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by Seth Merrow

Saratoga Race Course
Friday, July 24, 2020
Meet Total ... 24-61

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Turf picks are turf only - unless otherwise indicated.

2020 Best Bets Picks/Plays archive.


5-10. R1 ... ABD 5.40 x 15.40 t 73.00; R2 ... ACB "D" scr 6.50 x 17.40 t 38.60; R4 ... AxD 3.00; R5 ... CBx x 43.40; R7 ... Axx "B" scr 6.70; R8 ... BDx x 43.60; R9 ... CAx x 41.20; R10 .. ACx 3.80 x 28.40

Weather. Partly sunny, warm and humid.


Assume...Looks to have an edge.
Hands Up...Second-best -- edge-wise.
Wishes and Dream...Maybe - but might be better on grass.
Quantum Computing.

Hot Little Honey...Perhaps appreciates the class drop.
Kinky Sox...Logical off of the last two.
Overtime Olivia...Turf-to-dirt with some early speed.
Movie Score.

Peaceful...Has shown some talent that is perhaps better than the record indicates.
Mo Me Mo My...In from SoCal and looks to fit.
Voting Agreement...Dangerous with the potent connections.
Sparkling Sky.
Dirt: Same, plus Wicked Amber.

Malarkey...Trainer and jock off to a good start at the meet.
Stay Fond...Nice win last time and a repeat might be good enough here.
Dirty Bird...Class move likely to be beneficial.
Blunt Force.

Irish Constitution...Sire good with firsters. Sib Straphanger 6,1 to start career.
Raffinity...Sib Bourbon Empire won debut.
Samborella...Half-mil purchase at Saratoga auction last summer. Sib Bye Bye Hong Kong was 3,1 to start career in Europe.
Party At Page's.

Cap de Creus... Hard to go beyond.
Coilean Bawn...Competes with this bunch.
Elle M'a Souri...Similar scenario to Coilean Bawn.
Dirt: 3-8-9-5.

Snicket...Has been knocking on the door on turf. Sib Barbarossa 7,2,1 to start career. Trainer/jock going well early at the meet.
Quantitativbreezin...Good debut to build on.
Towering Gaze...Might be primed for a good effort in third start.
Magnolia's Lady.
Dirt: 3-5-10-4.

Free Enterprise...Has some back talent to rebound towards.
Strike That...Brings in good Oaklawn form.
Mount Travers.

NINTH RACE - G3 $100K Quick Call
Jack and Noah...Winner of Sir Cat last time. Fourth-place finisher from that race came back to win an alw event on Wed.
Flap Jack...Comes in off of string of good works.
Old Chestnut...Also comes out of Sir Cat.
Turned Aside.
Dirt: 3-1-6-5.

Aintitfunkynow...Should match up nicely with this $40K bunch.
Bricco...Meanwhile, this one did improve on the move to this level.
The Postmaster...AE. Off over a year - but was running well enough to compete here when last seen.
KK Ichikawa.AE.
Shared Succes.AE.
My Primo.
Dirt: 16-5-7-1.

If we are interested in both halves of an entry -- in event of a scratch -- it is noted that way [in other words, both halves are named]. If only one-half of the entry is named, then we prefer that half and will move to our next pick listed [rather than the other half of the entry] in event of a scratch.

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