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Saturday, November 13, 2004
Picks and plays for some of the day's major stakes

Really more of the same. Once again our selections on top were OK -- but our wagering template overall fell short.

Five winners in twelve races (Calder, $3.80, 4.20, 5.40, 2.80, 2.80). That's a pretty solid 42% strike-rate -- but let's be honest, it was promising to be a chalky afternoon and it ended up that way...

And our gimmicks just didn't bail us out. Basically we grabbed a few value-less exactas and a very small tri. That's just not going to cut it. And, just as we've experienced in the past couple of weeks, we suffered through some tough races where we couldn't even get the exacta Saturday. At Aqueduct we left the winner, Classic Endeavor, out of our mix. That one just looked a little slower than ours, but clearly, leaving 42% trainer Anthony Dutrow out of the mix at this meet is a mistake. Live and learn.

In the two stakes at Churchill, ours were in striking position late in the game and just couldn't get it done. It happens. In the O'Farrell at Calder we just missed a cold tri when our show pick faded in the shadow of the wire. In the Franks we just missed a cold exacta when our place pick faded late. In the Heubeck we ran 1-2-4 to get bumped out of a tri. The Price was our best finish of the day -- but it was a boxed tri and it looked like we were going to have it cold until late, when our show pick just got up to catch our place pick. We grabbed exacta and tri payouts there -- but the prices would have been better if our predicted order of finish had held on. Got zapped fair and square in the Heath, we wouldn't have had the 57-1 winner. Our cold exacta was rebuffed again by a 1-3 finish in the Classic. We finally had a little bit of a price in the Sprint as 7-2 Built Up looked ready to pounce but lacked the needed punch when it counted. And the winner of the Appleton just didn't catch our eye on the PPs.

Finally, at Hollywood, it looked like we might end the day with a tri that could have helped us out a little. Three of ours had things looking good very late in the stretch -- but again a fade job late left us with our third frustrating 1-2-4 finish of the afternoon.

Again, the winners on top category is still in good shape for our fall season -- but we're looking for a nice breakout afternoon with the wagering overall. Stay tuned.

WAGERED: $524.00
COLLECTED: $155.40

Turf wagers are turf only

Aqueduct: Stuyvesant H'cp G3 $100K

Classic Endeavor 3-1
Colita 5-2
Snake Mountain 7-1

Kissin Saint scratched.

Wager: $5 WP on Colita.
Collected $9.50 on the WP (xxx, 3.80).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 2-6.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 2-4-6.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 2-4-6.

Colita...Team Valor/Pletcher runner finally gets a chance to string a few together and might get it done if able to improve in third start off layoff.
Powerful Touch...Huge flopperoo at Hawthorne last time but had put together a very solid season prior.
Kissin Saint...Might be rounding into good form.
Country Be Gold.

Churchill: Pent Up Kiss H'cp $70K

Mocha Queen 7-1
Black Escort 25-1
Dyna Da Wyna 3-5

Speedy Sonata scratched.

Wager: $5 WP on Dyna Da Wyna.
Ran 3rd.
...$2 exacta box top two.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 2-3-4.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 2-3-4.

Dyna Da Wyna...Solid turfer is undefeated at these sprint trips.
Speedy Sonata...Going well since summer and ran second to top pick last time.
Nicole's Dream...Always seems to be in the hunt, but post is no bonus today.
Black Escort.

Churchill: Mrs Revere G2 $150K

River Belle 8-5
Lenatareese 9-1
Cape Town Lass 47-1

Wager: $5 WP on Sister Swank.
Ran 4th at 3-1.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 4-10.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 1-4-5-10.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-4-5-10.

Sister Swank...Seems to have found a home on grass. Won G2 last time at Keeneland over a 'yielding' course.
With Affection...Has been going well since July.
Jinny's Gold...Just behind top pick last time and has experience over soft grass.
River Belle.

Calder: Joe O'Farrell Juv Fillies $150K

Aclassysassylassy 4-5
Running Bobcats 8-5
Frosty Royalty 23-1

Wager: $5 WP on Aclassysassylassy.
Collected $15.50 on the WP (3.80, 2.40).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Collected $8.00 on the ex box ($8.00/$2).
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $4.00 on the ex box.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-2-4-6.

Aclassysassylassy...Hard to fault this one's excellent record thus far.
Running Bobcats...Looks to be getting the hang of it and improving..
Lady Ana L...Another one that seems to have figured things out over the last few. J Velazquez rides.
Lady in Pink.

Calder: John Franks Juv Fillies Turf $100K

Rich in Spirit 1-1
Dansetta Light 5-1
Yes It's Gold 7-2

Wager: $5 WP on Rich in Spirit.
Collected $17.50 on the WP (4.20, 2.80).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-3.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 1-3-5-7.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-3-5-7.

