the Liberty Bell and cheese steaks among Philadelphia's most popular tourist attractions
>>> Stewart Elliott: In the mid-'80s. He was fighting the battle of weight and losing. Got up to 135 pounds and all he was able to do was walk away

From Sunday 5/02:

SMARTY PARTY!... Unbeaten colt storms to $5.8 million payday with Kentucky Derby win

>>> Q&A with Smarty's connections
>>> Post-race trainers quotes
>>> Post-race jockeys quotes
>>> The $5,854,800 payday for winning the Kentucky Derby on Saturday moved Smarty Jones into 6th place on the all-time earnings list. His career earnings are $6,733,155. Cigar is the leader at $9,999,815
>>> 2004 Derby attendance 140,054, the lowest turnout since 1994. That was also the last year the race was run on a sloppy track. The biggest Derby crowd was 163,628, in 1974
>>> Smarty Jones was the 17th horse to enter a Derby with an unblemished record and the 5th to win. Other undefeated winners were Regret (1915), Morvich (1922), Majestic Prince (1969) and Seattle Slew (1977).
>>> Prior to Smarty Jones, none of the previous 11 favorites with 4-1 odds or higher had won the race.
>>> Free PPs for Kentucky Derby [.pdf format]
>>> Historical reference: PPs of Derby winners dating back to 1993 [.pdf format]
>>> Field in post position order with silks, best Beyer, dosage, other info
>>> List of the 10 slowest Derbies in the last 50 years
>>> Total wagering on Kentucky Derby, Churchill's Derby Day races establish North American records
>>> $5 mil Derby contest: No one correctly picks entire field... $25K conso prize goes to player pegging top five finishers
>>> Kerrison: What a horse, what a finish, what a marvelous family behind him, what a story!
>>> How the race was won... Perfect plan let Smarty Jones storm to finish line
>>> Smarty Jones timeline: from farm to fame
>>> Wesch: The last Philadelphia upstart to stun the sports world like Smarty Jones did in winning yesterday's Kentucky Derby was named Rocky Balboa. But 'Rocky' was a work of fiction on celluloid
>>> Smarty owner, "We were ham-and-eggers. We had a lot of horses, a lot of claimers. Boy, we had a lot of fun -- a lot of fun. You learn to love the $10,000 claimers just the same. But no, I never thought we'd race at this level."
>>> Wesch: Winner jock a rookie only in terms of Churchill... "[Stewart Elliott) is a mature veteran and you saw that down the lane today. He was (cool) like a lizard on a log."
>>> Interesting pic sequence showing entire field at different points during the race
>>> Graphic showing some interesting Derby stats of all kinds
>>> Track sloppy, but still earns praise
>>> Forde: A mystery man's magical ride... Victory aboard Smarty Jones propels Elliott
>>> Winner's pedigree shines through
>>> Finley: Stew Who never flinched... He went out and rode the perfect race
Comment: Derby used to be the bluebloods' race, but no more, not for the last two years. For now, it's the blue-collar special
>>> Bozich: Rookie crew shows up the doubters
>>> Litke: Racing game finally pays scrappers back... Trainer, "After this Derby, unfortunately, I might not get Stewart back at Philadelphia Park. When people see how good of a rider he is, he can go anywhere."
>>> Crowd of 15,000 shows up Saturday at Philly Park to cheer on hometown hero, "He will be returning Monday, and we will have a Kentucky Derby champion in Barn 11. It's unbelievable. This just doesn't happen here."
>>> He's this year's Funny Cide. With a touch of Seabiscuit and a $5 million bonus thrown in
>>> Migliore's post-Derby diary, "I'm very happy for Stewart Elliott. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy."
>>> Ziegel: They must have been kidding about the Derby having an 18-horse field. Where were they? Or was the winner, Smarty Jones, just that much better?
>>> Limehouseís outing makes his camp proud
>>> 'America's Race' draws fans to OTBs too... Illinois facility, "The Derby is a fun day for everybody."
>>> ...And fans enjoy the simulcast action at Ky Downs as well
>>> ...And 20,000 enjoy watching the Derby from Keeneland
>>> Many see hopes buried in mud of sloppy track
>>> Maryland's Tapit gets stuck in mud, falls back in pack
>>> Smarty's sire comes from a 'who's who' of studs


