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Saturday, July 16, 2005
Picks and plays for some of the day's major stakes

We struck out enough to keep us just below the break-even point, but we managed enough scores to keep us in the ballgame all afternoon.

Four winners on top in thirteen races (Belmont, $3.70; Delaware, $3.60; Colonial, $5.20; Hollywood, $3.60). We did our best work at Delaware where we grabbed a very nice boxed tri in the Oaks ($36.280/$2) as well as the RG Dick ($76.40/$2). In the RG Dick our top four also combined for the $166.20/$2 super. More of the same in the Oaks from Colonial where ours boxed for the $84.80 tri and the $215.60/$2 super.

We ended the day by hitting the cold exacta -- with our only two picks -- in the Hollywood Juvenile Championship -- but at $3/$2 it didn't prove to be much help!

WAGERED: $468.00
COLLECTED: $431.60

Turf wagers are turf only

Best Bets

One winner in four races -- just enough to help us tread water this week.

Monmouth, Race 8, Saint Stephen... Scratched.
Monmouth, Race 9, First Word... 7th at 5-1.
Colonial Downs, Race 7, Rich in Spirit... 3rd at 7-5 (xxx, xxx, 2.20).
Colonial Downs, Race 8, Stupendous Miss... WON (5.20, 4.20, 3.40).
Colonial Downs, Race 9, Rey de Cafe... 9th at 7-1.

Belmont: Shine Again $65K

Souris 4-5
High Peaks 6-1
Don't Tell Ashlie 9-2

Storm Minstrel, Welcome Home/Schedule scratched.

Wager: $5 WP on Souris.
Collected $16.00 on the WP (3.70, 2.70).
...$4 exacta box top two.
...$2 tri key Souris over next three.
...$1 tri key Storm Minstrel over other three.

Souris...Faded a little since some monster performances earlier this year but good try in Churchill stake last time might indicate she's returning to form.
Storm Minstrel...The Hennig/Evans team has been going well the last couple of months.
Cherry Bomb...Lightly-raced 4YO from Pletcher is capable on best.
Welcome Home/Schedule.

Belmont: Bowling Green G2 $150K

Cacht Wells 26-1
Relaxed Gesture 1-1
Dreadnaught 6-1

Wager: $5 WP on Exterior.
Ran 4th at 5-1.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 2-4.
...$1 exacta box top four, sub next if scratch.
Ran 2-3-4-6.
...$1 tri box top four, sub next if scratch.
Ran 2-3-4-6.

Exterior...Clearly needs some pace to shoot at so this selection is relying on Certifiably Crazy and Salic Law staying in and matching up early.
Relaxed Gesture...Very capable Euro-invader from Clement. Might rate higher but iffy on the pilot.
Dreadnaught...Could be ready to run in second start off layoff.
Navesink River.
Salic Law.

Finger Lakes: NY Derby $150K

Accountforthegold 11-1
Gold and Roses 8-1
Naughty New Yorker 4-5

Sort It Out scratched.

Wager: $5 WP on Thunder Prince.
Ran 4th at 4-1.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 3-4.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 3-4-5.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 3-4-5.

Thunder Prince...Third start of season and stretching out after two successful sprints downstate.
Naughty New Yorker...Scored nicely in first leg of Big Apple Triple.
Meniscus...Might try to sneak away and steal this.
Sort It Out.

Monmouth: Elkwood $60K

Hotstufanthensome 3-1
Cottage 8-5
Stormy Roman 3-1

Saint Stephen scratched.

Wager: $5 WP on Saint Stephen.
...$2 exacta box top two.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $9.80 on the ex box ($19.60/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-2-4.

Saint Stephen...Decent try in G1 last time. Fits well with this bunch.
Cottage...Usually in the hunt -- but light on the win-end the past couple of seasons.
American Freedom...Third start of season and can step up with clean trip.

Monmouth: Long Branch BC G3 $150K

Park Avenue Ball 8-5
Chekhov 2-1
Golden Man 8-1

Wager: $5 WP on First Word.
Ran 7th at 5-1
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-7.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $9.20 on the ex box ($18.40/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-2-4-7.

First Word...Up-close stalking style should be well-suited to this strip.
Park Avenue Ball...Experience counts and this guy has been munching on a steady diet of graded stakes.
Smokescreen...In good form since early spring.

