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Matching wits--and a mythical bankroll--with the top handicappers

2004 Racing Season

Saratoga Race Course
Tuesday, September 7, 2004
Total for the meet... $1038.60's handicapper maintains a profit after 36-days of wagering

We started the 2004 Saratoga thoroughbred race meet with a mythical bankroll of $1000. Each day we'll use this space to record our mythical best bets and calculate the accumulated wins and losses.
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We had a big, bold weekend and made enough money on Saturday and Sunday to knock us well into positive territory. At over $1200 going into the final card we had a decision to make: Wimp out like some of the other ink-stained bankrollers did, choosing to only play a few dollars and thereby maintain our juicy ROI for the month. OR, be bold -- because hey, it is after all only imaginary money!

We decided for bold. We took a shot. After a couple of red-hot days it was worth it to try and continue the ride. If things hit just right we close out the season big, big, big. If things flop -- we still manage a profit after betting boldly throughout the 36-day meet.

Well, unfortunately we flopped on Monday. Hard to believe we couldn't eek out anything -- but it was just one of those days.

However, we still can crow about finishing above $1000 and therefore making a profit at the meet. And the fact is, regular readers know we came into the final day sporting a season-long ROI of over 25%. We could have chosen to sit this dance out and instead sit at home and admire our profit -- but we went for the gusto. That's what the game is all about...

But when you're taking a swing like that one the last day, when you're up that 25%, heck, the month was super-solid. It was a great year for us over here on the Bankroll Challenge page. Hope you had fun following us as well...

RACE 1-2... $4 doubles... R1/Prime Queen/Suave Queen... R2/Argento/Get Wild.
Ran R1/2-4... R2/1-7.

RACE TWO... $5 quinella... Argento/Get Wild.
Ran 1-7.

RACE 6-11...$2 P6... R6/Dixie Boy... R7/Katblastic... R8/Western Fling... R9/Tango Tales/Primary Suspect... R10/Dynamite Flyer/Prince Arch... R11/Rectory Hill/Sliding Home/Mackinac/Greylock/London.
Ran R6/2nd... R7/8th... R8/3rd... R9/1-2... R10/1-6... R11/1-2-3-4-9.

RACE SIX... $1 tri box... Dixie Boy/Captain Flash/Seeking Answers/Matzoh Toga, sub Castle Concert if scratch.
Ran 1-2-6-10.

RACE SEVEN... $5 WP on Katblastic.
Ran 8th at 7-2.

...$1 tri box... Katblastic/Catsgotninelives/Grab Some Grass/Lefors, sub Island Charm if scratch.
Ran 2-4-5-8.

RACE 7-8... $10W parlay... R7/Katblastic... R8/Western Fling.
Ran R7/8th... R8/3rd.

RACE 8-11... $1 P4... R8/Western Fling... R9/Tango Tales/Primary Suspect... R10/Dynamite Flyer/Prince Arch... R11/Rectory Hill/Sliding Home/Mackinac/Greylock/London.
Ran R8/3rd... R9/1-2... R10/1-6... R11/1-2-3-4-9.

RACE EIGHT... $5 WP on Western Fling.
Ran 3rd at 8-1.

RACE TEN... $5 WP on Dynamite Flyer.
Ran 6th at 7-2.

...$4 exacta box Dynamite Flyer/Prince Arch.
Ran 1-6.

RACE ELEVEN... $4 exacta box... Rectory Hill/Sliding Home.
Ran 1-3.

...$1 tri box... Rectory Hill/Sliding Home/Mackinac/Greylock, sub London if scratch.
Ran 1-3-4-9, with our substitute pick running 2nd. Doh!

...$1 super... Rectory Hill/Sliding Home over Rectory Hill/Sliding Home over Mackinac/Greylock/London over Mackinac/Greylock/London.
Ran 1-3/1-3/2-4-9.

Loss for the day... $217.00


Season over. No racing.

All turf wagers are turf only

Total bet...$

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