>>> General photos of the race
>>> The infield
>>> Celebrities
>>> More celebrities
>>> The infield
>>> The 'scene'... Celebs, infield, etc
>>> The race... Horses, winner's celebrations
>>> ...And yet more photos

Saturday 5/01

Churchill Downs weather forecast

>>> Free PPs for Kentucky Derby [.pdf format]
>>> Historical reference: PPs of Derby winners dating back to 1993 [.pdf format]
>>> Churchill contest offers $5 mil to anyone picking complete KY Derby order or finish
>>> Field in post position order with silks, best Beyer, dosage, other info
>>> Current standings in Courier-Journal reader poll for Derby winner
>>> ...And you can cast your vote
>>> NY Post Bettor's Guide to Derby with comments and all pertinent stats

>>> Kentucky Derby 130: It's truly anybody's horse race
>>> Transcript of Thurs' internet Derby chat with Steven Crist
>>> Transcript of Fri's internet Derby chat with Andy Beyer
>>> Churchill track sealed Sat morning
>>> St Averil, Wimbledon scratched
>>> Courier-Journal scribe looks into his crystal ball and produces the Derby chart BEFORE the race is run!
>>> Gimmicks wagers can offer value, "You can get four logical horses in there and get five- and six-digit payoffs."
>>> Pedigree experts debate quality of field
>>> Herald-Leader lists keys to its Derby handicapping system
>>> Wesch: Intrigue surrounds race that could be wet and wild one
>>> The atmosphere: There is an old joke about going to the Kentucky Derby and never seeing a horse. It happens
>>> Padua's Satish Sanan and his family are focused on one thing: taking home a Derby crown
>>> Kerrison: New York, often dismissed as the poor relation in thoroughbred breeding, could rock the business back on its hoofs today by winning the Ky Derby for the 2nd straight year
>>> Migliore's 5/1 Derby diary
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Putting the pieces together
>>> Two impediments to also-eligible list for Derby
>>> 5/01 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com
>>> Neumeier: Derby winner? You figure it out!... Lion Heart, Smarty Jones, The Cliff's Edge look best
>>> Bozich: Maybe it's Frankel's Masters... No Goliaths in sight, so why not David?
>>> Wall: Anything could change everything... Weather, post positions multiply the variables
>>> Lyrics to 'My Old Kentucky Home'
>>> Finley: What's Action This Day doing in this race?
>>> 4/30 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com

>>> Equidaily.com's 'Coast-to-coast': Smarty Jones, Limehouse, The Cliff's Edge, Master David, Castledale
>>> Beyer: I'm not overlooking The Cliff's Edge. Not only did he run the fastest recent prep race, but he has a near-perfect profile for a Derby winner
>>> Kling: The Cliff's Edge, Tapit, Limehouse, Lion Heart
>>> Jerardi: Tapit, Smarty Jones
>>> Dougherty: Master David, Borrego, The Cliff's Edge, Lion Heart, Tapit
>>> Angst: The Cliffís Edge, Smarty Jones, Lion Heart
>>> Loverro: Tapit, the Cliff's Edge, Friends Lake
>>> Ziegel: Even at 20-1, grab Borrego by the horns
>>> West: Smarty Jones, The Cliff's Edge, Tapit
>>> Courier-Journal media list
>>> Bredar: Master David, Smarty Jones, Pro Prado
>>> Steven Crist: Tapit, Read the Footnotes, Master David, The Cliff's Edge, Birdstone
>>> DRF staff selections
>>> Brunker picks and plays
>>> NY Daily News: Picks and plays of three 'cappers
>>> NY Post's Fountaine: Lion Heart
>>> Comments from some trainers and jocks
>>> NY Post staff picks
>>> Finley: Tapit, Read the Footnotes, Smarty Jones
>>> O'Donnell: Smarty Jones, Master David, Limehouse, Birdstone
>>> Cronley: The Cliff's Edge, Lion Heart, Birdstone
>>> Moss: Lion Heart, The Cliff's Edge, Friends Lake
>>> McNamara: Tapit, Quinton's Gold Rush, Lion Heart
>>> Mayne: Tapit, Lion Heart, Imperialism

