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by Seth Merrow

Saratoga Race Course
Monday, August 6, 2012
Meet Total ... 41-156

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3-11. Winner in 4th [$3.70], 5th [$3.50] and 6th [$12.80]. That made for a cold R4-6 P3 [$29.80/$2]. Also, D-A-C-B in R1 [x 99.50, tri 577.00, super 2010.00]. A-B-C cold in R4 [ex $27.20/$2, tri $95.50/$2]. C-B-D-A in R9 [x 26.80, tri 183.50, super 295.00]. D-C-B in the crazy upset finish in R10 the featured G1 Vanderbilt [x 359.00, tri 1554.00].

19,762 attended. A downpour blew through about 15 minutes prior to the opener. Rain let up - but thunder rumbled with horses on the way to post for R1. A second shower a little later knocked all race off turf except R2. Weather was partly sunny, hot and humid.

Note: Barebones selections were up earlier - stats and notes have since been updated and analysis added below.


R3 and R10 are off the turf - with distance changes... R3/9F, R10/7F.

Paper Kite...Has some win-early breeding and connections that can pop first time.
Bustle...More breeding that might get it done.
Dreaming of Juile...Maybe a little more nuture than nature with regards to first-out potential - but certainly would be no surprise.

Midnite silver...In good form. Slight drop.
Hangover Kid...Turf race two back was a lifetime best Beyer.
Situational Ethics...And this one tossed a lifetime best Beyer last time.
English Major.
Animal Spirits.

Sr Henry.
Ronin Dax.
Mimtio Boy.
On dirt: Ea, Sumo, Sr Henry, Ronin Dax, Mimito Boy.

Itsnottheright...Drops slightly off the claim for owner Repole.
Black Rhino...Drops and tries dirt. First career ride for Robbie Davis' kid Dylan.
Tennis Racket.
Classic R and B.

My Kinda Party...Has perhaps some sneaky win-early breeding. Trainer can have them ready. Worked 10.1 prior to sale.
Everything Sweet...Breeding and a trainer who can win early with 'em up here.
Fierce...Experience counts and I might have rated this one higher except for the first-day-of-career jock. However, this is the kind that might be easy for a 10-pound bug - let 'er rip out of the gate~
Laguna Girl.

He Ain't Bluffing...Moves MSW to mad clm.
Port Conway...Also makes the potent class move and cold be interesting on the stretchout.
Artist Colony...Probably better than debut.
Box Office.

Lucci the Lion...Win-early breeding with Lion Heart on top and a first-out winning sibling.
Maintainer...More win-early breeding and trainer.
Leap...Cleverly named runner could be live.
Spirit of Peac.

Sky Willow...Has Sheppard Special written all over it.
Pinch Pie...Better than latest.
Bizzy Caroline...Capable on best effort.
Indian Point.

Air Support... Comes out of two second-place stakes finishes behind the speedy Turbo Compressor. Should go well here.
A Diehl...Has stretched out nicely on turf. Goes a touch further today but seems capable.
Crimson China...Seems primed to go well.

Los Ojitos...Might appreciate the class move.
Living My Dream...Also a class-dropper but might also benefit from the first-out education.
Chat Me Up...Ran well in a similar race last time.
Fun and Gains.
Dark Nebula.
On dirt: Same

If we are interested in both halves of an entry -- in event of a scratch -- it is noted that way [in other words, both halves are named]. If only one-half of the entry is named, then we prefer that half and will move to our next pick listed [rather than the other half of the entry] in event of a scratch.

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