Delaware: Delaware Oaks G2 $500K

R Lady Joy 17-1
Round Pond 1-1
Dance Away Capote 6-1

Wager: $5 WP on Sis City.
Ran 4th at 6-5.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 2-4.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $39.10 on the ex box ($78.20/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Collected $181.40 on the tri box ($362.80/$2).

Sis City...Had a little trouble and faded in Ky Oaks. Training well and expect a rebound today.
Round Pond...Win in G1 Acorn confirms she's the real deal.
R Lady Joy...Has been progressing nicely and fits in the mix with best in the division.
Dance Away Capote.

Delaware: RG Dick BC Hcp $300K

Honey Ryder 4-5
Sweet Science 7-1
Natalie Beach 4-1

Joyful Chaos ran 4th, completed $166.20/$2 super.

Wager: $5 WP on Honey Ryder.
Collected $16.50 on the WP (3.60, 3.00).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-3.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $13.90 on the ex box ($27.80/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Collected $38.20 on the tri box ($76.40/$2).

Honey Ryder...Perhaps resented being a little too close to the pace last time. Still doesn't look like a whole lot of pace to sit behind today either -- but we'll hope for a rebound regardless.
Natalie Beach...Nice, improving form and looks at the top of her game now.
Joyful Chaos...Third start off layoff and looks like improved 4YO.
Sweet Science.

Colonial: Va Oaks $200K

My Typhoon 5-2
Masseuse 5-2
Rich in Spirit 7-5

Dynamist ran 4th, completed $215.60/$2 super.

Wager: $5 WP on Rich in Spirit.
Ran 3rd.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-3.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Collected $20.60 on the ex box ($41.20/$2).
...$1 tri box top four.
Collected $42.40 on the tri box ($84.80/$2).

Rich in Spirit...Comes out of win in G3 at Churchill. At the top of her game.
My Typhoon...Lightly-raced but plenty of potential. Making third start of season.
Dynamist...On the improve and won a stake in latest effort.

Colonial: All Along BC G3 $200K

Stupendous Miss 8-5
Humoristic 9-1
Dynamia 7-1

Snowdrops scratched.

Wager: $5 WP on Stupendous Miss.
Collected $23.50 on the WP (5.20, 4.20).
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 1-8.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 1-7-8.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-7-8.

Stupendous Miss...Decent try against the very good Megahertz three back. Won an opt clm at Churchilllast time and second-place finisher came back to run another good second there last week. Looks ready for this assignment.
Briviesca...Up-close bridesmaid three of last four. Just behind Film Maker last time.
Path of Thunder...Might last longer with some graded-stakes experience under her belt.

Colonial: Va Derby G3 $750K

English Channel 1-1
Chattahoochee War 9-1
Rebel Rebel 7-2

Wager: $5 WP on Rey de Cafe.
Ran 9th at 7-1.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 8-9.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 1-3-8-9.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 1-3-8-9.

Rey de Cafe...Seems to have returned to the races as an improved 3YO.
Rush Bay...Has stepped it up since moving to turf.
English Channel... The one to beat coming off a nice stakes win here last month.
Rebel Rebel.

Canterbury: Claiming Crown Emerald $125K

Mr Mabee 3-1
Sigfreto 7-2
Rockhurst 9-1

Wager: $5 WP on Devine Wind.
Ran 5th at 6-1.
...$2 exacta box top two.
Ran 5-7.
...$1 exacta box top four.
Ran 2-3-5-7.
...$1 tri box top four.
Ran 2-3-5-7.

Devine Wind...Should be primed for top effort.
Our Last Novel...Could be interesting if able to get a clean trip.
Sigfreto...Graded-stakes placed.

Canterbury: Claiming Crown Jewel $150K

Desert Boom 6-5
Lord of the Game 6-5
Habaneros 4-1

Wager: $5 WP on Lord of the Game.
Collected $6.00 on the WP (xxx, 2.40).
...$4 exacta box top two.
Ran 2-3.
...$3 tri key Lord of the Game over next two.
Ran 2/1-3.

Lord of the Game...Looks like a cozy spot for what could be the "claim of the year" (with apologies to Lava Man).
Habaneros...Can't ignore the close-up finish to top pick last time.
Desert Boom.

Hollywood: Juv Championship G3 $100K

What a Song 4-5
Bashert 7-5
Stevie Wonderboy 4-1

Wager: $10 quinella top two.
Collected $15.00 on the quinella ($3.00/$2).

What a Song...Strong debut for connections that thrive on precocious youngsters.
Bashert...Solid improvement start one to start two.

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