Friday 4/30

>>> Wimbledon scratched
>>> Handicapping tip: Consider final furlong fractions of last preps (listed here for the intrigued)
>>> List of previous unbeatens and their Ky Derby results (go to end of article)
>>> Steve Cauthen previews the Derby
>>> Friends Lake to be loaded first in gate
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: A morning at the gate
>>> Kimmel says he is getting tired of explaining tactics for Friends Lake, "We will see how fit he is on Saturday."
>>> Kling: I've burned my bridges in regard to Lion Heart's prospects of winning the Derby. I can't place him higher than 3rd or 4th in my selections. Despite that attitude I can envision the colt winning the race
>>> Kerrison: If the Blue Grass emerges as the dominant prep the Beyer speed boys may take a bow. If the underachievers click, they will have some explaining to do
>>> Rees: Lion Heart could dictate Derby pace... If front-runner goes out fast, how many will go with him?
>>> The Kentucky Derby: What started out as the modest marquee event of a start-up regional oval now commands a permanent slot in the global sports psyche
>>> Editorial: Smarty Jones is our ultimate underdog
>>> Pair of NY-breds look to repeat Funny Cide's success
>>> Rosenblatt: Will long layoff translate to big Derby payoff?
>>> Closer look at how the race might play out
>>> A tale of two rookies: Derby fate of Smarty Jones in hands of trainer Servis, jockey Elliott
>>> Several trainers, riders are taking maiden plunge
>>> Castledale might be small but he has a big heart... His trainer, Jeff Mullins, seeks his first Derby win
>>> 4/30 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com
>>> If heaven has a rail, he'll be there to watch... Bob Camac's eye for breeding horses lives on in Smarty Jones
>>> Pedersen is other female trainer in Kentucky Derby
>>> Marylou Whitney doesn't think the Kentucky Derby owes her anything. She's just glad to be back at Churchill Downs with a horse good enough to wear her stable's colors
>>> 4/29 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com
>>> Migliore's 4/30 Derby diary, "Usually in the Derby, the pace is more than legitimate."
>>> Derby trainers bask in glow of celebrity
>>> Frankel's 'Master' plan might work
>>> Courier-Journal's 4/30 Derby notebook
>>> Looking for an edge, Michael Dickinson treats his Derby contender like a king, down to the bottle of stout with his dinner

Thursday 4/29

>>> Post Position draw quotes
>>> Jerry Bailey blazes his own Derby trail
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: 'Smart' bomb ready to rop
>>> Kerrison: Even in a year when everyone thinks anything could happen, Richard Mandella jolted a barnside media crush by boldly asserting that Action This Day is poised to run the race of his life
>>> At last, Kimmel gets day in the sun, "I'd just be over-the-top excited to win this race. It would mean a lot for me. The time and effort -- I've basically dedicated my life to this business."
>>> Marriage mellows Zito... Wife, "From what people have told me, I wouldn't have liked the old Nick. Now he's very happy, very comfortable."
>>> The man behind the name The Cliff's Edge... "It is a humbling experience. They've humbled me huge."
>>> 4/29 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com
>>> Luck of draw not with Tapit
>>> Trainers for NY-bred horses feeling confident
>>> Decades later, Whitney has her horse... Birdstone runs for the Derby crown that eluded Marylou's late husband
>>> California runners are long shots
>>> Baffert, "I'm not feeling the love from you guys."... Most observers believe he will not add to his passel of accomplishments after he saddles Wimbledon for the 130th Run for the Roses
>>> Fortus: Friends Lake, Castledale may be poised to do well
>>> 'Mattress Mac': Furniture baron isn't meddling with trainers the way he used to do
>>> Ramon Dominguez: Tapit jockey relishes golden opportunity
>>> Migliore's 4/29 Derby diary... "If you don't win, you're depressed. Regardless of whether you have a good trip or not, you want it badly. If you lose, it hits you."
>>> Arrington: With no dominating favorite, this Run for the Roses will be the most wide-open in decades
>>> Castledale co-owner not conflicted... He still tells it like it is as TVG commentator
>>> Courier-Journal's 4/29 Derby notebook
>>> Mandella survives 'fickleness,' has two Derby horses
>>> Greely gets a shot chance at of lifelong dream... Borrego trainer has hoped to win race dreamed of winning race ever since he was age 2
>>> Jock Ramon Dominguez gets his chance to shine, "It's definitely a dream come true to be riding so good a horse in the Derby."
>>> Before life ended, trainer brought Smarty Jones into world... After shooting death of Camac, wife, Chapmans held on to colt
>>> Brad Pegram ready for his first Derby as an agent
>>> 4/28 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com

