The Daily Bankroll Challenge

by Seth Merrow
Matching wits--and a mythical bankroll--with the top handicappers

2009 Racing Season

Saratoga Race Course
Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Total for the meet... $661.25 [$1062.25]

We started the 2009 Saratoga thoroughbred race meet with a mythical bankroll of $1000. Each day we'll use this space to record our mythical best bets and calculate the accumulated wins and losses.


[Whew... Take a deep breath....] It took us a couple of days to get this recap together and posted. Why? Well, we needed to recover slightly after making an incredible gaffe on Monday that kept us from a monumental comeback.

Here's what happened:

We were wrapping up a hectic weekend -- and the Saratoga meet -- with an appearance on Capital OTB-TV's Newsdesk as well as hosting our own show, Call to the Post. So Monday had an early call-time, which included completing and posting the day's Saratoga selections and our Bankroll Challenge plays, as well as the regular update of the frontpage. Then we pulled together the notes and prep-work for the two TV shows and headed out the door. Unfortunately, I forgot to print out a copy of the bankroll plays as I usually do each day.

As the early races on Monday played out, memory served that we were putting together some OK hits with the bankroll plays. But when our top two selections combined in the 5th for a $121 exacta we headed to the press box and asked The [Glens Falls] Post-Star's Kyle Brownell if we could use his computer to access our bankroll info for verification purposes.

Scrolling down the page there was the $15WP wager with the winner of the 5th, Economic Swoon, and right below that, $6 worth of exactas in the race. I was feeling good -- for a moment. Then I became aware of the blunder -- I had inadvertently listed the top three horses from the 4th race [horses I had already used in 4th race wagers] in the 5th races wagers!

I have no explanation other than the meet and the hectic weekend caught up to me and I blew it as I transcribed my picks/plays from the DRF onto the bankroll webpage.

I was disconsolate about the mistake -- but two things helped take out some of the sting. First, I was making the plays myself at the track, so Monday wound up being my best day of the meet. And second, when I got home Monday night there was a note in the equidaily emailbox from regular reader Angelo saying, "5th race: I know you intended to put 5 X box and 1 X box with Economic Swoon and Pow Wow... you must have been trying too hard to get the work in... and you used the 4th race horses again... Cost you $363.00.. Too Bad.. I would give it to you as we can see how you bet..You would be close to your $1000."

Angelo, ya da man. I hoped regular readers would see that the 4th race horses were already used -- in a different manner -- in the 4th race, and, with the correct WP horse used in the 5th [and the correct fourth-place entry in the 4-horse box -- how I managed to get that one right I don't know!], it might be apparent that -- knowing that those baby races are our bread-and-butter at the meet, and, putting 2 and 2 together, the 4-horse box and the 3-horse box listed for the 5th should have used the top four and top three respectively from the selections page [the top three, in fact, were used in R5 in our P4 play]. And Angelo verified that at least some readers made that leap.

Still, there's no way I can take credit for the score as far as the final tally goes. All I can do is know in my heart what was supposed to happen and take a small moral victory from that.

Below is the tally of what was supposed to happen -- as well as a tally of what I can rightfully credit to my final account...

The intended play

Note: Special conditions -- For any scratches today, substitute the next selection from the picks page. Also, we're instituting a 'stop-loss' rule... If at anytime during the day we should go over $1000, cancel the remainder of the plays [we'll take our money and run].

Starting bankroll: $452.20

RACE ONE...$2 exacta box... De Star Express/Go Go Pink/Hurricane Annie.
Wagered: 12.00
Bankroll: $440.20
Ran 3-6-9.

...$10 exacta box... De Star Express/Go Go Pink.
Wagered: 20.00
Bankroll: $420.20
Ran 3-6.

