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by Seth Merrow

Saratoga Race Course
Friday, August 2, 2013
Meet Total ... 32-124

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2-11. Still struggling. Winners in the 5th [5.70] and 11th [5.40]. There was a mix of gimmicks using the picks: R3 ... ECBx x 62.50t 187.50; R4 ... Bc-A-x x 20.00 "B" scr; R5 ... A-Cd-B "C" scr x 23.00 t 50.50; R6 ... BCA x 26.00 no tri; R9 ... Cd-Ab-x "A" scr x 49.40; R11 ... ABx x21.20.

11036 attended. The morning was warm but overcast - and that continued briefly into the beginning of the racecard, but a drizzle started early and continued off and on for most of the afternoon, at times getting hard enough to make fans seek cover.


Floral Fete Promenade and Congress Park Ice Cream Social: On the eve of the official 150th anniversary of Saratoga Race Course, more than a dozen horse-drawn, flower-festooned carriages carrying dignitaries and celebrities will step back in time in an old-fashioned Floral Fete Promenade down Broadway. A mini-replica of an event that was popular in Saratoga in the late 1880's and early 1900's, the Floral Fete Promenade will be led by philanthropist and Saratoga 150 honorary co-chair Marylou Whitney. Joining her, will be her husband John Hendrickson, and actress Susan Lucci. The parade will begin at 7:30pm. A free Ice Cream Social, hosted by Marylou Whitney and John Hendrickson, will take place beginning at 8pm in Congress Park.

Family Friday: Noon to 4pm featuring a variety of free, family-friendly activities for all ages.

Kiss of Thunder...Maker/Ramsey runner was a solid winner last time in for a tag - albeit on dirt.
Sky Lover...Popular at the claim box and should fit with this bunch.
Eriugena...Ran well for a tag last time.
Frisky Cat.
Dirt: Dighton, Kiss of Thunder, Mighty Ian, Fit Fightin Feline.

Groupthink...The right nature and nuture with Majestic Warrior on top, Brown training and Klaravich owning - however, sibs have taken a few to get the "W".
Tapidor...Plenty of win-early pedigree. Sib Icabad Crane won first two career starts and thee of first four.
Sol the Freud...Primed with a steady string of works.

Notesfromabroad...Last was a dud - needs to rebound to earlier efforts with early speed.
Bit Bustin...Could be interesting for turf-to-dirt.
Madame Prosecutor...Seems to fit on the numbers - but has been away since Feb.
Bird Home.

Courageous Karen...Improved on turf.
Pie's First Lady...Linda Rice with a turf sprinter.
Scribbling Sarah...Seems to be getting the hang of it.
Stock Fund.

Saturday Nthe Park...Turf is the question mark but has some back numbers that intrigue. Slight nod in a tough race.
Sapphire Blue...Nice improvement in second career start.
Giant's Jewel...Might fit well here.
Spunky Princess.
Saratoga Sunrise...(Don't ignore this firster at a price.)
Glenwood Pines.
Dirt: Same plus Conzig.

SIXTH RACE - $100K Caress
Madame Giry...Faced the boys last time. 2-2 on this track.
Spun Cap...Nice work in prep for this. Best effort fits here.
Sounds of the City...Should be heard from in the lane.
Double the Energy.
Dirt: Holiday Soiree, Silverette, Well Kept, Sounds of the City.

Italian Rules...SoCal import looks tough here - BUT the drop off of the claim is suspicious.
Take Down Two...Solid first-off-claim trainer.
PJs Magical Wink...Another outfit that is good off the claim.
Island Sunset.
Assured Victory.

Major Marvel...In good form.
Presumptive...Also going well lately.
Scotus...Claimed last time. Seems to fit here and has some back class.
Dirt: Point Taken, The Best Glacier, Scotus, Bernie the Maestro.

Force Multiplier...Nod on the drop.
Dapper Draper...Might be interesting with the move to grass.
Freight...Better sprinting? Rosario rides.
Saguaro Blossom.
Dirt: Countercyclical - then same as above.

If we are interested in both halves of an entry -- in event of a scratch -- it is noted that way [in other words, both halves are named]. If only one-half of the entry is named, then we prefer that half and will move to our next pick listed [rather than the other half of the entry] in event of a scratch.

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