Wednesday 4/28

>>> Forde: Smarty Jones' connections are tempting Derby fate with their jockey choice
>>> ...But Elliot is gearing up for a good showing, "Pressure?" I donít know about pressure. ... Win, lose or draw, everyone knows Smarty Jones is a good horse.Iím trying to stay focused and just plan on doing my job the best I can."
>>> More on Smarty... The Smarty Jones story involves a plot line older than Hollywood, a cast of unknowns faces adversity, catches a rising star and wins one for the little guy
>>> Comments from trainers/connections at the trainers dinner
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Day of reckoning draws near
>>> No race in April? Is there a payoff in a long layoff?... History says no, some disagree
>>> Migliore's 4/28 Derby diary, "I'm on an even keel this week, in a good rhythm riding every day at Aqueduct."
>>> Izenberg: Two horses have Zito thinking roses, not whines
>>> List of women trainers who have tried the Ky Derby [go to end of yet another profile of Kristin Mulhall]
>>> The story of Derby contender The Cliff's Edge revolves around a shrewd owner, a trainer described as 'Michelangelo,' and a lucky black cat or two
>>> Mandella baffled by Action This Day's poor follow-up to 2003 BC Juvie win
>>> McIngvale making racket at Derby... Furniture-tennis pitchman likes chances with colt Wimbledon
>>> Rosenblatt: Racing's 'Mad Genius' has first Derby starter
>>> Action This Day gets "chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, ultrasound, massage, steam bath, sauna" treatments
>>> Frankel happy with Master David's workout
>>> 4/28 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com
>>> Kerrison: In this Derby run-up, one horse has stood head, shoulders and rump above all others in speed, looks, well-being and performance. He is none other than the people's horse, Smarty Jones
>>> Derby records of this year's trainers [go to end of yet another profile of Kristin Mulhall!]
>>> Courier-Journal's 4/28 Derby notebook
>>> Ziegel: Read Footnotes and between lines on longshot
>>> Thanks to Zito, Sellers is back in the saddle again... "I like Shane Sellers. I liked Chris Antley. I like people who try to have a second chance. I think it's a gift from God, like forgiveness, or whatever it is."
>>> Follow-up on some past Derby last-place finishers
>>> Pletcher has confidence in his pair
>>> 4/27 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com