RACE TWO...$15 WP on Caminadora.
Wagered: 30.00
Bankroll: $390.20
Collected $27.75 on the WP [xxx, 3.70].
Bankroll: $417.95

...$20 quinella box... Caminadora/Hatheer/The West Rim.
Wagered $60.00
Bankroll: $357.95
Collected $95.00 on the quinella box [$9.50/$2].
Bankroll: $452.95

RACE TWO/FIVE... $10 WP parlay... R2/Caminadora... R5/Economic Swoon.
Wagered: $20.00
Bankroll: $432.95
Ran R2/2nd [xxx, $3.70]... R5/WON [$16.60, 7.00].
Collected $64.75 on the PLACE parlay.

RACES 2-5... $1 P4... R2/Caminadora/Hatheer/The West Rim.... R3/Uno Peso/Spina/Credit Limit... R4/Kissa Melissa/D'wild Ride/Super Slash... R5/Economic Swoon/Pow Wow/Good to Be Seen.
Wagered: $81.00
Bankroll: $419.70
Collected $104.75 on the P4 [$209.50/$2].
Bankroll: $524.45

RACE FOUR... $2 exacta box... Kissa Melissa/D'wild Ride/Super Slash.
Wagered: $12.00
Bankroll: $512.45.
Collected $14.80 on the ex box [$14.80/$2].
Bankroll: $527.25

...$20 quinella... Kissa Melissa/D'wild Ride.
Wagered: $20.00
Bankroll: $507.25
Collected: $87.00 on the quinella [$8.70/$2].
Bankroll: $594.25

RACE FIVE...$15 WP on Economic Swoon.
Wagered: $30.00
Bankroll: $564.25.
Collected $177.00 on the WP [$16.60, 7.00].
Bankroll: $741.25

WHAT WE MISTAKENLY WROTE... The first three are horses from the 4th race...

...$1 exacta box... Kissa Melissa/D'wild Ride/Super Slash/Sparkel of Light-Pleasant Prince.
...$5 exacta box... Kissa Melissa/D'wild Ride/Super Slash.


...$1 exacta box... Economic Swoon/Pow Wow/Good to Be Seen/Sparkle of Light-Pleasant Prince.
Wagered: $12.00
Bankroll: $729.25
Collected $60.50 on the ex box [$121.00/$2].
Bankroll: $789.75

...$5 exacta box... Economic Swoon/Pow Wow/Good to Be Seen.
Wagered: $30.00
Bankroll: $759.75
Collected: $302.50
Bankroll: $1062.25

And there, according to our "stop-loss" order, the day should have ended.

...but we'll pick up where we left off before the blunder...

Bankroll: $741.25

RACE NINE... $15 WP on Winter View.
Winter View scratched. According to our closing day "rules" we moved to Caprice.
Wagered: $30.00
Bankroll: $711.25
Ran 4th at 5-1.

RACES 9-11... $2 P3... R9/Winter View... R10/ALL... R11/Johannesbull/Todo K/Conseated Lady-Ten Carrot Nikki/Senegal.
Wagered: $30.00
Bankroll: $681.25
Ran ... R9/4th... R10/WON... R11/3-6-DNF-scr.

RACE ELEVEN... $10 exacta box... Johannesbull/Todo K.
Wagered: $20.00
Bankroll: $661.25
Ran 3-DNF.

Profit for the day... $209.05 [$610.05]

And here are the results of the other public bankrolls for Saratoga 2009

Dave Little... $1000.00 / 1105.75
Dan Lauletta ... $1000.00 / 1030.20
Jerry Bossert ... $1000 / 888.15

NY POST [limited to $50 per day]
Sean Clancy... $ 1800.00 / 1725.00
John DaSilva ... $ 1800.00 / 1413.50
Vic Cangialosi ... $ 1800.00 / 778.50
Ed Fountaine ... $ 1800.00 / 614.50

Tim Wilkin ... $1000.00 / 293.30
Mike Jarboe ... $1000.00 / 0

DAILY GAZETTE [Schenectady, NY]
Bill Heller ... $1000.00 / 581.00


Dark day.

See you next year...

All turf wagers are turf only

Total bet...$

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