The Daily Bankroll Challenge

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2003 Racing Season

Saratoga Race Course
Thursday, August 28, 2003
Total for the meet...$826.90

We started the 2003 Saratoga thoroughbred race meet with a mythical bankroll of $1000. Each day we'll use this space to record our mythical best bets and calculate the accumulated wins and losses.


We had a solid $103.0 in plays out there on Wednesday and managed to eke out a small profit. Unfortunately we swung for the fences with the Sheppard runner in the 7th, 33-1 Blossum. If that one scores we're in the catbird seat. But it wasn't to be. Even more frustrating in that race -- even though the longshot key play there faltered we were still alive late with our tri box, but we ended up running 1-2-4. Doh!

Otherwise, there were a few nice, little nibbling scores during the afternoon that propelled us forward.

RACE 1/2... $3 doubles... R1/Bonnie's Bag... R2/Hurricane Hannah/Bold Jubilation.
Collected $44.10 on the double ($29.40/$2).

RACE TWO... $5 quinella... Hurricane Hannah/Bold Jubilation.
Ran 1-3.

RACE SIX... $1 tri box... Nevermore/Yarico's Pond/Sapodilla/Hard As Nails.
Collected $46.25 on the tri box ($29.50/$2).

RACE SEVEN... $5 WP on Blossum.
Ran 7th at 33-1.

Also... $1 exacta box... Blossum/Where We Left Off/Krasnaya/Twining And Dining, sub Miss Fortunate if scratch.
Collected $15.60 on the ex box ($31.20/$2).

Also... $2 exacta box... Blossum with Where We Left Off/Krasnaya/Twining And Dining/Miss Fortunate.
Ran 7/1-2 (entry)-4-5-8 (entry).

Also... $1 tri box... Blossum/Where We Left Off/Krasnaya/Twining And Dining, sub Miss Fortunate if scratch.

Ran 1-2-4-7.

RACE 7/8/9... $2 P3... R7/Blossum... R8/Strive... R9/Two Sharky Betty/Beautiful Spy.
Ran R7/7th... R8/2nd... R9/6-8.

RACE NINE... $5 exacta box... Two Sharky Betty/Beautiful Spy.
Ran 6-8.

Total profit for the day...$2.95


RACE 1/2... $5 double... R1/Unbridled Spirit... R2/Banner Headline.

RACE THREE... $5 WP on Reggie For Three.

RACE FOUR... $5 WP on Finn Cantwinatgin.

RACE FIVE...$10 exacta box... Joy Of Millbrook/Archers Gal.

All turf wagers are turf only

Total bet...$45 .00

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