Tuesday 4/27

>>> Morning workout photo gallery
>>> Courier-Journal 4/27 Derby notebook
>>> Wash Post: Trainer Todd Pletcher said Monday that Value Plus would not run
>>> Monday worktab
>>> Kling: A closer look at live longshots, "Unlike other Kentucky Derbies that have been overrun with totally-outclassed animals, this edition will be populated by (mostly) legitimate horses."
>>> Biancone, Lion Heart avoiding hectic Churchill Downs
>>> SoCal scribe: "Minister Eric is going to win the 130th Run for the Roses. There, I said it."
>>> ESPN columnist suggests Derby box wagering strategies
>>> McNamara comments on each of the contenders
>>> Smarty Jones' owner: "I donít know what specific thing it is about this story that has grabbed everyoneís attention. Heís got the wrong owners, the wrong trainer, the wrong jockey, but heís doing everything right."
>>> Kerrison looks at Zito's hopefuls... Trainer, "Whatever happens, I've got two good horses, and as long as they get in the gate and we have a good week, I've got nothing else to say. Except, I'm lucky and blessed."
>>> Migliore diary: "The next couple of days, [Friends Lake is] going to do a lot of schooling in the paddock and starting gate. We don't want a repeat of what happened in the Holy Bull."
>>> Fountaine: If you like The Cliff's Edge as one of the favorites for Sat's Ky Derby at 6-1, how can you not love Lion Heart at odds twice as high?
>>> The Cliff's Edge got more than a good workout Mon at Churchill. The colt got some practice navigating the kind of traffic that the come-from-behind runner might encounter Sat on the crowded track
>>> Finding the right jockey can be tricky
>>> 4/27 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com
>>> West: With no standout and a full field of 20, racing luck could be key
>>> USA Today profiles Kristin Mulhall
>>> Recent Derby success has New Orleans as backdrop... Wimbledon, Borrego, Pollard's Vision seek to continue trend
>>> Albarado to ride again... Fair Grounds' top jockey gets 7th mount in Ky Derby
>>> Siraco: Tapit gives Las Vegas a rooting interest in Derby
>>> Profile: Trainer John Servis... Dad, "What makes me most proud of him is the way he decided to go with this horse."
>>> Rees: Cliff's Edge moves into spotlight... Zito colt now figures to be Derby favorite
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Lion Heart workout, here and gone in a heartbeat
>>> Break just what Read the Footnotes needed, trainer says
>>> Tapit works Monday at Tapeta Farm

Monday 4/26

>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Serving up an early overlay
>>> Forde: Entering 130th year, Derby still is unique
>>> Roseblatt profiles Smarty Jones
>>> History: '93 Derby winner Sea Hero... Trainer Mack Miller, "Our time was running out, but we had one more chance. We took our last chance, and we won."
>>> Fountaine: Baffert thinks he has Wimbledon back on track
>>> What goes into making the perfect Derby horse has not changed. It takes the right bloodlines, an animal with talent and desire, a trainer with the proper focus and resolve, and sometimes a few lucky breaks. Even then, you might not win
>>> Some Derby thoughts from a few top racing writers
>>> Kerrison: In an era of wildly unpredictable Kentucky Derby upsets, could a cheap horse with one eye, named after a jockey with one eye and owned by a man with one eye, jump up at long odds and win the 130th Derby?
>>> Migliore gives Derby diary to NY Post: "Friends Lake and I have longtime connections."
>>> Video of Kristin Mulhall on backstretch [1:30, Real Video format]
>>> Courier-Journal's 4/26 Derby notebook
>>> Borrego and trainer Beau Greely are the closest thing to a home team at this year's Ky Derby
>>> History: Youngest trainer to win Derby set mark in 1881
>>> Unique style gives 21YO Kristin Mulhall shot at making Derby history
>>> 4/24 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com
>>> 4/25 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com
>>> 4/26 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com
>>> For trainer of three hopefuls, month-plus layoff far from a worry
>>> Merchandising: Spring is like Christmas for stores that sell Derby merchandise
>>> Lexington scribe: No clear favorite in a field full of questions
>>> Chi-town's O'Donnell's comments on Derby contenders
>>> A couple of minor changes in latest Courier-Journal Derby media poll
>>> The prospective field with earnings, dosage and best Beyer fig
>>> Fountaine: Maybe it's time to throw away the book when it comes to handicapping the 130th Run for the Roses
>>> Castledale, St Averil headed to Derby
>>> Ocala paper profiles Smarty... Derby hopeful was set to be raised in Marion County
>>> Panel discusses Derby at Racing Museum/Hall of Fame forum Saturday... On Tapit, "'He's just getting warmed up."
>>> Wall profiles Smarty... "After all, Smarty Jones is blessed."
>>> Conventional wisdom in horse racing suggests that when horses are closely grouped together, it must mean the group is not that good. The trainers of the current Kentucky Derby horses beg to differ
>>> Sinister G is out
>>> After workout, no longer a Footnote?... Violette, "He has not missed a step. When everything goes right, it's a little scary."
>>> A look at a few who fell off the Derby Trail
>>> Derby first-timers hoping to come out smelling like a rose
>>> Many in field of 20 will be bucking history... Some have no stakes win, others laid off too long
>>> Bozich: Choosing Derby winner is tough task
>>> Smarty Jones works 5 furlongs in 58 flat
>>> Wimbledon, Borrego log works

