The Daily Bankroll Challenge

by Seth Merrow
Matching wits--and a mythical bankroll--with the top handicappers

2009 Racing Season

Saratoga Race Course
Monday, September 7, 2009
Total for the meet... $452.20

We started the 2009 Saratoga thoroughbred race meet with a mythical bankroll of $1000. Each day we'll use this space to record our mythical best bets and calculate the accumulated wins and losses.


Sunday was kind of a microcosm of the season. Our $10 quinella in the 2nd just missed with our top pick winning at 8-1, while our second selection was running late but missed the place spot by a neck. And we missed some WP money on that 8-1 winner -- again, a reflection of the season as a few of those have gotten away from us this year, looking good the night before, but not really giving an indication that they would slip under the radar odds-wise. So we missed putting W or WP money on them.

First and third with an exacta in the 3rd -- and that's happened too many times this meet. First and second in the late double.

And then when we did cash -- it was a little-value ticket. Again, something that's happened a few times already in the past six weeks.

RACE TWO... $1 exacta box... Mambo Fever-Summer Humor/Ailalea/Kind Words/Starsilhouette.
Ran WON [$18.00] - 4-7-8.

...$10 quinella... Mambo Fever-Summer Humor/Ailalea.
Ran WON-4.

RACE THREE... $2 exacta box... Lowther Street/Luv Gov/Close Alliance.
Ran WON-3-5.

...$10 exacta box... Lowther Street/Luv Gov.
Ran WON-5.

RACE SIX... $1 exacta box... Swinging at Siro's-Stellaluce/Make Note/Saver Dude/Ellsaroarin.
Collected $12.70 on the ex box [$25.40/$2].

$4 exacta box... Swinging at Siro's-Stellaluce/Make Note/Saver Dude.
Ran WON-4entry-6-7entry.

RACES 8-11... $1 P4... R8/Ketubah/Chorus Music/High Cry-Lemon Punch/Frivolous buck... R9/Sal the Barber/Al Khali/Lime Rickey... R10/Hot Dixie Chick/Beautician... R11/Better Than Swiss/Runfromthestorm/Ten Carrot Nikki-Fox'a Ally Cat/Red Kettle.
Collected $54.00 on the P4 [$108.00/$2].

RACES 9-11... $5 P3... R9/Sal the Barber... R10/Hot Dixie Chick... R11/Better Than Swiss.
Ran R9/5th... R10/WON... R11/2nd.

RACES 10-11... $20 double... R10/Hot Dixie Chick... R11/Better Than Swiss.
Ran R10/WON... R11/2nd.

Loss for the day... $51.30


Time has run out. One day left -- but we do still have just about half the bankroll. We'll blow it out today and see if we can come up smelling like roses...

Note: Special conditions -- For any scratches today, substitute the next selection from the picks page. Also, we're instituting a 'stop-loss' rule... If at anytime during the day we should go over $1000, cancel the remainder of the plays [we'll take our money and run].

RACE ONE...$2 exacta box... De Star Express/Go Go Pink/Hurricane Annie.
...$10 exacta box... De Star Express/Go Go Pink.

RACE TWO...$15 WP on Caminadora.
...$20 quinella box... Caminadora/Hatheer/The West Rim.

RACE TWO/FIVE... $10 WP parlay... R2/Caminadora... R5/Economic Swoon.

RACES 2-5... $1 P4... R2/Caminadora/Hatheer/The West Rim.... R3/Uno Peso/Spina/Credit Limit... R4/Kissa Melissa/D'wild ride/Super Slash... R5/Economic Swoon/Pow wow/Good to Be Seen.

RACE FOUR... $2 exacta box... Kissa Melissa/D'wild Ride/Super Slash.
...$20 quinella... Kissa Melissa/D'wild Ride.

RACE FIVE...$15 WP on Economic Swoon.
...$1 exacta box... Kissa Melissa/D'wild Ride/Super Slash/Sparkel of Light-Pleasant Prince.
...$5 exacta box... Kissa Melissa/D'wild Ride/Super Slash.

RACE NINE... $15 WP on Winter View.

RACES 9-11... $2 P3... R9/Winter View... R10/ALL... R11/Johannesbull/Todo K/Conseated Lady-Ten Carrot Nikki/Senegal.

RACE ELEVEN... $10 exacta box... Johannesbull/Todo K.

All turf wagers are turf only

Total bet...$448.00

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