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Saturday, January 14, 2005
Picks and plays for some of the day's major stakes

Two winners on top in nine races (Aqueduct, $3.10; FG@LAD, $3.20).

WAGERED: $355.00
COLLECTED: $112.25

Turf wagers are turf only

Best Bets

Gulfstream, Race 5, Brazilian... WON (4.60, 3.80, 2.80).
Fair Grounds at La Downs, Race 7, Devine Laughter... 4th at 9-1.
Fair Grounds at La Downs, Race 8, exacta box Snowdrops/Voz De Colegiala... Ran 1-7 (3-5/8-1).
Fair Grounds at La Downs, Race 9, Midway Man... 6th at 6-1.
Santa Anita, Race 7, Shamoan... 6th at 2-1.
Santa Anita, Race 8, Distorted... 7th at 7-2.


Our Head-to-Head feature pits Coast-to-Coast's Seth Merrow against DRF's Weekend Warrior, Mike Watchmaker. Whenever the two columns make selections in the same race we'll tally the results for each.


This week's matchup races Seth Merrow/Equidaily.com's Coast-to-coast Mike Watchmaker/DRF's Weekend Warrior
Gulfstream: Marshua's River 12th at 7-2/La Reina 3rd at 6-1/Natalie Beach
FG at LAD: DF Kenner BC Hcp 6th at 7-2/That Tat 6th at 7-2/That Tat
FG at LAD: Risen Star 6th at 6-1/Midway Man 3rd at 4-1/Hyte Regency
This Week 3-0-0-0 3-0-0-2
YTD/win mutuel 6-0-0-0, $ xxx 6-1-0-2, $7.60
(Head-to-Head results above are only for those races which were common to both columns. Weekend Warrior might have tabbed other races not reflected in the results above.)

Aqueduct: Affectionately Hcp $65K

Bohemian Lady 1-2
After the Tone 5-1
Strategy 8-5

Freeroll scratched... Race had only three betting interests.

Wager: $5 exacta Bohemian Lady over Freeroll.
No exacta offered.
...$4 exacta box top two.
No exacta offered.

Bohemian Lady...Might be able to lead this short field from start to finish.
Freeroll...Has shown some potential since last fall.
After the Tone...Should be part of the early pace and likely to be there at the end as well.

Gulfstream: Marshua's River $75K

My Lordship 7-2
On the Bus 7-1
Natalie Beach 6-1

Wager: $5 WP on La Reina.
Ran 12th at 7-2 (vanned off).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 4-12.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 1-3-4-12.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-3-4-12.

La Reina...Just missed last couple looks well-placed here.
Dynamite Lass...Nosed in G3 at Keeneland last time. Good spot for return from short layoff.
My Lordship...Typically in the mix. Won a small stake at Calder in latest.
Natalie Beach.

Laurel: Native Dancer $85K

Your Bluffing 5-2
Aggadan 3-2
Marina Minister 17-1

Smoken Shooter scratched.

Wager: $5 WP on Aggadan.
Collected $8.50 on the WP (xxx, $3.40).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Collected $18.40 on the ex box ($18.40/$2).
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $9.10 on the ex box.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-2-4.

Aggadan...Long time since his last win -- but this looks like a good spot for him.
Your Bluffing...Going well now.
Bailero...Uncoupled stable-mate of top pick is usually in the hunt.
Smoken Shooter.
Mach Speed.

Fair Grounds at La Downs DF Kenner BC Hcp $250K

Rodeo's Castle 9-2
Beau's Town 9-2
Dreamsandvisions 18-1

Wager: $5 WP on That Tat.
Ran 6th at 7-2.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 5-6.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 1-5-6-8/9.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-5-6-8/9.

That Tat...Concern here is the layoff -- but trainer OK with that stat and horse has a couple of OK comebacks showing. Slight edge in tough race.
Two Down Automatic...In the money about 70% of the time and is capable here on best.
Rodeo's Castle...Good try here in sprint stake last time. Strong works for this.
Top Commander/Grand Bank.

Fair Grounds at La Downs: Silverbulletday G3 $250K

Baghdaria 10-1
French Park 3-5
Capozzene 4-1

Wager: $5 WP on Devine Laughter.
Ran 4th at 9-1.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 2-4.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $23.50 on the ex box ($47.00/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-2-4-5.

Devine Laughter...Seems to have turned the corner and gets slight nod on basis of a win over the track.
French Park...3-3 and clearly the one to beat -- but those Kentucky surfaces can be quirky and sometimes horses don't run quite as well elsewhere. We'll see...
Seen Dancing...Gets tested today but seems to be improving.

Fair Grounds at La Downs: Bayou BC Hcp G3 $250K

Snowdrops 3-5
La Reason 11-1
Lenatareese 7-1

Wager: $5 WP on Snowdrops.
Collected $13.25 on the WP ($3.20, 2.10).
...$4 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-7.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $11.60 on the ex box ($23.20/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-2-4-7.

Snowdrops...Clement mare comes out of a win in a G3 at Calder and looks best of this bunch.
Voz De Colegiala...Should appreciate return to turf and expect her to be heard from late.
Black Rock Road...Should be vying with Freei for early lead and one of them should hang on for a piece. We'll go with this gal.
La Reason.

Fair Grounds at La Downs: Risen Star G3 $250K

Lawyer Ron 5-2
Mark of Success 7-2
Hyte Regency 4-1

Wager: $5 WP on Midway Man.
Ran 6th at 6-1.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 5-6.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $15.50 on the ex box ($31.00/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-2-5-6.

Midway Man...Improving and won over the track last time.
Saint Augustus...From the powerful Pletcher barn. Should be tough coming out of a $100K stakes win in Florida.
Mark of Success...2-2 and looks to be capable of a surprise.
Lawyer Ron.

Santa Anita: San Rafael G2 $150K

Brother Derek 6-5
Stevie Wonderboy 3-5
Wanna Runner 6-1

Sailors Sunset scratched.

Wager: $5 W on Stevie Wonderboy.
Ran 2nd.
...$4 exacta box top two.
Collected $12.40 on the ex box ($6.20/$2).
...$2 tri key Stevie Wonderboy over next three.
Ran 1/2-3.

Stevie Wonderboy...Looks like Brother Derek will get the jump on him -- so question is, will he run out of real estate? We'll give him the nod though on strength of that crazy-big closing move going 7F in G2 Del Mar Futurity last summer.
Brother Derek...As stated, likely the one to catch.
Wanna Runner...Appreciated stretching to two turns.
Sailors Sunset.

Santa Anita: San Fernando BC G2 $200K

Unbridled Energy 7-2
Canteen 3-1
Greeley's Galaxy 9-5

Wager: $5 WP on Distorted.
Ran 6th at 7-2.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 2-6.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 2-3entry-6-7-8entry.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 2-3entry-6-7-8entry.

Distorted...Lightly raced 4YO has clearly gotten the hang of it. Steps up but looks capable of succeeding in this company.
Canteen...Look for P Val to try to take them all the way.
Swing Your Partner...Like the top pick this one has turned the corner over the last couple of races.

If we are interested in both halves of an entry -- in event of a scratch -- it is noted that way. If only one-half of the entry is named, then we prefer that half and will move to our next pick listed in event of a scratch.
Scratches listed in our results reflect only horses that were part of our selections, not necessarily all the horses that were scratched. Check official results for complete information.

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