Prior to Monday 4/26

>>> Nikon sponsors 'Churchill Downs Collegiate Sports Seminar'... College students learn photography from the pros in the week leading up to the Derby
>>> ...See their photos

>>> 'On-the-fence'sters hold the key to bubble horses
>>> Rock Hard Ten on the Derby [Trial] fence... "I'm just leaving it up to the owner to see what he wants to do. If he wants to gamble and wait for the Derby, that's fine. If he wants to prep for the Preakness, that's fine."
>>> Sinister G still day-to-day, "If he doesn't work by [Monday], that's it."
>>> Brunker: Young female trainer not short on maturity... Mulhall, 21, pins Ky Derby hopes on Imperialism
>>> Courier-Journal's Derby notebook
>>> West: The paradigm is shifting, and that's why this year's Kentucky Derby could be one of the most exciting and confusing
>>> Derby trivia quiz

>>> Hometown paper profiles Smarty Jones' owners, "He has good breeding, but he wasn't bred for distance. Please don't tell the horse that!"
>>> Profile: Quinton Gold Rush's owner... Small scale thoroughbred owners like Jay Manoogian rarely get the opportunity to compete in the Ky Derby, much less do it with a 'live' horse
>>> Churchill to host families of soldiers killed in Iraq
>>> Smarty Jones' trainer, "To those people who say a good horse canít come out of Philadelphia Park, well, they havenít been watching my barn very much."
>>> Pa Horse Racing Commission declares May 1 'Smarty Jones Day' at state tracks
>>> Preachinatthebar out of Derby after dull workout... "He worked OK, but it wasn't what I wanted to see."
>>> 4/23 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com
>>> 4/22 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com
>>> Courier-Journal's 4/23 Derby notebook
>>> Rosenblatt: 2004 Kentucky Derby features an unlikely cast of characters
>>> Wall's current Derby Top Twenty... Cliff's-Smarty exacta on top
>>> Derby notes from Chicago's O'Donnell
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: Along came Jones
>>> Sinister G is 'touch and go' for Derby

>>> Profile: Imperialism owner Steve Taub... "I find it very, very sad that men and women who own these majestic animals don't come out and spend a lot of time with them. It's a real pleasure for me."
>>> Tapit ready to run for the roses, "We know he'll improve, we just don't know how much."
>>> Profile: Michael Dickinson... Offbeat trainer may be hard to beat
>>> Kerrison: Derby-bound Tapit looks great
>>> Neumeier: Consistency makes Smarty Jones dangerous
>>> Courier-Journal's Derby notebook
>>> Master David... Frankel, "My horse needed to be second [in the Wood] to get in the (Derby), and he did it. Maybe that's an omen for the big race."
>>> Haskin's Derby Report: An early bird special... Friends Lake arrives
>>> Derby contender Rock Hard Ten might run in Derby Trial
>>> 4/21 Derby notes from kentuckyderby.com
>>> Read the Footnotes works, "As good as you would want."
>>> Profile: Smarty Jones' jock Stewart Elliot... He has won more than 3,000 races, and no one knows who he is outside the Scrabble board of mid-Atlantic racetracks
>>> Pollard's Vision: It's tough enough to win the Derby with everything going exactly according to plan... Imagine trying it with a one-eyed horse
>>> Gary Stevens bypasses Ky Derby to remain in France

>>> Five racing scribes current Derby Top Ten
>>> Fountaine's current Derby Dozen
>>> Rosenblatt's Derby Top Ten and weekly comments

Graded stakes earnings thru 4/17

KY Derby/Oak Future Pool 3 Final odds

>>> Ky Derby Future Pool 2: Final odds
>>> Ky Oaks Future Pool 2: Final odds

>>> Ky Derby Future Pool 1 Final: 'Field' is public choice at 9-5... Eurosilver next at 11-1
>>> Ky Oaks Future Pool 1 Final: Halfbridled tabbed as 7-2 fave

2004 Kentucky Derby Future Book odds from Bally's A-L

2004 Kentucky Derby Future Book odds from Bally's L-Z

List of 'Derby Trail' stakes races


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