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by Seth Merrow

Saratoga Race Course
Monday September 5, 2011
Meet Total ... 105-367

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6-11. Winners in the 3rd [$3.00], 4th [$6.30], 7th [$14.80], 8th [$7.40], 9th [$6.50], and 11th [$5.90].

Also, in the 2nd C-A-B for exacta [$22.40/$2 and tri [$32.60]. A-C exacta in the 4th [$31.40]. A cold A-B-C finish in the 9th [exacta $38.80; tri $151.50]. And a number of other gimmicks if dipping four depp ionto the picks.

And with our "A" pick on top in R7-9, the $197.00 P3 was hit cold. Our "B" pick won the 10th with "A" getting it done in the 11th - so grabbing that R7-12 P6 was not out of the question [R12 was cancelled and therefore an "ALL", the P6 paid $1140.00, with 4/5 conso paying $26.80.

Attendance was listed at a whooping 58.006 - but, of course, those number were inflated by giveaway spinners chasing the nice long-sleeve T-shirt. However, there was legitimately a strong crown on hand - with our 'eyeball' count putting the numbers well within the figure that turned out on Saturday (24K+).

We usually add a brief note on the weather - but Sunday a brief note just wouldn't do. The weather was absolutely freaky. Possible storms were predicted but the weather was actually nice - though overcast and muggy - for most of the afternoon.

As R10 approached it started to look more and more like we wouldn't be lucky enough to escape the day unscathed by precip. And as I took pictures in the winner's circle after R10 my camera actually gave me a 'low-light' warning a couple of times. And within minutes the late afternoon/early evening sky went 'nighttime'. It was so dark that some in the crowd wondered if R11 and R12 would be cancelled. The horses for R11 came onto the track and were pointed straight to the starting gate in an attempt to beat the impending storm -- but, too late. The skies opened up and the race was run in a driving rainstorm. I was standing in the clubhouse - just shy of the finish line, and as they came under the wire it was so dark I really had no idea which horses had run second or third.

The weather and darkness had some in the crowd comparing the situation to the 2004 Travers - won by Birdstone - which featured a similar weather/darkness scenario.

Almost immediately after R11 it was announced that R12 would be taken off the grass - and then, about ten minutes later - with the tractors coming down the stretch in a surreal scene of headlights highlighting sideways-rain, the last race was cancelled.

Many - if not most - of the crowd that remained at that point lingered in the facility to wait for the rain to let up. Which it did, and, in fact, twenty minutes or half an hour later the skies cleared somewhat and the day's remaining amount of daylight shone through.

Wild and weird.


First post: 12:30 pm.

As of early morning the NYRA website is listing race 1, 5, 6 and 11 as off the turf.

Lemon Meringue Fi Hoopskirt Vintage Heirloom Jump Star.
On dirt: Lemong Meringue Fi, Jump Star, Cindy's Joy, Eleven of Hearts, Cupolatte, Third Row Center.

Seeker...Asmussen runners are often better in their second start.
Love to Run...Good debut to build on.
Villandry...Has some win early breeding with Mr Greeley on top.
McKinley Square.

Cease...Last - over a muddy track here - was too impressive to ignore.
Tahoe Lake...Hmm - first time on the dirt but should be rolling late -- however, that might not be the style today.
Katz My Song...This one might have the style - on the front-end.
Reach a Decision.
Rein King.

Dawly...Claimed out of a nice win this track and trip on 8/10.
Strasbourg...Question mark is the layoff, but this very lightly-raced 5YO has shown some talent.
Wise Stop...Speed.
Gallant Fields.

Passionate Gold Mi Hermana Ostensibly Pleasant Heiress Aqsaam.
On dirt: Same plus, Shandrea, Avolo.

Little Dale TJs Bodylan Flying z entry Adriatic Spirit Sleepy Freud
On dirt: Same plus Tug of War.

Hook and Lateral...Extremely wide down the backside last time - tough with even a modestly better trip.
Ambassador Bridge...Showed some Beyer improvement start #1 to #2 this season. Will contend if that continues.
Haya's Boy...Second in a similar race last time.
Calgary Enforcer.

EIGHTH RACE - Ecclesiastic $75K
Fiddlers Patriot...Solid in two 2011 starts.
Varsity...Only real blemish was on the dirt - in the debut.
Wicked Tune...Just missed in a small stake last time.
Awakino Cat.
Yield Bogey.
Ahvee's Destiny.
Pashito the Che.
True to Tradition.
On dirt: Spirit of Cochise, Pashito the Che, Mannington, Sun Dance moon, Golden Weekend, Fiddlers Patriot.

NINTH RACE - Hopeful G1 $250K
Klaravich entry...Both halves could be capable but Currency Swap is coming off of a huge debut win.
Hunt Crossing...Another that was convincing first-out.
JCs Pride...Beaten by a good one in the debut then cruised in the follow-up with a 101 Beyer.
I'll Have Another.

TENTH RACE - Glens Falls G3 $100K
Emerald Beech...Onel ast Sheppard Special for us?
Giants Play...Better than latest.
Bubbly Jane...Should be rolling late.
Endless Expanse.
On dirt: Dynazper, Endless Expanse, Zapparition, Prize Catch, Emerald Beech.

ELEVENTH RACE Get Gorgeous Drinksonthehouse City Look Special Dancer Hookshot On dirt: Same plus Keiko.

If we are interested in both halves of an entry -- in event of a scratch -- it is noted that way [in other words, both halves are named]. If only one-half of the entry is named, then we prefer that half and will move to our next pick listed [rather than the other half of the entry] in event of a scratch.

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