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by Seth Merrow

Saratoga Race Course
Friday, July 17, 2020
Meet Total ... 2-10

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Turf picks are turf only - unless otherwise indicated.


2-10. Only a couple winners - but plenty of action if the picks were played around with a little - highlighted by three of the selections in the mix at big numbers in the R8 Schuylerville: R1 ... Bc-Cd-Ab "A" scr x 22.80 t 56.50; R2 ... De-Ab-x "A" scr x 48.40 t 248.00; R3 ... CDB x 26.49 t 78.50; R5 ... CBx 102.50; R6 ... AxC 6.70; R8 ... CDB x 277.00 t 1109.00; R9 ... DCB x 40.40 t 112.00; R10 .. Axx "C" scr 5.80. Weather was overcast but warm and mildly humid. Attendance was, I guess officially, zero.


Value Engineering...Latest was perhaps his best yet.
Bundibunan...Solid fit with this bunch.
Go Poke the Bear...Capable if ready to roll off the long layoff.

Dirt: 1-4-7.

Breed's Hill...Beyers seem a little light vs these - but - perhaps comes back with some added maturity and finds new life vs NY-breds.
Dawn's Early Light...On the Beyers.
Brunate...Ran well at this level last time - and worked well for this one.
Always Funny.

The Rock Says...Seeems to have a Beyers edge and trainer very good off the claim. But - not as invincible as 3-5 ML indicates.
Universal Payday...Certainly looks competitive off the last couple -- albeit back in Feb and March.
Blood Moon...Back to dirt.
Ghost Game.

Leaveuwithasmile...Capable on best.
Customerexperience...Moves up off Gulfstream win but looks to fit.
Pick Up the Fone...Early speed and might wind up being the one to beat.
Touch of Nirvana.
Ms Malevolence.

Voliero...Seems primed.
Sandro the Great...Fired a good Beyer last time - but it was at 1 1/4m.
Scuttlebuzz...Impressive try on grass.
Open Lengths.
Dirt: 5-7-1-4.

Big Thicket...Likely if able to repeat the last couple Beyers.
Vintage Hollywood...Not sure what to make of the disappointing effort last time - perhaps rebounds if the class move wasn't the obstacle.
Mission Wrapitup...Dangerous on move back to proper level.
Giant Shoes.

SEVENTH RACE - $85K De La Rose
Passing Out...Third behind the talented Rushing Fall in second start back. Nice work for this.
Catch a Bid...Typically in the hunt.
Clara Peeters.
Dirt: 5-7-9-1.

Lady Lawyer...Just missed in US and seasonal debut. Might get a barometer by watching Clara Peeters in the prior race.
Olenden...Barn mate to top pick looks capable.
Turf War...Draw a line through the 2019 season-ender. Interesting on the comeback for new barn.
Lost Ticket.
Dirt: 1-5-4-3.

NINTH RACE - $85K Shine Again
Indian Pride...Solid so far and continued that way in season-opener.
Blamed...The one to catch?
Risky Mandate...Similar to top pick - been running well throughout, including a nice try to kick off the season.
Please Flatter Me.

Shared Success...Should build on the latest.
Operative...Makes potent MSW to mdn clm move.
The Postmaster...Might have put on top if not for the layoff.
KK Ichikawa.
True Grace.
Dirt: 11-14-15-3-16.

If we are interested in both halves of an entry -- in event of a scratch -- it is noted that way [in other words, both halves are named]. If only one-half of the entry is named, then we prefer that half and will move to our next pick listed [rather than the other half of the entry] in event of a scratch.

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