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Saturday, March 22, 2003
Picks and plays for some of the day's major stakes

Another very solid afternoon topped by the results in Turfway's Lane's End. That race gave us the biggest jolt with a nice exacta ($226.40/$2) and tri ($983.80/$2). It's also worth noting that our top four picks combined for the $2794.40/$2 superfecta in that race.

We were a little light with our top picks Saturday, with only two winners on top in eleven races (Turfway, $3.60, $13.00). However we made up for that as we collected gimmicks in six events. Among them, at Aqueduct our top three picks combined for the exacta ($24.80/$2) and tri ($58.00/$2). We has a cold exacta at Turfway ($9.20/$2). Our fourth pick completed the $72.00/$2 tri in that race. And as mentioned before, the Lane's End provided a healthy boost to the bottom line.

It could have been even nicer -- our biggest disappointment of the afternoon was the result of the Pan Am at Gulfstream. After a scratch we only had three running. Our top two flip-flopped for a nice $26.20/$2 exacta but our 24-1 third choice was just nipped at the wire, losing a nose show photo and preventing us from collecting another tri. With a 13-1 shot completing that tri it paid $147.60/$2 -- ours would have been even better and could easily have tipped us over $1000 for the day.

But it was another good afternoon in March as we collected a very admirable 95% ROI.

WAGERED: $454.00
COLLECTED: $882.25

Turf wagers are turf only

Aqueduct: Cicada

Cyber Secret 9-2
Roar Emotion 4-5
Boxer Girl 4-1

Wager: $5 WP on Roar Emotion.
Collected $6.75 on the WP (xxx, 2.70).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 2-3.
...$2 tri key Roar Emotion over next three.
Ran 2/1-3-4.
...$1 tri box top three.
Collected $29.00 on the tri box ($58.00/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Collected $29.00 on the tri box.

Roar Emotion....Looks to be perhaps slightly classier than these -- but the layoff is a knock. However, she won her debut at this distance last year convincingly and is working well for return.
Boxer Girl...On a three race win streak, all at this trip. Should go well.
Cyber Secret...Disappointed last time but the cutback to sprint should help produce a rebound.

Gulfstream: Pan American H'cp

Quest Star 9-2
Man From Wicklow 3-5
Reduit 13-1

Serial Bride scratched.

Wager: $5 WP on Man From Wicklow.
Collected $5.50 on the WP (xxx, 2.20).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Collected $26.20 on the ex box ($26.20/$2).
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $13.10 on the ex box.
...$1 tri key Man From Wicklow over next three.
Ran 2/1-4.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-2-4... Nosed out of the show spot at 24-1. Doh!

Man From Wicklow...Has been going quite well since last fall including big win here in a G1 last time. Bailey back onboard.
Quest Star...Has gone well since move to turf -- and really seemed to wake up nicely in 4YO debut. Might add some value here.
Serial Bride...Usually in the hunt -- but last wasn't up to par and leaves some question marks. Perhaps he doesn't like the course but we'll give him another shot before deciding that for sure.
Whata Brainstorm.

Turfway: Queen

Belle Artiste 5-2
Timeless Love 2-1
Ballado's Halo 29-1

Wager: $5 WP on Timeless Love.
Collected $9.50 on the WP (xxx, 3.80).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-4.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $13.20 on the ex box ($26.40/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-2-4-5.

Timeless Love...Hometown filly really likes this surface. Has had a very brief vacation but works indicate she's ready.
Flaxen Flyer...Has performed well on the surface but the layoff since last fall is a knock.
Belle Artiste...One of those hard reads that can fire nicely one race and then come up short the next. Mr Day should keep her in the hunt.
Radcliffe Yard.

Turfway: Hansel

Quick Draw 4-5
Clayton's Trick 5-2
Digimon 21-1

Wager: $5 WP on Quick Draw.
Collected $15.00 on the WP (3.60, 2.40).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Collected $9.20 on the ex box ($9.20/$2).
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $4.60 on the ex box.
...$1 tri box top four.
Collected $36.00 on the tri box ($72.00/$2).

Quick Draw...Lukas/Overbrook 3YO has found a nice spot for stakes debut.
Clayton's Trick...Seems to have found his best stride over the track and trainer is winning at a 38% clip, 55% in stakes.
Hackendiffy...Speedball has been off since Oct but shows a nice work and trainer has good layoff stats.

