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by Seth Merrow

Saratoga Race Course
Sunday, August 30, 2009
Meet Total ... 73-281

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5-13. Winners in the 2nd [$6.70], 3rd [$4.40], 6th [$7.00], 7th [$6.30], 13th [$6.20]. Also, top pick over third selection in the 6th for the exacta [$22.00/$2]. In the 10th, the G1 Ballerina, our third over our top for the exacta [$35.40] with our second pick rounding out the tri [$54.00]. Fourth pick over third over top for the tri [$121.50] in the 11th, the G1 King's Bishop. In the nightcap -- the 13th -- we had the cold exacta [$36.00] with our fourth selection completing the tri [$87.00]. And you wouldn't have had to dig too deep with the picks to come away with some rolling doubles and/or P3's.

34,221 attended -- an number that was certainly affected by the weather. It rained Fri-Sat night and continued off-and-on all day Saturday. The backyard was actually full with most party-goers having brought their own tent -- creating an almost covered-backyard type of landscape. The on-again, off-again rain made for a strange weather day. Rain would hit and there would be a modest rainstorm for a few minutes and then it would clear up for a few minutes -- and this pattern continued throughout the afternoon. Luckily none of those storms ever really rose to the definition "downpour". It was more of a steady to heavy sprinkle when it did come down -- which meant the folks outside and on the track apron never really had to make a 'run for it'.

The backyard was still jumpin' 30-45 minutes after the finale -- with people choosing to continue the party for a few minutes more rather than fight the traffic jam on Union Avenue. Others moved their fun to Siro's and The Horseshoe which were both jammed well into the night. And the party continued downtown on Caroline Street until early Sunday morning.


Al's Deputy...Looked super in improved second-start maiden-breaker and a repeat of that should get it done.
William Thomas...Speedster disappointed a little bit last time at 3-5 -- but might benefit from that education over the track.
Afrikaner...Won big last time -- but note it was with a drop into $25K clm'r. We'll get a better idea of his class today.

Magic Tiger...Second-time out for Asmussen -- a potent move.
Spirit of Rose/Abilio...From the red-hot Linda Rice.
Backcountry Boy...Trainer can pop one occasionally.
Freud's Notebook.

Hot and Bothered...A couple of nice front-end wins in last two -- including an off-the-turfer here on 7/31. But we're always a little puzzled by how to figure these class moves from open claimers to NY-bred alw -- so tread with caution.
Anjorie...Could be very interesting coming back from a layoff. Sometimes these lightly-raced 3YOs can come back with added maturity.
By the Sky...Looks like she's rounding into good form now.
Chernobyl Princess.

Unflagging...Very lightly-raced 5YO comes back from a long layoff -- but ran well here last year.
Bestowed...Improving and makes third start back.
Karakorum Legend...Likely the one to catch.
On dirt: Ziptronic, Oedipus O'Neal/Laurie's Lion, Unflagging, Katskill Bay.

Emma's Posse...Had some trouble when fourth while facing older at this level two back -- should benefit from the race over the track.
Soda Pop Kid...SoCal import was a near-miss in first NY start here on 8/19 -- but that was yet another non-win from a chilly trainer.
Half a Note...Has shown flashes -- and trainer is red-hot.
Dancing digits.

Frame of Reference...Powerhouse connections paid three-quarters of a mil for this one. Drops in for a $20K tag today -- but won for this price when breaking maiden, so this seems to be his proper level.
Perfect Vow...Should appreciate the return to turf.
Dr Nick...Ran well in a somewhat similar event last time.
May Day Now.

Smart Selection/Chief Tomoka...Smart Selection drops from MSW company.
Mendelssohn...Dropped last time -- but had some trouble. Should show improvement today.
Sao Sebah...Another MSW to mdn clm'r drop.
New York Bobby.
On dirt: St Augustine, All West, Royal Lord, Mendelssohn.

High Style...Well-bred from win-early connections.
Red Barchetta...Also has precocious breeding.
Far Isle...Working well.
Martita Snagrita.
On dirt: Afleet Maggi, Flyinglouy/Thatsallshewrote, Red Barchetta, Granny Broughton.

Ruff and Ready...7YO takes a serious class-drop. Must get in from AE list.
Flying Dismount/Skagerrak...Flying Dismount preferred on the class-relief.
Ballast...Another that has been facing better.
Tahoe Warrior/Willsboro Point.
Bold Abbott.
Gaelic Storm.
On dirt: Malibu Sunshine, Tactical Weapon, Willsboro Point, Cobrador, Gaelic Storm.

TENTH RACE - Personal Ensign G1 $400K
Icon Project...Ships in for Wolfson and should be rolling late.
Unbridled Belle...A little bit inconsistent - but she's tough if right. Third in this race last year.
Swift Temper...Wired 'em at Delaware last time.
Mis Isella.

Naughty and Nice...Suspect he'll be better in his second start. Must get in from AE list.
Gitchee Goomie...Linda Rice firster should come out running.
Khancord Kid...By Lemon Drop Kid, she should appreciate the turf.
Rosalie's Dance.
On dirt: Same, plus Five Star Maria, Porkchop Sandra, Stellaluce.

If we are interested in both halves of an entry -- in event of a scratch -- it is noted that way [in other words, both halves are named]. If only one-half of the entry is named, then we prefer that half and will move to our next pick listed [rather than the other half of the entry] in event of a scratch.

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