The Daily Bankroll Challenge

by Seth Merrow
Matching wits--and a mythical bankroll--with the top handicappers

2009 Racing Season

Saratoga Race Course
Thursday, September 3, 2009
Total for the meet... $709.50

We started the 2009 Saratoga thoroughbred race meet with a mythical bankroll of $1000. Each day we'll use this space to record our mythical best bets and calculate the accumulated wins and losses.


We noted yesterday that Week Six has traditionally been good to us -- and that certainly proved to be true on Wednesday! A big afternoon put us right back in the thick of things with five days to go...

RACE ONE... $4 WP on Mine All Mine.
Ran 6th at 5-1.

...$4 exacta box... Mine All Mine/Strike the Bell/Lost Without You.
Collected $68.40 on the ex box [$34.20/$2].

RACES 1-2... $5 doubles... R1/Mine All Mine/Strike the Bell/Lost Without You... R2/Big Flirt/Jazz Hands.
Collected $120.50 on the double [$48.20/$2].

RACE FIVE... $1 exacta box... Bonavento/Chief Counsel/Fayoum/Swashbuckler.
Collected $34.50 on the ex box [$69.00/$2].

...$4 exacta box... Bonavento/Chief Counsel/Fayoum.
Collected $138.00 on the ex box.

RACES 7-10... $1 P4... R7/Orchestrator/Zilva/Kaila Ann's Kitten/Veil of Tears... R8/Raffie's Deer/Dixieland Star/Ziptronic... R9/Smart and Fancy/Ahvee's Destiny... R10/Star of New York/Monastir.
Ran R7/WON-2-4-5... R8/3-7entry-8entry-9... R9/3-5... R10/2-3.

RACE TEN... $5 exacta box... Star of New York/Monastir.
Ran 2-3.

Profit for the day... $220.40


The big day yesterday put us into a nice position. Thursday's card is very tough, so we'll keep the plays relatively light even though time is running out. We expect there will be some more attractive offerings over the next few days. But, let's see if we can grab at least a little something today and get a roll going...

RACES 1-2... $5 double... R1/Dynaski... R2/Rock Star Royalty.
...$2 doubles... R1/Dynaski... R2/Water of Life/Speckledbird.

RACE FIVE... $1 exacta box... Ennis Lady/Stirke It Rich/Happy Week/Restless Song.
...$4 exacta box... Ennis Lady/Stirke It Rich/Happy Week.

RACE EIGHT... $1 P3... R8/Bluegrass Princess... R9/West Ocean/Successful Friend/Out Post... R10/ALL.

All turf wagers are turf only

Total bet...$69.00

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