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Saturday, November 22, 2003
Picks and plays for some of the day's major stakes

Two winners on top in five races (Calder, $3.80; Turf Paradise, $9.00) which managed to keep us in the black in that category.

Otherwise we struggled a little with the gimmicks -- except for a home-run at Turf Paradise. Ours ran 1-2-3 cold in Arizona for the $36.80/$2 exacta and $58.60/$2 triple. At Aqueduct we were at the mercy of one of those turf marathons pace plays where Balto Star just lulled them to sleep on the front end. And at Hollywood our top pick had an unexpected romp through the crowd prior to the race and then didn't offer a lot on track.

So it was a mixed bag on Saturday.

WAGERED: $250.00
COLLECTED: $138.00

Turf wagers are turf only

Aqueduct: Red Smith H'cp G2 $150K

Balto Star 9-2
Macaw 2-1
Cetewayo 7-2

Wager: $5 WP on Revved Up.
Ran 7th at 4-1.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 2-7.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 2-5-7-11.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 2-5-7-11.

Revved Up...Looks to have some tactical versatility which will come in handy here. Plenty of speed so this one should be able to sit up close and make first run coming into the lane.
Macaw...Tossed in one clunker since summer -- but all other tries have been very competitive.
Tripat...Just have a feeling we haven't seen the best of this guy yet.
Haggs Castle.

Calder: Cutlass Envoy $35K

Chispiski 4-5
Belle Artiste 7-1
Four Pennies 7-1

Wager: $5 WP on Chispiski.
Collected $16.50 on the WP (3.80, 2.80).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-4.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 1-3-4-9.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-3-4-9.

Chispiski...Comes out of a wire job in a similar event here last month.
Crafty Beat...Laid off a couple of months since faltering a little in last. Prior to that she hadn't missed the board all year.
Explosive Beauty...Expect a return to good form with this second start off of layoff.
Four Pennies.

Churchill: Cardinal H'cp G3 $150K

Riskaverse 5-2
Bien Nicole 2-1
Firth of Lorne 8-1

Wager: $5 WP on Janeian.
Ran 7th at 11-1.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 7-9.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 1-5-7-9.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-5-7-9.

Janeian...Has been going well since leaving SoCal and moving into current barn.
Quick Tip...Likes the track. Won this race last year.
Dyna Da Wyna...Has become a solid performer since Saratoga -- however meets older for first time today.

Turf Paradise: Queen of the Green H'cp $50K

Abbey Bridge 7-2
Lacrystal Classic 7-2
No Turbluence/entry 3-5

No Turbulence/Centerofattention were entrymates. Centerofattention ran 4th.

Wager: $5 WP on Abbey Bridge.
Collected $37.00 on the WP (9.00, 5.80).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Collected $36.80 on the ex box ($36.80/$2).
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $18.40 on the ex box.
...$1 tri box top four.
Collected $29.30 on the tri box.

Abbey Bridge...SoCal shipper moves up out of claiming ranks but looks like she should compete here.
Lacrystal Classic...Speedball might make things interesting on the front end.
Centerofattention...Won a similar event last May in lone try over this track.

Hollywood: Hollywood Turf Cup G1 $250K

Continuously 6-1
Bowman Mill 2-1
Epicentre/entry 5-2

Epicentre finished 1st, DQ'd and placed 3rd

Wager: $5 WP on Labirinto.
Ran 7th at 3-1.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 3/5-7.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 2-3/5-4-7.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 2-3/5-4-7.

Labirinto...Group winner in Europe was a near-miss second in US debut. Expect a similar good try today.
Frankel entry...Epicentre preferred. Was a couple lengths behind top pick in latest -- after encountering some traffic.
Runaway Dancer...Bested top pick last time -- at 38-1. Still not quite convinced on this one.
Bowman Mill.

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