Turfway: Bourbonette BC

Adopted Daughter 5-1
DQ - Golden Marlin 5-2
Unbridled Femme 7-1

Golden Marlin finished 1st, was DQ'd to 2nd

Wager: $5 WP on Adopted Daughter.
Collected $49.50 on the WP (13.00, 6.80).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-4.
...$1 exacta box top four, sub next if scratch.
Ran 1-4-6-7.
...$1 tri box top four, sub next if scratch.
Ran 1-4-6-7.

Adopted Daughter...Got career off to an impressive start early last year. Came back from extended break to run an OK third last time. Two turns is a question mark but this might be a good one in the making.
Virgin Voyage...NY invader has some decent two turn tries and that experience counts.
Red Cell...Got a feeling this one is more talented than record indicates.
Unbridled Femme.

Turfway: Rushaway

Private Gold 6-5
Acceptable Venture 9-2
Paula's Pride 17-1

Astral Plane scratched.

Wager: $5 WP on Acceptable Venture.
Collected $12.50 on the WP (xxx, 5.00).
...$2 exacta box top two.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $11.10 on the ex box ($22.20/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-2-9.

Acceptable Venture...Stretching out off of two nice NY sprint tries. Might surprise.
Astral Plane...Broke maiden for $20K tag which doesn't inspire confidence but has followed that with a couple more nice runs. Trainer is a unknown quantity. Question marks abound so don't wager the kid's college fund but might add some value to gimmicks.
Grand...Has been off since running third in a Canadian G3 last fall. Adds blinks and lasix. Could go well if ready.
Private Gold.

Turfway: Lane's End

New York Hero 14-1
Eugene's Third Son 7-1
Champali 5-2

Note: Lion Tamer ran 4th completing $2794.40/$2 superfecta

Wager: $5 WP on Lion Tamer.
Ran 4th at 4-5.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 3-4.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $113.20 on the ex box ($226.40/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Collected $491.90 on the tri box ($983.80/$2).

Lion Tamer...Faces first two turn test but looked like a champ winning Hutcheson.
Champali...On the other hand this one successfully negotiated two turns right here on this strip last time and that experience should help.
New York Hero...Has shown some girt in four tries at Aqueduct this winter.
Eugene's Third Son.

Fair Grounds: Gentilly H'cp

Zarb's Music 16-1
Lighter Knot 5-1
Lac Laronge 8-1

Spritely Walker scratched.

Wager: $5 WP on Witt Ante.
Ran 4th at 3-5.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 3-4.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 2-3-4.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 2-3-4.

Witt Ante...Most of this field has never been on the turf so they're all question marks but this guy has just been a super-solid state-bred on the dirt so far. If that talent transfers to the green he'll be tough to beat.
Lac Laronge...Likely to be the front runner and could be tough in the lane if he likes the grass.
Spritely Walker...Stretching out off of a couple of sprint wins and that's a nice angle.
Lighter Knot.

Oaklawn: Rebel

Crowned King 36-1
Great Notion 3-5
Comic Truth 9-2

Wager: $5 WP on Great Notion.
Collected $7.00 on the WP (xxx, 2.80).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 2-3.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 2-3-4-5.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 2-3-4-5.

Great Notion...Looked just too good to ignore winning the Southwest last time.
Comic Truth...Disappointed in the Southwest but look for improvement off of that effort.
Alke...Ran second to top pick last time and should go well again today.
Sir Cherokee.

Santa Anita: San Pedro

King Robyn 5-2
Truckle Feature 18-1
Eye Of The Tiger 4-1

Our Bobby V scratched.

Wager: $5 WP on Rojo Toro.
Ran 5th at 1-1
...$2 exacta box top two.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 1-3-5.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-3-5.

Rojo Toro...Baffert 3YO was solid winning G2 here last time. Hard to go past.
Our Bobby V...Ran fourth to top pick last time but expect a better try with cutback in distance.
Eye Of The Tiger...Trainer is shaky when bringing stock from NoCal but this one looks talented.
King Robyn.

Santa Anita: Santa Ana H'cp

Noches De Rosa 13-1
Garden in the Rain 5-2
Megahertz 1-1

Wager: $5 WP on Megahertz.
Ran 3rd.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 3-4.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 2-3-4-8.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 2-3-4-8.

Megahertz...Excellent record over the track and looks to get back to the winner's circle against these.
Magic Mission...Certainly capable of getting into the gimmicks as she's hit the board 5-of-6 at the trip.
Splendeur...Third start off the layoff angle might get us some value here.
Garden in the Rain.

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