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Saratoga Race Course
Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Meet Total ... 33-58

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5-9. We were able to maintain hot-pace right through the final card of the week. However, Monday's success was mostly limited to winners on top -- the gimmick category wasn't as healthy.

Five winners in nine races (1st, 6.10; 2nd, 9.80; 3rd, 3.30; 6th, 9.60; 9th, 3.80). We also had the early double cold ($30.60/$2).

But wow, what a week! Haven't had a chance to tally up all the other prominent public handicappers -- but at first count Saratoga's Best Bets is atop the standings with 33 winners in 58 races for an amazing 57% hit-rate with top selections.

A $2 win bet on each top pick during the first week would have cost a bettor $116.00 -- and would have returned $217.90. The picks also accounted for a decent smattering of gimmicks throughout the six days.

It will be virtually impossible to keep up this pace throughout the meet -- but it's certainly fun to be onboard as long as the train is chugging at top speed!

On-track, a season low 14,202 enjoyed a nice day at the track. Today

Taking a break -- and buying friends and relatives asbestos clothing so they can stand close to us even though we glow red-hot!


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