Rich in Spirit...Broke maiden and then proceeded to win alw in last two starts since moving to turf.
Yes It's Gold...Has run well in last three -- behind the talented Aclassysassylassy. Avoids that one by moving to turf -- and shows a good grass work for this.
Quick Queen...Should be rolling late.
Those Littlethings.

Calder: Elmer Heubeck Distaff H'cp $200K

Hopelessly Devoted 8-5
Alix M 1-1
Shady Woman 18-1

Wager: $5 WP on Hopelessly Devoted.
Collected $20.00 on the WP (5.40, 2.60).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-4.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $7.40 on the ex box ($14.80/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-2-4-6.

Hopelessly Devoted...Faced some nice graded opponents over the summer. Ran perhaps best yet when winning the Calder Oaks last time. Moves turf to dirt.
Redoubled Miss...Loves the track and won similar stake here last time.
Dakota Light...Another that does well overthe Calder strip.
Alix M.

Calder: Jack Price Juv $150K

Flamenco 2-5
Closing Argument 4-1
Dover Dere 8-1

Wager: $5 WP on Flamenco.
Collected $12.50 on the WP (2.80, 2.20) .
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-3.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $4.00 on the ex box ($8.00/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Collected $12.60 on the tri box ($25.20/$2).

Flamenco...Pletcher/Bailey 2YO just looks a little better than these.
Dover Dere...Stakes placed in SoCal. Moves turf to dirt and picks up Johnny V in the saddle.
Closing Argument...Drops back to a sprint and would be no surprise.
GPs Black Knight.

Calder: Bonnie Heath Turf Cup H'cp $150K

Final Prophecy 57-1
Gin and Sin 7-1
Grafton 4-1

Wager: $5 WP on Proud Man.
Ran 5th at 3-2.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 3-5.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 3-4-5-6.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 3-4-5-6.

Proud Man...Clement trainee is very lightly raced this year and might have needed last, the G2 Kelso. Ran third in this race last year.
Grafton...SoCal based runner from Drysdale. Like top pick, has a spotty record this year and now gets a chance to string two together.
Sigfreto...Has been going well since summer and picks up top jock.
Stormy Roman.

Calder: Carl G Rose Classic H'cp $200K

Supah Bliltz 2-5
Hear No Evil 22-1
Bob's Proud Moment 6-1

Wager: $5 WP on Supah Blitz.
Collected $13.00 on the WP (2.80, 2.40).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-3.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 1-3-6-7.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-3-6-7.

Supah Blitz...Former Florida based runner has been competing last couple in SoCal and has done well against G2 company.
Bob's Proud Moment...This one -- or third pick -- might sneak away early.
Keep Cool...Moved forward nicely on grass -- but might hold that form in first try back over dirt.
Nightmare Affair.

Calder: Jack Dudley Sprint H'cp $150K

Weigelia 4-5
Onebadshark 7-1
Love That Moon 16-1

Wager: $5 WP on Built Up.
Ran 6th at 7-2.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-6.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 1-3-4-6.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-3-4-6.

Built Up...Loves this track. THey've stretched him out successfully last two -- but returns to sprint today which he probably prefers. Bullet work seems to indicate he will handle the cutback OK.
Weigelia...Returns to scene of best race -- won the G3 Carry Back here this summer, shooting a big Beyer. 3YO meets older, has been facing peers for the most part.
Sing Me Back Home...Trainer is pretty good with the turf to dirt move.
Love That Moon.

Calder: Arthur I Appleton Juv Turf $100K

Turk's Ransom 5-1
Eastern Sand 5-2
Raleigh Express 6-1

Dazzling Dr Cevin scratched.

Wager: $5 WP on Eastern Sand.
Collected $10.00 on the WP (xxx, 4.00).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 2-3.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 2-3-6.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 2-3-6.

Eastern Sand...Appreciated the move to grass.
Raleigh Express...Finished second to top pick last time -- also his first grass try.
Dazzling Dr Cevin...Gone well sprinting on dirt. Could prove tough if takes to turf.
Do Run Run.

Hollywood: On Trust H'cp $85K

Anziyan Royalty 5-2
Lava Man 6-1
Jack's Silver 41-1

Wager: $5 WP on Areyoutalkintome.
Ran 4th at 5-2
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 4-7.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $21.40 on the ex box ($42.80/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-2-4-7.

Areyoutalkintome...Never off the board in 13 lifetime starts and seems in top form now.
Excess Summer...Won this race last year. Making third start off layoff and last was dismal -- which might help the value. Works say a rebound is to be expected.
Lava Man...Has come to life recently.
Anziyan Royalty.

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