The Daily Bankroll Challenge

by Seth Merrow
Matching wits--and a mythical bankroll--with the top handicappers

2005 Racing Season

Saratoga Race Course
Sunday, July 31, 2005
Total for the meet... $1045.75

We started the 2005 Saratoga thoroughbred race meet with a mythical bankroll of $1000. Each day we'll use this space to record our mythical best bets and calculate the accumulated wins and losses.
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RACE 1/2...$5 DD R1/Unnerving... R2/Saratoga View.
Ran R1/3... R2/WON.

...$2 DDs ... R1/Continental Reins/Pletcher entry/Drinkwater... R2/Saratoga View.
Collected $65.50... R1/Continental Reins ($9.40)... R2/Saratoga View ($13.00).

RACE TWO... $5 WP on Saratoga View.
Collected $52.25 ($13.00, 7.90).

RACE THREE... $2 exacta box Yolanda B Too/My Friend CZ.
Ran 1-6.

RACE SEVEN... $5 WP on Sand Springs.
Collected $25.75 ($6.10, 4.20).

RACE 7/8/9/10... $1 P3 ... R7/Sand Springs...R8/Desert Breeze/Last Samurai/Spanish Mission/Victory Cricle... R9/Noble Causeway... R10/Forget the Judge/Nose the Trade/Matzoh Toga/Massoud/Sabre Baby.
Ran R7/WON... R8/WON... R9/WON (scratched into winning fave)... R10/Ran 2-3-4.

RACE NINE... $5 WP on Noble Causeway.

RACE TEN... $5 WP on Forget the Judge.

...$1 tri box Forget the Judge/Nose the Trade/Matzoh Toga/Massoud sub Sabre Baby if scratch.

Ran 2-3-4.

Profit for the day... $90.50


RACE 1/2... $2 DDs... R1/Stolen Identity/Volatility/Crazybrook/Goes... R2/Classic Expression.

RACE TWO... $5 WP on Classic Expression.

RACE FIVE...$5 WP on Chief Strategist.
RACE 7/8/9/10... $1 P4... R7/Mayo Post/Rapid Rickey/Witch Ways West/Fiddlers Cat... R8/Asti... R9/Society Selection... R10/Those Littlethings/Storm Dorm/Looking for Loot/Dottie's Pick.

RACE TEN... $1 exacta box Those Littlethings/Storm Dorm/Looking for Loot/Dottie's Pick.
... $1 tri box Those Littlethings/Storm Dorm/Looking for Loot/Dottie's Pick.

All turf wagers are turf only

Total bet...$78

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