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Saratoga Race Course
Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Meet Total ... 88-283

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5-9. Woo-woo! All aboard! We rode the Pletcher/Velasquez team for all it was worth yesterday -- scoring right along with the career afternoon those two put together. Trainer Todd Pletcher had five horses entered on Monday -- and won with all five! And one of those snuck in as a main track only entrant in the 4th, the only race to be moved off the turf. The guy was blessed! Along for the ride -- well, really along to help make it all happen, was jockey John Velasquez. The rider had a total of seven mounts on the card -- he missed on the other two but scored on each of the Pletcher's trainees. A big day for both trainer and rider... And happily we used all five on top so a big afternoon for us as well.

Five winners on top (2nd, $5.40; 3rd, $13.00; 4th, $6.30; 5th, $8.40; 8th, $6.20). Of course there were plenty of gimmicks. In the 2nd it was our top pick over third and second selections for the exacta ($16.60/$2), quinella ($11.40), and tri ($30.80). In the 3rd our top four finished in order for a cold exacta ($47.00) and tri ($111.50). Another cold exacta in the 5th ($13.60) and our fourth pick completed the tri ($39.00). In the featured 8th our top pick bested our third choice for the $19.80 gimmick. And we certainly don't normally recount plays that required going five-deep into the picks -- but with the nightcap things are a little different as folks consider their get-out gimmicks plays and we've always said if the odds are right it might be worth getting creative. As such it's possible that Best Bets readers might have gotten the big score when our fourth pick won the 9th at 34-1, followed by our 5-1 fifth choice and our 6-1 third choice. If folks mixed and matched properly they might have come up with the $473.50 exacta or perhaps even the $3289.00 tri.

All the winners on the afternoon were mentioned in the picks so it was certainly possible to have scored various doubles and 'picks'. Just to recap the cold P3s however, top picks made up the race 2-4 P3 for $108.50 and then again the race 3-5 P3 for $188.00. And again, the other 'pick' plays were all have-able with some creativity using the Best Bets picks. Note that the P6 went unhit Monday.

On-track attendance was a meager 11,537. Weather was sunny but oppressively humid.

It was Proud to be an American Day and throughout the afternoon members of the various military services presented winner's trophies.


Dark day. No racing.


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